Krantz (Kor. 크랜스) was a modified human who worked for the Union as the Leader of the DA-5, a special forces team created by Dr. Aris.


Krantz has been shown to have a stern look on his face all the time. He has 2 scars on his face, one on the cheek and other across the nose. Later, when his clothes were torn, there were multiple scars seen on his body. He has a big built and his muscles expand with his transformation.


Krantz has a cold and cruel personality and will do anything for the success of a mission. Krantz has been shown to stop the violent actions of Shark when Shark acts out of control. He was also allowing Shark to kill people Takeo met in the past without letting Takeo know. He hates dealing with lower ranking experiments.

He is very arrogant about his strength and claims that DA-5 was made just for him. Though it is revealed by Takeo later on that Krantz was very scared of Dr. Aris. Krantz is usually shown as calm but lost his cool and became angry when Regis managed to injure him.


Krantz, the leader of DA-5 was created by Dr. Aris. He is usually shown on the sidelines and doesn't fight with weak opponents. He revealed that the other members of DA-5 were originally created for him to absorb.

Plot Overview

Volume 2

DA-5 Arc

Krantz debuts commanding his team to victory on an operation in the mountainous range. Then he takes his team to South Korea, on the base of their next mission - to find out about Crombel's work there. He remains on the sidelines as Tao does most of the finding and locating work, Shark and Hammer busy themselves intending to eliminate the children. However, he intervenes the first encounter between Shark and Regis to compel M-21 to come with them.
Krantz interrogates M-21 about Crombel's activities and his mission but gets no appropriate reply. After Shark brings the captured children, he permits Shark to annihilate the witnesses, dismissing M-21's offer of exchanging info. Seeing M-21 fight against Shark and then Regis take over the fight, he decides to step in to put an end to it. Krantz fights against Regis and overpowers him.
After the arrival of Rai, Krantz as well as his team, is subjugated to his superior mind control. Krantz manages to get hold of a D and absorbs it to break free from the control. Krantz then drains the power of Shark as it appears that he cannot defeat Rai in his normal state. He then turns to Tao to absorb him as well. But Ikhan requests Rai to save Tao who, unlike others, has tried to protect them. Krantz is too annoyed at the delay and seizes Tao to absorb him without D. Tao slides and getting free, he binds Krantz with cords and shocks him with electricity. At this, Krantz attacks Tao, however, a sudden command from Rai to halt stupefies him. Later, Krantz is engulfed and annihilated by Rai's Blood Field.


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Powers & Abilities


Krantz after absorbing Shark

Krantz is the strongest of DA-5 and was according to Tao, all of them together also can't defeat him. Krantz fights without using any weapons. Moreover, Tao and Takeo stated that if he absorbed D, and he absorbed all of the DA-5 members after they have consumed D, he would easily defeat a member of Cerberus, the strongest guarding team of the 12th elder.

Physical Prowess

Krantz is shown to be very fast and was able to stop Regis from killing Shark very easily. He was further able to fight Regis at his speed without any trouble. Krantz is shown to have easily stopped all of Regis' attacks and take his strongest attacks without any trouble. Regis used all of his strength to attack Krantz but all he could do was damage his clothes.


Like all other members, Krantz can also use 'D' to increase his strength. Besides using 'D', Krantz is shown to have the ability to absorb the powers of all DA-5 members and gain their abilities. After he completely absorbed Shark, he transforms, his muscles expanded, his veins started to glow and he gains two blades on his arms.



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