Edian (Also spelled Idian Drocia) Drosia (Kor. 이디안 드로시아) was a former Noble Clan Leader and one of the six traitor clan leaders of Lukedonia. She was a devoted follower of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel in both the past and the present.


Edian has short blonde hair and the typical Noble red eyes but with unusual white eyelashes. She wears a white outfit like the Elders of the Union. Prior to her apparent betrayal, she wore the traditional black Noble outfit.


Edian was a reserved individual. She doesn't take pleasure in tormenting her opponents unlike her peers. When it comes to Rai, she will actually do anything. Her devotion was deep seeing as she did what she believed could free him from his duty as the Noblesse (unfortunately, this resulted in a catastrophic consequence for both her and her master). Her unchanging love for Rai was strong enough to the point that she sacrificed herself to save him from Lagus' deadly blow, even while she was under the latter's control. She can also be very protective of Rai as shown in a flashback wherein she is questioning Frankenstein's indefinite stay(and his checkered background), and even outwardly threatens to kill him in case something bad happens to the Noblesse.


Edian was a devoted follower of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel in the past. She was involved in the conspiracy which put Rai in his 820 years long slumber. She seemed confused when Rai says that he is her enemy and she is hesitant to attack him, hinting that her betrayal was not really her wish.


Edian gives the Blood Stone to Rai's brother.


Edian is manipulated by Lagus.

In Chapter 400, the truth behind Edian's betrayal is revealed: Eons ago Rai's brother coerced Edian into finding and submitting Blood Stone to him, stating that it is all for Raizel to be freed from the duty of the Noblesse. The consequence of this act by Edian was a terrible civil war in Lukedonia that resulted deaths of numerous Nobles, Rai's brother and physical devastation of her beloved master Raizel. Completely at a loss by the horrific outcome of her deed, Edian retired to her mansion and stayed hidden for a very long time.

Centuries passed, and Lagus Tradio paid a visit to her. Lagus deduced that Edian is not coming out of her mansion because she has something bad to hide from Raizel. Lagus then revealed to Edian the real reason she is not coming out, shocking her when she assumed Lagus didn't know as she kept it a secret. Lagus, at this point began to manipulate Edian by first assuring Edian (who still blames herself) that what happened in Lukedonia due to her actions was all for Raizel, a man she loved, to be freed. Then he assured her that the resulting consequence are tragic but unintended and no one could have seen it coming. Finally, Lagus offered her a 'medicine' that would supposedly ease her mind. Edian, obviously not in a right state of mind, took it.

The 'medicine' was actually a drug that turns its user into a puppet for Lagus that partly obeys his will. Lagus, anticipating that stripping his victim's will totally would raise others' suspicion, allowed a minimal conscience of his victim to exist, namely Edian's. From then on Edian, by her confession, began to look at the world as if she is 'in a constant state of dream'. Also Edian's body, little by little, started to move not by her will, but by the will of Lagus Tradio (which explains why she acted in such a schizophrenic manner during her invasion of Lukedonia). Slowly, but surely, Edian became Lagus' tool of treachery.

Lagus' intention was that once Raizel is dead and he conquers Lukedonia, Lagus then would strip Edian of her free will completely, making her his absolute puppet.

Plot Overview

Volume 7

Edian accompanies Lagus Tradio and Gradeus in the mission of invading Lukedonia. During the journey, battle with Rajak and entry to Lukedonia, she remains silent and acts as a bystander. However, after the group splits up, she pays her first visit to Raizel's mansion. She enters the particular room of Rai (which he always used for gazing out the window) and dives into a flashback of hundreds of years back, when the place had been her regular haunt as well. Back then, she used to stand by the door and silently watch him gazing out of the window; sometimes even resorting to seek Rai's permission to stay a while longer. But those days have long gone and Edian returns to the present, vacant room.
Later, she joins her companions and blocks Rozaria and Ludis from fleeing. When the Lord arrives, Edian, along with Gradeus and Lagus, engages in a battle against the noble hierarchy. She and Gradeus succeed in tiring out the Lord but the unexpected arrival of Frankenstein throws them in a temporary stupor. Edian refrains from attacking for a while. She watches as Frankenstein engages Gradeus in battle.
The sudden arrival of the Noblesse completely takes them by surprise. Edian stands awestruck until Lagus has to force her to join the fight. She draws weapon against Rai and launches a haphazard attack from behind. However, when Rai turns, she comes to a halt, unable to attack or move while face-to-face with Rai. Edian is further shocked when Rai tells her to attack him without hesitance and declares himself as her enemy.
Edian sacrifice

Edian sacrifing her life to protect Rai


Edian in Rai's arms during her last moments.

Rai overpowers her and she falls unconsciously on the ground. After Lagus fuses with the Blood Stone she regains consciousness and tries to help Lagus but is blocked and thrashed by Raskreia.
After Lagus absorbs the life essence of his former vassals and his werewolves companion he gains more than enough power to easily overpower Rai. Rai is badly hurt and when Lagus launches the finishing blow, Edian makes the ultimate sacrifice by getting in between them to save Rai.
She finally frees herself from Lagus Tradio's brainwashing. It is revealed that Lagus used drugs on her to make her into his puppet by using her guilt but in order to prevent others from noticing prematurely he allowed a part of Edian's will to remain intact. From then on she was always in a dream like state and she never realized what Lagus was making her do. This explains why she was shocked when Rai said that he was her enemy or why she was hesitant to attack him.
The truth behind Edian's betrayal angers Rai and gives him the power to put Lagus Tradio in his eternal sleep. Edian is relieved to see Rai safe and she once again apologizes for her inadvertent actions.
Edian peacefully enters her eternal sleep in the arms of the man she loved the most.


  • Cadis Etrama di Raizel: For ages, Edian has harbored feelings for Raizel; albeit unrequited. She used to be devoted towards Raizel in the past and even undertook the mission of collecting the Blood Stone to free him (as assured by his brother). She was completely devastated when her actions hurt Rai instead of benefiting him and retreated to isolation. Drugged and manipulated by Lagus, she joined the betrayal that harmed Raizel for a second time. After hundreds of years, her feelings remain unchanged and despite being controlled by Lagus, she manages to save her loved one at the cost of her own life.
  • Lagus Tradio: Edian usually follows Lagus' commands without any retort. Although she hesitates when told to attack Raizel, nonetheless, she launches an attack. Later, it is revealed that she was under Lagus' manipulation due to a drug. Lagus had intended to ultimately turn her into a puppet after winning the battle. However, Edian breaks out of this scheme when she see Rai in mortal danger and sacrifice herself to protect the man she loved the most.

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On the process of writing summary.

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Powers & Abilities

As a former noble clan leader, Edian Drosia is very powerful. The full extent of her abilities has not been shown yet, as she is seen fighting without using any aura energy of some sort, and only using her soul weapon like a basic weapon.

Soul Weapon


Edian wielding her soul weapon.

Judging by her soul weapon, it seems Edian specializes in fencing. Her soul weapon is a pair of twin rapiers.



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