Kei Ru (Kor. 케이 루) is a Noble and one of the eight current Clan Leaders of Lukedonia. He is the head of the Ru Clan. He is acknowledged as the strongest of the current clan leaders by both nobles and werewolves.


Kei has long untidy white hair and a big scar across his face. His whole body is muscular and scarred, giving him the appearance of a fierce warrior. His attire differs greatly from other nobles, resembling a martial artist rather than that of an aristocrat.


Kei Ru believes in strength gained by oneself through training rather than acquired by other means. He is extremely loyal to Raskreia and most of the times he focuses on training. He has shown tremendous respect to Gejutel when the latter was imprisoned for treason.

Kei Ru believes in the warrior code of conduct and hate unfair means such as many ganging up on one.


Kei is one of the leaders of the seven noble clans, the Ru family. Unlike the other nobles, the Ru Clan have set aside everything for their quest to seek strength. All of their time is spent in training to become stronger. If not for the betrayal, Kei would have focused on his training just as his predecessor did, instead of remaining at the Lord's side.

Kei was told by his predecessor that long ago someone resided in the place which is known as the forbidden region. He was able to provide this information when the mansion reappeared.

Plot Overview

Volume 3

Lukedonia Arc

Kei arrives in Central to attend the 500th anniversary of the eternal sleep of the Previous Lord. He is shortly summoned again, along with all other clan leaders, to the castle where the Lord calls Rael and Seira for report on occurrences in the human world - an event which leads to Gejutel's imprisonment.
Later, Kei visits the room of discipline where Gejutel is imprisoned. He asks Gejutel why he has remained silent in front of the Lord as he still firmly believes Gejutel is not a traitor. Gejutel asks Kei to look after Seira should he be executed.

Identity Arc

When the mansion appears in the Forbidden Region, Kei informs his fellow clan leaders what he knows about the place. He learned from his predecessor that long ago, someone inhabited the castle in that place. At this, their current Lord realizes the arrival of Rai in Lukedonia and sends two clan leaders to capture the so-assumed 'leader of traitors'.
After Gejutel is sentenced to death, all clan leaders are summoned to the place of execution - inside the previous Lord's slumber chamber. The ceremony is interrupted by the arrival of the alleged traitor: Cadis Etrama di Raizel. The Lord, angry at Rai's insolence, orders Kei to get rid of him. Although Kei takes out his soul weapon to prevent Rai from approaching any further, he is quickly dealt with and overwhelmed by powerful mind control from Rai. Kei is warned not to interfere and obliges as a spectator to withhold the battle between the noble hierarchy.
After the fight, along with the other clan leaders, he listens to Frankenstein's explanation regarding the past incidents and the previous Lord's part in it, which clears up the misunderstandings concerning Rai and stability returns in the land of nobles.
Afterwards, Kei is sometimes shown with the fellow clan-leaders.

Volume 7

Kei joins Ludis and Rozaria to send off Rajak who was on his way to the human world.
When the traitor nobles and werewolves enter Lukedonia, Kei has been meditating deep in the mountains. The moment the werewolves enter his territory, Kei is aware of the intrusion and goes to greet the intruders. The werewolves Drakon, Kaiyo and Mount also realize that they have trespassed into a clan-leader's zone and are shocked when Kei appears. Kei takes down Mount who jumps to attack with a single hit. He is then invited to a one-on-one battle by Drakon who has heard about the specialty of Ru clan. The battle progresses and although Drakon seemed stronger, Kei gains the upperhand when he realizes that Drakon has been using enhanced regeneration. He then proves the pride of pure strength and summoning his full-power attack, he overcomes Drakon. Seeing that, Kaiyo and Mount join the fight and gradually begins to thwart a worn-out Kei. Kei is further deep in trouble as Drakon admits Kei is stronger and combines forces with his teammates to finish their mission rather than keep to a humble duel. A fierce blow is aimed at Kei who is in no state to block or dodge. However, he does not need to act as the blow is stopped by another soul weapon. Seeing the form of the weapon, Kei kneels down to greet its wielder while the enemies stare with awe. The Lord, herself, has come to Kei's aid. The werewolves warriors attack Kei in order to distract Raskreia and escape after finding out that they are no match for her. Kei assures his noble Lord of his safety and requests her to chase the enemy werewolves who have joined traitor clan leaders. Kei stays behind to recover.
After some time in the battle between Raskreia and traitor clan leaders, Lagus launches a powerful sneak attack on wounded clan leaders (Ludis, Rozaria and Gejutel) . Kei comes in the nick of time and blocks it but loses consciousness due to the injuries sustained from his fight with werewolves and now Lagus' attack.
After the end of invasion, Kei is present in the throne room when Raskreia forgives Claudia Tradio for her role in the invasion and than appoints her as the new clan leader of Tradio Clan.

Volume 8

Rai is on his way to look for M-21 when he reaches a wooded area. As he's moving through the forest, a number of Ofuda (Japanese paper talismans) on the trees, start glowing. The Ofuda cause a large explosion. Rai escapes the blast unscathed. Zaiga appears before him, disappointed that he's not Muzaka. Rai asks him to step aside. Zaiga laughs, stating he'll do as he asks, only after killing him. A voice from above chides him for daring to speak to the Noblesse in such a manner. Zaiga senses an attack and uses his power to protect himself and his companions. He asks the identities of the attackers, as Raskreia and Kei Ru make their entrance.
Kei and Raskreia land next to Rai. Raskreia asks why he's in the werewolves' territory before retracting her question, stating he must have a good reason for being there. Bashum and Gaura unaware of the identities of the Nobles before them, make insulting comments before being reprimanded by Zaiga. Zaiga tells them to watch their words, since even though they're enemies, they're not people, they should take lightly. Zaiga then proceeds to welcome the Lord of the Nobles and the Noblesse, introducing himself as a werewolf warrior named Zaiga and apologising for his rude behaviour earlier. Bashum and Gaura are shocked to learn of the identities of the Nobles. Zaiga asks why they've come to their territory. Raskreia tells Rai they can't talk given the current circumstances and asks him to go on ahead, while she handles matters here. Bashum and Gaura object to this, stating no matter who they are, they're not going to let them act however they please. Zaiga orders the two of them to step aside and let Rai through. He thinks that it'd be easier to take them on separately than altogether. Raskreia asks Rai why he isn't leaving. Rai looks at her, before taking off, to resume his journey. Zaiga asks Raskreia why she's come to their territory, since there's no telling what will happen to her, now she's here. Raskreia wonders if it's appropriate for a warrior to say such a thing after invading Lukedonia. Zaiga realises that she's come for revenge after they invaded Lukedonia, and states that there's a difference between a few warriors invading Lukedonia and the Lord coming in person to invade the werewolves' territory. He tells her that it was foolish for her to invade their land, even with all of her clan leaders, when they are at their strongest, and that their deaths will mark the beginning of the disappearance of the Noble race. Raskreia asks if he's done talking adding that he's mistaken, since she's not come with all her clan leaders, the only ones who came were her and two clan leaders. Zaiga is taken aback, and finds it amusing that only three of them came to invade the werewolves' territory. Raskreia tells him the reason they've come is not to fight their people, but to show them who they messed with, and make them pay for the death of Rajak Kertia, the leader of the Kertia clan who was loyal to her for and the Nobles for such a long time. Zaiga is shocked and asks if she's really here to dispute the death of one clan leader. Raskreia states he can think whatever he likes, but she has to make sure Rajak's eternal sleep isn't too lonely. Zaiga wonders if the Lord of the Nobles has gone insane and asks what the three of them will be able to accomplish on their own. Raskreia tells him that the three of them are more than capable of avenging Rajak. Zaiga thinks she's crazy and wonders where the remaining clan leader is. Rozaria has summoned her soul weapon and is reciting a spell to gather energy for her ultimate attack. After gathering enough energy an eye opens in the sky above Maduke's castle. She unleashes the power of her attack on the castle below, with the shock wave being felt at Raskreia's location. Zaiga chides her for daring to attack the Lord's castle. Raskreia replies he's in big trouble if he thinks, this is over, since destroying the castle alone isn't going to be enough to comfort the Kertia clan leader in his eternal sleep.
Zaiga addresses Raskreia, telling her the decision she has made is rather foolish and not only will it lead to her death, but the death of the Noble race, as well. Zaiga transforms and launches an attack at Raskreia which Kei blocks. Kei declares himself Zaiga's opponent and pushes his attack back. Zaiga is happy to be facing the strongest of the clan leaders and goes on about how pleased he is to be able to face such an opponent. Kei tells him, all the werewolves say the same thing when facing him. This makes Zaiga squirm. Kei tells him to bring it on and the two begin fighting. Kei and Zaiga are evenly matched. Bashum who watches the battle, is impressed by Kei's strength against Zaiga who once challenged Maduke and Muzaka for the title of Lord of their people.
Zaiga is impressed by Kei Ru's strength, stating it has been a long time since he fought like this. Kei manages to hold out against him. Zaiga uses all the powers at his disposal and manages to gain the upper hand temporarily. He tells Kei he only gains the upper hand as time goes on and the two continue their battle. Zaiga comments that once he's finished with Kei, he'll make their Lord kneel before him. This infuriates Kei who goes all out and manages to land a few good blows on Zaiga. Zaiga realises that Kei is stronger than he first thought, despite him not being a leader for very long and thinks he needs to get rid of him now, otherwise there's no telling how strong he might become. The battle continues. Bashum attempts to defeat Raskreia, and fails. Zaiga thinks Bashum was foolish and if the Lord of Nobles gets involved, it'll be a dangerous situation for him, so he'll have to eliminate the Clan Leader in front of him as soon as possible. He launches his ultimate attack, and Kei does the same. Both attacks hit their target, leaving both injured. Zaiga compliments Kei Ru for lasting as long as he did against him, since he once fought Muzaka for the position of Lord. A voice from behind him, says he did, Zaiga recognises the voice and turns around to see Muzaka, who states he has a bad habit of showing up at the end of a battle. Muzaka looks at an injured Zaiga and states judging by his appearance, he's right on time.
Muzaka greets Raskreia, saying he's heard a lot about her from her father. Muzaka attacks Zaiga relentlessly. Muzaka then smiles at Kei Ru and Raskreia asking if it'd be alright if he handles Zaiga, since he has personal business he'd like to take care of. Kei Ru and Raskreia are stunned as Kei comments he already started it. Muzaka slices Zaiga into pieces, as Bashum, Raskreia and Kei look on.
When Titan unleashes his full power and transforms, his aura is felt by everyone. Mirai, Urne, Lunark, M-21, Kei, Raskreia and Muzaka are all surprised by the power, while Maduke smiles knowing that Ignes has succeeded in reviving the beast.


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Powers & Abilities

Kei is a Noble Clan Leader and is acknowledged as the strongest by the Lord. His power is so great that all werewolves acknowledge his strength and grow excited at the thought of challenging him. He defeated Drakon, a very powerful werewolf warrior without much effort and was able to fight on par with Zaiga, one of the most powerful werewolves who fought Muzaka for the position of Lord. Zaiga states that out of all the current werewolf warriors, none of them could face him and also states that Kei would have defeated him if he had more time.

Soul Weapon


Kei's soul weapon, Garant.

Garant: Garant is Kei's soul weapon that takes the form of two powerful gauntlets. He can imbue his gauntlets with his aura to increase the strength of his punches. He can also release a black stream of aura from his gauntlets. Befitting his overall martial artist-like appearance, Kei is extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

Kei's ultimate attack


  • Tiger: Using his soul weapon, he can release a gigantic tiger-like creature of red aura energy that he uses against his opponents. This attack causes massive destruction upon contact.

Physical Prowess

Kei possesses an immense amount of physical strength, as he is the leader of the noble family that trains only their physical power. He was able to take down Mount, a werewolf warrior with a single hit and during his battle with Drakon, he easily matches him in strength with Drakon admitting that Kei is stronger than him. Even Zaiga, one of the most powerful werewolves acknowledge his strength. Kei is extremely fast, easily able to keep up with Drakon's speed and outpaces the powerful werewolf warrior. He also has impressive amounts of stamina, shown when he continues to fight Mount and Kaiyo even though he just finished fighting a tough battle with Drakon.

Aura Manipulation

As the strongest Clan Leader, Kei possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura). When three werewolf warriors sensed his aura, they were shocked at how powerful it was, with Kaiyo stating that it was hard to breathe and thought it was the Lord who was exerting such an enormous aura before he revealed himself.




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