Gayare (Kor. 가야르) was a werewolf warrior who served under Maduke.


Gayare was a stern-looking werewolf with black hair and an imposing frame. His eyes were entirely white, devoid of irises. He had a thin moustache and a strip of beard. Gayare wore a white turtleneck tunic, fitting trousers and high boots. He fastened his bandanna with grey clips.


Gayare prided himself for being a warrior and had unwavering faith in Maduke, even though the latter used his own race members as experiment specimens. Ironically, Gayare detested humans for being greedy and destructive. He looked down to M-21 during their battle and paid for his complacency. He seems to harbour resentment towards Kentas when he managed to get stronger without modification while he had to resort to being modified as his potential had reached its limit.


Plot Overview

Gayare accompanies Juraki to South Korea secretly following Kentas. They observe that Kentas has been wandering around aimlessly with a modified human. After a few days of observation, Juraki decides to take action and Gayare follows him.
Juraki and Gayare appear in front of Kentas and M-21. Gayare is ordered to finish off the modified human. Kentas tries to stop them, however, he is unable to. Gayare begins his battle with M-21.
Gayare attacks M-21 and quickly becomes flustered as M-21 gradually reveals his powers. Angry that M-21 was hiding his abilities, Gayare transforms into combat mode, in order to get rid of M-21 once and for all. He launches a powerful attack against M-21, who blocks the attack by transforming himself. Gayare caught off by M-21's transformation is overpowered. M-21 tries to flee, but is unable to due to the intervention of Urne and Mirai. Gayare starts to take the battle more seriously and vows to kill M-21.
Gayare angry that M-21 managed to get the better of him, even for a short while, doesn't hold back, and quickly manages to overpower him. Urne and Mirai assist by creating a barrier so that humans in the vicinity do not get involved. Gayare is about to finish off M-21 when Juraki spares his life and decides to take the modified human captive with them out of curiosity.

Gayare leads Kentas away

Gayare is present when Maduke summons all the warriors together and declares Kentas a traitor to him and their entire clan. Realising that Maduke knows everything, and there's no way for him to talk himself out of it, Kentas feigns anger and accuses Lunark of spying on him to ensure that no one suspects her of being an accomplice. He partially transforms and moves to attack Lunark, but is stopped by Gayare, who punches him in the stomach. Kentas falls to his knees coughing up blood. Maduke asks Gayare to take the traitor away. Gayare does as ordered and drags Kentas away.
Kentas and M-21 are handed over to Ignes Kravei as experiment specimens. Gayare and Juraki visit Kentas shortly thereafter and justify the physical modification experimentation carried out by their clan. Gayare criticises Kentas for his alleged betrayal. He finds it hypocritical that Kentas always claimed to uphold his pride as a warrior but refused to accept the new power. M-21 wakes up and mocks them by drawing parallels between them and the humans they so despise. Gayare loses his temper and starts hitting M-21 until Ignes Kravei arrives and tells him to back off. He is indignant at being ordered by a Noble but withdraws when she reveals that Maduke has sent for him and Juraki.
The werewolves are gathered in the throne room. Dorant reports to Maduke that Lunark has disappeared, just as he expected. Gayare states that it looks as though Lunark is a traitor too. Dorant offers to bring her back, however, Gayare says that he'll go this time as well. Maduke informs them there's no need for anyone to bring her back, and that she'll return on her own. Gayare is surprised and comments that he thinks she's run away. Maduke interrupts him and repeats that she'll return and she'll bring Muzaka with her. He tells the warriors they tried to find Muzaka, but were unable to, so they'll make him come to them. He dismisses the werewolves and orders them to prepare for Muzaka's arrival.
Ignes asks Gayare to bring her more werewolves for experiments. When Gayare becomes irritated at her request, she explains that the other warriors are doing the same and that their Lord has approved everything. They return to the lab where Kentas and M-21 were held captive, only to find both of them missing. Gayare asks her if they were moved to a new location but she answers that there weren't any plans to do so and that she was going to experiment on them in the current lab for a while. Gayare chastises her for being careless, but Ignes assures him that both M-21 and Kentas are physically exhausted due to the experiments so they couldn't have gone very far. Gayare tells her that she'll be held accountable and rushes off in search of Kentas and M-21.
Gayare interferes in Uzhir's battle with Kentas and instead seeks permission from Uzhir to fight Kentas, expressing his desire to fight and settle their differences once and for all. Uzhir reluctantly concedes and allows Gayare to fight Kentas.
Kentas battles Gayare, but is at a disadvantage, due to Ignes' experiments. Gayare manages to gain the upper hand and while questioning Kentas about his reasons for destroying the lab, he informs him that the Lord has ordered them to gather the weak members of their species for experimentation. At this an enraged Kentas, attacks Gayare and manages to push him back, much to the surprise of the other werewolves watching.
Kentas and Gayare continue their fight as Gotaru, Uzhir and the other warriors watch. Uzhir is impressed by Kentas' resilience, the other warriors are unimpressed, however, Uzhir remarks that he'd like to see Kentas' power, when he's in his normal state. Gayare recalls speaking to Kentas in the past. Kentas didn't want to accept modification as he believed that it wasn't honourable. When Gayare asks if the Warriors who accepted modification have dishonoured the clan, Kentas says that he respects the wishes of the warriors but he won't follow suit. Gayare resents Kentas due to Kentas' endless potential, whereas Gayare had reached his limit and accepted modification to break through his limitations. Kentas, on the other hand, kept overcoming his own limitations and kept getting stronger even without physical modification, something Gayare was unable to accomplish. Kentas sincerely believed that everyone could overcome their limitations like him, given enough time, unaware of how much Gayare had been suffering for not being able to do so, thus unintentionally wounding Gayare's self-esteem. Back in the present, Gayare defeats Kentas by using the powers he gained from the experiments, while continually mocking Kentas. Kentas who was in no condition to fight, to begin with, collapses. Ignes arrives at the scene with a badly injured M-21. M-21 tries to wake Kentas up, by reminding him of his duties and the promise he made to the clan members who lost their lives due to the greed of their clan but is quickly brutalised into silence by Ignes. Kentas staggers forth to attack her with an energy beam, which she blocks. Much to the shock of the werewolves and Ignes, Kentas is back on his feet.
Ignes rambles on her hypothesis, irritating Gayare which leads to a brief altercation between the them. However, Uzhir convinces the noble to leave so that they can settle their affairs as warriors. Kentas protests in vain, as she takes M-21 with her. Gayare is amused by Kentas' concern for a human and expresses his disappointment. Kentas retorts that he is not in a position to look down to humans. He notes that M-21 had the compassion to grieve for a different species and goes on to clarify that Gayare and the rest of the warriors are no longer part of the clan. Gayare is infuriated by the allegation and disregards his Lord's orders to bring back Kentas alive so that he can serve as an experimental subject and summons the full extent of the powers he gained through physical modification to finish him off, then and there. Kentas is disgusted at the sight of the power that he and others gained at the cost of those he was sworn to protect and resolves that no matter what happens, he cannot lose to it. Gayare assumes that it is a temporary struggle but is proven wrong as Kentas continues to retaliate, matching him blow for blow.
Gayare continues his battle with Kentas. Gayare is unnerved at how Kentas can not only withstand his attacks but also continue to unleash powerful blows, in his worn out state, yet he is unable to defeat Kentas, even after accepting the new power. As the fight wears on, Gayare gets more and more frustrated. Kentas states that he always thought that it was a difference of opinion. Kentas believed that those who accepted the new power through physical modification, did so for the well being of their clan, and he respected that, until he witnessed the dead bodies of werewolves in the lab and listened to his pursuers who view the fallen werewolves as nothing more than dispensable tools for their own selfish benefits. Kentas declares that they are no longer warriors, and their choices go far beyond a mere difference of opinion. At this Gayare slashes at Kentas and manages to stab him through the stomach with his hand. Uzhir believes the fight to be over, however Kentas grabs Gayare's arm, gathers as much strength as he can muster and telling Gayare to ask for forgiveness from those who died for his selfish desires in the afterlife, unleashes his most powerful attack. Gayare loses his right arm, along with a significant portion of his chest, as well as his left hand. Gayare falls the the ground in shock at his defeat, and dies.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Gayare does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Gayare does not feature in Noblesse S.

Gayare does not feature in the Beginning Of Destruction OVA.

Gayare does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

Summary coming soon.


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  • On the process of writing the summary

  • On the process of writing the summary

  • On the process of writing the summary

Powers & Abilities

Gayare was a powerful warrior of his kind. He accepted physical modifications after feeling that he couldn't get any stronger with his own strength. He easily defeats M-21, and was capable of overwhelming Kentas in their battle (though Kentas was weakened due to being experimented on by Ignes Kravei).



Gayare's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Gayare can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. After undergoing physical modification, his physical abilities are further enhanced. He also seems to have acquired exhaust-like protrusions on his torso and arms.

Physical Prowess

Gayare possesses incredible physical strength, speed, durability, and regeneration abilities. His physical abilities increase dramatically after receiving physical enhancements.

Aura Manipulation

As a warrior, Gayare possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) that is equal to clan leaders. He is very skilled at manipulating his own aura, shown when he fires at very powerful beam of his aura at M-21.




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