Garda (Kor. 가르다) is a powerful female werewolf warrior.


Garda has long, rusty red hair and eyes. In the flashbacks, she was shown wearing a black and gold outfit and knee-high boots. She also wore a white mantle characteristic then to the werewolves. In her werewolf form, her hair turns silver and she grows fur on her upper body with long tufts near her wrists and knees. She also develops distinctive red marks on both sides of her face.


Garda was shown to be reticent and serious. She was unfailingly obedient to Muzaka and acted with utmost decorum in spite of his disdain for formalities. She used to seek him out during his frequent travels. Unlike her peers, she did not have a partner and cited serving Muzaka as her priority indicating that she might have had romantic feelings for him. Garda rejected the allegations that were raised against Muzaka after he was ousted and had fought till the end to protect her people.

Centuries of torture had taken a toll on her brain and resulted in severe cognitive distortion. When she reunites with Muzaka, she spites him for betraying her and fights him on Maduke's orders even while hearing the terrible things he did. She ignores Muzaka's pleas to get her to snap out of her conditioning. She cries after almost killing him but does not hesitate to continue the assault.


Garda was loyal and obedient to the previous werewolf Lord, Muzaka. After his disappearance, she dissented against Maduke. She was branded a traitor and subjected to excruciating experiments for centuries. She was later turned into a weapon to kill Muzaka.

Plot Overview

Volume 7

Garda debuts in a flashback from the time Muzaka was the Lord of the werewolves. She greets him as soon as he enters their territory after one his travels, implying that she had been waiting for him since and reluctantly informs him about the conflicts with the royalties. The conversation shifts to the existence of the Noblesse, and Muzaka decides to meet him on a whim, startling Garda.
Garda kneeling

Garda greets Muzaka.

In the next meeting at the werwolf lair, Muzaka is told that the nobles have interfered in their affairs with the humans repeatedly. He undertakes to take up the matter with the noble Lord in person when Maduke hints waging a war against the nobles. Garda stays back after he dismisses the rest and inquires for his motives. She surprised to learn that he had befriended the Noblesse recently and intends to meet him again.

Muzaka returns from Lukedonia after learning that the nobles interfered because their clan had oppressed humans. Garda explains that she did not know for certain since they kept her in the dark. She requests him not to raise the matter since the other members of the clan were at a consensus. Maduke and his followers arrive at the lair and a heated confrontation takes place. Garda pleads before Muzaka to calm down but he silences her. He withdraws after Maduke reveals that the humans had sought their help and reaffirms Garda's contention that it was their collective will. Garda follows him as he walks away while the others grin with satisfaction and is pained to see her Lord dejected. She tells him not to turn his back to them for the sake of the humans. Muzaka asks to be left alone and seeks solace in Rai's company.

Volume 8

Kentas and Lunark are shocked to find Garda in an experiment pod at the labs run by their clan since it was believed that she was executed on grounds of treason.

Kentas and Lunark find Garda.

Garda is asleep inside an experiment pod. Muzaka rescues her, after finding out from Kentas that she had been kept alive and subjected to brutal, torturous experiments for centuries after his disappearance. She refused to accept Muzaka had betrayed their clan and in the end, it took both Maduke and Zaiga to subdue her.
Muzaka frees Garda from captivity but is in for a rude shock when she attacks him. She blames him for her misfortune and fights him on Maduke's orders. Muzaka is hesitant to retaliate and allows her to deal a fatal attack. Sometime later he awakens in a frenzied state and starts fighting back. Rai and Frankenstein arrive at the battle ground and recognize Garda. The former prevents Muzaka from killing his only follower and brings Muzaka back to his senses. Muzaka is guilt-ridden about brutalizing Garda. Frankenstein impales her with numerous dark aura spikes to stall her regeneration. This allows Muzaka to face Maduke.


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Powers & Abilities

Garda is a very powerful warrior of her kind. Even Maduke, the current werewolf lord, states that neither himself nor Muzaka could take Garda lightly. It took the combined efforts of Maduke and Zaiga to capture her when she refused to accept Muzaka as a traitor of their kind.



Garda's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Garda can transform her body into a more wolf-like form. Having been put through countless experiments for centuries, Ignes gave Garda a special ability that allows her to stop Muzaka's regeneration with her attacks.

Physical Prowess

Garda possesses incredible physical strength, using one arm to impale Muzaka's body with ease and sends him flying with a single kick. She is also extremely fast, able to blitz Muzaka with a barrage of slashes and kick him with a powerful kick, all before he could react.

  • Regeneration: Garda has a very powerful regeneration power, able to survive countless experiments for centuries. According to Ignes Kravei, Garda was exceptional compared to the other experiment subjects and withstood extensive procedures. While observing her battle with Muzaka, Takeo states that she has monstrous regeneration.[1]

Aura Manipulation

As a warrior, Garda possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) that is equal to clan leaders. She is very skilled at manipulating her own aura, shown when she fires a powerful beam at Muzaka.



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