Jung Hansu (Kor. 정한수) is a celebrity idol like Im Suyi. Suyi calls him 'oppa'.


Hansu is arrogant and expects special treatment from people everywhere, due to his status as a celebrity. He also has a personal bodyguard named Charles.

Plot Overview

He appears once in the story when he comes to drop Suyi off at her school and arrogantly parks his van right in the middle of the school grounds. M-21 approaches him, telling him to move the car but Hansu behaves arrogantly asking him who he is instead. Hansu gets angry when M-21 tells him he can't park and no vehicle, not even his is allowed there. He is calmed by Suyi who reminds him that he was leaving anyway, but Hansu's bodyguard Charles comes out of the car. Hansu pretends to stop Charles but after a small discussion tells him not to hurt M-21 much. He further warns M-21 that Charles is an ex-military officer and someone like M-21 can't defeat him. In order to avoid any commotion, M-21 quietly walks away.

The Janitor approaches Hansu and informs politely that there is a separate area for cars and anyone other than staff can't enter school grounds without permission. Hansu gets agitated and declares that he will leave. However, Charles intervenes, breaking the janitor's broom and lifting him up by the neck. Hansu tries to stop Charles, but is pushed aside by his bodyguard.

After M-21 deals with Charles, Hansu is told to take his bodyguard and move his car from there. Hansu quickly obeys and departs from the school.


On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

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