Frankenstein's house (Kor. 프랑켄슈타인의 집) is in South Korea. It is located in the same area as Ye Ran High School. The place is also a favorite haunt of the children.


The residence of Frankenstein is a house with an air of elegance being furnished with luxurious decor and handled with a scrupulous owner like Frankenstein.

Laboratory: There is also a high-tech laboratory underneath the house with means that even rival that of the Union's. It isn't a mere lab crammed with up-to-date apparatus nor is it a medical facility with the latest machinery. It is an exceptionally high tech lab where even human modification can be carried out.

Training Room: The presence of another underground room (revealed in Chapter 237) is specially prepared by Frankenstein to contain strong powers. It is used by the residents to train themselves when they can't afford to train at Frankenstein's island.

Hibernation Room: It is another underground secret room in Frankenstein's residence. When Rai enters a short sleep, he lies in his casket within this room. It can be reached by going down an elevator and walking across a narrow lobby. The entrance to the room is a metal door with 'X' pattern of paneling.

PC Room: Frankenstein used an empty room in the house to make a PC Room, equipped with the newest computers with 3D monitors and printers, so that Rai and the children don't have to use the local PC Room to game. It is also so that Rai can use the room to practice gaming and using his smartphone more frequently. 


With the progression of the manhwa, Frankenstein's household continues to grow. Occasionally, Gejutel visits the house (shown in Noblesse S). In the recent chapters, the Kertia brothers and Karias have joined the household in order to protect Rai and the school and all who are associated with it. The present household includes:

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