Jake (Kor. 제이크) was a modified human who worked for the Union as a potential member of its Assassination Squad, where he was partnered with Mary, Jake's evaluator. He is one of the earliest modified humans and one of the two main antagonists introduced in the Volume 01.


Jake appears to be a middle aged man. He has chestnut hair and golden eyes. His nose is also pointy and he has a blueish skin. His body added some new markings after his first encounter with Frankenstein.

His appearance changed with each level of his transformation. After his full transformation, his skin turned into a purple hue with crystal spikes protruding out.


Jake is very egotistical, aggressive and sociopathic, which gets him scolded by Mary. Jake is extremely reluctant to heed Mary only because she seems to have more power than him. He loathes being experimented on, unless he, himself, ordered it. Jake also swore to take revenge on Mary and Dr. Crombel, who always tended to look down upon him. Jake has also been shown to have the ability to transform, which gives him an even greater amount of speed and strength. He thinks very little of failed experiments such as M-21 and M-24. He revels in brutality shown in his involvement of elimination of everyone in the hospital.


Jake is considered one of the most powerful successful experiments created by Dr. Crombel and a potential member candidate of assassination squad because of his bloody deeds. His first massacre was towards the Union itself, in which he killed 138 people in the very research center where he was created. The Union turned a blind eye and favoring his powers, considering him for a position in the assassination squad.

Plot Overview

Volume 1

The Human World Arc

The Assassination Squad
Jake and Mary arrive with Dr. Crombel at the Korean base of the Union. They are assigned with checking on the M-series who has been sent in the mission to search the whereabouts of the casket. Jake, accompanied by Mary, finds the Infected in the hospital and manipulates him to cause a massacre the blame of which they later put on M-21 and M-24.
With the aid of the Infected, Jake and Mary learn about the children, later going off to Shinwoo's place with the Infected. There they meet Frankenstein and Jake engages in a battle with information as the bargain of the winning fighter. He ends up defeated and wounded and is saved by Mary's timely intervention. They retreat temporarily.
Modified Human
Jake waits for his wounds to heal but surprisingly finds his regeneration has stopped. When Jake and Mary visit their base and Jake is admitted for checkup on his new wounds, he learns of a new experiment from the lab researchers. In Mary's absence, he forces the scientists to perform that experiment on him.
Afterwards Jake inform Mary another piece of news he got from the Infected ~ M-21 and M-24 had lured out the children once before. So, they decide to use them to lure out and kidnap the children once again.
A New Plan
Jake and Mary separate M-21 and M-24, being suspicious of them and locate the children with the help of the Infected. However, the M duo knock the children unconscious to prevent Jake from hurting them and inform about the 'fourth kid'.
Jake remains inside and entertains himself by torturing the children while Mary accompanies M-21 on the lookout for the 'fourth kid'. When Jake gets annoyed at the children and decides to kill them, M-24 takes him by surprise and attacks him. Jake pursues the fleeing children and M-24 and catches up without much effort. M-24 remains to hold him off but Jake easily overpowers him. He then continues pursuing the children to the elevator shaft where M-24 hinders him again. Jake punctures M-24's heart, leaving him finished for good and is about to attack the children when Rai appears. Their battle is purely one-sided as even Jake's fully-transformed body falls under complete control of Rai. He is then wiped out by Rai's blood field.


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Powers & Abilities

046 20 Jake Transforms

Jake's Transformation

Rai vs jake

Fully transformed Jake bound to kneel in front of Rai right before his death.

As a modified human, Jake has enhanced speed and strength coupled with his brutality. However, he is considered to be substantially less powerful than Mary (before the new experiment). He is capable of regeneration but it was stopped when Frankenstein inflicted him with wounds.


Jake's arms transform becoming purple with multiple pink blades coming out of his arms. Jake was shown to be very powerful, especially in comparison to M-24 and the minimally-transformed M-21. Jake forced the scientists to experiment on him in order to improve his transformation. In his full transformation state his powers were ten times greater than that of Mary's powers. When he transformed completely, his whole body turns to purple, his teeth transform to huge fangs and his hair becomes bald.



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