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Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia (Kor. 에르가 케네시스 디 라스크레아) is the current Lord of the Noble. She is more well known by her title of Lord than her name. The only people who have called her by her name since she became the Lord are her father, Raizel and the children from Ye Ran High School. She currently resides in Lukedonia.


Raskreia is a pale-skinned young woman with long black hair that has an intricate braided bun at the back and the characteristic ruby red eyes of nobles. She is noted to be extremely beautiful that her vibe, appearance and name resembles Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, to the point where the children thought she was Raizel's sister. Her black and gold embellished attire resemble that of a fencer with the addition of a long cape. Her earrings are very similar to the set Raizel had received as a gift from the previous Lord with the exception of a diamond kite frame around the cross. She is also shown to wear round hoop earrings. She also wears rings similar to Raizel's.

In a flashback, she is shown during the time when her father was the Noble Lord. Back then, she donned a white shirt with a black vest and trousers. She wasn't wearing any earrings but had the same hairstyle she maintains currently.


Unlike her predecessor, Raskreia seems more strict and conventional, showing an arrogant and severe attitude. However, according to Gejutel, she is too sentimental in her decisions and this sentimentality of hers is one of the reasons why she is considered unfit to be Lord by the so-called traitors. In fact, before executing Gejutel and Seira, she was hesitant to carry out their sentence, hoping for their repentance. However, after hearing her father's message, she seems to change her attitude and is willing to respect the will of the previous Lord and even suggested Raizel take over her position as Lord.


Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia is the daughter of the previous Lord who entered eternal sleep 500 years prior to Raizel's awakening. Both Raizel and Frankenstein are acquainted with her and it is revealed by Frankenstein that she and Raizel were not on friendly terms though that was rectified later on as Raizel and Raskreia met each other multiple times due to Previous Lord's orders. Before the previous lord's eternal sleep, some of the clan leader made excuses and didn't enter eternal sleep with him. The previous Lord , being kind, agreed to their request. But as soon as he entered eternal sleep, six clan leaders betrayed others for unknown motives. So the current Lord holds a grudge against the traitorous nobles, who had made excuses and squirmed out of entering the eternal sleep along with her father and then took advantage of the new regime's confusion to betray her. All these years, she had believed that Raizel was the one who led the treacherous clan leaders, though she realised that was not the case when it was revealed that he had been in hibernation during the traitors' revolt.

Plot Overview

According to her order, Regis and Seira investigate the hospital massacre in Korea and Seira sends report about two nobles they have met there. Gejutel is sent to verify but once he meets Raizel and Frankenstein, he returns to Lukedonia and reports that there were no Nobles. Raskreia, who hardly trusted anyone after the betrayal, couldn't count on even Gejutel K. Landegre (the most loyal to her father) as didn't enter the eternal sleep with her father. So, she secretly tells Rajak to go and bring Seira so that she can justify the words. Rael goes in stead of his brother and brings back Seira showing the seal which the Lord uses to summon a clan leader, which is not done unless the reason is significant enough.
The Lord sends both Gejutel and Seira to prison; the former for not answering her and the latter for aiding him. Meanwhile, Raizel, Frankenstein, Regis and the trio arrives in Lukedonia. The Lord sentences Gejutel to a forced eternal sleep. All these incidents: the mansion reappearing, Gejutel trying to cover up for someone and even Seira acting strange have led the Lord to think of only one possible reason ~ Raizel's presence. She sends Rajak and Karias to capture him.
The Lord assembles the clan leaders in her father's resting place she vows to protect the nobles with her very own hands and to fight Raizel. She decides also to perform the execution of Gejutel inside her father's shrine in the hope of making him confess his sin. But here Gejutel speaks of the Lord shortcomings without any inhibition. He also rebukes her wit of sending two clan leaders to capture Him, reminding her of the existence of the one who follows Him. He accuses her of being too sentimental in her decisions which is one of the reasons why she was considered unfit by the traitors, wounding her pride.
The True Meaning
Just before Gejutel is executed by Lord, the execution is interrupted by the entrance of Raizel. The Lord, angry for his insolence, orders Kei Ru to get rid of him. Gejutel warns the Lord not to attack Raizel as he is the True Noblesse, leaving the Lord in a state of confusion and shock.
Raskreia steps in to fight herself but Raizel overcomes everything against him, even her Blood Field. Raskreia's powers get stronger with every attack and Raizel removes his seal to defend. Frankenstein arrives but fails to stop his master. Raizel evades the last blow from Raskreia which is, according to him, too powerful to face head-on even for him. Raizel then tells Raskreia that her soul weapon "Ragnarok" was incomplete, shocking everyone. He brings out the original one left in his shrine by the previous Lord. Frankenstein explains what has originally happened - Raizel's hibernation, their lack of knowledge on the betrayal, the message and 'present' in Raizel's shrine and lastly the reason for their presence here to find out the previous Lord's motif of doing all this.
When Raizel looks to the tomb of the Lord, his presence activates a message from the previous Lord. After listening to the message, Raskreia understands that he wanted his daughter to embrace freedom rather than carry the heavy burdens the Lord would face. The previous Lord had desired that Raizel too may escape the fate of the True Noblesse as the life of the True Noblesse is even harder than that of the Lord. The Previous Lord fully knowing Raizel's character, knew that Raizel would choose his responsibilities rather than freedom, that's why he desires that Raizel became Lord instead. But Raizel doesn't want to become Lord. He tells that Raskreia is the Lord and that is what she must remain as he will remain who he is.
Raskreia, aware of her shortcomings, relinquishes Raizel's half of Ragnarok, as she believes that she needs to earn it and places it within her father's tomb. This prompts another message from The previous Lord, in which the previous lord praises her for taking a decision of importance. Raskreia then promises to start over, following the will of her father, while Raizel would continue to watch over and protect the new generations of Nobles as the True Noblesse for the time being, before reaching the previous Lord in eternal sleep.

The noble Lord arrives in the city right on time to save Karias from the 5th Elder's lethal attack. Her presence shocks the three duellers; the two elders learning her identity when Karias greets her with the title. The two elders deems her less powerful according to what 4th, 6th and 7th Elders had said about her and plans a sabotage while retreating. However, Raskreia emerges unharmed from the attack and draws out her father's half of Ragnarok to swing a massive blow at the fleeing Elders. The two Elders avoid that and escape, albeit acknowledging her power as the Lord of nobles.
After saving Karias, the Lord joins Gejutel where he has already saved the trio from Kentas. They go to Frankenstein's residence and she meets Raizel in one of the basement labs.
Raskreia confronts Raizel regarding his health issue, chiding him for his pitiful state. She states that she has come to finish what they had started back in Lukedonia whilst drawing out the sword. Seeing no reaction from Raizel, she chides him furthermore for battling with Muzaka despite being fully aware of his short lifespan. At this, Raizel speaks up calling out her real name and comments that had she been in his stead, she would have done the same thing to save innocent lives, facing her only friend or even her father. Raskreia then stabs Raizel with Ragnarok right through his abdomen and continues to stand still with her gaze fixed on Raizel while Gejutel explains to the household how she has been worried about Raizel's health and thought about the use of her father's Ragnarok and decided on gambling it to heal Raizel's life rather than merge the two swords for her complete awakening. She continues to stare until Raizel fully rejuvenates.
Raskreia then faces Raizel who finds it hard to believe that she has actually sacrificed the power bequeathed to her. She dejects Raizel's gaze fixed at her, assuming that he's pitying her. A surprise visit of her father's imprint emitting from Raizel's chest breaks the sensitive atmosphere. The imprint explains that her decision played the pivotal role in Raizel's revival since Ragnarok belongs to her and her only. A conversation leads to the revelation that the imprint is actually part of her father's soul and Raskreia finds herself in front of her father who places his hands on her shoulders, telling her to keep strong. Raskreia finally calls out "Father" as his soul departs.
Later, Raskreia is treated to the hospitality of the household, and of course, gourmet ramen for breakfast.

Raskreia running errand for her father.

A flashback arc shows the time before Frankenstein had entered Lukedonia; when Raizel met Muzaka for the first time. Raskreia was sent on an errand by her father, their Lord, to fetch the Noblesse. She followed her father's order to the letter and visited the Noblesse who had just met Muzaka prior to her coming. Upon arrival, she quickly dispatched the Lord's summon but stopped Raizel from leaving instantly, which was due to her father's order that they should wait and sit next to each other a while. She sat down on the couch, wondering how long she has to be like that (since her father had not mentioned that).
Raskreia had to repeat the errand shortly again. Both she and Raizel sat again, as per the order, with Raskreia deciding that two days (like last time) would be enough extent to fulfil the Lord's wish.
After her father found out about Muzaka staying in Raizel's mansion for about two months, Raskreia was summoned to his throne room and charged her with the task to be present with Raizel until Muzaka had left. So, Raskreia found herself, once again, bound for Raizel's mansion. Like previous times, Muzaka had sensed her presence prior to her coming and left. Finding Muzaka gone, Raskreia didn't enter the room and left exchanging a silent gaze with Raizel.
Back at the present age, Raskreia is staying at Frankenstein's residence with Gejutel while the household have engaged to their everyday occupations. With nothing to do, she takes up Gejutel's offer to be escorted to the place called 'school' where Raizel and the others attend and changes her attire to Ye Ran uniform.

Raskreia changing into Ye Ran student outfit.

After a short while, she finds herself in the same class as Raizel, Regis and Seira. She sits in the back row, with Gejutel posing as a towering sentinel behind her as Regis and Seira stand guard on her either side. The atmosphere thus created makes other students assume she is some sort of royalty while their teacher is having a really hard time standing the tense atmosphere. After class, the children introduce themselves to her commenting if she could be Raizel's sister, noting the uncanny similarity in their vibes and appearances. Ik-Han then asks her name and Raskreia stops an enraged Gejutel from scolding the children. She properly introduces herself with her full name and smiles finding them interesting. Gejutel is surprised to see her smiling but a sudden announcement from Frankenstein compels him to take his leave. Raskreia then dismisses both Regis and Seira from her side as it's quite eye-catching. As the young nobles return to their seats, Raskreia sits alone, observing the class as the next lesson is about to begin. Suddenly Raizel gets up and gives her a book which she will need for the class. Raskreia stares in surprise, saving her blushes and they share their desks for the next class. She then joins all in the cafeteria during lunch where her presence catches everyone's attention. As she waits for ramen to grow, the children realises that it is unmistakably the teaching of Raizel.
After Raskreia experiences a normal day at school, the children take her to the local PC bang. She observes as they play games and Raizel continues to get killed. Suyi and Yuna offers to teach her how to play and Raskreia surprises everyone with her gaming skills as she kills them all on her very first try. She even gets a head-shot on Raizel and the latter succumbs to a blush. After the children take their leave on their way home, Raizel takes at the top of a tall building. Raskreia views the city and the life Raizel is living and understands why her father favoured the human world. She asks Raizel to stop worrying about her and the nobles, assuring they are not so weak that he needs to risk his life force every time for them.
Raskreia then calls out Gejutel, who has been secretly keeping watch on them along with Frankenstein. She declares it's time for their departure and both she and Gejutel set off for Lukedonia.
After a while, Lukedonia undergoes a sudden crisis as the traitor nobles invade their former homeland. Raskreia, as well as the other clan leaders, are at first oblivious of the intrusion. When Ludis gets involved in fighting, his subordinate rushes to inform it to their Lord. Raskreia is infuriated hearing of the return of the traitors. She sends out Rozaria to aid Ludis. Afterwards, she herself goes to help out her people.
At first, she finds Kei fighting the werewolves (Drakon, Kaiyo and Mount). Seeing that the traitors have even brought werewolves, Raskreia declares that she will eliminate every single one of them for daring to step in Lukedonia. She takes up Ragnarok to eliminate the werewolves who, on the other hand, try their best to escape. When Rozaria's Divine Judgement attack creates a moment's distraction for Raskreia, the werewolves aim an attack on Kei and getaway as the noble Lord is checking up on the clan leader. After Kei assures her that he is fine, she sets off in the pursuit of the werewolves.
The werewolves lead her where the traitor nobles have been cornering Rozaria, Ludis and Gejutel. Her arrival draws everyone's attention and the traitors greet her with irony. Lagus criticises her as a completely incapable Lord of nobles and declares that they have come to usurp her. Gradeus seconds the declaration and starts to fight. Raskreia takes on the challenge of the traitors and begins to fight the three of them as well as protect her people by herself. The continuous attack and defence wears her down. Her opponents prove strong enough to even shield through her Blood Fields. It also becomes harder for her to protect the wounded and once she is unable to stop an attack from reaching them. Kei arrives just on time and blocks the attack. At one point, Lagus vilifies the Lord's abilities which are disappointing compared to the young clan leaders they have fought so far and discloses Rajak's death. The news moves Raskreia and she summons a powerful attack. Unfortunately, even that attack is blocked by Lagus.
In the unfavourable situation, the sudden appearance of Frankenstein relieves the Lukedonians. Raskreia is shocked when he asks her to step back but does so to protect her people while Frankenstein takes on the stage to fight the enemies. The odds have turned and Frankenstein gains the upper hand against the traitors.
A while later, Raskreia and the others get another surprise: the Noblesse has arrived to join the fight.[1] Raizel also asks Raskreia to step away since he regards it as his responsibility as the Noblesse to judge the traitor Nobles. She reluctantly resumes her role to protecting her injured clan leaders. As Raizel overpowers the enemies one by one, Raskreia tenses up, knowing that Raizel is draining his life force with every passing second in the battle. Soon it comes down to Raizel vs Lagus and the latter brings out the Blood Stone, shocking everyone. Raskreia recalls she had heard about the stone from her father and concludes that even Raizel will have problems dealing with such power. So, she decides to join the battle and tells Gejutel and Rozaria to take Kei and Ludis and flee from the vicinity. However, Lagus launches an attack on them before they could flee. Raskreia blocks it. Lagus is about to attack again but Raizel intervenes. The werewolves and Edian join again to aid Lagus. Raskreia unleashes her power without any restraint and overpowers the three werewolves and Edian in a single strike. Then she addresses the Noblesse and tells him that even though she tried not to get involved knowing how he bears his responsibility as the Noblesse to protect the Nobles, she too would fight as it is her responsibility as the Lord.
Finding it worrisome that the Lord's latent powers has awakened, Lagus uses the Blood Stone on himself. Tables turn and Lagus gains power enough to push back the Noblesse. Raskreia gets back to shielding the clan leaders as Lagus attempts to devour their life force. It's only after Edian sacrifices herself to shield Raizel from Lagus' fatal attack that Raizel summons his Blood Phoenix to destroy Lagus. The long battle comes to an end.
Afterwards, it is time to punish the Tradio House who were involved in Lagus' scheme. However, Raskreia forgives Claudia Tradio in the presence of the remaining clan leaders and appoints her as the new leader of the Tradio clan.

Parting words before leaving Lukedonia...

Raskreia blames herself for the catastrophe, believing that the enemies dared to attack Lukedonia only because she is not as strong as her father. Raizel assures her that it is not so. He advises her to ignore what the dead traitors said to her and condoles her saying that no matter how strong one is...he/she can't protect everyone. Before parting ways, Raskreia asks Raizel if he regrets killing the traitors who were once most loyal to him. Raizel, once again, expresses the burden of being the Noblesse - even feeling regret is a luxury to him.

Raizel is on his way to look for M-21 when he reaches a wooded area. As he's moving through the forest, a number of Ofuda (Japanese paper talismans) on the trees, start glowing. The Ofuda cause a large explosion. Raizel escapes the blast unscathed. Zaiga appears before him, disappointed that he's not Muzaka. Raizel asks him to step aside. Zaiga laughs, stating he'll do as he asks, only after killing him. A voice from above chides him for daring to speak to the Noblesse in such a manner. Zaiga senses an attack and uses his power to protect himself and his companions. He asks the identities of the attackers, as Raskreia and Kei Ru make their entrance.
Kei and Raskreia land next to Raizel. Raskreia asks why he's in the werewolves' territory before retracting her question, stating he must have a good reason for being there. Bashum and Gaura unaware of the identities of the Nobles before them, make insulting comments before being reprimanded by Zaiga. Zaiga tells them to watch their words, since even though they're enemies, they're not people, they should take lightly. Zaiga then proceeds to welcome the Lord of the Nobles and the Noblesse, introducing himself as a werewolf warrior named Zaiga and apologising for his rude behaviour earlier. Bashum and Gaura are shocked to learn of the identities of the Nobles. Zaiga asks why they've come to their territory.
Raskreia tells Raizel they can't talk given the current circumstances and asks him to go on ahead, while she handles matters here. Bashum and Gaura object to this, stating no matter who they are, they're not going to let them act however they please. Zaiga orders the two of them to step aside and let Raizel through. He thinks that it'd be easier to take them on separately than altogether. Raskreia asks Raizel why he isn't leaving. Raizel looks at her, before taking off, to resume his journey.
Zaiga asks Raskreia why she's come to their territory, since there's no telling what will happen to her, now she's here. Raskreia wonders if it's appropriate for a warrior to say such a thing after invading Lukedonia. Zaiga realises that she's come for revenge after they invaded Lukedonia, and states that there's a difference between a few warriors invading Lukedonia and the Lord coming in person to invade the werewolves' territory.
He tells her that it was foolish for her to invade their land, even with all of her clan leaders, when they are at their strongest, and that their deaths will mark the beginning of the disappearance of the Noble race. Raskreia asks if he's done talking adding that he's mistaken, since she's not come with all her clan leaders, the only ones who came were her and two clan leaders. Zaiga is taken aback, and finds it amusing that only three of them came to invade the werewolves' territory.
Raskreia tells him the reason they've come is not to fight their people, but to show them who they messed with, and make them pay for the death of Rajak Kertia, the leader of the Kertia clan who was loyal to her for and the Nobles for such a long time. Zaiga is shocked and asks if she's really here to dispute the death of one clan leader. Raskreia states he can think whatever he likes, but she has to make sure Rajak's eternal sleep isn't too lonely. Zaiga wonders if the Lord of the Nobles has gone insane and asks what the three of them will be able to accomplish on their own. Raskreia tells him that the three of them are more than capable of avenging Rajak. Zaiga thinks she's crazy and wonders where the remaining clan leader is.
Rozaria has summoned her soul weapon and is reciting a spell to gather energy for her ultimate attack. After gathering enough energy an eye opens in the sky above Maduke's castle. She unleashes the power of her attack on the castle below, with the shock wave being felt at Raskreia's location. Zaiga chides her for daring to attack the Lord's castle. Raskreia replies he's in big trouble if he thinks, this is over, since destroying the castle alone isn't going to be enough to comfort the Kertia clan leader in his eternal sleep.
Zaiga addresses Raskreia, telling her the decision she has made is rather foolish and not only will it lead to her death, but the death of the Noble race, as well. Zaiga transforms and launches an attack at Raskreia which Kei blocks. Kei declares himself Zaiga's opponent and pushes his attack back. Zaiga is happy to be facing the strongest of the clan leaders and goes on about how pleased he is to be able to face such an opponent. Kei tells him, all the werewolves say the same thing when facing him. This makes Zaiga squirm. Kei tells him to bring it on and the two begin fighting. Kei and Zaiga are evenly matched. Bashum who watches the battle, is impressed by Kei's strength against Zaiga who once challenged Maduke and Muzaka for the title of Lord of their people.
Bashum notices Raskreia watching the battle, and thinks he might be able to get rid of her while she's distracted. Bashum thinks if he were to eliminate the Lord of the Nobles, his position among his race would get higher and even Zaiga might acknowledge him. He decides to deal with the Lord of the Nobles by himself and moves to attack Raskreia. Kei is momentarily distracted by Bashum's attack and turns away from his battle, a chance which Zaiga takes advantage of. Bashum is about to attack when Raskreia turns to face him, she uses he Mind Control to slow him down and slashes him with her soul weapon. Bashum falls to his knees screaming in pain.
Muzaka greets Raskreia, saying he's heard a lot about her from her father. Muzaka attacks Zaiga relentlessly. Muzaka then smiles at Kei Ru and Raskreia asking if it'd be alright if he handles Zaiga, since he has personal business he'd like to take care of. Kei Ru and Raskreia are stunned as Kei comments he already started it. Muzaka slices Zaiga into pieces, as Bashum, Raskreia and Kei look on.
When Titan unleashes his full power and transforms, his aura is felt by everyone. Mirai, Urne, Lunark, M-21, Kei, Raskreia and Muzaka are all surprised by the power, while Maduke smiles knowing that Ignes has succeeded in reviving the beast.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia does not feature in Noblesse S.

Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia does not feature in the Beginning Of Destruction OVA.

Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

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  • The Previous Lord: Raskreia holds her father in high esteem and obedience. During his reign, she used to carry out many eccentric errands for him without any question. However, after his eternal slumber and the betrayal of clan leaders, she began to question her father's way of ruling. She was shocked and enraged to learn from Gejutel that her father had intended to pass on the throne to Raizel instead of her. But the misunderstanding clears when she hears the full message from the imprint her father had left behind.
  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel: Raskreia has had complex feelings for Raizel in the past; knowing her father wanted Raizel to be his successor and mistaking Raizel for the leader of traitor nobles due to his sudden disappearance. After their battle and her father's explanation, the situation changes. She seems to care deeply for him, going as far as giving up the portion of 'Ragnarok' that her father had left, in order replenish his lifespan which in turn makes her power incomplete. Eventually she deliberately goes to school again to spend time with Raizel and it is implied she has developed feelings for Raizel. After experiencing the human lifestyle, she acknowledges that he truly belongs in the friendly human world rather than the somber Lukedonia.
  • Gejutel K. Landegre: Raskreia acknowledges Gejutel as one of the most loyal clan leaders since her father's time. She had temporarily misunderstood Gejutel as a traitor due to his association with Raizel. But once the misunderstandings clear up, her reverence for him surfaces as she requests his guidance for herself and all the young clan leaders. She has faith in his wisdom and heeds his advice.

  • On the process of writing the summary

  • On the process of writing the summary

  • On the process of writing the summary

Powers & Abilities

As Lord of the Nobles, Raskreia is tremendously powerful. The traitorous clan leaders consider her to be considerably weak, a rumour they passed on to the Union which on the observation of the 3rd and 5th Elder, proved to be wrong. According to Lagus Tradio, when Drakon, Kaiyo, Mount, and Edian try to attack her, Raskreia awakens her latent power when she becomes enraged after finding out Rajak has gone into Eternal Sleep.

Soul Weapon

Raskreia's soul weapon, Ragnarok.

Ragnarok: Raskreia's soul weapon takes the form of a sword. She summons it in order to execute the death sentence of Gejutel. The previous Lord split his soul weapon in half resulting in there being two Ragnarok's. During her encounter with the Noblesse, he gives her his half of the Ragnarok left to him by the previous Lord. Raskreia questions the gesture of Raizel since her father left this Ragnarok to him, not her. The rightful ownership of it is clarified with the revelations of the previous Lord. Later that half of Ragnarok is used by Raskreia to restore Raizel's diminishing life force. However, it is noted by Gejutel that without merging the two swords, she can never attain a full awakening. She can create very powerful barriers to shield herself from enemy attacks, and also send powerful slashes made of aura at her opponents. When fighting the traitor nobles, Raskreia demonstrates extremely high proficiency in swordsmanship easily matching Edian who is also very proficient in swordsmanship herself, and by overwhelming four opponents at once.

  • Swords: Raskreia can summon gigantic swords made out of red aura energy from the sky to attack her opponents with.

Blood Reign

Raskreia using Ragnarok to create blood.

Blood Affinity: Raskreia has the ability to govern blood (using her soul weapon) like the Noblesse . According to Kei, her ability to govern blood seems to be inferior to Raizel's.

  • Blood Field: Raskreia uses a red energy akin to blood around her and transforms it into a powerful typhoon that surrounds her enemy and completely erases all traces of their existence. So far, she seems to only be able to create the blood field through the use of her soul weapon. However even with the usage of her soul weapon, her blood field remains inferior to that of the Noblesse.

Physical Powers

As Lord of the Nobles, Raskreia is the most powerful noble with the exception of the Noblesse. She possesses incredible physical strength and speed, shown when she uses only one arm to fend off an attack from Gradeus in his Berserk mode, and when she easily reacts to Edian when she attempts to attack her from behind. She also has impressive amounts of stamina, able to fend off Gradeus and Edian as well as block Lagus' attacks at the same time, all while protecting her comrades. After she awakens her latent powers, she becomes so powerful that with one swing of her sword, she completely severs the arm of Zaiga's subordinate while leaving a massive cut in the earth.

Aura manipulation

As Lord of the Nobles, Raskreia possesses an amount immense spiritual energy (aura). When she releases a bit of her aura, it makes the entire sanctuary shake.


  • Mind Reading: She threatens to use this on Gejutel. However it seems she's not able to read a clan leaders mind forcefully unless the clan leader releases hold of their power. Furthermore, out of respect for the clan leaders, the previous Lord never once used this power on them.
  • Mind Link: Similar to the telepathic link established between Regis and Seira, Raskreia is able to communicate with Rozaria Elenor to give her orders.

Costume Change

Raskreia also has the control over her costume, able to change her clothes similar to the Noblesse or Frankenstein. She first demonstrated this ability when she changes into Ye Ran's uniform.[2]

Gaming Expertise

Raskreia has amazing gaming skills which she discovers during her visit in the human world. Unlike Raizel, she beats all the children on her very first attempt in the game of CS 1.6 at the local PC bang.[3] She observes the game only once and was taught the basics to play by Suyi and Yuna.



  • The word Raskreia refers to the Sanskri raksha. It means 'protection'.
  • Erga refers to the Latin phrase "Erga omnes". In Latin, it means "toward everyone".
  • Together, her name means "Towards Genesis of the Protection".
  • She is a very skilled game player. She killed everyone in her first try and even took a head-shot on Raizel.



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