Ked (Kor. 케드) was a modified human who worked for the Union as a member of Cerberus, the bodyguards and strongest military force of the 12th Elder.


Ked is a huge man with a well-built body and dark toned skin. His hair is in dreadlocks and is dark coloured, but after getting shocked by Tao's electricity, its colour changes to white.


Ked is very arrogant and tends to look down on small agencies like the KSA. He is also tremendously aggressive, very short-fused and attacks others violently over even the slightest of arguments. Besides being authoritarian, Ked is the type to carry grudges, as is seen when he tries to kill An Sangeen in order to upset Na Yonsu after she insulted him.


A member of the elite bodyguards of the 12th Elder, Ked and the team are sent to South Korea to investigate Dr. Crombel after the DA-5 and Dr. Aris were defeated.

Plot Overview


Cerberus arrives with Yuri.

Ked first appears with Yuri and the other members of Cerberus, when they are sent to South Korea by the Elder to investigate Dr. Crombel. Finding no leads or clues in the crater site as well as from KSA agents, the Cerberus decides to start their investigation from scratch.
Ked and the others take up residence with the KSA after threatening them that they'd take control of the entire KSA to fulfil their requirements. Ked, along with other Cerberus members check the KSA's Research labs to see the quality of KSA's technology and is eventually left behind with Lutai while the others return to the crater site for further investigations. Ked starts to get impatient along with Lutai. He then revisits the research facility with Lutai accompanying him. He wreaks havoc on the KSA building and its employees but is stopped by the arrival of Rodin and the others.
He later gets into a fight with An Sangeen, who talks to them in an aggressive manner (intentionally to get a chance to escape from there and meet with the trio). Ked and Lutai visit Sangeen's room to kill the guy but find their prey gone. Ked realises Sangeen must have been an enhanced human and had bluffed them all. He blows off a part of the building in a fit of rage. When Sangeen arrives, Ked, accompanied by Lutai, confronts him. But his captive flees with a distraction attack aimed at them. Afterwards, Ked and Lutai excitedly pursue the fleeing opponent.
As Ked and Lutai catch up with Sangeen, Ked easily destroys the fleeing prey's attempts at blowing them off. He wants to take on Sangeen by himself, telling Lutai to stay out of it. Ked throws his enhanced punches which are more than effective against Sangeen, getting him nearly killed. After cornering the prey, Ked gets ready to finish him off when he is interrupted by the RK.
Ked pursues his prey fleeing with M-21 and falls victim of a sudden attack from M-21. As he emerges from the wreckage, Sangeen flees under M-21's insistence and Ked decides to take on the RK instead. The cumulative effort from RK (initial assistance from Tao giving directions and Takeo aiding with long-range attacks) seems to have the lead against him, taking the advantage of his clumsy moves due to bad temper. He is subject to another of M-21's havoc-causing attack. After that, Ked finally transforms and armed with his body suit, he emerges unscathed from the wreckage. He easily gains the upper hand and pummels M-21 continuously. However, when he is about to finish M-21, Regis arrives and together with M-21, begins to overpower him.
Ked is saved by the timely arrival of Rodin, who fights Regis from there on. Ked alone is able to overpower M-21 but Yonsu distracts him. This provides an opportunity for M-21 to venture a last all-out attack, which temporarily defeats Ked.
Ked gets chided by Rodin for losing and informs him about the modified agents of KSA who are not registered in the Union's database. After the arrival of the 12th Elder and their captain, Taze, Ked gets beaten up again, this time, in the hands of their captain for getting injured against Crombel's experiments.
Later on, when Ked was watching the battle between Elder and Frankenstein, he is suddenly impaled by Dark projectiles, that the Elder managed to dodge.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Ked does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Ked does not feature in Noblesse S.

Ked does not feature in the Beginning Of Destruction OVA.

Ked does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

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Powers & Abilities

As an agent of Cerberus, Ked is very strong and skilled. He mostly uses his fists for fighting, like a boxer. He possesses very destructive capabilities; a single punch from him was powerful enough to shake an entire building, simulating the effects of an earthquake. He casually wrought havoc on the KSA building and its employees without even using up to half of his true powers. His physical process was incredible as well, as a few punches from him quickly put another Modified human out of their battle.

Physical Prowess


Ked in full armour

Ked usually relies on his physical strength in battles. He was able to shake the whole KSA building by punching the ground using just a bit of his strength, making the people inside think there was an earthquake. He mostly uses punches to attack and can easily cause massive damage, destroying large buildings. While not one of his stronger points Ked was very fast. In his normal form, he easily caught up to the escaping Sangeen even though he had a head start and M-21 was initially only able to keep up with him due to assistance from Tao and Takeo. In his true form, his speed increased further, quickly overwhelming M-21 with the speed of his attacks. He kept Yonsu on the defensive throughout their fight, with her only managing to barely dodge his attacks and giving her no room for counterattacks.

Body Suit

When using his full strength, Ked has a complete body suit like all other Cerberus agents. He gains two spiked boxing gloves as his weapons. These gloves increase his destructive power even more. His strength and speed were increased to tremendous levels.




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