Gradeus (Kor. 그라데우스) is a Noble and a previous Clan Leader of Lukedonia. He is one of the six Noble Clan Leaders who declined to enter the Eternal Sleep with the previous Lord, and then betrayed the current Lord about 500 years before the start of the series. He joins the surprise attack to Lukedonia.

When he betrayed Lukedonia and deserted his clan, he discarded his clan surname as well: hence he is called only as Gradeus. He has no children.


Gradeus has short white hair that he wears in a bob cut and the characteristic crimson eyes of a Noble. He has a blond streak on the right side of his fringe. As a Clan leader, he used to be dressed in black attires like the other clan leaders. At present, he wears a white vest and a pair of white trousers along with white wristbands.


He is spiteful and savage; which is typically far from characteristics expected from a Noble clan leader. Even werewolves are aware of his moniker "The Berserker". He seems to revel engaging in battles. His bloodlust is rather evident as he's eager to get into a fight, doesn't hesitate to eliminate the opponent and ravage the defeated even after death(ravaging and violating the dead are usually employed for terror tactics, which might not necessarily be used for amusement. Gradeus, however, seems to genuinely enjoy the barbaric deed). Although easily enraged, he can manage to sit out a battle when convinced. Gradeus is self-confident, almost arrogant to an extent, as he belittles the abilities of opponents and even his comrades.

He also seems to possess such a distorted view of nobles' code of honor as nothing more than self-complacent hypocrisy, as he harbors a deep grudge against Ragar and certain Nobles for acting loyal and having a strong sense of morality. Despite this view, he is shown to have once been a close and loyal follower of Raizel, who is an embodiment of the noblesse oblige, as with the other Traitor Clan Leaders. Their relationship was evidently and surprisingly quite amicable.

However, the last straw for him was the previous Lord's decision that the clan leaders should enter Eternal Sleep so the new generation can take over. Although the previous Lord did not make this mandatory, the decision itself was enough to push Gradeus over the edge and is likely the main cause behind his betrayal.


Gradeus is a traitor who was conspiring with humans and the other traitor clan leaders for their own specific goals. He was involved in the conspiracy which resulted in the 820 years long slumber of Rai. At one point in time, Gradeus must have had interaction with humans where he was considered as a God of War.

Plot Overview

Volume 7

Taking advantage of the fact that many clan leaders and the Noblesse are absent from Lukedonia, Gradeus along with other remaining traitor clan leaders joins force with Werewolves to invade Lukedonia. On their way to Lukedonia Gradeus and others meet Rajak and attack him.
Gradeus decides to fight Rajak himself but the werewolves disagree as they want to test current family leaders strength. Gradeus grudgingly allows werewolves their wish due to the persuasion by Lagus Tradio. Seeing Rajak overpowering his opponent and afraid that he might run away and alert Lukedonia about the surprise attack , Gradeus asks Lagus to intervene. With the help of Lagus's ability and Mount joining the battle Rajak is finally overpowered. When Lagus makes an insulting remark on Raskreia, Rajak attacks Lagus but the attack is blocked by Gradeus who has summoned his soul weapon. Rajak puts an injury on his face which greatly angers him and in his fury he chops Rajak's arm.
Heavily injured Rajak continues his fight with Werewolves and Gradeus, and is able to kill one of his opponent even in his injured state. The young hero is pierced in his heart by Gradeus from a back attack. Gradeus remember Ragya (Rajak's father) and remarks how he hate all the nobles who act noble and caring especially the Kertia family. Rajak continues to attack Gradeus even in his current state which annoys Gradeus more. Gradeus is about to cut him into two but is stopped by Edian as Rajak has slowly started entering into his eternal sleep. Gradeus takes his leave and comments that they have wasted too much time.
After reaching Lukedonia the invaders decide to split in order to draw out the clan leaders and agrees on meeting at Lord's castle. Gradeus mercilessly kills many central knights in order to draw out clan leaders. His wish is fulfilled as Ludis Mergas arrives to investigate the disappearance of his knights. Gradeus makes a surprise attack on his prey, however, is surprised himself as Ludis blocks the attack successfully. They engage in a fight and Gradeus finds the defensive power of his opponent quite strong. He acknowledges that the clan leaders of Lukedonia are not as weak as rumored. He provokes Ludis by mentioning the fate of Rajak and secures an opening. Gradeus underestimates Ludis when he throws away his shield and aims for a frontal attack. But he soon finds that the shield was intended to create a forcefield, in which he becomes caged. Ludis announces Gradeus' arrest. However, Gradeus discloses that he has been toying around all this while and reveals the true form of his soul weapon. With the enhancement of power, his facial features turn grotesque and he enters the 'berserk mode'. He shatters the cage and resumes his attacks on Ludis. However, his defense is low and his opponent inflicts severe wounds on him, making him bleed profusely. But much to Ludis' shock, Gradeus' aura keeps growing stronger. Gradeus then explains to the young noble about his unique power: the more he gets hurt and bleeds, the stronger his power becomes. Gradeus in his berserk form continues to overpower Ludis. The traitor proudly announces that Kei and Ludis will both die. Ludis suddenly realizes the gravity of the situation. If only Rozaria and the Lord are left then Lukedonia is in danger. Gradeus senses the changed in Ludis' attitude, commenting that he regained his fighting spirit. Ludis resolves that he must finish Gradeus with whatever means necessary. He suddenly attacks up-front but his opponent easily avoids it. Instead, Ludis earns a blow to the stomach, making him skid back. In an instant, Gradeus kicks Ludis on the face which throws him back some more. Gradeus then states that he's sending Ludis to where Rajak is now (meaning he's sending him to eternal sleep). Suddenly, there is a bright flash of light and Gradeus looks up to see shining crosses above him. He comments that a useless skill will do nothing against him but Ludis tells him that he put everything he has into this last attack. Ludis stabs the ground with his dagger and the crosses fall to the ground while compressing around Gradeus. Ludis announces that he's going to give up his life and take Gradeus with him but the latter states that he can just break the new barrier. The traitor then attacks this new barrier but nothing happens which confuses Gradeus. Ludis explains that there is no use attacking since this is his last skill, one which consumes his life as cost for using it, effectively sealing him and his opponent's souls for eternity. Gradeus is thrown into panic, continuously attacking the barrier to no effect. Suddenly, red root-like aura appear from the ground and pierce Ludis' body. The clan leader loses consciousness as Lagus Tradio arrives with his daughter and Gejutel who he brings using the root-like aura which also pierces the old Landegre's body. Amused, Lagus tells Gradeus that latter almost got played by the kid.
Gradeus pulls Ludis up by the hair and smashes him face-first to the ground. He proceeds to beat Ludis, enraged because the kid (who he belittled) made him feel fear. He continues beating him up, intending to finish the Mergas Clan leader. Gejutel shouts for the traitor to stop and tries to approach them but Lagus restricts by piercing one of his legs, effectively stopping Gejutel in his tracks. Lagus turns to Gradeus and hurries the latter so they can proceed with other things. Gradeus agrees to end his beating when he notices Gejutel. He asks the how he is alive since he thought the old Landegre entered eternal sleep when he heard the news that Regis had used Legasus. He then cuts off any chance for the old man to answer, saying that it doesn't matter if Gejutel is alive or not. He raises his soul weapon, intending to finish Ludis, when sharp icicle-like things appear and move toward him. Gradeus jumps to dodge the sudden attack and lands while demanding to know who is responsible for the attack. Another set of the crystal-like objects are thrown at him from all sides, surrounding him in a circle. The impact causes an explosion and Lagus correctly deduces that the attack comes from Rozaria. Rozaria shows herself with her own soul weapon already summoned. Rozaria demands to know what the traitors' reasons are for returning to Lukedonia when they were the ones who left while saying that they hated it. She notes Gejutel and Ludis' conditions when Gradeus approaches her for an attack. She jumps up to dodge and notes that he really runs in blindly just like what she heard. Rozaria sends red beams of aura to the ground where Gradeus remains standing but he suddenly reappears behind her, swinging Messad towards the back of her head. Instantly, Rozaria disappears and reappears on the ground, aiming her next attack towards Gradeus. Gradeus avoids the red beams while approaching Rozaria. Another explosion occurs when one of the beams hit Gradeus but the said traitor reappears from the smoke, looking stronger. Rozaria is surprised by her opponent's increase in speed. Gradeus is in frenzy and sends attacks after her one after another but her teleportation skill allows her to dodge all attacks. Suddenly, Rozaria hears Gejutel's voice in her head telling her to run and bring Ludis with her so he can be saved. She inquires what will become of Gejutel. Gejutel reminds her that even with her skill, she cannot save both Ludis and himself. He mentions that he is one noble who should have gone to eternal sleep long ago so he opts for her to save Ludis and tells her not to worry about him. The battle between Rozaria and Gradeus continues on. Tired Gradeus is having a hard time to deal with Rozaria's swift short-range teleportations. He then aims for Ludis who lays on nearby ground, wounded and unconscious. Gejutel creates a diversion for Rozaria to take Ludis and teleport from the incoming blow. Gradeus is infuriated at Gejutel and releases his wrath on him. Despite his own suffering, Gejutel tells Rozaria to flee with the injured Ludis. However, seeing Rozaria delay, Lagus realizes that she is worried about Gejutel and unwilling to leave him there. Gejutel then addresses Rozaria by her full noble name and urges her to leave because her duty is not to protect him but their Lord. Rozaria finally decides to take Ludis and flee and as soon as Lagus realizes it, he tells Gradeus to finish them off. But her teleportation enables them to dodge the attack. Although upset that Rozaria fled, Lagus predicts that she would not get far.
Edian's arrival deters the flight of Rozaria and Ludis. Soon, the traitor nobles arrive as well to trap the fugitives. Gradeus slides past Edian, complimenting her for having finally proved useful. Ludis wakes up and buys times for Rozaria to flee. Rozaria uses this opportunity, not to run away but to aim her most powerful attack at the enemies. She hovers over them all and summons her Divine Judgment. As the colossal eye awakens, Lagus realizes what it is and advises Gradeus to stay clear of it. The Eye shoots a vast, blood-red beam of aura and the entire vicinity rumbles. Gradeus lies just beside the crater, scowling in agony with major portion of his body being destroyed in the attack. Lagus uses his new abilities to regenerate the missing parts of Gradeus. He gets on his feet after the regeneration completes and prepares to unleash his wrath on Rozaria. He picks up his soul weapon and charges towards his opponent. Rozaria, on the other hand, is worn out from using her ultimate attack and can only aim aura beams which are no match for the angry berserker. Gradeus closes the distance and lands a smashing blow at her but she evades successfully by teleporting. Gradeus swings another blow at her, this time, Lagus uses his vines to entwine her legs making her unable to evade. The attack hits Rozaria with a blast. The impact clears and she stands wounded. Gradeus regrets that he is unable to gather all his strength despite his wound being completely healed, otherwise, his attack would have finished off Rozaria.
Soon Raskreia arrives on the scene. Gradeus jests that he is surprised to see her as he thought she would be cooped up in her castle, not knowing anything that's happening outside. The traitors start their battle with the noble Lord who is clearly at disadvantage as she has to fight three former clan leaders and simultaneously protect her three injured followers. Raskreia is exhausted but thankfully Frankenstein arrives at the last moment.
Frankenstein tells Gradeus and co. that he wanted to meet them. Gradeus opens his mouth to confront Frankenstein. He finds it ridiculous that someone who has been hiding all along could be saying that he waited to meet them. He checks with Frankenstein whether he has finally come to die after living such a long life for a human. Frankenstein breaks into his sadistic grin to declare the exact opposite: he has come to get rid of them all. Gradeus continues to insult him. However, Lagus thinks over the situation seriously. He asks Frankenstein to confirm his suspicion but the latter affirms his fear before he could even finish the question. Frankenstein states that his master has arrived as well. At the sheer mention of the Noblesse, shock and shiver spread through both parties.
Lagus considers their odds if the Noblesse arrives to join forces with Frankenstein and the Lord to fight them. He decides to finish off their mission as fast as possible before the Noblesse gets here and urges Gradeus. Frankenstein interrupts their battle strategy to ask which of them killed Rajak and destroyed his master's mansion. He doesn't wait for any response as he declares that they are all going to be annihilated anyway.
Frankenstein then summons his dark spear; its presence sending shivers down the spine of his enemies. Drakun realizes that this is Frankenstein who was known as the strongest human as well as the one by Noblesse's side. Lagus wonders how the human has gotten even stronger than before. Gradeus, on the other hand, prefers acting rather than thinking and launches a frontal attack. Frankenstein knocks him off balance with ease. Gradeus goes for a second one but this time too, Frankenstein knocks him off with his spear. Both Lagus and Edian watch Gradeus get pushed back in a head-on attack which is quite unusual for him. Even Gradeus himself mutters it in disbelief. Frankenstein seizes the opportunity for trash-talking up Gradeus while covering their distance, provoking him to make a wrong move. They collide again, this time, Gradeus is completely thrown off. Lagus intends to lend a hand but Gradeus refuses any help. So, Lagus decides to get rid of the others and tells Edian and the werewolves to get on the offense. They line up to face the Lukedonians, leaving Gradeus to deal with Frankenstein. Frankenstein chuckles at the new regime and acknowledges that Lagus isn't easy to be fooled. But he suddenly halts as his eyes fixate behind them and he exclaims: M-MASTER!
The traitors and werewolves quickly turn around as if their lives depend on it. But there is only empty vastness behind them. They find no presence of the Noblesse. Then they turn back only to realize that Frankenstein has used the moment of confusion to make his move. Mount and Gradeus are impaled with the spears as Frankenstein bursts into laughter. He calls them insane for turning away during a battle. The enemies realize that Frankenstein has made fool out of them all while the trickster keeps on laughing.
Gradeus rues being fooled by Frankenstein; his arm skewered by a dark projectile.Gradeus encounters Frankenstein. Frankenstein sends a wave of his energy. Gradeus dodges it, mocking the attack until he realizes that it's meant for his teammates behind. Lagus, however, has shielded his team from the attack. But the moment that Gradeus has taken to check behind, Frankenstein sends another barrage of projectiles at him. As Gradeus dodges those and charges towards his opponent, the projectiles hit Mount again. Frankenstein chuckles mischieviously while apologizing (in his usual style).
Gradeus and Frankenstein power up with more trash talk. Frankenstein easily provokes Gradeus, making him charge head-on again. This time, Frankenstein answers with a steady, frontal clash of weapons. The impact even drives back the spectators. Gradeus wonders at the tremendous power of his enemy and realizes he was wrong to think that Frankenstein won against Urokai only for the latter's foolishness. The impact of energy soon pushes off both fighters. As blood drips from Gradeus' wounds, Rozaria assumes the berserker, who gets stronger with losing blood, will gain the upperhand. But her assumption is proved wrong with the next attack. Gradeus charges at Frankenstein again, this time, acknowledging his opponent's skill. Nevertheless, he ends up with dark scars all over his body. Rozaria notices that the scars are not healing. Gejutel explains the reason to her - Frankenstein's unique energy is like toxic; it can kill living organisms and Gradeus let himself be hit full-on by the deadly attack. Meanwhile, Gradeus makes a frontal charge again. Frankenstein finds the berserker's style of attacking quite to his liking. He stands his ground and impales Gradeus all over with his dark aura tentacles. Gradeus miserably hits the dust again. He finally notices his wounds and realizes that the bruises are not healing and also that he is not getting stronger as he was supposed to. Frankenstein adds insult to the injury.
Lagus realizes they cannot let the situation drag on any longer and once again, urges Edian and others to attack. Nevertheless, he finds it interesting how Frankenstein has become so much stronger than before and intends to keep him alive to use him. Frankenstein notices the shrewd smile on Lagus' face and asks him if he has finally decided to join the fight. Gradeus retorts but Lagus affirms it.
Suddenly, Frankenstein's eyes fixate behind the traitors and once again, he exclaims: M-MASTER? This time, Gradeus laughs it off and Mount seconds him. Lagus also believes Frankenstein is pulling off the same trick again. The Lord mutters the name: CADIS ETRAMA DI RAIZEL and also fixes her gaze in the same direction as Frankenstein.
Gradeus and others mock Lord for they believe that she's playing the same trick of Frankenstein. However they soon realize that Rai is really behind them. They tremble from the sight of him. Soon they find that Rai has his powers restored unlike what they believed that Rai wouldn't have enough power to kill them after he used his last of life force 820 years ago. Rai crushes Lagus and when Gradeus tries to help him he is blocked by Frankenstein.
Frankenstein is enraged as the enemies are forcing his Master to use his powers and thus reducing his life force. Frankenstein tells Gradeus to die soon as he has no time to waste. Gradeus is shocked as Frankenstein's power keeps on increasing. Frankenstein allows the Dark Spear to consume him in order to gain power so that he could kill Gradeus and them help his Master. Gradeus is constantly being pushed back and he finds it unbelievable. Frankenstein taunts him for being overpowered so easily and wonders aloud if this was the reason why Gradeus and others ganged up on Rajak. Frankenstein knocks Gradeus down and asks him if he can't believe that he is getting his ass kicked by him. Frankenstein tells him that he has vast battle experience but Gradeus find it unbelievable as he himself has vast battle experience. Frankenstein makes fun of him and asks how can a clan leader who had strong powers from the very beginning know what Frankenstein, a human, has experienced. Frankenstein launches dark tentacles like attack as a payback for Rajak and the destroyed mansion that knocks Gradeus unconscious. As Frankenstein is about to launch the finishing blow Lagus intervenes and saves Gradeus.
When Lagus fuses with the Blood Stone he gains great amount of power. Frankenstein wants to help his master but he is blocked by Gradeus. Gradeus has also fused with an imitated copy of Blood Stone. He transforms into Red Hulk-like form. He continues to overpower with his new powers.
Gradeus taunts Frankenstein and mentions his Master. Enraged, Frankenstein summons his power of the contract in the form of a spear made from blood which he gained after forming a contract with his Master. Frankenstein gains more than enough power to overpower Gradeus. Gradeus is finally consumed by the Dark Spear... The berserker has become a food for Frankenstein's demented 'lover'!


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On the process of writing the summary

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Powers & Abilities

As a former Noble Clan Leader & possibly a modified Noble, Gradeus was extremely powerful as he easily killed a large number of Central Order knights himself fought and nearly killed Ludis & shortly after fought Rozaria. With a replica of Blood Stone he easily damaged Frankenstein who only survived by using his contract powers to kill Gradeus.

Soul Weapon

Messad: His soul weapon is a Labrys Axe, a battle axe that is double headed and symmetrical. The way he utilizes Messad is quite versatile. Aside from hacking and slashing at foes, Gradeus can use it as a guard to block attacks or a throwing projectile for long ranged combat.

  • Suppressed State: Gradeus has been suppressing the weapon's aggressive power. It has a black shaft, while its symmetrical heads have silver cheeks and golden blades. It has been shown to be as a guard, and it allows him to easily hack through enemies and obstacles. Despite its strength, this state cannot get past the defense of Izarok, the Mergas family Soul Weapon
  • Unleashed State: The true form of Messad is aggressive and menacing. Upon imbuing more power on the axe's suppressed form, a silver Minotaur Skull appears on the top of the blade, the shaft turns silver and ornate, the cheeks turn black, and red veins start to appear all over it to drench the blade in blood. Gradeus had to use this form in order to break Ludis' cage barrier.

Physical Prowess

Similar to other clan leaders, Gradeus has enhanced physical abilities. As a warrior, his strength is his defining asset, despite his body being rather small and slim in shape. His speed is considerably good as he is quick enough to react and defend a surprise attack from a Kertia clan leader, albeit the fact that Rajak was heavily injured and his ankles were compromised.

  • Enhanced Regenaration: Lagus mentions that Gradeus' regenerative Abilities are more than that of a normal clan leader. It's possible he modified his body in order to increase his healing powers.

Berserk Mode


Gradeus in berserk mode.

True to his title Berserker Gradeus or the 'God of War', he can enter a state of fury where his offensive capabilities skyrocket with the draw back of his defense plummeting down. This, however, is nullified by his ability to convert injuries and bleeding into raw power. The process of conversion recovers all sustained wounds and then enhances Gradeus' strength and speed. While in this state, his facial features turn grotesque (resembling jack-o'-lantern), with his eyes and wide grin glowing red or black. However, as a match against Frankenstein proved, this mode is not without limitations.

Blood Stone

Lagus gave Gradeus an imitated copy of Blood Stone. After fusing with it Gradeus' entire skin turns into red and he was able to recover from the life-threatening injuries he suffered from Frankenstein. He became powerful enough to oppose Frankenstein.



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