Frankenstein (Kor. 프랑켄슈타인) is the deuteragonist of the series. He is Raizel's devoted servant and has loyally served him for over 820 years. He is a brilliant scientist, whose abandoned research notes helped to bring the Union's scientific knowledge and technology to the advanced level it has reached in the series. Frankenstein is also the founder and current principal of Ye Ran High School, where he is known to all as the Principal. He is now the latest addition to the RK-5 bearing the title of “Number 0”.


Frankenstein, like his Master Raizel, is very handsome and elegant. He is tall and has shoulder-length silky blond hair, with bright blue eyes and a cheerful smile. When he becomes overly boisterous, his aura changes and he sports a sadistic grin with an equally sadistic personality to match. He is regularly dressed in formal attire but has been seen to switch to a more casual style when at home. He wears glasses when performing his duties as Chairman of the school and has also been seen wearing monocles during flashbacks of him carrying out his research work hundreds of years ago.


Frankenstein is a very loyal person, especially towards his Master, but can become quite serious and calculative when the situation calls for it. Although Frankenstein has shown a sadistic side during his recurrent battles, like Raizel, he is also compassionate towards human beings, especially the students at his school. Before he met Raizel and the other clan leaders, he shows enmity and hostility towards the Nobles while displaying compassion and empathy for the humans who were frequently being attacked by mutants whom were contracted to the Nobles. He accuses the Nobles of being corrupt, but gradually changes his views.

His empathy for humans and human lives is known to be so great that he became a scientist of his calibre merely by experimenting on himself, as he could not bring himself to perform the experiments on anyone else.

He is seen on multiple occasions to be extremely organised and thus, he loathes messiness especially in his house, this trait is bordering on obsession. However, it's unclear whether the compassion for cleanliness is due to a personal preference of being neat, or because his devotion to Raizel is so strong that even a single crumb or speck of dirt in Raizel's presence is unbearable to him.

He has been noted to be reckless, exceedingly dangerous and bloodthirsty when he uses too much of his power, to the extent that even M-21 has made a point of it during a battle Frankenstein was in.[1]

He has the ingrained nature of a scientist with a passion for experimentation. In the past, he used to do a lot of research work, which sometimes caused Raizel displeasure. Frankenstein's methods forced Raizel to seal his powers before Raizel went to sleep, although, now Frankenstein conducts his experiments with the consent of his subjects. In contrast to the Union, Frankenstein treats his subjects well and considers them under his protection. The change in his ways has caused Raizel to remove the seal on his powers. However, he is only supposed to use his full powers when given permission by Raizel, as he was very upset in his battle with Takeo that he was disobeying a direct order from his Master when he decided to use his full power. Raizel usually withholds permission unless the opponent is extremely strong and the seal would handicap Frankenstein to the point where he might be harmed, like with the 12th Elder. He also takes extreme pride in his work such that after hearing of the incident with Na Yonsu, he tells M-21 and the others that losing, even intentionally, would offend him as he is the one looking after their bodies.[2] This is conveyed with a dark intensity disturbing enough to get them sweating.

Now, Frankenstein fights not only for his Master but also for everyone who is under his protection. Frankenstein shows concern for his Master when Raizel uses too much power or removes the seal that restrains the immense power of his "Soul Weapon". This worry is due to the opinion previously stated by Frankenstein that Raizel's body hasn't recovered even though he went into an extensive hibernation. Frankenstein worries a lot about his Master. He trains very hard to become stronger to prevent Raizel from using his power.

Frankenstein is noted to be the character who utilises his power to the highest extent possible by Gejutel.

He refers to the modified trio, M-21, Tao and Takeo, along with Seira, Regis and Rael as his kids/children.[3]


Frankenstein is the most powerful human to ever exist and is Raizel's devoted servant. He made a contract with the Noblesse in the past and avoids the noble leaders but supports Raizel wholeheartedly, addressing Raizel as his "Master". After Raizel's apparent "disappearance" and betrayal at the hands of ex noble leaders, he had tried searching for his master to no avail. Frankenstein even left the Nobles and went into hiding to search for Raizel because he had suspicions that there could be a possibility that one or more of the Nobles contributed to his master's disappearance.

Frankenstein is also the principal and director of Ye Ran High School. He established the school hoping that some day his master would return and wished to provide a place where his master could lead a normal life. He was stunned to find Raizel in his school office after Raizel had woken up from 820 years of slumber, dressed in the school uniform.

Frankenstein is an impressive scientist, who had done an immense amount of research on human modification, before Raizel's "disappearance". All the research he had conducted was recorded down in his journals. The Union stole some of Frankenstein's records and using this, they created the Dark Spear. Seeing the great danger for humans that comes with the Dark Spear, Frankenstein took it from the Union. One of Frankenstein's journals was found by the Union 540 years ago and another was found by Dr. Crombel 130 years ago.

Frankenstein's true identity was revealed by Gejutel. He is apparently a human with powers that matched the previous clan leaders and is stronger than the current ones. He obtained his powers through continuous experimentation on himself and nobles. Many stories have originated with him in the human world, including tales of humans giving their souls to the devil in exchange for eternal life, mad scientists pursuing knowledge to attain eternity, and so forth.

Plot Overview

New World

Like any other day in the past few years, the Principal of Ye Ran High School is in his office having a cup of tea and reading the dailies when Shinwoo, a student, walks in saying that he has brought a supposed transfer student. The Principal doesn't recall any notice of a transfer student coming so he asks Shinwoo to let the student in and return to his own class. Shinwoo tells the student to go inside and leaves. As the young man walks in and calls out to him: "Frankenstein", the principal cannot believe his own eyes for it is his long lost master!
The last time they saw each other was the time before Raizel went into hiding and that was 820 years ago. His master elaborates that he had been sleeping all this time only to wake up recently and end up in this place. At hearing this, Frankenstein is startled as it's not the hibernation place that his master usually uses. He assures Raizel he will get more information on the building where his master awoke and how the casket came there. For now, he promises to aid Raizel in the task of getting accustomed with the modern human world.
Frankenstein then arranges for his master to admit him as a transfer student in the same class as Shinwoo. He tells the homeroom teacher to take special care and overlook certain mistakes, giving the excuse that Raizel is a foreigner. Frankenstein also gives Raizel a photograph of himself with his cell number written on the opposite side just in case he gets lost!

The Tracer

After school is over, Frankenstein having finished his duties for the day, goes back to his home, which is quite large for a single person to live. His solitude is broken when the children arrive with Raizel. Frankenstein tells them that since he knows Raizel who has come from a foreign country and has no place to stay, he'll be staying at Frankenstein's house for the duration of his studies here. The children bring with them worrying news; on their way here, a mysterious person with glowing eyes attacked Yuna. Although Shinwoo managed to rescue her on time, they ran away after Shinwoo threw a trashcan at the guy. Frankenstein assures them that he'll see to the issue and after the children leave, he discusses it with his master. Raizel tells him that it was a being not meant to exist. He further reminds Frankenstein of a flaw he has committed; Frankenstein had forgotten to give his master money to buy lunch, But the final shock strikes Frankenstein when he hears what the children treated his noble master.... to ramen!
Frankenstein's duties increase manifold over the days as he has to not only perform his duties as principal at school but also as servant to his master at home. Looking after his technologically ignorant master as well as protecting the children is his top priority for the time being. To serve his master, he writes several handbooks as guides to the modern technology, arranges for the latest PC for gaming (after Raizel loses;'killed' as his version of word; at the PC bang playing with the children), and last but not the least, focuses all his skills for scientific experimentation towards creating the perfect gourmet ramen noodles for Raizel. The frequent visits from the children leave his house messed up every now and then. Frankenstein who treasures his possessions and likes them pristine, finds it very hard to tolerate.

The Kidnap

Meanwhile, the mysterious attacker (infected who is one of the thieves who stole Raizel's casket from Union) is aided by M-21 and M-24 to find his way to Shinwoo's apartment. An attack on the security guard there leaves Frankenstein quite worried next day and he tells the children to stay at Yuna's place for the time being. But soon Frankenstein receives a message from Ik-Han that Yuna is kidnapped and Shinwoo and he are going to rescue her. Frankenstein conveys the news to Raizel and they set out to save the children from danger. As they reach the place, Frankenstein uses his power to create a summoning aura. M-21 and M-24 who are behind the scheme notice it and answer the summon. The unexpected presence of powerful beings irritates M-21 who charges an attack on Frankenstein. However, Frankenstein proves to be more agile evading the attack and lands slashes on M-21's body which stops regenerating. Raizel takes care of M-24. M-21 and M-24 understand that the two heroes are way too strong for them and decide to withdraw. Frankenstein warns them to stay away from the children as the two depart calling off the infected from Shinwoo. Raizel and Frankenstein, then, go to the children and arranges for them to go home safe and sound.

The Assassination Squad

Days later, a sudden massacre at the hospital alarms everyone and Frankenstein suspects it to be the work of those troublesome two. Meeting up with M-21 and M-24, he learns that they're not involved in this. Two assassins of Union - Jake and Mari have caused the incident and the children might be in danger.
Frankenstein provides M-21 and M-24 with a cell phone for contact and keys to safe house. He further decides to keep a watch out for the two newcomers. With his master's permission, Frankenstein sets out on a night vigil and meets Jake and Mari. In order to dig out info on the Union's link with Raizel's casket, he acts on and engages in a fight with Jake. Jake transforms but his speed and strength is outmatched by Frankenstein. Frankenstein bestows on him his regeneration stopping scars. Although Jake lets out a thing or two about Union, Mari stops him and pulls off. Frankenstein comes back home to receive the condolence of Raizel at the fact that his cuffs got torn during the fight.

A New Plan

The next meeting with Jake and Mari follows soon enough when the children get kidnapped again. This time, Frankenstein faces Mari while Raizel proceeds with M-21 to save the children from Jake. Mari proves to be a stronger opponent than Jake with her agility, lethal attacks and superior transformation. But she is shocked to see Frankenstein keeps up with her. To her amazement, Frankenstein lets out a sadistic grin and tells that everything about the modified humans originated from himself. With his master's permission to remove the seal binding his powers, Frankenstein emanates his true dark aura and eliminates Mari within seconds. Elsewhere, Raizel has exterminated Jake, M-24 has died protecting the children and M-21 is left all alone. Frankenstein, sensing his master's powers, reaches the place quickly. Raizel decides it best to wipe the children's memories and they let M-21 come home along with them.


Following his master's orders, Frankenstein erases the memories of the children regarding all unnatural things that has happened in front of them. They are admitted in a hospital under the pretence of being injured in an accident.
After hearing how the M-Series were created by the Union, M-21 as the sole survivor now and his only wish to find the real identities of himself and his deceased comrades, Raizel and Frankenstein decide to pay a visit to the local Union base and meet Dr. Crombel who's behind all this modification stuff. When the three of them arrive the labs, they find it already massacred and all the information destroyed. A dying Lt. Simon gives them info that all of it was done on Crombel's orders. Frankenstein dashes to look for Crombel while Raizel and M-21 are left to search deeper only to find the Infected.


Frankenstein reaches the helipad on the top of the building where he meets Crombel. They face off after short introduction and realise having matched powers. Crombel takes interest in Frankenstein, calling him 'Species B' and departs while Frankenstein heads back to his master.
Back home, Frankenstein relates the meeting with Crombel to Raizel and regrets letting Crombel go so easily. But it's over for the time being and Frankenstein's household has expanded to three as Frankenstein gives M-21 the freedom of staying there and appoints him as the new special security of Ye Ran.

New Student

Frankenstein, busy in his office with paperwork, is visited by Shinwoo bringing in transfer students again. This time Frankenstein is shocked to see two children of the noble clans to walk in. Regis and Seira, the two nobles thinking Frankenstein to be a normal human, uses mind control on him to make arrangements for them to stay at his house and get admitted to school as transfer students. Although Frankenstein is not affected by this power, he pretends to be under control and does as they wished. He brings them home after school to find his living room already filled with Raizel and the children who're joined by Suyi. The amount of mess booming out of control day by day, leave Frankenstein even more desperate to save his pristine house and master at any cost.


At night, Frankenstein accompanies his master to follow Regis and Seira to see what they're up to and find out that they are investigating the hospital massacre. M-21, who has come along with Frankenstein and Raizel, asks if those two are really noblesse and if they (Raizel and Frankenstein) are the same. Frankenstein replies that the two children are nobles but the term 'Noblesse' applies for only one being.
As days pass by, the atmosphere in Frankenstein's residence changes with Regis unable to stand the presence of a modified human. M-21 gets upset being constantly convicted by Regis of having sacrificed humanity to achieve power. Frankenstein can only calm the situation by telling M-21 to adjust for the time being or stopping Regis from fighting by announcing dinner time. Frankenstein continues to act of being a normal human under Regis' mind control in the hope that they might be nobles who refrain from harming humans. In that way, he can keep them (Regis and Seira) from using powers to fight M-21.
Meanwhile, Raizel stays out from all of these as usual but develops a great obsession with ramen. So, Frankenstein takes initiative to conduct experiments to create the perfect gourmet ramen.
Seira and Regis continue with their investigation. M-21 tells Frankenstein and Raizel that they are out investigating once again. M-21 says he can't understand them, so Frankenstein decides to tell him about the origin of nobles. Frankenstein tells M-21 that in earlier days when there was no science and experiments, humans were very fragile beings and needed protection. They asked nobles for help and thus nobles helped them, thus giving nobles a god status. Nobles didn't have much interest in humans but it was humans who saw them as "Rulers" or "Nobles". The meanings have changed but some nobles still follow the path of not injuring or attacking humans. Regis and Seira are those type of nobles and so has refrained from harming M-21 in front of Frankenstein or Raizel.

Approaching Shadow

Frank apologizing

unable to save his master from cleaning up

The children resume their frequent visits over at Frankenstein's house. The amount of mess keeps on increasing and the bickering of M-21 and Regis doesn't help clean it up. Frankenstein, angry at the mess on the table asks them to shut their mouths and clean the mess. M-21 tells Regis not to misunderstand him as Frankenstein doesn't like dirty house. Regis claims that he is a noble and is cleaning out of respect. They keep bickering on about what they ate until Frankenstein praises Seira for working without being asked to leading her to blush. Regis, noticing Raizel sitting without cleaning up even though he ate everything, accuses him. Frankenstein tries to stop him, but to no avail as Regis keeps speaking. This makes M-21 scared and Frankenstein angry but Raizel gets up and starts cleaning the mess. Frankenstein wishes that his master killed him as he deserves death for being unable to do anything in this situation.


M-21 gets forced to go with the thugs of DA-5 and the whole situation is misinterpreted by Regis who relates it to Frankenstein. Frankenstein however assumes that M-21 must have had his reason. On following them, he meets Takeo and has a little showdown which is cut off in the middle.


When the children get involved in the mess again and Regis also gets captured, Frankenstein and his master, once again, head off to their rescue. There Frankenstein fights with Takeo as Raizel goes ahead. The fight gets intense and Frankenstein uses more dark power than last time when he fought with Mari. He shoots dark projectiles at Takeo. Takeo consumes D to enhance himself and so Frankenstein removes his seal without his master's permission to outmatch the enhanced Takeo. With his powers in a different level, he manages to impale Takeo with a spear-like projectile. Then he follows his master's trail. Midway, he meets Seira with her unleashed Death Scythe. Seira understands that Frankenstein is not a normal human at all and threatens to use her weapon but he convinces her that he's not an enemy. Frankenstein reaches the base to find his master already have used his noble powers to wipe out the existence of Shark and Kranz. He arranges for the children, injured modified humans to make for home. Before leaving, he finds Raizel wiping blood from mouth. At this, he presumes that his master isn't fully recovered nor stabilised after awakening. Frankenstein gets worried but Raizel assures that nothing is amiss.
Back at home, the children are told about nobles and modified humans, the recent clashes and the true identity of everyone except Raizel. Then with Raizel's permission, Frankenstein wipes out their current memories.
Frankenstein treats M-21, Tao and Takeo. He discovers that M-21 is implanted with a werewolf heart which makes him an invaluable object to study. He further checks on Tao and Takeo, developing new versions of D for both of them. Tao wipes out the traces of fight but later gets the info that Dr. Aris has come with Yuri to investigate the issue. Frankenstein warns all to stay alert.


One evening, as Frankenstein is returning from grocery shopping, he gets kidnapped by Yuri. He is taken to Dr. Aris who is overwhelmed to see such a beautiful specimen for experimenting. Frankenstein remains as still as a mannequin and listens to the constant jabbering of Dr. Aris to get info on the Union. He learns there is conflict between her and Dr. Crombel and she suspects Crombel of having eliminated DA-5.


Meanwhile, his absence overshadows his residence atmosphere and Raizel texts his loyal servant being worried himself. Raizel's incoming message gives away Frankenstein as Yuri realises his powers had no effect on him all this time. Frankenstein says that he'll be going home but Aris gets enraged and orders her subordinates to capture and kill him. Frankenstein proves to be too much for them and Yuri steps in. A display of precise power applications gives away their location to the searchers (Takeo, Raizel and M-21). Aris brings out her nan-suit and uses it to fight Frankenstein. Still, he proves to have the upper hand and is about to finish her off when a sudden interruption from Takeo reveals that she's his sister Teira. But misunderstanding clears when Aris grabs Takeo hostage and reveals that she has been playing off with the fake identity for fun. She consumes the D (made by Frankenstein) but the boost of power doesn't last more than a couple of moments and she collapses, muttering about strawberries.


Yuri takes the body of the unconscious Dr. Aris and flees with such a power display which clearly shows he has been withholding his powers all along. A worried master and servant reunite and everyone returns home.
Back home, Frankenstein and Raizel stand at the balcony and Raizel questions why he went along with them at the first place. He wonders if Frankenstein is likely to go back to his earlier self. Frankenstein finds it dismal that his master does not trust him yet. After conversation with master is over, he faces M-21 who requests him to let Tao, Takeo stay with them. Frankenstein agrees and tells him that he need not request as it's his home too. After everything being over, Frankenstein returns to his busy paperwork’s as the trio form Ye Ran Special Security.

Gejutel K. Landegre

Frankenstein finishes another usual busy day at school and comes home with his master. There he is surprised to find one of the noble clan leaders, Gejutel K. Landegre. It is clear that he and Frankenstein are known to each other as they dismiss others for a private conversation. Gejutel wonders why Seira and Regis are staying with Frankenstein, not hiding his mistrust and asks if Frankenstein is still looking for his master. The negative reply astounds him but Frankenstein clears the misconception by saying that he doesn't need to look for his master who's been found already. To prove his word, Raizel emerges, addressing Gejutel who answers the call with due respect. The three of them sit for a conversation meeting after a long period of time. As Raizel had been asleep for 820 years and Frankenstein followed him to hiding, they have no knowledge what has occurred in the noble world during all this time. Frankenstein inquires Gejutel about Seira wielding the soul weapon of her clan which marks her as clan leader. Gejutel brings news that Loyard clan and his son were killed about 100 years ago in a chaotic situation which followed the previous Lord's death. Before dying, the previous Lord had wished to see Raizel. This grieves and shocks both Raizel and Frankenstein.
Hundreds of years ago, Gejutel and Frankenstein were sitting face-to-face, engaged in conversation. Back then, Frankenstein shared his intention of going to look for his master while hiding himself from the nobles. It wasn't readily approved by Gejutel as Frankenstein was not supposed to leave their sight. Wanting to go and look for Raizel alone hinted that he didn't trust other clan-leaders. Gejutel asked him if he had wanted to disappear, why did he tell him? Frankenstein had one reply ~ it was because of what Gejutel showed in front of his master. Even though they were not in good terms, they hoped to meet again, when Frankenstein finds his master.
The wheel of time has come to the same point and made them meet. Gejutel is amazed that Seira and Regis goes to a school which Frankenstein has put up. He has been suspicious about the possible motif but is relieved to find that Raizel attends the same school. He trusts Frankenstein won't dare be irresponsible where Raizel is concerned. At the same time, he finds Ye Ran quite weird as it's made by Frankenstein. Gejutel remarks Frankenstein to be a frightening person who has brainwashed the nobles as well as modified humans and makes them work for him. Observing that Regis and Seira have put their trust in Raizel and Frankenstein and Raizel himself wanting to stay here rather than go back to the land of nobles, Gejutel decides that it is time for him to go back.

Rael Kertia

Following days prove to be troublesome as one more noble visits Ye Ran; this time, not bringing a friendly air. It is Rael, who has come to take Seira back to Lukedonia. He immediately makes his presence known by releasing power, injuring M-21 and picking a fight with Regis. This chaos don't go unnoticed but Frankenstein is reluctant to reveal the presence of him and his master to other nobles and stays out of it. Returning home, everyone learns from Regis about the identity of Rael and how he had proposed Seira who rejected him continuously. In order to prevent anyone's involvement in the matter regarding Rael, Seira and Regis decide visit him themselves. Raizel sends Frankenstein after the two noble children, to go and greet the visitor courteously. Frankenstein enters the fight, saving Regis and introduces himself as the landowner of Seira and Regis, keeping his smiling face intact and courteously threatening Rael at the same time. But Rael proves to be too arrogant and the two involve in a fight.

Dark Spear

After duelling sometime, Frankenstein realises that even though Rael is not a clan leader, he seems to be carrying a soul weapon in secret. He tells him to bring it out as he felt the aura of Rael's predecessor. Rael is shocked to learn that he knows about it. He brings out Grandia and starts to fight in a deadlier way. Frankenstein also powers up to pay the noble proper respect and summons his Dark Spear. The dark aura of his power sends chills among his opponent and the spectators. Even Raizel feels the dark aura from home and gets worried. Frankenstein and Rael then clash causing a colossal explosion. The fight continues and lot of destruction is caused by their fight.
In order to prevent further destruction, Seira decides to intervene herself. She releases her Death Scythe and asks Regis to try keeping the damage in the area to a minimum. Before Rael and Frankenstein could clash again, Seira causes a large attack in the middle to stop them. Rael then reveals the summoning seal of the Lord to which Seira obeys by following Rael immediately.


Frankenstein returns home and the matter is stated to Raizel. His master decides that they can no longer keep themselves away from Lukedonia. So, Frankenstein prepares for the journey to the land of nobles, Lukedonia. He tells M-21, Tao and Takeo to stay home and take care of everything. He secretly arranges one of his private jets for special take off. As Frankenstein, Raizel and Regis get on board, Tao, Takeo and M-21 sneak into the plane.
The jet takes off and reaches the skies of Lukedonia. Then Frankenstein, his master and Regis jump off the plane, leaving it to crash-land with the unknown passengers. After the jump, they make their way to the Forbidden Region, which is, to Regis' surprise, the original home of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. It has been guarded by Central Order guards as the previous Lord declared the area forbidden after Raizel's departure from there. Frankenstein makes a mansion visible in the place where there were hills and they enter it while Regis lingers back to take care of all guards. This brings in the trio (Tao, Takeo and M-21) who aid him and all of them are allowed to stay at the mansion. Frankenstein goes with his master to the hibernating temple. Frankenstein wonders if Raizel wants to go back to hibernation once again but Raizel drives away the thought by telling that he's just going there to check something. Once the sanctuary door opens, they find the biggest surprise left from the previous Lord ~ Ragnarok. Suddenly an imprint of the previous Lord appears before Raizel and Frankenstein. He speaks to Raizel saying that he is disappointed that Raizel hasn't visited his grave first but he is glad that Raizel is safe. As the message ends, the imprint disappears.
The news of intrusion in the Forbidden Region and the appearance of a mansion soon reaches to the Lord and clan leaders. Gejutel gets sentenced to death while Seira is imprisoned, the Lord orders Rael to capture Regis and later sends Rajak and Karias to capture the chief miscreant (Raizel). Meanwhile, in Raizel's mansion, Frankenstein explains to all the reason that caused this unwanted happening. It's because his master did not want to reveal his presence compelling Gejutel to make a false report. Rai decides that it's time to go to the previous Lord's shrine to pay tribute. Frankenstein comments that it'll be hard as the shrine is in the deepest chamber within the castle and only the princess (the current Lord), who has never been in good terms with Raizel, has access there. Nevertheless, all of them start for the castle.


Regis and the trio go ahead. Regis paces up while the trio cover his back but the latter gets cut off by Rael. The battle seem pretty one-sided and Rajak shows up just on time to see Rael using his soul weapon as well as Raizel and Frankenstein approach the arena. Frankenstein wants to take care of the mess and requests his master to hurry or the full moon will set and he won't make it to the previous Lord's shrine. Reminding Frankenstein the fact that his opponent this time is the Kertia Clan leader, Raizel tells him not to hold back and permitting to remove the seal binding his powers, he leaves.
Frankenstein stops and rebukes Rael who has been intending a sneak attack and tells that when it comes to battles he is more experienced having fought their father as well. At this, Rajak steps in telling his younger to keep away from this fight and shows proper courtesies to his opponent by bringing out his soul weapon, Kartas. Frankenstein is impressed on Rajak's control over the soul weapon and summons his own dark weapon. As Rajak hides himself along with his aura and attacks, Frankenstein lets out massive blasts of spears piercing everything surrounding him. Frankenstein warns Rajak that even his predecessor could use that move only once in front of him. Rajak creates doppelgängers but this time Frankenstein has a problem from within ~ his weapon starts to engulf him! Simultaneously, Rael makes a stealthy attack on the trio. Frankenstein is just on time to save them but it costs him a lot of blood as he receives a fatal blow from Rajak. Rajak scolds Rael for interfering, apologizes to Frankenstein as the diversion caused by his little brother has allowed him to get those blows and even slashes himself to compensate. At this, Frankenstein concludes his opponent as a worthy clan leader and gears up to continue the battle to the end, hiding his own trouble with weapon from others with all possible effort. Frankenstein's malevolent aura increases due to his weapon's dark nature. Even Rajak feels that his opponent is getting stronger and wonders how can that weapon match the power of his soul weapon. Rajak gradually falls behind as Frankenstein and his dark weapon grow stronger and savage by the minute.


Gejutel's final time has come and he is taken to the previous Lord's shrine. He chides the Lord's decision of sending Rajak and Karias to capture Raizel. He reminds her of the person who has always been by the side of Raizel and that follower must be overcome first. Rajak and Karias will only be enough to face that guy. Long ago, there was a disturbance in the world and the previous Lord sent the leaders of Landegre Clan and Kertia Clan to capture a mere human. That person is someone who is human, yet has the power rivalling that of a clan-leader. He is the sole human the previous Lord chose to acknowledge. He is FRANKENSTEIN. And the person he follows is none other than the one whom the previous Lord wanted as his heir. With his extraordinary briefing, Gejutel astounds all the clan leaders and the Lord decides it best to perform the execution fast. However, she is interrupted by Cadis Etrama Di Raizel himself and the battle between the Lord and the True Noblesse finally commence.

The True Meaning

Feeling the power collision, both Frankenstein and Rajak stop fighting and rush to the castle where their masters, the supreme governors of blood are engaged in serious power display. Frankenstein realises that Raizel has removed his seal which is fatal to himself. So, he speeds up and reaches the shrine to urge his master to stop. But Raizel continues to use his power and when the Lord manages to create a reasonably powerful blood field, he finally retires. Then Raizel hands the real Ragnarok over to her and the battle ends.
Frankenstein steps up to explain everything, changing his attire first and exchanging formalities with the current Lord of nobles. He informs her that Ragnarok was left to his master by the previous Lord without his master's acknowledgement in their house. As for two Ragnaroks, another soul weapon has also been split into two as example, one of the bearer of which has just arrived. Rajak enters and the Lord justifies Frankenstein's statement with him and learns the fact has been hidden till now as per the wish of the previous Kertia clan leader. The other clan-leaders are surprised to see Rajak hurt, acknowledging the truth in Gejutel's words about Frankenstein's strength. Frankenstein continues his narration of events: his master and himself has returned to their home after several hundreds of years. His master who had been asleep for 820 years ever since his disappearance. They had no intention of returning so soon, if it wasn't for Gejutel. The Lord and the others realise that if Raizel had been asleep all that time, he could not be related with the traitors' uprising. Later, another imprint rises from the previous Lord's casket and explains why Ragnarok was left in Raizel's shrine.

To Home

With every misunderstanding cleared, Raizel leaves for his mansion and Frankenstein follows his master. They walk under the glowing moon. Frankenstein worries about his master who is very likely to be unwell after breaking the seal. Raizel tries to assure him that he is well, but his servant see through his false assurances, so Raizel cannot deny that he needs to take a rest.
In the mansion, Raizel re-affirms Frankenstein that he does not intend to go to another slumber. While having his cup of tea, he asks Frankenstein if the weapon acted like before during the fight with Rajak and receives an affirmation. Upon the entrance of Regis, Seira, Tao, Takeo and M-21, the atmosphere gets more homely and Frankenstein even cooks ramen for dinner! Frankenstein appreciates Tao's talents in changing the entire security system of the mansion which he himself had set before.
A sudden explosion distracts all of them. A Union fleet happens to have invaded Lukedonia after its sudden exposure because of Raizel and Raskreia's fight. Ludis is dispatched to handle the situation but some survivors flee right to Raizel's mansion, firing rampantly at all directions causing mess in the house, ignorant of their fate. Tao knocks them unconscious to assuage a murderous mood assuming Frankenstein. Later, they are taken to prison by Central Order and Gejutel thanks Frankenstein for handing them over alive. Gejutel inquires after Raizel's present state after the exertion of power during the clash with the Lord. At this, Frankenstein is enraged and he accuses Gejutel for creating the mess.
He leaves Gejutel and enters the dining room where at the ends of a long table sit Raizel and the Lord. Regis and Seira serves them ramen. Raskreia asks Raizel if he will stay in Lukedonia but Raizel replies that he will return home. The Lord is quite astonished that he has called the human country his home.
The trip to Lukedonia finally being over, everyone returns home and Frankenstein is once again busy taking care of all the piled up paperwork at school.

The Investigation

Franken scientist

Frankenstein's euphoria

Frankenstein passes happy time conducting regular check-ups of Tao, Takeo and M-21 in his basement lab who wonder if he is really a human after having heard and seen him at action back in Lukedonia. Then he explains with elation his identity and thirst of knowledge to them. All this while, two agents has been investigating the big crater created from the battle between Frankenstein and Rael.

The Infiltration

At school, two new visitors, Yonsu and Sangeen, come to meet the Principal of the prestigious Ye Ran High. Frankenstein has been informed beforehand about their coming by a formal letter from the government and welcomes them. The two make a briefing that the government wants to run assessment on the students to handpick young talents so that they can be put to good works later. He grants them permission to make assessments confidentially. As they leave, Frankenstein wonders why two enhanced humans who can hide their aura reasonably well, are sent by the government to his school. Back home, he conveys the news to everyone adding that he cannot reject this offer without strong, valid reason as it's government matter. So, he tells Tao to check on the modified humans, Takeo to observe their moves and Seira and Regis to abstain from acting under any circumstance.
Frankenstein assigns teaching Social Studies and P.E. to Yonsu and Sangeen respectively so that they can examine students. He tries to wheel out info on the probable candidates but Sangeen covers that up diplomatically. When the temporary teachers set out for their assigned tasks, the principal understands that those guys haven't come to investigate his school. Returning home, his suspicion turns to affirmation as Tao reports that their is no official data on Yonsu and Sangeen in any government work.
Setting the RK-4 on continuous observation, Frankenstein spends some time alone with his master. They hang around on the top of a high-rise building. Frankenstein once again tries to convince Raizel to go into hibernation as the affluent use of his powers in Lukedonia is tolling on his health. Raizel declines saying that he wants to spend some more time in the place Frankenstein has made for him, a place that Frankenstein created specifically so he could experience a normal life, and wonders if that's greedy of him.

KSA's Modified Human

As Frankenstein and Raizel arrive home, Tao shares the info he has found out about the two newbies in the locality. Na Yonsu and An Sangeen are members of the KSA. The scholarship program is actually a recruiting program and their current shortlisted candidates are: Shinwoo and Ik-Han. Frankenstein becomes worried because if the children become KSA employees, they won't lead a normal life anymore and will find out the truth which might disturb his master's wish of living there.
The next day, Yonsu and Sangeen use their subordinates to test Shinwoo. They are, however, caught by M-21 who doesn't hesitate to show hostility as they intended to harm the children. Sangeen calms the situation temporarily. Tao reports what has happened to Frankenstein who deems this a golden opportunity to use the turn of events to his advantage. As Principal Lee, he refuses to co-operate with Yonsu and Sangeen in their assessment for sake of the safety of his students. With the two agents out of school, Frankenstein and the trio celebrate the success heartily.

M-21 vs Na Yonsu

However, trouble doesn't let go as Yonsu and Sangeen repeatedly try to enter school premises and get stopped by the special security. One of their rendezvous leads to a short clash between M-21 and Yonsu involving a bit of power on both sides. After the news is conveyed, Frankenstein concludes it a result of M-21's nasty temper and becomes a bit reproachful on him for letting out a suspicious move. But they are his experiments now and it'd be a shame if they lost. So, he lets go of the matter.
Yonsu and Sangeen sneak into the school at night to test the real power of the special security. This time, Yonsu goes on a head-on clash with M-21. Both of them use their modified power to undermine each other. Realizing the fighting potential, both of them present each other with the same question of whether they're from the Union. After misunderstanding clears up proving the agents are originally being nothing but patriotic and the three modified humans wants nothing but to live peacefully, they make a deal between themselves to keep each others' secret. The night's work is again reported to Frankenstein who comments it as a job well done.


The coming days Frankenstein witness his master showing symptoms of profound deterioration. He is compelled to ask his master a question of enormous significance: what happened 820 years ago that compelled Raizel to enter sudden hibernation? Raizel reveals that 820 years ago, he was forced to use his true power because of the traitor clan leaders. There was no other way than separating himself from the nobles and retreating to hibernation for a while. Hearing the truth, Frankenstein vows to punish those miscreants for the unforgivable crime.

DA-5 vs Cerberus

Tao brings news that KSA has been attacked by [[:Category::Cerberus|Cerberus]] which is the strongest military unit of the 12th Elder. They have come to Korea along with Yuri. Frankenstein deems it quite a bad condition since of all times, it had to be when his master is weak. He is determined to keep his master away from acting under any circumstance and delegates the job of handling the situation to RK-4. They rush to rescue their KSA pal from Cerberus. Several fights start off simultaneously while Frankenstein still hides from Raizel that the trio has left. But he fails to keep it a secret for long and Raizel wants to participate as well to try defend the lives that they've built here. So, once again, Frankenstein sets off with his master towards the battle zone.

Frankenstein vs the 12th Elder

On the way, Raizel senses a familiar aura of Roctis' coming from the 12th Elder who has just arrived with Taze. They realise that Roctis, one of the traitor clan leaders has joined Union and formed contract with the 12th Elder. Wasting no time, Frankenstein attacks the elder after wiping out the existence of Cerberus by killing Rodin. The 12th Elder fully transforms for battle hurling insults at his opponent. With his master's permission to use his full power, Frankenstein brings on the Dark Spear. He gets more violent with the moment to kill the contractee of the person who's one of the reason of his master's ill health. But Raizel calms him down. Realising that he's losing, the elder takes Raizel hostage planning his escapade and boasts about having fully destroyed KSA base and agents. Getting enraged hearing about murder of innocent lives, Raizel uses Blood Field to eradicate the existence of 12th Elder. After the battle is over, Raizel has his back turned to the spectators as blood trickles from his mouth, alarming Frankenstein who immediately rushes to his master's side. Frankenstein agrees with his master who's unwilling to create a scene as there are too many people present. Frankenstein then turns towards Sangeen and Yonsu, and states that he would appreciate it if they didn't tell anyone about what they had seen.

Normal Life

Back at the house, Frankenstein explains about the modification and contract of the 12th Elder with Roctis, one of the traitor clan leaders who is now in the Union. They then discuss about the ramifications of killing the Elder and his main military force, Cerberus and how it would inevitably lead to a future confrontation with the Union. Raizel wishes all of them to leave the place as their lives are no longer safe. To prevent them from misinterpreting Raizel's message, Frankenstein explains that they're not sure if they can protect them now as the more Raizel uses his powers, the shorter his own lifespan becomes. Every time he saves them he does so to let them live the life he has never had. At this, Tao, Takeo, M-21 wilfully swear allegiance to Raizel; Regis and Seira also join. The RK-4 becomes RK-5 with Frankenstein as Number 0 - 'the boss' and everyone decide to face whatever is to come together.
In a secret room of his house, Frankenstein summons a mass dark power. As soon as he uses it, a voice starts cursing him for still being alive. Frankenstein leaves with a ball of dark energy in his hands. Later, Frankenstein gives Raizel a ring that was created from the same dark powers as Dark Spear. It is meant to augment the power of the seal Raizel received from the Previous Lord, in order to prevent Raizel's power from constantly leaking out. Raizel receives the gift from his loyal follower and both retire to a happy dinner with the family.

The Meeting

A flashback shows how Frankenstein and Raizel met each other hundreds of years ago. During that time, news of a troublemaker human had reached the then Lord of nobles. This particular human was rumoured to have caught all nobles sent in his pursuit and experimented with them. The Lord ordered Gejutel and Ragar to catch this human and bring the human to him alive.
Frankenstein, however, had reached the grounds of the nobles before they could depart for the human world to capture him. He engages in a fight with Ragar. But his Dark Spear started to consume him even though it renders him powerful enough to fight a noble clan leader and his soul weapon. It is then Gejutel decided to join in order to fulfil the order of their Lord regarding to capture the human alive. His attack brought back Frankenstein to his original form. Realising his weakness, Frankenstein hoodwinked the two clan leaders to escape.
Frankenstein dashed through the forest and arrived at a big mansion. Assuming that there must be ample staff working there for him to disguise as one of them, he changed to a set of clothes he had found in a room. In a hallway, he met with Raizel and answered him that he had joined working there from the very day! When Gejutel and Ragar visited the mansion following the trail of Frankenstein and found him (changed into butler attire) with Raizel, they were told the same thing by Raizel himself - Frankenstein had joined to work there and he entrusted the entire mansion to Frankenstein. Raizel assured that he would take Frankenstein to visit the Lord after full recovery. After the clan leaders had left, the two of them, Frankenstein and Raizel, formally introduced themselves to each other.
From that day onward, Frankenstein has stayed by his master's side. The solitude of Raizel, which was relieved by Frankenstein's presence, is no more as now they live in a big family where there are nobles, modified humans and human children surrounding them.

Doubtful Conduct

The reappearance of M-24 puzzles Frankenstein but he decides to bring him home due to M-21's request. He also agrees to personally check M-24's health issues. Frankenstein finds it suspicious that whoever took the painstaking effort of reviving M-24, could keep such low security in lab that M-24 could easily escape. He tells Tao to keep watch on the suspicion. Unknown to M-21, Tao reports to Frankenstein about all the doubtful conducts of M-24 caught in the CCTV cameras. Frankenstein leaves the RK team to deal with all issues since he has been facing something more worrying ~ Raizel's deteriorating health. He is determined to prevent his master from getting involved in any chaos at any cost.

The 10th and 11th Elders

Two more Elders arrive in South Korea to investigate what happened with the 12th Elder there. Despite the precautions, Frankenstein finds Raizel gone to look for Tao and Takeo (who are caught by Yuri and Bonerre). He reaches just on time to stop his master from engaging in a clash with the 10th and 11th Elders. He takes on Muar, the 11th Elder, while Seira faces Rostere, the 10th Elder. His malevolent nature having increased manifold in order to protect his master, Frankenstein finishes off Muar quickly. However, Rostere's sudden attempt to hide among humans and using them as shield prompts Raizel to step in. After Raizel disposes of Rostere, Frankenstein urges his master to rest at home and promises to bring Tao and Takeo without fail.

Tao and Takeo

Frankenstein and Seira are guided by Bonerre (who is under the threat of being introduced to Dark Spear) to where Tao and Takeo are chained up. The duos condition is worsened by Bonerre who creates a final blow to further damage them before getting impaled by the Dark Spear. Frankenstein and Seira take Tao and Takeo home to treat them before their condition get out of hand. But they're shocked to find Frankenstein's lab completely destroyed and all his data stolen! Frankenstein realises that fixing the lab would take too long and they can't even use the other underground lab which is in no condition. Frankenstein eliminates the option of using KSA lab because they lack adequate equipment for treating highly modified humans like Tao and Takeo. Despite Frankenstein's continuous request to not use his powers, Raizel awakens both Tao and Takeo; then collapses himself.
Later Frankenstein manages to convince his master to enter a short hibernation to stabilise his body. After Raizel enters hibernation, Frankenstein preserves the casket in a hidden chamber at his house.


Frankenstein has been busy setting up his lab again, arranging and restoring important data. He is intruded upon by the Raizel Knights who request him to train them. Mentioning Frankenstein is the only one in the world with battle experience of fighting stronger opponents than himself and triumphing over, they manage to convince him. Frankenstein arranges for a training spot and decide they'll be going in groups. He asks Seira to stay behind and look after his master and the house until the training of the first group (comprising of Tao, Takeo, M-21 and Regis) is completed.
The first group arrive at the training spot - Frankenstein's Island and their intensive training begins. Time and again Frankenstein proves the worth of his combat knowledge and experience as the trainees fail to hit him even once. Frankenstein's new schedule comprises of regular training and checking up his trainees. This continues for a while until Tao is informed by the KSA about the arrival of more Elders. Frankenstein decides it's time for them to head back home.


While Frankenstein and his team is on their way back on a chopper, Seira informs them that the Elders are causing chaos in the city. She is going to hold the Elders off until they arrive. Once they reach the skies of South Korea, Frankenstein decides to leave from the chopper to join Seira and tells the others to stand guard at home. While he is on his way, Seira fights one of the Elders, Zarga, who is a traitor clan leader and also the murderer of her father. Frankenstein arrives just on time to save her from the last blow that might have killed her.

Destroyed School

Frankenstein chides Zarga's values of a noble for fighting a young girl of age likely to be his granddaughter and even letting another aid him at it. Zarga finds it surprising that Frankenstein is siding with Lukedonia but Frankenstein finds it more surprising that an ex-clan leader is a Union Elder. Frankenstein comforts Seira after she gains consciousness.
Frankenstein starts to fight all three elders simultaneously, summoning his Dark Spear. The 5th Elder transforms her hand, revealing she's a werewolf, to fight Frankenstein. She remarks on the excellence of this unusual battle style of Frankenstein. But all of them agree on the fact that he is foolhardy having come all alone to fight. Frankenstein laughs it away and the Elders realise why when Rajak enters with a surprise assault on the 8th Elder. It is then revealed that Frankenstein met with Rajak on his way to the battlefield and the two of them have joined forces to fight the Elders. Their battle resumes as elsewhere the fight of the trio against Crombel's assassins destroy the Ye Ran building.

The Earnest Wish

Frankenstein is engaged in fighting the 5th Elder who has fully transformed into her werewolf form. Gradually outmatched by her, Frankenstein starts to lose control, being consumed by the Dark Spear. Just then, the 6th Elder appears in the battlefield who is another traitor clan leader - Urokai.
Urokai happens to have a certain revenge-agenda against Frankenstein and expresses his wish to fight Frankenstein. However, the 5th Elder is reluctant to let go of her opponent. Frankenstein, finding no other way, gambles his own life and lets the Dark Spear consume him fully. In his berserk state, he finishes off the 8th Elder and attacks the 5th and Urokai simultaneously. Urokai reminiscences what Frankenstein did to his eye back in Lukedonia and brings out his soul weapon to settle the 'unfinished battle' from past.
Franken's eyes

Glare from berserk Frankenstein's eyes.

Frankenstein's battle partner, however, remains unchanged as the 5th stops Urokai to continue the fight herself. The situation gets worse as the Dark Spear starts to devour him and Frankenstein screams out with glares streaking out from his eyes. Just then, Urokai seizes the opportunity to throw his soul weapon to impale Frankenstein. Although gravely injured, Frankenstein returns to his senses. He fights Urokai but gets easily pushed back. Seira covers for Frankenstein, getting fatally injured herself and Rajak covers for her in turn. The traitorous clan leaders are surprised to find nobles helping out each other and Urokai aims a fatal blow to finish Frankenstein, Seira and Rajak. However, Raizel intervenes to stop the attack.
Frankenstein is ordered by Raizel to stay in the sidelines and despite his anxiety and reluctance, he obeys. As Raizel summons enough power to turn into Blood Demon, Frankenstein restrains his will to aid Raizel, deeming his own berserk transformation might harm rather than aid his master. He watches his master pass the judgement onto both Urokai and Zarga, forcing them to eternal sleep. After that Raizel recalls the time he had spent with them (Urokai and Zarga) before the arrival of Frankenstein and turns to look at the remains of his past followers. Frankenstein realises that his master earnestly wished the circumstances to keep them (traitors) away from his path so that he never had to punish them.


The battle having come to a seize and the 5th sent to pass on the message of the Noblesse to the Elders, Frankenstein settles back to treating everyone at his lab despite being suffering from severe wounds himself. He reveals to the Raizel Knights and Kertia brothers what he knows about the reason for his master's condition. 820 years ago an incident had occurred - the substance of which hasn't yet come to light; traitor clan leaders were related to it. It resulted in Raizel's disappearance. From then he had sought Raizel in vain until he showed up at Ye Ran. He has only recently discovered that all these years, his master's casket lied deep in the ocean. The casket that was fished out by the Union and later stolen, ending up in the city.
Frankenstein is then informed about what happened to the school and how Crombel's assassination squad is related with the damage. He is furious but is pacified by Tao who has already taken steps to cover it up. Later Frankenstein comforts his master who has been out and out worried about the children. He takes Raizel to visit the children to relieve his anxiety. Then upon his master's request, Frankenstein takes him to visit the school grounds. As Raizel sadly watches it lying in a destroyed state, Frankenstein assures that they would get it fixed ASAP. He once again states his reason of founding the school - for Raizel to experience ordinary, peaceful life when he is found. Raizel had been aware of this intention and thus confesses his feelings to his loyal follower: To you... I am always grateful.[4]

Eye of the Typhoon

Frankenstein observes his master's detrimental condition and decides to take a break from schoolwork to do something to help his master. He journeys to his island to forge a new item from the Dark Spear matter. He has a rough time handling the dark matter but finally gets it done. Before returning, he gets informed by Tao that Dr. Crombel has contacted for fixing a secret meeting with Frankenstein. The two of them meet at the Old Union base where they last fought and Crombel offers a deal. He proposes both teams carry on their activities without hindering each other.
Frankenstein returns home and presents Raizel with an earring similar to those that the previous Lord had made. Raizel feels the presence of Dark Spear within it and deems it being the reason for Frankenstein's worsened condition. He accepts the present and wears it although the colour is not to his liking.

Hundreds of years ago, when Frankenstein had started to live in Raizel's mansion, it caused a stir among the nobles. Frankenstein got along well with some of the clan leaders, namely, Gejutel and Ragar. They often trained with each other to improve their skills. On one such day when Frankenstein had been training with Ragar, Urokai and Zarga showed up running an errand for their Lord - it had been 10 years since Raizel had promised to take Frankenstein to the Lord after he’s healed but that was never done. So, the Lord had sent his clan leaders to bring Frankenstein to him. Ragar took over the job from Urokai and Zarga and escorted Frankenstein to their Lord.
Frankenstein got nervous meeting the noble Lord who appeared to be rather eccentric for his dignified position. Frankenstein was further taken aback when the Lord himself offered him his own blood sample! A private audience followed, which revealed to Frankenstein that the Lord cared deeply for Raizel. The Lord explained how Raizel had imprisoned himself within that distant mansion and only looking outside from a single window while he could have easily chosen to live a free. Then the Lord suggested Frankenstein to ask Raizel to make a contract with him. He also entrusted Frankenstein to take care of Raizel.
Frankenstein had been carrying out his job as Raizel’s butler and continuing his training sessions with Gejutel and Ragar. He had also observed certain six clan leaders visited regularly at Raizel’s mansion. He expressed his views to those clan leaders, clearly disclosing that he suspected them of plotting something behind Raizel’s back. Those clan leaders couldn’t tolerate his presence which marked a hindrance to their plot. Urokai had especially grown to be jealous of Frankenstein as he got more attention from Raizel. So, all of them schemed to banish Frankenstein by the means of an object given to them by the humans who hated Frankenstein.
One day Gejutel had to decline from a pre-arranged training session with Frankenstein and Urokai who happened to be present there with Zarga, Roctis and Lagus, seized the opportunity. He offered to fight Frankenstein in Gejutel’s stead and their duel began. The other clan leaders played the role of spectators and Ragar also joined them. Despite Urokai having the upper hand in terms of power, Frankenstein made up with his skills and prudence. Frankenstein provoked Urokai to lose control and struck his eye.
After losing an eye to Frankenstein, Urokai used the object – a pendant and gave it to Frankenstein. Frankenstein recognised it had belonged to Tesamu, his child apprentice. He recalled in a flashback the child who was actually sent by the humans to spy on him. His interest in researching to improve the state of humankind made Frankenstein fond of the child. He used to wear the pendant which had belonged to his mother and never took it off. The last time Frankenstein had met him was when Tesamu had come to warn him that the humans would attack his lab. Frankenstein had known it was coming and had prepared by burning his research work. Before parting ways, he gave Tesamu a piece of paper containing the location of the place where he had stored his research data. The pendant hinted that Tesamu was caught and Frankenstein assumed the inevitable that might have happened to his little apprentice. This drove him incensed and he let his Dark Spear consume him.
Raizel and the previous Lord arrived just on time to stop Frankenstein and Urokai from striking each other lethally. To everyone's surprise, the berserk Frankenstein aimed an attack at the two noble monarchs. The clan leaders struggled to restrain the berserk Frankenstein. Finally, Raizel decided to step in. Taking Frankenstein’s blood, Raizel awakened him from his berserk state. After gaining consciousness, Frankenstein found himself in the mansion and was told what had happened. Later he realised that Raizel was unwell and went to the Lord to know about the true nature of Raizel's powers. Learning the truth of how he uses his own life force to protect everyone, why he always keeps himself alone, Frankenstein decided to change his ways and serve Raizel.
Frankenstein mixed drops of his blood in Raizel’s tea and served it to him. Raizel realised it and taking a sip, he told Frankenstein the terms of contract and asked whether he concurred with the agreement. After Frankenstein had given his consent, he became eternally bound to Raizel as his servant and follower by the Blood Contract.
At present times, the unexpected kidnapping of Seira by Ignes leads Raizel on their pursuit. Frankenstein follows his master and they journey to Roctis' Island. Before departing, Frankenstein charges Karias (who has just arrived from Lukedonia) with the duty of house sitting. Upon arrival at the island, Rajak sets to scout the place. Frankenstein sticks with his master, determined to keep him away from battling as much as possible. However, they cannot proceed unnoticed as a fight breaks between Rajak and Kentas. Raizel decides they should split ways now that commotion is unavoidable and Frankenstein complies.
Just as Raizel parts ways, the 9th Elder appears behind Frankenstein, revealing that he intends to experiment on him. Frankenstein finds it the most hilarious thing he has ever heard. But the 9th Elder goes on boasting of himself as the world's greatest scientist of physical modification. This incurs Frankenstein’s wrath and a fight is set in motion. Frankenstein outmatches him with ease, destroying his anti-clan leader weapon and startling the Elder with his every move.
The 5th Elder arrives and slips his name in astonishment to find him there. Upon hearing the name Frankenstein, the 9th Elder recognises his opponent as the human recorded in the Union history for his notoriety and betrayal of humankind. At this, Frankenstein becomes infuriated realising that the Union has been writing misinformation about him. He had always researched for the improvement of humanity rather than betraying. As for his experiments, he had never used any of his kinds to experiment on; rather has used himself for testing out all his experiments. Both elders find it startling and the 9th keeps on blaming Frankenstein as a thief who stole ‘the weapon’. Frankenstein retorts revealing that the Union were the ones who stole from his first – they took his research data to use in physical modification. He then offers his Dark Spear to the 9th Elder ironically. The 9th Elder, unaware of what is to happen, takes the weapon thrown at him. Frankenstein watches gleefully as the weapon completely consumes the Elder.
Frankenstein then turns to the 5th Elder who has been standing as a spectator all the while, asking if she has business with him. The 5th declines from the battle offer and Frankenstein rushes to his master’s side who has been fighting Roctis. Frankenstein watches with disbelief as the ex-clan leader reveals his physical modification to fight Raizel. However, Raizel defeats Roctis and sentences him to eternal sleep. Elsewhere, Ignes initiates the awakening of Muzaka. Raizel instantly senses Muzaka's presence and soon the two of them come face-to-face. Frankenstein, although worried more than ever how his master would fight Muzaka at his current state, is compelled to keep away from the fight and protect the noble children according to Raizel’s order. He explains to Rajak, who has arrived there that Muzaka is the previous Lord of Werewolves and also Raizel's only friend. Also, according to his speculation, Muzaka is the one responsible for his master’s health and 820 years of hibernation. Frankenstein watches as his master exhausts himself and finally defeats Muzaka. They decide to leave the island although wary of the long journey ahead of them. To their surprise and relief, Tao and Takeo arrive in a helicopter to take them back home.
Back home, Frankenstein dedicates his full attention to his ailing master. Estimating that his master might only last about a week at his current state, Frankenstein urges him to enter hibernation as he’ll try to find a way to heal him. But Raizel’s condition has gone beyond recovery and Raizel knows that full well. Furthermore, he doesn’t want to abandon the life Frankenstein has provided him to live. Frankenstein then takes his master to his favourite place – the school. There he learns from his master that Muzaka lost something precious and his wrath is directed towards humanity. No words regarding Muzaka’s whereabouts arrive from Rajak who has been scouting for him. Raizel apprehends that he himself doesn't have much time and wishes Muzaka would come to meet him before it's too late. To Frankenstein’s absolute dismay, he can do nothing but stay beside his master and watch.
The sudden visit of the Lord (Raskreia) and Gejutel surprises Frankenstein. While the noble hierarchies meet at the basement lab, he hosts Gejutel and inquires after the Lord's sudden visit. Suddenly, the entire household rumbles and Frankenstein instantly recognises the presence of Ragnarok. He, along with the household members and visitors, burst into the lab downstairs and all of them are shocked to find Raizel stabbed by Raskreia with Ragnarok. Frankenstein enters a fit of rage at the sight of it and uttering the single word Master, he lets the dark power consume his body and launches a vicious attack. However, Gejutel says he could risk harming his master, at which, Frankenstein immediately stops and settles down. All of them witness Raizel's revival as Gejutel explains Raskreia's decision of using Ragnarok's power to replenish Raizel's life-force.[5]
Raizel's rejuvenated form reveals a bright glow from his chest and the previous Lord appears, to everyone's surprise. As the floating imprint explains his machination regarding the restoration of Raizel, Frankenstein is the first to observe that it is no mere message but feels like the real soul of the previous Lord (which is later confirmed by Karias' unexpected test[6])! All of them then find themselves audience to the previous Lord himself (partial soul) who advises everyone on their forthcoming responsibilities and finally bids farewell.

With his master's health restored, Frankenstein returns to his usual curriculum. While he is busy with school's paperwork, Gejutel has created devastation in his kitchen at home. Frankenstein doesn't find out about the incident but gets an unusual, ominous feeling all day long. He calls Tao to confirm whether everything is alright, in reply of which, an array of display footage pops up in front of him. Tao explains his modification of Frankenstein's office and assures Frankenstein that he can check on everything, especially his master from his office.
Frankenstein is relieved to see his master in fine condition. However, another footage draws his attention to an imminent trouble: the Lord has arrived in the school with Gejutel. As the two nobles suddenly settle themselves in Raizel's class, Frankenstein desperately uses common announcement to call Gejutel to his office. The clear irritation written all over his countenance throws Gejutel quite in tension but the older noble prudently explains that he also wanted his master (Lord) to experience normal life for at least one day. Later, Frankenstein and Gejutel secretly follow their respective masters (Raizel and Raskreia) as they spend the evening soaring through the city. However, their presence is known by their masters as they call them forth and Raskreia takes her leave from Raizel.
Soon enough, another visitor appears in Ye Ran - Muzaka.[7] Frankenstein rushes to confront the intruder but their fight is put off as the school ground is not ideal for battling. Furthermore, Raizel arrives and the two old friends resort to have a chat. After a while, Frankenstein interrupts the duo and hands Muzaka a can of coke with the intention to pull off a prank, he asks the bewildered werewolf to shake it hard before opening it. Muzaka gets excited and follows the instruction, resulting in the liquid splashing him straight in the face. Muzaka stares at Frankenstein, who is chuckling with a sadistic grin.
Frankenstein takes the trio in his island to fulfil his promise - share the power of his Dark Spear in them. He leaves M-21 to train with Karias and injects a little of his dark power within Tao and Takeo. He oversees the development the trio are undergoing and is very impressed until he hears that there may be more trouble back home. He informs Raizel about the situation and sets off with Seira and Karias towards the city. When he arrives at the battle scene, showing off his wrath, he realises that he is a bit too late for fighting: Muzaka has already taken care of the situation. He then turns to face Lunark and Kentas but Muzaka protects them, persuading Frankenstein to deter from battling. After being discouraged by his master as well, Frankenstein and the others take the wounded back home.
One night, Raizel finally reveals the truth of 820 years to Frankenstein:[8] Muzaka had a daughter with a human and loved her very much. The child was killed by another human and Muzaka went on rampage to annihilate the human race. So, Raizel had no choice but to face off his best friend rather than condole him on his grief.
Rumours of attack on Lukedonia are heard and Rael has a sudden awakening of a clan leader's powers. This spreads anxiety among the household and both Raizel and Frankenstein decide to depart for Lukedonia. Frankenstein worries that something must have happened to Rajak and forbids Rael to leave seeking vengeance (as he is the only remaining child of his friend under his protection).
On the way, Frankenstein has flashbacks of his memory with Ragar - the last time Frankenstein had seen him was before leaving Lukedonia in search of his master; Ragar had told that he would be waiting to meet him again. That time had never come. Ragar entered eternal sleep and now even Rajak, who he has met and trained for a while, is most likely in danger.
Their plane is shot down midway by the patrolling fleet of humans. Frankenstein is enraged but cannot fully shower them with his wrath as they have to hurry onward to Lukedonia. They make a short stop in an islet where his master picks up traces of Rajak. Frankenstein realises that there has been an intense, unfair battle against Rajak, the outcome of which is Rajak's death. Fuming with rage and agony, they carry on their journey.
They soon find that the boundaries of Lukedonia have been breached and can think of only one person who could do this with such mastery: Lagus Tradio. Realising that the traitor nobles have stepped into Lukedonia, they hurry towards their mansion. As they reach the vicinity, the scene shocks Frankenstein beyond his wildest imagination: the mansion is completely destroyed![9] Frankenstein stands among the rubble, raging at the unknown person who dared to destroy his master's mansion. With the permission to unseal his powers, Frankenstein then leaves to seek out the enemies and fulfil his master's order to eliminate them.
Frankenstein travels in his dark aura and finally finds the traitors battling the noble Lord. He makes his grand entry in the middle of their battle, shocking everyone with his presence and persona.[10] Frankenstein asks the "Lady" (Raskreia) to step back and turns to face the traitors. He declares that he has come to get rid of them all. Gradeus throws insults at him while Lagus suspects the greater danger Frankenstein's presence implies. Frankenstein affirms that his master has come as well. At the sheer mention of the Noblesse, shock and shiver spread through everyone present. Lagus decides to finish off their mission before the Noblesse arrives and urges Gradeus to do so. Frankenstein interrupts their battle strategy to ask which of them killed Rajak and destroyed his master's mansion. He doesn't wait for any response as he declares that they are all going to be annihilated anyway.
Frankenstein then summons his dark spear. Lagus wonders how the human has gotten even stronger than before. Gradeus, on the other hand, launches a frontal attack. Their battle ensues and Frankenstein earns the upper hand. He uses his trash-talk tactic, provoking Gradeus to make a wrong move. They collide again, this time, Gradeus is completely thrown off. Lagus tries to lend a hand but Gradeus refuses any help. So, Lagus decides to get rid of the others, leaving Gradeus to deal with Frankenstein. Frankenstein chuckles and acknowledges that Lagus isn't easy to be fooled. But he suddenly halts as his eyes fixate behind them and he exclaims: M-MASTER!
The traitors and werewolves quickly turn around as if their lives depend on it. But there is only empty vastness behind them. They find no presence of the Noblesse. Then they turn back only to realise that Frankenstein has used the moment of confusion to make his move. Mount and Gradeus are impaled with the spears as Frankenstein bursts into laughter. He calls them insane for turning away during a battle. The enemies realise that Frankenstein has made fool out of them all while the trickster keeps on laughing.[11]
Lagus hastens the team to get rid of the Lord and gang after the temporary distraction. Gradeus encounters Frankenstein who uses his usual, mischievous fighting style to engage other opponents as well. The Lord, Gejutel and Rozaria are only spectators now, beholding the crazy fighting style of Frankenstein.
Gradeus and Frankenstein power up with more trash talk. Frankenstein easily provokes Gradeus, making him charge head-on again. A front clash of powers follow. Gradeus, the berserker who is supposed to get stronger with wounds ends up with dark scars all over his body that do not heal. Frankenstein finds the berserker's style of attacking quite to his liking and impales Gradeus all over with his dark aura tentacles. Gradeus miserably hits the dust again. Lagus realises they cannot let the situation drag on any longer and Frankenstein notices that Lagus has finally decided to join the fight.
Suddenly, Frankenstein's eyes fixate behind the traitors and once again, he exclaims: M-MASTER? This time, the enemies laugh it off believing that Frankenstein is pulling off the same trick again. The Lord seconds Frankenstein, muttering the name: CADIS ETRAMA DI RAIZEL and fixing her gaze in the same direction. At this, Lagus crackles in laughter that even the Lord has followed the trickery of a human. As the traitors and werewolves stand facing Frankenstein and the Nobles, ridiculing them to their heart's content, none of them notice that the Noblesse has indeed appeared.
Frankenstein is worried as his master advances into the battle. While, Lagus, Edian and the werewolves face Raizel, Frankenstein keeps Gradeus engaged. An enraged and worried Frankenstein tells Gradeus to die soon as he has no time to waste. He allows the Dark Spear to consume him in order to gain power so that he could kill Gradeus and them help his Master. Gradeus is shocked to see Frankenstein's power increasing and finds it unbelievable that he is being overpowered. Frankenstein tells him that he has vast battle experience but Gradeus find it unbelievable as he himself has vast battle experience too. Frankenstein ironically remarks that a clan leader who has had strong powers from the very beginning cannot know what a human has experienced to reach that state. Frankenstein launches dark aura tentacles to pay the enemy back for Rajak and the destroyed mansion. However, when Frankenstein is about to launch the finishing blow, Lagus intervenes and saves Gradeus.
Lagus fuses with the Blood Stone to challenge Raizel and lets Gradeus use a duplicate stone that he has forged. With the stone's power, Gradeus, the Berserker returns to the fight, stronger than ever. He overpowers Frankenstein with the new power and provokes Frankenstein by confessing that he killed Rajak.

Frankenstein wielding both Dark Spear and Blood Spear to finish off Gradeus.

After learning the identity of the killer of his friend's son, Frankenstein decides to stake it all to avenge Rajak. He then summons the power of contract in the form of a Blood Spear.[12] He easily overpowers Gradeus with the combined powers of the Dark Spear and the Blood Spear, and allows the former to consume Gradeus so that he wouldn't have any peace even in his eternal sleep. The Berserker becomes food for Frankenstein's demented lover! This however, results in draining Frankenstein's life force. Weakened and worried, Frankenstein looks towards the location where his master is having an intense battle against Lagus.
Frankenstein reaches the battle ground and finds Edian lying in his master's arms. The battle is over. She has sacrificed herself to save Raizel. Frankenstein recalls how he used to tease Edian for harbouring feelings for his master. Edian's body gradually disintegrates into thin air. Frankenstein gazes over fragments of Blood Stone, hoping he could use them as means to preserve his master's diminishing life force but he knows that his master wouldn't accept anything related to the cursed stone. The remaining fragments disintegrates. Afterwards, both master and servant return to their destroyed mansion...the mansion can no longer be a home to them.[13] Frankenstein then accompanies his master to the castle from where they bid farewell to the Lord and leave Lukedonia.
Frankenstein breaks the news of Rajak's death to Rael. He explains how Rajak fought multiple opponents by himself and delayed the invaders in attacking Lukedonia. The delay saved Lukedonia by providing enough time for Raizel and Frankenstein to reach there. Rael realises that his brother is surely content with the way he entered eternal sleep: by defending his homeland. He repeats his brother's words - What's important is how we live and enter eternal sleep. Frankenstein agrees, remembering that Ragar also once told him that. He comments that both Ragar and Rajak would be happy to see Rael understanding those words. Rael thanks Frankenstein because his brother could meet the man that their father has missed so much. Frankenstein manages a small smile and leaves the room.
The temporary normal life returns again and the household find themselves busy in their respective roles. Frankenstein resumes his role as the school chairman, lamenting over the piles of paperwork waiting for him.

The trio are reporting to Frankenstein about the Union's activities. They decide to remain vigilant just in case. Frankenstein enquires about his Master's health. Tao tells him that the kids took him away, saying they wanted to make him something nice to eat, since he's been looking weak lately. Frankenstein is concerned upon hearing this.
After M-21's battle with Aris, Mark and Yuri, Muzaka mentions that Takeo, Tao and M-21, have all gotten stronger. He wonders if this is because of Frankenstein. Frankenstein who is in his office with Raizel, sneezes suddenly, as though someone is talking about him. He apologises to Raizel and tells him that he'll make some tea.
Tao reports to Frankenstein and Raizel that they lost contact with M-21 around 34 hours ago, and that they can't track the GPS signal from his communication device either. He informs them that Takeo has gone to check M-21's last known location, there haven't been any signs of a fight and that Seira and Regis are on standby at the the school just in case. Frankenstein is worried since they had trouble with Crombel's team recently.
Realising that M-21 might be in danger, Raizel decides to go investigate. Frankenstein worried about his Master's health, asks him stay, and he'll go instead. He also asks Tao to remain behind, in case the Union or Crombel's team make a move. Tao asks if he and Takeo will be okay by themselves, since Seira and Regis are on guard near the children's homes and the school. Frankenstein replies that he is aware of the situation, but they don't have any other choice.
Frankenstein and Takeo survey the area where a battle has taken place recently. Tao reports that they've checked everywhere within a 10km radius of the area where M-21 went missing, but there's no trace. Takeo replies that it's the same at his and Frankenstein's location. Tao continues to add that since they've not found any traces of M-21 dying, they can assume he's been taken away and that he's still alive. Frankenstein, sarcastically comments that that joyful news makes him grind his teeth. Tao laughs this off responding that he's working hard to find him too and that he's found something. Tao then finds a picture of M-21 encountering Kentas and forwards it to Takeo. According to the photo, they didn't seem hostile to each other, however, it is established that werewolves are involved with M-21's disappearance. Frankenstein, clearly irritated, informs his Master that he will contact Muzaka. Since a werewolf Muzaka knows well, is involved, Frankenstein intends to exploit it to his advantage.
Takeo is worried about M-21, and wants to find him soon. Tao tells him that he's looking for traces, but he still hasn't found a single clue and adds that Frankenstein contacted Muzaka, so all they can do is wait. Takeo replies that there's no guarantee that Muzaka knows anything about M-21's disappearance and that his right about them not being able to do anything but wait. Tao, Raizel and Frankenstein are all worried about M-21.
Raizel and Frankenstein meet Muzaka. Frankenstein asks Muzaka to take responsibility for the disappearance of M-21, and ask for the location of the werewolves' homeland. Muzaka refuses to take responsibility, just because his people were with M-21 when he disappeared. Frankenstein reveals that Kentas, the werewolf he spared earlier, was also involved and if he hadn't gotten involved at that time, then they wouldn't be in this situation. After going back and forth for a while, Raizel steps in stating that it's Muzaka's fault and he should take responsibility. Muzaka relents, but says that even though he wants to help them, he can't since he doesn't know the whereabouts of his people. Frankenstein asks if he has any ideas, of a possible location, Muzaka replies that he could find out, but if he knew, he wouldn't disclose the location, since they could end up colliding with his people while they're looking for M-21. Before either of them can respond, a guest arrives at the KSA, looking for Frankenstein.
Frankenstein meets Lunark on a rooftop near the KSA headquarters. He tells her that he's been looking for her, and that he didn't think she'd come looking for him first. Lunark replies that she thought he might and asks if it's about his companion (M-21). Frankenstein realises that his suspicions were correct and that the werewolves are involved in M-21's disappearance. Lunark informs Frankenstein that she'll tell him where his companion is, in exchange, she has a condition she'd like to put fourth. Frankenstein grins saying she's got some nerve placing a condition on the information, and that he respectfully declines. He starts to release his dark aura and states, now he's certain it has something to do with her, he can beat the information out of her, without needing to accept her condition. Lunark smiles and replies it's not that simple, and even if things go the way he intends, there's no telling how long it'll take, and even if he did overpower her, she wouldn't tell him anything. She adds that his companion was alive the last time she saw him, but if he drags it out any longer, there's no telling what will happen. Frankenstein thinks that she's right and seals away his power reluctantly. Lunark enquires if he's ready to hear her condition. Frankenstein sulkily replies that he'll let her tell him. Lunark asks him to help her meet Lord Muzaka, adding that he could probably reach Muzaka and if he complies with her request, she'll tell him where his companion is, she ends by suggesting he doesn't pretend he can't help her. Frankenstein smiles and tells her, he'll help her right way. Lunark is taken aback as Muzaka and Raizel enter the scene, Muzaka reprimands Frankenstein for selling him out without hesitation. Frankenstein replies it was a good condition, since he doesn't have the information and that he has no intention of co-operating with them. Lunark reveals to her ex-Lord the current state of werewolves and how Garda has been held captive as an experiment. She persuades him to get revenge for Garda as well as help her in rescuing Kentas. After hearing Lunark's explanation,[14] Frankenstein realises that M-21 must have been caught by the other werewolves who were tailing Kentas. He asks for M-21's location and Lunark willingly informs him. Raizel declares that he is going there this very instant, much to Frankenstein's shock as they are not prepared and Raizel is in poor physical condition. Raizel emphasises that they don't have time since M-21 is in a very different place from before. Frankenstein reluctantly agrees and follows his master. Raizel, Frankenstein, Muzaka and Lunark set off towards the werewolves' territory.
Raizel, Frankenstein, Muzaka and Lunark are on their way to the werewolves' lair. Lunark leads the way followed by Frankenstein, Raizel and Muzaka.
The rescue team of Raizel, Frankenstein, Lunark and Muzaka are approaching the shores of the werewolves' land.
Lunark announces to the group that they're almost at the werewolves' territory and based on the energy that she's sensing, there are four werewolf warriors heading towards them. Frankenstein tells everyone to go on ahead, and he will deal with the warriors. Lunark is worried and Muzaka asks if Frankenstein will be okay, since there are four warriors, heading towards them. Frankenstein reiterates that they can't waste any more time, and that rather than worrying about him, they should allow him to go berserk, and that if he's going to deal with four warriors, he'll have to go on a rampage, adding that it won't matter much, since Muzaka came along for the same reasons, which embarrasses Muzaka slightly. Raizel releases the seal on Frankenstein's powers, and Frankenstein gives a sadistic grin, having been given permission to go wild, and starts to release his aura.
Dorant, Gorma, Krano and Braang are on their way to intercept Muzaka. The sense a dark energy heading their way and move to avoid it. Frankenstein emerges from the shadows, looking rather pleased with himself. Braang wonders who he is, while Krano mentions that he's certainly not Muzaka. Frankenstein releases his aura and states they all look busy, so he'll ask them one thing, where's his guy.
The group of werewolves presume that Frankenstein is a human, and ask if he's from the Union. Gorma wonders if the Union is openly infiltrating their land now, while Krano wonders how a human could make it to their territory. Braang groans after relaxing their guard to trap Muzaka and Lunark, it seems like anyone can enter their territory. Dorant states he can't believe they're wasting their time on this and asks Gorma to deal with the human, while he and the others go after Lunark and Muzaka. Gorma protests that he's being asked to face a human at a crucial moment, when they need to be focusing on Lunark and Muzaka. Dorant tells him that he can deal with the human quickly and catch up with them, adding he doesn't know why Gorma's protesting so much, since it won't take long for him to deal with the intruder. Gorma agrees. Frankenstein smirks they have some nerve talking like that in front of him and that he has no intention of letting any of them leave. With that Frankenstein unleashes his powers and the werewolves move to avoid the blasts. Krano wonders who he is, while Dorant is certain that the Union didn't have such agents at their disposal. The werewolves grow increasingly flustered by Frankenstein's attacks, prompting Frankenstein to belittle them asking why they're so flustered and if it's their first time dealing with someone like him. Krano catches a bolt of dark energy and crushes it. Dorant announces that he finally knows who he is and reveals him to be Frankenstein, the most powerful human, whose strength is comparable to the Noble Clan Leaders and the werewolf warriors.
Frankenstein stands face to face with 4 werewolves. Dorant says that he heard about him from Lunark, but didn't expect him to show up in their territory. He asks Frankenstein why he's on their land. Before Frankenstein can answer, Gorma steps forward, stating that if the human standing before them is indeed Frankenstein, then he wouldn't mind facing him for a moment. He goes on excitedly about Frankenstein's reputation, adding that he used to be the strongest among the humans, and that he may be strong when it comes to weak, pathetic humans, but that's all. Frankenstein asks him who he is, and he arrogantly introduces himself as “Gorma”. Frankenstein repeats his name is shock. Gorma grins and enquires if Frankenstein has heard of him. Frankenstein retorts that he's never heard his name before. Gorma is confused and asks why he reacted in shock when he introduced himself. Frankenstein says he doesn't have a reason and states that Gorma knows the name of a “pathetic” human like him, and that he must not be as impressive as he thinks seeing as he's never heard of him. Frankenstein turns to the other warriors and asks if there's anyone else who can face him, instead of this “unimpressive” guy. The warriors are left bemused and speechless by Frankenstein's words. Gorma gets angry and transforms. Frankenstein summons the Dark Spear telling Gorma that only a loser like him would get upset so quickly. Dorant notices that Frankenstein uses a unique energy, as he's heard. Frankenstein realises that he won't be able to control the Dark Spear, for very long, since he used up a lot of power in the recent fight and he hasn't had a chance to tame the spear. The battle begins and Frankenstein gets pushed back. Gorma attacks wildly while shouting that Frankenstein's power is only great among humans. Braang remarks dealing with Frankenstein was easy and that he's not like what Lunark made him out to be. Krano adds that he may be strong, but that only applies to humans and that Lunark must've been making up excuses because of her failure. Watching the battle continue Krano says that Gorma seems excited. Dorant tells them they don't need to see anymore and that they should go after Muzaka. Gorma turns around and tells them to wait for him, since he'll be done in a few seconds. Frankenstein senses an opportunity and while grinning, severs Gorma's arm, shocking the other werewolves. Frankenstein continues unleashing blow after blow and Gorma is pushed back in no time. Gorma wonders why he's feeling so much pain from the wound. Frankenstein mockingly questions if the other warriors haven't left yet and aren't they busy. Frankenstein unleashes his murderous aura and tells them they'd better get going if they're busy.
Krano is surprised by the sudden change of events and wonders what happened. Dorant tells them that Frankenstein was hiding his power from the beginning. Frankenstein explains that the best thing about facing nobles or werewolves is that they always underestimate him because he's human. They come at him slowly, not even thinking about using their full strength, like an adult facing a powerless child. He continues that he can understand their attitude, since the nobles were the only ones capable of facing them for a long time, and that the gap in power between them and the humans, was so great, it was beyond comparison, however, thanks to that tendency, he has no intention of losing to them one-on-one. Gorma groans in pain. Frankenstein mockingly announces that by the time his opponent's realise something is wrong, while fighting him, it's already too late and his enemies end up dead, and now he wonders how they're fairing in the underworld. Frankenstein turns to the werewolf warriors stating that he got sidetracked by all that talking, and asks them if they're okay just standing there, and that he thought they were busy. He adds they'd better get going if they're busy, since he won't be able to stop them all, and that as soon as he's finished off Gorma, he'll catch up to them. Gorma yells at him to shut up, stating he hasn't lost to him yet. Frankenstein quips that nobody said he had. Gorma gets angry, as Frankenstein starts to smile. Dorant stops Gorma before he can attack again. Gorma asks why he's stopping him. Dorant orders Krano to help Gorma and face Frankenstein together with him. Krano is shocked, whereas Gorma rejects the idea shouting he only lost his arm because he let his guard down. Frankenstein agrees with Gorma sarcastically commenting that if someone else had to get involved, what would become of Gorma's pride, and since they're companions, they should believe in one another. Gorma shouts for Frankenstein to shut up, and thinks that he can't believe he's having to endure such humiliation, just because he let his guard down for a second. Krano tells Dorant, he's not comfortable with the situation and asks why he and Gorma should face a single human together, and that he'll deal with Frankenstein alone. Gorma yells at Krano to shut his mouth and whether he's looking down on him. Frankenstein remarks to Gorma that it doesn't look like his companions trust him and he doesn't blame them, since he wouldn't trust him either looking at the state he's in. Gorma finally snaps and attacks Frankenstein telling him that he'll shut him up. Dorant tries to stop him, but Gorma doesn't listen and instead attacks Frankenstein saying he can finish him off on his own. Frankenstein blocks the attacks, and Gorma gets distracted due to the pain of his injury. Frankenstein uses this to his advantage by releasing an energy blast and pushing him back. Frankenstein realises that although he's more powerful, Dark Spear has become harder to control and that he needs to end this quickly. Just as Frankenstein is about to deal the finishing blow to Gorma, he's pushed back by an attack from Krano. Gorma is startled at Krano's interference, however, Krano tells Gorma that this isn't a time for either of them to be acting stubborn and that he'll face Frankenstein, while he stays back and regenerates his body. Gorma is angry. Frankenstein taunts them for interfering when their companion is at a disadvantage, against a human, that they look down on. He questions if they're embarrassed. Krano states he's not embarrassed since they're up against him. Frankenstein says he'll take that as a compliment. Krano transforms and says that now he knows how Frankenstein operates, he won't let his guard down like Gorma. The fight begins and Gorma is surprised to see the power Frankenstein was hiding. Gorma grimaces from the pain and wonders why his regeneration is slower than usual. Dorant is also shocked to see Frankenstein's power, and wonders what they should do, since if things continue to drag out like this, they'll lose Muzaka to the other crew. He believes that Krano will definitely be able to defeat Frankenstein, since he saw how Gorma was defeated and there's no way Krano will make the same mistake, he thinks to himself that something seems to be bothering him. Gorma watches the fight and thinks that one decent attack should be enough to finish off Frankenstein, and that he's going to finish him off with his own hands. Frankenstein is distracted with trying to avoid Krano's attacks, so Gorma thinks that now is the perfect opportunity and decides to attack. He comes up behind Frankenstein and launches a powerful attack. Frankenstein welcomes him back, as Gorma's attack misses and hits the ground. Frankenstein tells him that he's been waiting for him and stabs him with the Dark Spear. Frankenstein announces that as long as they're alive, they always recover and end up bothering him. Gorma realises that Frankenstein set everything up to lure him into attacking and tries to pull the Dark Spear out. Frankenstein looks over at the other warriors and mockingly asks if they're still here and aren't they busy.
Gorma is groaning in pain as the Dark Spear starts to consume him. Krano tells Gorma to remove the spear quickly. Gorma tries to remove the weapon but fails as the Dark Spear grows more savage. Gorma shouts to Krano that the weapon seems to be alive. Krano is shocked by this. Frankenstein snidely remarks that it's not so easy liberate yourself from the Dark Spear, since it's very obsessive, he adds that he's not sure if it'll be of any comfort but it says that she likes him. The Dark Spear begins devouring Gorma, as he shouts for help from Krano. Krano desperately tries to help him but the moment he touches the dark energy, it injures him. No one is able to save Gorma from the Dark Spear, and the werewolves are unable to do anything but watch in disbelief as the weapon absorbs Gorma. Krano is shocked as he realises Gorma has disappeared. Frankenstein quips that he told them Dark Spear really like their companion. Krano asks if the weapon absorbed Gorma. Frankenstein confirms this as Dorant asks Frankenstein about his weapon. Frankenstein sarcastically answers that the weapon is his lover, and adds she's out of her mind and very possessive. Krano gets angry and attacks Frankenstein. Frankenstein and Krano both sustain minor injuries. Frankenstein realises that the Dark Spear has gotten harder to control, and now it's absorbed even more power. Dorant joins the battle much to Krano's surprise. Dorant explains that with Gorma gone, they can't afford to drag this out any longer, and that they have to finish Frankenstein off as quickly as possible and catch Muzaka. Dorant adds that he doesn't like the situation either, but it's the only way to avoid the Lord's punishment. Frankenstein mocks them saying he knew they lacked honour, even though they pretended otherwise. At this point, Braang joins the fight. The three of them attack Frankenstein together. Dorant comments that Frankenstein is so strong, it makes him wonder if he's truly human. Frankenstein asks if that's why they're all ganging up on him. Krano says he wants to take his time and fight him properly, but the situation won't allow it. With the three of them attacking Frankenstein simultaneously, Frankenstein is overpowered. Krano tells them it's humiliating that they have to gang up against a human and they should end the fight quickly. Just as they prepare to deliver the final blow, Krano suffers several slashes while the Braang is hit by several arrows. Frankenstein smiles, and tells the newcomers they're late. Rael and Karias have arrived.[15] Karias replies that they came as soon as they got his message. Frankenstein grins saying he's glad they arrived. Rael and Karias are ready to face the enemy.

Rael and Karias come to Frankenstein's aid.

Dorant identifies the new invaders as clan leaders. Frankenstein sarcastically tells the Warriors that they should be glad, since now they don't need to feel bad about not being able to face him one on one. Dorant responds that he doesn't know how Frankenstein came to be working with the two new arrivals, but he seems to have gotten more confident due to their arrival and asks if he can trust the fallen Nobles? Without waiting for an answer, Dorant tells him, that he's going to make him realise how foolish that is and asks Braang and Krano to destroy them. The battle starts with Karias battling Braang, Rael fighting Krano and Frankenstein facing Dorant.

Frankenstein knocked out.

Frankenstein is continuing his battle with Dorant. Frankenstein wonders what he'll do, now that his companions have all been defeated. Dorant replies it doesn't matter, since it won't change the outcome of their battle. Frankenstein comments his confidence is remarkable and he can tell just by fighting him that he's different from his companions. Dorant gets agitated and states of course he's different. Dorant unleashes several blows against Frankenstein pushing him back. Dorant informs him that unlike the others, who became warriors after obtaining the new power, he earned his warrior status before obtaining the new power. He introduces himself to Frankenstein as Dorant, the one who's going to send him to hell.
Frankenstein is worn out, and barely able to dodge Dorant's attacks. Dorant announces it appears that Frankenstein has nothing more to show him and it's rather disappointing since he thought Frankenstein would make him use more of his power. He launches a powerful attack at Frankenstein, which Frankenstein is unable to dodge. Frankenstein lies in the dirt, at the bottom of a large crater, defeated and unconscious.
Karias and Rael don't know what to do, having used their most powerful attacks against Dorant to no avail, when a voice talks about how much he's been suffering these days. A river of black ooze, moves across the ground, everyone is left in shock, as Frankenstein states the Dark Spear messes with him, every chance it gets, and that stronger enemies just keep appearing. Frankenstein smiles sadistically.
Frankenstein's consciousness is trapped inside the Dark Spear, he thinks back to his fight with Dorant. As Dorant attacks him, the Dark Spear begins acting up, making it impossible for him to avoid Dorant's attack, leading to his defeat. Frankenstein is worn down and wonders if the Dark Spear waited until he couldn't react properly, before making it's move and swallowing him. Frankenstein thinks it'll be impossible for him to escape from the Dark Spear, since his body is a complete mess and he's so tired, that even standing requires too much energy. The voices inside the Dark Spear start cursing and venting their rage at Frankenstein, causing him great confusion. Frankenstein tries to reason with the voices, to no avail, as the Dark Spear begins to devour him. Frankenstein is struggling when he hears Raizel's voice. Frankenstein thinks he's imagining at first, but realises that it is indeed his Master's voice. Raizel asks if he can continue to rely on Frankenstein, that he went ahead to look for M-21 because he thought he could trust him, but he's in a dangerous situation right now. He asks Frankenstein if he can continue to trust him and go on ahead. Frankenstein comes to his senses and tells his Master that he can, and manages to escape from the Dark Spear realm, apologising to his Master for making him worry. Raizel states that he'll trust him as always and continues to look for M-21. Frankenstein insults Dorant for his monstrous regenerative ability. Karias and Rael are surprised to see Frankenstein recover and even more surprised to see him insult Dorant. Frankenstein asks the two of them to stay back. Dorant wonders if he's going to face him alone. Frankenstein tells him that he only lost because his lover had a change of heart for a moment, but the problem has been resolved. Dorant asks if he hurt his head in battle, since everything he's saying makes no sense. Frankenstein states he asked his lover to stay out of the fight this time, and launches an attack against him. Dorant narrowly avoids the attack and notices that his regenerative ability has been hindered by the Dark Spear. Karias and Rael are shocked to see Dorant's wounds not recovering. Dorant asks Frankenstein what his power is, and Frankenstein says he'll see soon enough. Dorant gets angry and replies that he'll make Frankenstein regret standing up again, Frankenstein smiles sadistically and charges at him. The two begin fighting again.
Dorant notices that Frankenstein is definitely different from before and wonders how a human can get this strong. He continues to battle Frankenstein as the latter blocks all his attacks and launches several powerful attacks at Dorant. Frankenstein starts to laugh at Dorant, who wonders if Frankenstein has gone insane. Dorant wonders how Frankenstein can fight like this, without being able to regenerate. Dorant wonders if he's not insane and whether he's planning on both of them dying together, since Frankenstein's energy is interfering with his regeneration. Frankenstein becomes more powerful and Dorant asks about his power, and the increasing instability of his attacks. Frankenstein taunts Dorant asking if he's afraid. Frankenstein deals a severe blow to Dorant, and Dorant realises that he let fear get the better of him in a fight against a human. Frankenstein is out of breath and thinks that if the Dark Spear hadn't absorbed Gradeus, this would've been a lot harder, even though the Dark Spear has become harder to control. Frankenstein provokes Dorant by sarcastically asking if it's that frightening for him to fight without his regenerative ability. Dorant tells him to shut up and unleashes more power. Frankenstein grins and says he'll end this now. The two clash, going all out. Frankenstein unleashes the power of the Blood Spear to finish off his opponent. Dorant wonders how a human can hold back in a fight against him, as Frankenstein bids him farewell. Frankenstein manages to defeat Dorant with the combined power of the Blood Spear and Dark Spear. Dorant lies on the ground, unconscious as Frankenstein gets ready to deal the finishing blow. Before Frankenstein can finish off Dorant, Muzaka arrives asking an exhausted Frankenstein to wait, as Frankenstein angrily grits his teeth.

Frankenstein relieving stress on Muzaka.

Muzaka looks behind him at an unconscious Dorant. Frankenstein asks him what he's doing, and whether he's planning on getting in their way again. Muzaka answers he is, and he's sorry to stand in Frankenstein's way again this time, but he's been watching Dorant for a long time, and doesn't want to see him die by his hands. Frankenstein replies he doesn't want to let him go. Muzaka says he understands and looking at their surroundings it looks like they had quite the battle, before adding he knew that Frankenstein was strong, but he never imagined that he'd beat Dorant, and it makes him want to fight Frankenstein even more now. Frankenstein replies they could do that now, if he likes, since he's going to kill Dorant either way. Muzaka and Frankenstein unleash their energies. Muzaka smiles and tells Frankenstein he would be happy to fight him if he were in his normal state, but he can't face him in his current condition, and that neither of them are in a position to fight one another. Frankenstein replies he isn't concerned about his body, but agrees that this isn't the right time for them to fight. Muzaka asks if Frankenstein could leave Dorant to him. Surprisingly Frankenstein agrees without hesitation. Muzaka thanks him, stating he didn't think he'd be so understanding, however, before he can finish his sentence Frankenstein asks him to brace himself. Muzaka barely has time to react as Frankenstein summons the Dark Spear and attacks Muzaka. Muzaka blocks the attack and is angry at Frankenstein, when Frankenstein puts the spear away. Muzaka looks at the small injury on his arm and is puzzled. Frankenstein breathes a sigh, stating he's finally starting to relieve some stress. Muzaka asks Frankenstein what he's doing. Frankenstein states he's gotten in their way twice, and no matter what he thinks, they were all enemies to them. Muzaka looks down at his wound and wonders why Frankenstein's power is getting in the way of his recovery, that the wound is getting deeper as though it's been poisoned and it's not getting any worse because of his powerful regeneration, but it would have been fatal. Muzaka comments their fighting style is different since they can ignore their opponents attacks because of their strong healing abilities and wonders if that's why Dorant lost to him. Frankenstein responds that it's even deadlier against those who've had physical enhancement like Dorant.
In a flashback, M-21 remembers learning from Frankenstein, that as Raizel uses his power, his life force decreases. M-21 asks what Frankenstein means, and Frankenstein explains everything they witnessed was the result of Raizel using his life force. M-21 enquires if his awakening was also... he is cut off as Frankenstein replies he is correct. During a second flashback, M-21 remembers Raizel asking Frankenstein if they were family. Raizel explains the kids at school told him about family, and although they're not blood relatives he understands what family means.
Karias, Rael and Frankenstein are taken aback, as the sudden energy gathered by Titan causes thunderstorms all over the island, and wonder what lies at its source. Frankenstein worries if his Master is involved.
As Ignes is about to kill Raizel, Frankenstein arrives and cuts her arm off.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Frankenstein does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

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  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel: Frankenstein treats his master with the uttermost respect, admiration and love and this is shown clearly throughout the series as his decisions will always depend on the will of his master. Raizel is one of the only 4 people Frankenstein treats with respect and formality and Frankenstein has always felt it necessary to do so, since their first encounter. After losing his consciousness and attacking Raizel when fighting Urokai, Frankenstein is unable to wash off the feeling of guilt and decides that he wants to stay next to Raizel for the rest of his life and forms a blood contract with him. Ever since then, he has been a faithful servant of Raizel and his master is very much dependent on his wisdom, especially now that he is in a new, modern world. Frankenstein is also very protective of his master; so great is this instinct that he won't hesitate to attack the Lord or Muzaka! Frankenstein was eager to find his master after his disappearance and set up Ye Ran High School to provide his master a normal life he always craved, once his master showed up again.
  • Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia: Frankenstein treats Raskreia with respect (she is one of the only 4 people to be treated in this way by Frankenstein) but since his master was not on good terms with her before his disappearance, it is assumed that Frankenstein was also not very fond of her. However, this does not change the way in which Frankenstein treats her and now that she has partially restored his master's life source, it seems like Frankenstein will respect her even more, perhaps with some admiration as well. But even with this respect for her, Frankenstein will not hesitate to attack her should she ever attempt to harm Raizel.
  • The Previous Lord:
  • Gejutel K. Landegre: Frankenstein almost always talks sarcastically with Gejutel. He even fooled him on their very first encounter. However, the two respect each other.
  • Ragar Kertia: Frankenstein considered Ragar Kertia as his only friend in Lukedonia. They held each other in profound reverence and learned a lot about their own powers while sparring with each other.
  • Rajak Kertia: Frankenstein acknowledges Rajak as his friend's worthy son. Despite being in opposition in their first encounter, Rajak shows proper respect during the battle and even more so after learning of his father's friendship with him. Frankenstein helps in training Rajak and appreciates his hard work. He mourns Rajak's death and avenges him by killing Gradeus.

  • M-21: At first, Frankenstein was very threatening and imposing to M-21 as he and M-24 attempted to harm the children. However, after Jake and Mari got involved, the duo formed an effective alliance which later developed into trust after M-21 joined the household. Frankenstein cares for M-21 and regularly checks his body condition and improves his abilities at every given opportunity, even if that means more work for him. Frankenstein is shown to be very compassionate when he grants M-21 plea and welcomes Tao and Takeo, and later M-24 (Mark), whom he agrees to heal as well. However, Frankenstein is still an imposing figure who likes to occasionally remind M-21 and the ex DA-5 agents who their superior is. Frankenstein shares the same view as his master and sees no objection to save M-21 many times. Frankenstein values M-21's aim and tries to help him by requesting all the information about the M-series as a part of the deal made with Dr. Crombel.
  • Tao: Frankenstein was impressed with Tao's sense, humour and ability when he first joined the household and told him that he is a type of person who would have a good social life. Due to this, Frankenstein entrusts Tao with pretty much everything other than matters directly related to his master and his trust has always been rewarded with efficient and outstanding work from Tao (other than the fact that he spends excessive amount of money on school refurbishment!). Frankenstein sees no objection to save Tao and the others from the enemies and has done so many times in the past, as well as regularly checking their body conditions and enhancing their abilities without demanding anything in return. But from time to time, Frankenstein likes to remind them who their superior is.
  • Takeo: Frankenstein found Takeo difficult to deal with during their first encounter, which Frankenstein describes as an experience he'd rather forget. However, this was only due to the fact that the seal on his power was not removed and their second encounter results in Frankenstein instantly defeating Takeo. Before finishing him off, Takeo begs Frankenstein to save the innocent children and this really impresses Frankenstein, who as a result lets him live in his house. Frankenstein trusts Takeo ever since then, due to his serious attitude to work and has also saved him on many occasions from powerful enemies. Despite their good relationship, Frankenstein will not hesitate to remind Takeo who his superior is.

  • Han Shinwoo: Frankenstein values Shinwoo greatly as a pupil of his school, Ye Ran High School. This is because not only does Shinwoo possess a natural talent in martial arts, which prompted Frankenstein to scout him despite the fact that Shinwoo is not so academic, but he is also a caring character who doesn't hesitate to risk his own life to protect his friends.

  • Muzaka: Frankenstein used to treat Muzaka with respect back when the werewolf Lord used to visit Raizel in Lukedonia. Frankenstein suspected Muzaka for Raizel's long hibernation. He is furious after learning that his suspicion is true, however, Raizel explains that Muzaka was lost to rage that time as he lost his child. Later, whenever Frankenstein confronts Muzaka, he pulls out some sort of prank on the ex-werewolf Lord. Both are eager to fight each other but situation has not permitted that as of yet.
  • Lunark: Although Lunark seems to be genuinely attracted to Frankenstein, not much is known about his feelings towards her - perhaps he thinks differently of her to other Union Elders and this is shown when they hold a 'friendly' conversation during their second encounter.

Powers & Abilities

Frankenstein is the most powerful human in the series, whose strength surpasses that of Noble Clan Leaders, Werewolf Warriors, and Union Elders. It was revealed early in the series that long ago, Raizel  had sealed most of his powers due to his misuse of them in the past. However, this seal appears to be more like a verbal command that Frankenstein obeys out of his respect and love for his master, as in one instance Frankenstein was able to unleash his full power even when Raizel hadn't given him permission to do so. Even with his powers sealed, he is still a formidable and powerful individual, making quick work of the earlier Modified Humans seen in the series like Jake and even forcing a DA-5 member to quickly resort to using a D pill in their battle. After 820 years, Raizel finally consented to remove the seal. He was known to the werewolves as the strongest human. Some of them were excited at the chance to fight him.

Whenever Frankenstein gets serious in fights by using his full power, Raizel shows a considerable amount of anxiety. After his first battle with Rael, Gejutel stated that he had not shown his true power or else Rael wouldn't have been alive at that point. This is proven to be true as he quickly defeats Rael in an instant when they met the second time. Gejutel infers that he is easily able to handle two of the current Clan Leaders at the same time. It has been said that he is stronger than the current Noble clan leaders. It has been stated that despite his immense powers, he is actually human and is in fact the only human acknowledged by The Previous Lord in terms of power.[16] During their sparring sessions, Ragar himself stated that Frankenstein held power that matched his. It remains unknown whether Frankenstein's full powers have been realised, as Muzaka refers to Frankenstein being as strong as a Clan Leader before his contract with Raizel.[17] Muzaka was also excited at the prospect of a fight with him. His powers increased significantly after the Dark Spear absorbed Gradeus, shown when he defeats Dorant, one of the strongest werewolf warriors and the only person Muzaka believed who could surpass him as the next lord. After the Dark Spear absorbs Ignes Kravei, he becomes even more powerful as stated by Raizel, and gained so much power that he had to intentionally find a battle just to release some of that power.[18] He was able to defeat the 1st Elder, leader of the Union and the self-proclaimed King of the Humans.[19]

Soul Weapon (Human-Made)

Franken with dark spear

Dark Spear.

Dark Spear: When his full powers are released, Frankenstein is able to use a weapon called the Dark Spear, which is very similar to a Soul Weapon, but emits a tremendous amount of dark aura. Frankenstein often summons the weapon by saying "Answer my call, Dark Spear". This causes the sky to rumble and black lightning flashes around him. Then, a dark vortex swirls around him and Dark Spear materialises in his hands. With his weapon, his powers increase dramatically, especially his dark aura manipulation. Dark Spear is on par with Noble-made Soul Weapons, allowing Frankenstein to battle against clan leaders and even 4 elders simultaneously.

Although tremendously powerful, this weapon has one major flaw, it tries to devour its own master. It starts with their arms and then covers their whole body. The reason for this is because the souls of humans and Central Order knights were used in order to make the Dark Spear. This is an imitation of the Clan Leaders' Soul Weapons, which are empowered by the souls of their predecessors. The presence of the souls of those who were experimented on causes it to burn with hatred for its master. As Frankenstein sustains injuries in battle, his ability to control the Dark Spear gradually decreases, which leads to his fighting style becoming more savage. When it almost fully consumes him, he becomes extremely powerful, neither feels emotional distress or physical pain from wounds, and eventually loses all direct control of himself. However, Frankenstein is shown to be able to regain control of his weapon if it "drinks" the blood of a powerful opponent to stake its demanding and incessant hunger for life energy. The Dark Spear is also able to absorb an opponent into itself, dissolving their body into aura and consuming the soul. This makes the Dark Spear much more powerful. This ability is automatically triggered upon the impalement of an enemy. During his battle with Dorant, a somewhat younger but very talented werewolf warrior, he seems to have gained full control of the Dark Spear.

Aura Manipulation

Frankenstein possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) equal to or greater than a Noble Clan Leader, and has shown to be very skilled at manipulating his aura while in battle. He can solidify his aura into dark matter like constructs, such as giant blades. His powers deal significant damage to any opponent. This is because the injuries inflicted by his dark aura cannot be healed via normal means. The dark aura has similar characteristics to a biotoxin, as its energy is able to kill organisms upon contact.[20] The effectiveness is increased as Frankenstein attains more power and when used on a modified being.

  • Dark Aura Projections: He can solidify his aura into dark matter spears to attack his opponents. These spears can be as large as a skyscraper, and strike with deadly accuracy, power, and speed. Frankenstein usually uses the spears in order to test his opponent's skill and reaction.
  • Dark Aura Beams: Frankenstein can shoot dark aura beams and create massive waves of energy. The blasts have the power to blow away city blocks or large areas of forest and cause tremors in the surrounding area.
  • Dark Aura Tentacles: Frankenstein uses these to overwhelm the enemy with its sheer numbers. These are strong enough to force both powerful opponents like Rajak, Ignes and Dorant to be on the defensive.

Physical Prowess

Frankenstein possesses high physical capabilities. His speed, strength and durability can be equated to that of a Noble. His physical abilities are easily a match for a Noble. He is shown to possess tremendous durability. He was able to take hits from Rael's Soul Weapon  Grandia, only receiving mild injuries that he laughed off. He is also able to withstand multiple hits from Rajak, during his fight with the Clan Leader. Both times he is shown to be unhampered by any severe injuries he received. On another occasion, he is shown to be able to block bullets using his bare hands (albeit coated in his powerful aura). He is also extremely fast and is shown to be able to keep up with Rajak, who is the leader of a Noble Clan that specialises in speed and is known to be incredibly fast. His speed is to the point where he could dodge bullets at point-blank range. He is shown to be able to keep with and in some cases surpass agents, Union Elders, Werewolf Warriors and Noble Clan Leaders.

Contract Abilities


Blood Spear.

Frankenstein can use the Blood Contract he has made with Raizel to summon more power. The power of their contract is summoned in the form of a Blood Spear. The power of contract is a double edged sword as Frankenstein's chaotic dark power conflicts with Raizel's power. He has to use his life force to use the power of contract as a result along with taking heavy internal damage. According to the 1st and 3rd Elder's, the Blood Spear has equivalent power to that of the Dark Spear.

Scientific Expertise

Frankenstein is well known for his immense intellect, and is possibly the most intelligent being in the entire series as he had been creating and inventing machines and doing experiments that had been centuries ahead of his time. He is shown to be an incredibly skilled and talented scientist, to the point that Takeo and Tao have admitted that he is more advanced in the field than possibly anyone within the Union with the likely exception of Dr. Crombel (although it is hinted Dr. Crombel is not exactly the genius he is made out to be, instead making use of Frankenstein's notes in order to gain knowledge). Over the course of his life, Frankenstein has gained an immense amount of information about the world, which ranges from knowledge of basic civilised society and the latest technology, to secrets of the Union and the Noble society. Frankenstein is also a good planner as the research he left that the Union appropriated contained a deliberate trap that nobody but Frankenstein is able to detect. He left them formulas that had a crippling weakness to his own Dark Aura making everyone modified with his specific research as a basis was rendered susceptible to him and his power. This effect is manifested as the victims regeneration being faulty and the Dark Aura poison spreading in them causing even more catastrophic internal damage. To this day everyone from humans to werewolves and nobles were modified with the information found in Frankenstein's notes and diaries. In his first battle with Mari, a malevolent modified agent from the Organisation, he observes and comments that wounds on her arm that he inflicted during their battle do not appear to regenerate as Mari had expected. He then realises that the humans have foolishly based all their modifications on his research alone, he then destroys Mari.


  • Mind Control: Frankenstein also possesses telepathic abilities such as Mind Control. He hasn't been shown using it in an actual fight, but he used it at the beginning of the series to erase the children's memories and replace it with another. He also used this method to avoid detection in the past by erasing the memories of Nobles that he had captured and experimented on.
  • Mind Control Resistance: Frankenstein has a high level of resistance to Mind Control, as shown when Regis attempts to control his mind, but fails mainly due to the erroneous thinking that Frankenstein was a regular human. It is likely Frankenstein would have resisted a Mind Control attempt even if Regis had known he was not normal, as Frankenstein is shown to have pretended to have submitted to Regis' Mind Control only to prevent any action that would reveal Frankenstein's power and thus, Raizel's presence. Another noteworthy instance is Yuri's 'ability' which involves the use of gas.[21] He also implanted this ability in M-21, Takeo and Tao.

Costume Change

Like his Master, Frankenstein has some control over his clothing albeit not to the extent Raizel has demonstrated.

Forging Skills

Frankenstein is skilled at forging powerful artefacts from the dark matter of the Dark Spear. He has crafted a ring and an earring for his Master, that would help seal his tremendous outflow of power.



  • Frankenstein is based on Victor Frankenstein a fictional character and the protagonist of Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. He is an eccentric scientist who, after studying chemical processes and the decay of living beings, gains an insight into the creation of life and gives life to his own creature (often referred to as Frankenstein's monster, or incorrectly referred to as simply Frankenstein). This can be compared to Frankenstein's research on physical modification, as well as, natural and supernatural phenomena, which the Union used to create the "monster" known as Dark Spear.
  • In a flashback, it is shown that Frankenstein was on good terms with the previous 3rd Elder and previous 5th Elder from the Union,[22] he is on good terms with the current 3rd Elder and 5th Elder, although they're no longer part of the Union.
  • Frankenstein's Dark Spear bears a strong resemblance to Ulquiorra Cifer's Lanza del Relampago from the Bleach anime and manga series. They are both double sided spears of spiritual energy that can cause enormous damage.



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