Infected (Kor. 감염자) was a normal human before M-24 infected him and turned him into a blood thirsty monster. He was also involved in the theft of Rai's casket.


As a normal human, the infected had a long, thin and unpleasant looking face with a pointed nose and bearded chin. His shaggy, long, shoulder-hugging hair is of a murky brown shade and back-brushed. His pale, bloodless complexion (maybe due to the nature of his work being in night - theft) changes to blue hue when transformed into an Infected. His infected appearance also turns his eyes into crimson red and renders a vicious expression to suit his nature. After he is experimented on by Dr. Crombel and goes through his second transformation, his hair slides to front and eyes glow white. He was capable of growing purple tentacles with spikes from his body.


Little is known about his personality as a human. After being mutated, he craves for blood to the point that he attacked and killed everyone in a blood bank hospital after Jake removed M-24's order to not kill anyone or attract attention. He has no feelings at all but he is very angry at Han Shinwoo for beating him down and will stop at nothing to kill him. M-24 controls him with a mind connection but with the arrival of Jake and Mary, the connection appears to be broken. As a result, the infected moves in his free-will and co-operates Jake and Mary in finding the children. Once he receives enhanced powers from Crombel's experiment, the Infected becomes very proud and boastful of his powers. He considers M-21 as low-power scum and insults their existence: little does he know that the physical enhancement he obtained through Crombel's experiment would cause his body structure to crumble some time in the future.


The Infected as normal human.


The infected as a human, was a thief and a member of the gang which stole Rai's casket from the Union. He was the one who kept the casket in the abandoned apartment of the building. After M-21 and M-24 catch him for interrogation and find no satisfactory answer as to what happened to the casket, M-24 infects him and uses mind control on him to set entertainments planned by M-21.

In the Noblesse novel, his human name is revealed to be Wilson.

Plot Overview

Volume 1

Awakening in the New World Arc

The Tracer
The Infected attacks Yuna in a dark alley and Shinwoo comes to the rescue. At first, Shinwoo kicks him down but as he gets back up like a zombie, Shinwoo throws a trash can at him. The children run away before he can get up again.
Afterwards, M-21 and M-24 find him and plan on using him against the children for amusement. M-21 supplies him with Shinwoo's address from the backpack he had left behind. The infected then takes the bag and leaves it outside Shinwoo's apartment with the intention of scaring the child. Next night, he murders a guard at Shinwoo's apartment but finds his original prey gone. He keeps hiding in the sewers longing for revenge on Shinwoo.
The Kidnap
Later M-21 and M-24 kidnap Yuna to call out Shinwoo and fix a match between Shinwoo and the Infected. With the opportunity for revenge, the Infected fights Shinwoo who proves to be rather strong and skilled for an ordinary human. However, their battle is cut short when Rai and Frankenstein call away M-21 and M-24 from distance and force them to retreat. The infected is ordered to retreat via M-24's mind control.

The Human World Arc

The Assassination Squad
After the arrival of Mary (a member of the Assassination Squad) and Jake, the mind link is broken off by M-24 to avoid further chaos, which leaves the Infected is on his own to determine his activities.
Later, the Infected is shown inside a hospital, breaking into their blood supply storage for feeding on the blood. There he is caught by Jake and Mary. Jake manipulates him to cause a massacre in the entire hospital. He tells them about the witnesses (children).
A New Plan
With his help, the two assassins are able to locate and kidnap the children. The infected gets another chance to fight Shinwoo.

Union Arc

After Rai and Frankenstein dispose of Jake and Mary, the infected somehow manages to escape and later he is found by Dr. Crombel. Crombel finds out that M-24 had developed powers akin to noble species. So, he decides on using the one infected by M-24 for an enhanced experiment.
A New Experiment
The Infected is left in an experiment pod which is triggered to open as Lt. Simon's troop set to destroy the base according to Crombel's orders. However, as the Infected arises from it, he kills all those soldiers and remains in the main lab.
When M-21 arrives at the main lab to look for data, they confront each other. The infected insults M-21 as a failed experiment, exalting at his own superiority. With his new powers, he almost kills M-21. Rai intervenes and is about to exterminate him, but he backs down to let M-21 handle it. As M-21's werewolf powers are awakened by Rai, the Infected ends up being killed at M-21's hands.


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Powers & Abilities

087 34 The Infected Becomes Stronger

Infected after Crombel's enhanced experiment.

After infection, he gets enhanced strength and speed and is also able to heal from normal hits and injuries (as shown when Shinwoo continuously attacks him but is unable to wound him).


After Dr. Crombel performs an enhanced experiment on the Infected, he is able to physically transform. In this stage, he grows tentacles from his body that have spikes on them. He uses those to impale his opponents as well as hinder their movements. At first, they are effective against M-21 but when the latter's werewolf powers are awakened, they don't prove to be fast enough to impale him.



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