1st Elder has invaded the werewolves' territory and slaughtered many werewolves, as revenge for their cruelty towards humanity in the past. The warrior have lost contact with their security teams, so they split up to investigate.


1st Elder, 3rd Elder and The Royal Guard have all invaded the werewolves territory. They have taken out the security systems and killed several werewolves. Gotaru, Juraki, Dorant, Bashum and Mirai decide to deal with the matter themselves, as neither Kentas or Lunark are currently available to help. They split up to look for survivors and to deal with the threat, as there is nothing else they can do. 3rd Elder is keeping an eye on their movements using his powers. 1st Elder orders his guards to eliminate the werewolf warriors. The guards head off.

Battle Summary

Gotaru finds himself facing Geo and Haydn. Gotaru is badly wounded, Haydn remarks if that was all he had, he wouldn't have gotten involved. This angers Gotaru and he transforms into combat mode. Geo attacks him, whilst Haydn watches. Geo makes light work of him. Gotaru, badly beaten, is lying on the ground, coughing and spluttering, while Geo stomps on him, causing him to cough up blood. She picks him up like a rag doll, and Haydn further quips, that nothing changes even when he's in combat mode and orders Geo to kill him. Geo draws a blade of energy from her wrist and stabs Gotaru, killing him.


Gotaru is defeated.

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