Gaitan (Kor. 가이탄) was a male Werewolf warrior who appears with Grui in Chapter 339 to answer the summon of their Lord, Maduke.


Gaitan had a bulky, muscular built and dark toned skin. His short, silver hair is combed backwards with the hair shaved into a cross shape on the back of head. He wears a pair of gold earrings and has revealing, sharp teeth. He has a calm (but intimidating) demeanor compared to his more talkative partner, Grui.
Gaitan head back


While just as merciless and barbarous as Grui, Gaitan is less talkative and more careful of his actions than his partner. Nonetheless, he is still quite confident in his werewolf capabilities.

Plot Overview

Gaitan debuts with Grui as they are called by their Lord to assist Lunark and Kentas in a mission. He silently listens to the dispute between Grui and Kentas and only intervenes when the argument started to really heat up. He reminds of their objective and notions Lunark to explain the mission details. Their mission is to assassinate Muzaka who is believed to be in Korea. Gaitan leaves with Grui as neither of them wanted to work alongside Lunark or Kentas.

After reaching the location, Gaitan follows Grui as the latter kills KSA agents, finds Muzaka's trails (fake ones), uses EMP shockwave to create a blackout and finally chases a young noble to an island. Grui tells Gaitan to keep out of the fight and Gaitan watches from the sideline as Grui battles Rael. The joining of Regis and his summoning of a soul weapon boomerangs the battle result as Grui is gradually overcome. Gaitan realizes it is time for him to act and joins the fight to prevent Grui from taking further injury. Although Grui tries to convince him that he can win by himself, Gaitan decides to take over the fight and properly introduces himself to the enemy (Rael and Regis) as their opponent.


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On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

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Powers & Abilities

Gaitan was quite a powerful werewolf warrior compared to Grui.

In battle, he combined his monstrous strength, durability, seasoned battle instincts as well as excellent hand to hand abilities to confront the strongest opponents.


Gaitan's transformation

Gaitan's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Gaitan can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. After undergoing physical modification, his physical abilities are further enhanced.



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