Frankenstein used to carry out experiments in earlier times, on humans and other beings. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge led him to uncover many secrets and accumulate vast sums of data. It was later revealed by Frankenstein that he used himself as test subject to acquire the data rather than using other humans.

The records of his work were kept in journals maintained by him. It is uncertain if he hid those or had simply left them before he left Lukedonia to look for his master.

Two of his research journals were eventually discovered hundreds of years later. The first discovery was made 540 years ago, by the Union while searching ruins. The research journal was a source of wonder and a milestone that led to rapid development in the technology of human modification. The Union searched for similar items but did not find any.

The second discovery of another research journal was made 130 years ago. It still remains a secret to all except its finder, Dr. Crombel. He chanced upon it while making a brief visit to an antique shop. It is yet unknown how it ended up in the shop. But this second journal is even more valuable than the previous one as it's contents are more systematically organized and it also contains more records. Crombel kept it for himself and it has been his key to early success in rising to a senior position within the Union. According to him, the owner of the journal is a genius to have been able to come up with such advanced ideas hundreds of years ago. Because of the records in the journal, it's clear that the owner had tested, revised, supplemented and consolidated theories that others have thought up only recently. It is, however, unfortunate that he has no leads as to the identity of the owner other than the letter "F" which is present in both journals and could possibly be the initial of the owner.
Initial F

Journal's page containing the author's initial

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