Juraki (Kor. 주라키) is a werewolf warrior who used to be loyal to Maduke.                                        


Juraki is a werewolf with blue eyes and hair. He has a tall and muscular frame while dressing in a long white tunic. His accessories comprise of gold earrings, and clips that fasten his bandana.


Juraki is a taciturn and serious person. He displays unquestionable loyalty and obedience towards Maduke.

Juraki wanted to cultivate the natural strength he possessed as a werewolf but undergoes physical enhancement to fulfill his duty to lead and protect his race. Ironically, he approves of using the weak members of his clan as experiment specimens.

He is also capable of recognising a losing fight and forces a regroup when he sees one rather than risk losing more of their crucial forces in an unwinnable battle.


Juraki holds a high position among the warriors of the werewolf clan. He undertook physical enhancement to gain more power to protect the weaker members of his race.

Plot Overview

Volume 7

Juraki is introduced at the end of Season 7 when the werewolves discuss the failed attack on Lukedonia. He informs the Werewolf Lord about the arrival of Ignes Kravei.

Volume 8

Maduke orders Juraki to keep an eye on Kentas who is visibly disturbed by Garda being used as an experiment specimen. Juraki accepts his orders and follows Kentas.
After watching Kentas and M-21 wander around aimlessly for a few days, Juraki decides it's time to intercept them. He instructs his team to keep an eye on Kentas until he gives them the order to apprehend him. After continuing to observe Kentas, he decides nothing is going to change, so he and Gayare move to capture Kentas.
Juraki and Gayare arrive to capture Kentas and take him back on the Lord's orders. Kentas not wanting to cause trouble, and realising that he's in a precarious situation, tells them he'll return with them. Juraki coldly orders Gayare to get rid of M-21. Kentas tries to prevent them from doing so, but to no avail as Gayare has already started to fight M-21.
Juraki watches the fight as M-21 slowly reveals his abilities. He orders Gayare to finish the battle and stop dragging things out. Gayare transforms to end the battle, however, M-21 blocks his attack by transforming as well. Juraki is shocked at how a modified human could resemble someone from their clan so completely. M-21 manages to deliver a few blows when Gayare is caught off guard and tries to escape. Unfortunately, Urne and Mirai block his way. Gayare having recovered his senses vows to destroy M-21.
Juraki watches as Gayare defeats M-21. After Kentas asks whether he's going to just stand by and watch as countless humans are caught up in the attack and killed, he orders the twins create a force field to contain the damage as Gayare powers up to kill M-21. The werewolves are surprised to see that M-21 survived the attack. Juraki stops Gayare from finishing off M-21 at Kentas' request. M-21 is captured by the werewolves.
Juraki is present when Maduke summons all the warriors together and declares Kentas a traitor to him and their entire clan.
Gayare and Juraki visit Kentas in the werewolves lab. After realising he is to be used as a test subject. Kentas asks Juraki and asks if he was aware that their people were being used as test subjects. Juraki remains silent, confirming Kentas' suspicions. Kentas chides Juraki for letting the warriors do something so despicable, after he found out the truth. Juraki answers that he doesn't see what the problem is, they gave traitors who would've been punished with death, the chance to be useful to their clan and they also gave the weaker members of their clan, the honour to be used as test subjects for the future of their race. Kentas berates them and wonders how his clan could've become so corrupt. Juraki tells Kentas that he didn't want to accept the new power, he wanted to take time and put effort into getting stronger, by overcoming his own limits, but there was no way of knowing how long that would take, and that's why he accepted the new power, since he has a duty to lead and protect their people.
Juraki is gathered along with the other warriors in the throne room when Dorant reports to Maduke about Lunark's disappearance. He leaves with the other werewolves when Maduke orders them to prepare for Muzaka's arrival.
During the invasion of outer forces (Rai, Frankenstein, Muzaka, Raskreia,etc) on Werewolf territory, Juraki saves the life of Mirai from Lunark. He tells Mirai to step back after saving her life as he knows that she's not Lunark's match. He start his battle with Lunark. He easily overpowers Lunark who is still reeling due to the injuries she suffered from Urne and Mirai. On Frankenstein's arrival, he asked Mirai to step back. When Mirai was impaled by dark spear, he rescues her and runs away.


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Powers & Abilities

Juraki is a very powerful warrior of his kind. According to Lunark, he was still more powerful than most of the warriors that accepted the new power before receiving physical modifications himself. After undergoing physical modification, he becomes even more powerful. He easily overwhelmed a warrior of Lunark's caliber (though Lunark was tired from fighting both Urne and Mirai at the same time), with Tao stating that he's on a completely different level than that of his companions.



Juraki's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Juraki can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. When transformed, his physical abilities and senses are greatly enhanced.

Physical Prowess

Juraki possesses immense physical strength even in his normal state, sending Lunark who was in her transformed state flying with a single punch. When transformed, his strength increases even further shown when he easily overpowers Lunark. He possesses incredible durability, emerging completely unscathed from Seira J. Loyard's attack when saving Mirai. He is also extremely fast, striking Lunark with such speed that she didn't even notice his attack until after it was made.

  • Regeneration: As a werewolf, Juraki possesses superior regeneration that allows him to focus more on trading blows with his enemies.

Aura Manipulation

As a warrior, Juraki possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) that is equal to clan leaders. He is very skilled at manipulating his own aura, shown when he fires a powerful blast at Frankenstein.



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