Kuharu (Kor. 쿠하루) was a member of the Werewolf pack. He takes part in the Lukedonia invasion group along with the traitor nobles.


Kuharu has dark skin, brown eyes and cropped hair. He wears rings on all fingers excluding thumbs, has multiple ear-piercings and bangles around his arms and feet. After transformation, he grows brown fur along his shoulder and arms and his hair grows long and pointy.


He exhibits warlike attitude which he explains as his long-cherished desire to fight the fastest of the nobles. Kuharu takes a great pride being the fastest warrior in werewolf clan.

Kuharu is shown to have some degree of personal dignity when he acknowledged that Rajak Kertia is superior than him in speed. He then expresses reluctance that although he would continue fight for the victory of his clan, he is forced to fight dirtily and without dignity.

Plot Overview

Meeting Rajak on the way to Lukedonia, the two engage in battle. He was overpowered by Rajak, and the fight is interrupted by his comrades who assist him by using their powers to weaken Rajak. He admits Rajak is the faster of the two and is killed by him. His corpse is left on the island where he engaged in a fight with Rajak.


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Powers & Abilities

Kuharu was a powerful werewolf, being a True Warrior before accepting physical modifications. He is considered to be the fastest werewolf in the pack.


Kuharu transform

Kuharu's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Kuharu can transform his body into a more wolf-like form.

Physical Prowess

Kuharu was known as the fastest among his kind and was capable of matching Rajak Kertia in terms of speed.

Aura Manipulation

Kuharu was skilled at manipulating his aura, shown when he fires a fire-like stream at Rajak.



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