This battle takes place in Lukedonia when Frankenstein intervenes in Raskreia's battle against the traitor nobles.


Frankenstein arrives in Lukedonia with his master. On the way, they find out that Rajak was killed by the traitors and later find their mansion destroyed by the same miscreants. Raizel then orders Frankenstein to join the fight and permits him to unseal his powers. Frankenstein takes his leave to look for the intruders. He finds the traitors fighting the Lord of the Nobles and appears between them, surrounded by his dark aura.

Battle Summary

Round 1

Before the battle, a short conversation with the traitors ensues. Frankenstein breaks into his sadistic grin as he declares that he has come to get rid of the traitors. He also confirms Lagus' worry that his master has come to Lukedonia with him. Additionally, he asks which of them killed Rajak and destroyed his master's mansion. He doesn't wait for any response as he declares that they are all going to be annihilated anyway.

Frankenstein summons his Dark Spear, and Gradeus launches a frontal attack. However, Frankenstein knocks him off balance with ease. Gradeus goes for a second attack but this time too, Frankenstein knocks him off with his spear. Both Lagus and Edian watch Gradeus getting pushed back in a head-on attack, which is quite unusual for him. Frankenstein seizes the opportunity of trash-talking up Gradeus while covering their distance, provoking him to make a wrong move. They collide again and, this time, Gradeus is completely thrown off. Lagus tries to lend a hand but Gradeus refuses any help. Lagus decides to get rid of the others and tells Edian and the werewolves to get on the offense. They line up to face the Lukedonians, leaving Gradeus to deal with Frankenstein. Frankenstein chuckles at the new scheme and acknowledges that Lagus isn't easy to be fooled. He suddenly halts as his eyes fix on a spot behind them and he exclaims: M-MASTER!

All opponents quickly turn around to look but there is only empty vastness behind them. They find no presence of the Noblesse. Then they turn back only to realize that Frankenstein has used the moment of confusion to attack. Mount and Gradeus are impaled with the spears as Frankenstein bursts into laughter. He calls them insane for turning away during a battle. The enemies realize that Frankenstein has made fool out of them all.

Because of the distraction, Gradeus and Mount both take a hit, the former's arm impaled by a dark projectile. Frankenstein sends a wave of his energy which Gradeus easily dodges. However, while mocking the attack, he realizes that it is meant for his teammates behind him. Gradeus looks behind to check on them and Frankenstein seizes the opportunity to send another barrage of projectiles at him. As Gradeus dodges those and charges towards his opponent, the projectiles hit Mount again.

Gradeus and Frankenstein power up with more trash talk. Frankenstein easily provokes Gradeus, making him charge head-on again. This time, Frankenstein answers with a steady, frontal clash of weapons. The resulting impact drives back the spectators and Gradeus wonders about the tremendous power of his enemy. He realizes that he was wrong to think that Frankenstein won against Urokai only for the latter's foolishness. The impact of energy soon pushes off both fighters. As blood drips from Gradeus' wounds, Rozaria assumes the berserker, who gets stronger upon losing blood, will gain the upperhand. Her assumption is proven wrong with the next attack. Gradeus charges at Frankenstein again, this time, acknowledging his opponent's skill. Nevertheless, he ends up with dark wounds all over his body which, noticeably, do not heal. Gradeus makes a frontal charge again. Frankenstein finds the berserker's style of attacking quite to his liking. He stands his ground and impales Gradeus all over with dark aura tentacles. Gradeus miserably hits the dust again. He finally notices his wounds and realizes that the bruises are not healing and also that he is not getting stronger as he was supposed to. Frankenstein adds insult to the injury. He then notices the shrewd smile on Lagus' face and asks the elderly traitor if he has finally decided to join the fight. Gradeus retorts but Lagus affirms it.

Suddenly, Frankenstein's eyes fixate behind the traitors and once again, he exclaims: M-MASTER? This time, Gradeus laughs it off and Mount seconds him. Lagus also believes Frankenstein is pulling off the same trick again. Even when the Lord mutters the name and fixes her gaze in the same direction as Frankenstein, Lagus crackles in laughter while thinking that even the Lord of Nobles has followed the trickery of a human. As the traitors and werewolves stand facing Frankenstein and the Nobles, ridiculing them to their heart's content, none of them notice the menacing figure behind them. The Noblesse has indeed appeared.

The battle stops for a moment as the fighters watch Raizel battle Gradeus' fellow invaders. Frankenstein is enraged as the enemies are forcing his Master to use his powers and thus reducing his life force. Frankenstein allows the Dark Spear to consume him in order to gain power as he reckons that there is no time to waste in order to help his Master. He shouts at Gradeus to die as he attacks his opponent with powerful dark aura. He also follows through with another attack by approaching Gradeus who is shocked to find Frankenstein's power increasing. Gradeus is constantly being pushed back and he finds it unbelievable. He realizes that he is losing and while the fight continues, he gains more wounds on his body. After Gradeus gains a stab on the abdomen, Frankenstein provokes Gradeus. Frankenstein taunts him for being overpowered so easily and wonders aloud if this was the reason why Gradeus and others ganged up on Rajak. Gradeus tells him to shut up and tries to strike him with Messad. However, Frankenstein easily dodges this and successfully skewers Gradeus with his dark aura spears. Frankenstein knocks Gradeus down and asks him if he can't believe that he is getting his ass kicked by a human. Frankenstein tells him that he has vast battle experience but Gradeus find it unbelievable as he himself has vast battle experience. Frankenstein makes fun of him and asks how can a clan leader who had strong powers from the very beginning know what Frankenstein, a human, has experienced. Frankenstein launches dark tentacle-like attack as a payback for Rajak's death and the destroyed mansion. As Frankenstein is about to launch the finishing blow, Lagus intervenes and saves Gradeus.

Round 2

The battle resumes after Gradeus fuses with a replica of the Blood Stone. After the fusion, the berserker's entire skin turns into red and he is able to recover from the life-threatening injuries he suffered from Frankenstein. Gradeus now easily opposes Frankenstein who thinks that he can't allow himself to lose against Lagus' fake Blood Stone. Frankenstein realizes that he is close to his limit. He weighs his options: he could muster more power from the Dark Spear but could easily get devoured by it; or he could use the power he gained from his contract with Raizel. This power requires his own life force to be used up in addition to the fact that it will consume him too and as it conflicts with the Dark Spear, activating this power in the current situation will greatly damage his body in an instant. While pondering over this, Gradeus makes a frontal attack which Frankenstein blocks just on time. Gradeus tells the troubled fighter to focus on their fight. It is now Gradeus' turn to provoke his opponent as he confesses that he is the one who really killed Rajak. Frankenstein laughs and says that he is glad to know the real killer of his friend's son. He then summons the power of contract in the form of a Blood Spear. Frankenstein now holds a spear in each hand as he attacks Gradeus. The traitor realizes that the new power is the one from the contract with the Noblesse. Frankenstein easily overpowers Gradeus with his combined powers. He allows Dark Spear to consume Gradeus so that the traitor wouldn't have any peace even in his eternal sleep.


The Berserker becomes food for the Dark Spear while the resulting backlash of using his contract powers with Dark Spear drains Frankenstein. A worried and weakened Frankenstein looks towards the place where Raizel is battling Lagus.

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First Round

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