Rai and Frankenstein arrive in the werewolves' territory in search of M-21. Frankenstein interrupts the battle between Rai and Titan by attacking Ignes.


Ignes watches in exultation as Rai reaches his limit while battling Titan but decides to take her leave after an indiscriminate attack by Titan puts her in the range of attack. Suddenly, a flash of purple severs off her arm. Frankenstein declares that she is going nowhere.

Battle Summary

Ignes boasts that her arm should regenerate in no time and dismisses the injury. However, contrary to her expectations, the wound starts festering. Frankenstein reveals that he had manipulated his research data and mocks her for relying blindly on it. He lunges at her and swings Dark Spear, pushing her back. He follows it with another strike but she dodges this time.

Ignes is enraged by Frankenstein's arrogance so she draws out her soul weapon and counterattacks with it. A moment later, several dark matter tentacles shoot out and reach for Ignes. She maneuvers through them but loses track of Frankenstein. He appears behind her and remarks that she is lacking even though she has a soul weapon, something she had longed for. He notes that being maimed is evidently impairing her ability and strikes her. Ignes is flustered as she suffers a few cuts and starts whipping violently. Frankenstein wards off the attacks and moves in to land a powerful blow that sends Ignes crashing into the ground.

Frankenstein powers up to finish Ignes but a powerful energy beam from Titan stalls him. Ignes is pleasantly surprised to find Titan is still under her control and orders him to kill Frankenstein.


Rai paralyzes Titan and creates a blood field. Titan puts up a brave fight but is eventually destroyed. Raskreia, followed by Karias, Kei and Rael arrive at the battlefield. Ignes escapes the scene as Raskreia comforts an exhausted Rai. However, she is cornered by Frankenstein at a nearby clearing. She desperately attempts to entice him with the prospect of an alliance in vain. Frankenstein stabs the morally bankrupt and pathologically cruel Ignes with the Dark Spear. Almost as if it recognizes her deviance and the darkness of within her soul as justifiably worthy of its all consuming hunger, the weapon eagerly devours her.

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