KSA also known as Korean Government Agency, its main function is to handle matters which are not quite normal or considered special circumstances, matters related with special beings. The organization can manipulate any data to ensure the public remains in dark regarding such sensitive issues. It can intervene anywhere in the name of national security. The data regarding its primary operations are off-limits but the organization itself is somewhat known. The organization takes care of things associated with the Union.

Although KSA is in league with the Union, due to the Union's tyranically authoritarian trait, their relationships are often very poor.


Different programs run by this organization includes:

  • Scholarship Program: This funds young people with special talents and later involves them in the Organization under the guise of social work, marking them for future recruitment.
  • Human Modification Program: Conducted secretly, even the Union did not know about it. Na Yonsu and An Sangeen are part of this research but the recent visit of Cerberus and Sangeen's actions gaveaway the secret. The deaths of the Cerberus members saved them from being exposed.


The KSA is currently short of staff. The following is the list of known members and candidates:

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