Lagus Tradio (Kor. 라구스 트라디오) was a former Noble clan leader and one of the six traitor clan leaders of Lukedonia. He is the main antagonist of Season 7.


Lagus is a bald, elderly man with an emaciated appearance. His eyes are dark cavities with red pupils. He used to don the standard Noble outfit prior to his departure from Lukedonia and, at present, wears a traditional floor-length white Elder robe with a gold trim.


On the surface, he would appear as a very respectful individual but underneath it, his true character is of a person with quite an ambitious, scheming, treacherous and cunning personality. He also appears to enjoy doing different kinds of tasks that he deems interesting do to his apparent free time. Due to the fact that he has existed for what seems to be eons, he has tendency to speak in a very archaic manner(shown in an original Korean raw)

He wished to rule the world with nobles being the supreme power but after fusing with the Blood Stone, the stone turned into him a power hungry monster who desired to consume life force from all the living beings including nobles.


Lagus Tradio fell under the allure of Blood Stone and he spent thousands of years to retrieve the cursed stone. He manipulated and drugged Edian Drosia for his own goals.

His thirst for power resulted him in conspiring with humans and werewolves. He started taking in human modification technology after witnessing Frankenstein's powers.

Lagus Tradio was involved in the conspiracy which led to Rai's 820 years long slumber. He betrayed Raskreia 500 years ago and he spent all that time in order to gain the abilities of Werewolves and Rai. He also tried to create few replicas of Blood Stone.

According to Gejutel, the reason why Lagus invaded Lukedonia with fellow traitors and werewolves was to gain Blood Stone.

His reason for betrayal is to usurp the current lord of Lukedonia, and to become the lord of Lukedonia himself. Under his lordship, Nobles would then make their presence known to the world and shall be the dominant species of the Earth instead of humans.

Plot Overview

Volume 6

He was first introduced in the flashback part of the story which showed Lukedonia in the period ten years after Frankenstein's arrival. He was present at the meeting between Roctis, Zarga and Urokai, discussing ways to remove Frankenstein from Lukedonia after returning from the human world with information on the 'noteworthy creature'. After Zarga informed him how the human had suspected them just for visiting Raizel often, he realized how problematic Frankenstein's presence would be to their plan. Lagus suggested their only way was to get rid of Frankenstein which was what their human acquaintances were demanding as well. Roctis deemed it impossible but Lagus proposed a way to use Frankenstein's eagerness to train with clan leaders and trigger Frankenstein's outbursts against him. Lagus showed his fellow schemers, the pendant which he was given by the humans with the belief that it would drive Frankenstein mad. Lagus' proposition was acceded by his fellow clan leaders and Urokai took the responsibility of finishing Frankenstein.
Lagus, Urokai, Roctis and Zarga found Frankenstein and Gejutel in the palace hallway and approached them. Lagus introduced himself to Frankenstein. Hearing from Gejutel about the cancelling of their duel, Urokai volunteered to be Frankenstein's match-partner instead.
Later, Lagus with his fellow clan leaders (later joined by Ragar), watched Frankenstein and Urokai duel with each other. Lagus was excited to witness the power of a human and his Dark Spear, thinking how much he could gain if he, as a noble, undertook such experiments too. When Urokai had lost his eye to Frankenstein and used the item to drive his opponent into frenzy, Lagus and his fellow schemers accused Frankenstein and argued with Gejutel and Ragar that it was dangerous to keep such a berserk danger in Lukedonia. However, they were unable to convince either of the two clan leaders and Lagus' plan was further sabotaged by the arrival and interference of both the Lord and the Noblesse.

Volume 7

The reappearance of both the Noblesse and Muzaka prompted Lagus to put the conspiracy with Maduke into action. They intend to take down Lukedonia while the main forces (Noblesse and majority of clan leaders) are outside. So, Lagus and his team of traitor nobles and werewolves set out for the mission.
On the way, they meet Rajak Kertia and in order to prevent him from warning other clan leaders of Lukedonia, Lagus supports the idea of killing him. Lagus accedes to the request from Drakon that Kuharu should be given the chance to duel. But when Kuharu is gradually overcome, Lagus intervenes the fight and uses Dolor to restrict Rajak's movement. Despite that, Rajak kills Kuharu and aims for Lagus, however, Gradeus finishes off the young clan leader. They resume their journey.
Lagus breaches through all barriers securing Lukedonia from outside and makes sure that the intrusion won't be noticed by the Lukedonian clan leaders. The border guards from Central Order are taken care of by Gradeus. Lagus deems it would be a waste to simply leave their bodies and uses Dolor to imbibe their energy. Then the team splits up to create chaos all over Lukedonia.
Lagus pays his first visit to his former residence, the Tradio mansion and meets with his daughter, Claudia. After that, he and his daughter go to Gejutel's residence to pay his 'old friend' an unexpected visit. He reveals that his goal is to take over Lukedonia and control the world. He then poisons Gejutel with his deadly vines and takes him along to meet the rest of the traitors. Lagus joins the battle between Gradeus and Ludis and lends the fellow traitor his assistance in order to finish off the young clan leader. But the intervention of Rozaria and Gejutel's stubbornness hinder the fulfillment of his intention. Rozaria flees with Ludis. Lagus and Gradeus manage to catch them as Edian blocks their path. Lagus ushers Gradeus to finish them off fast but Ludis regains consciousness and creates an opportunity for Rozaria to escape. Lagus realizes that Rozaria is aiming her best attack instead of fleeing and warns Gradeus. Lagus protects himself and his daughter by surrounding himself and his daughter with the blood red vines. Gradeus body takes heavy damage and Lagus heals him with his new powers which he obtained by studying the regeneration abilities of Werewolves. Before he could finish Rozaria and others, the Werewolves arrive on the scene followed by Raskreia.
Lagus mockingly greets her by calling her "My Dear Lord". When she calls them traitors who defiled her land, Lagus corrects her by saying that they only think differently from the rest of Lukedonia. He reminds her that now even the weakest race (humans) are being disrespectful to Nobles. He claims that she is holding the Nobles down and by killing her he would bring the rule of Nobles in the world. The traitors start their battle with the noble Lord. They easily destroy her Blood Field and Raskreia is having a very hard time to fight three former clan leaders while protecting her injured vessels.
Lagus is disappointed as he believed that Raskreia would surprise them just like the young clan leaders did by displaying powers equal the clan leaders of the past. When Lagus mentions that they killed Rajak Raskreia brings her strongest attack which is sadly no match for Lagus' powerful defense. As Lagus plans to force Raskreia into Eternal Sleep their plan is failed by the sudden arrival of Frankenstein.
Frankenstein greets them by saying that he has wanted to meet them. While Gradeus easily loose his cool, Lagus carefully analyze the situation. His worst fear bears fruit when Frankenstein acknowledges that his Master is in Lukedonia as well. Lagus decides to resolve the situation as soon as possible before the arrival of Rai in the scene.
Rai destroys Lagus Tradio by using his Blood Phoenix attack. As Lagus's body begins to disintegrate, he lamented that his ambition had come to a hollow end, and even with his new power granted by Blood Stone he still could not surpass the Noblesse. Far from showing repentance, Lagus curses at Raizel and Nobles for not making their presence known to the world and reigning over it despite their superior powers. With his last dying breath, Lagus warned that by isolating themselves from rest of the world Nobles will be left behind and one day become extinct. With this warning Lagus entered into eternal sleep.


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On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

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Powers & Abilities

As a noble, Lagus has the usual enhanced skill of clan leaders. Furthermore, it is hinted that he has experimented on achieving powers like the noble hierarchy.

Soul Weapon


Lagus using Dolor.

Dolor: Dolor has the form of a cane with a black shaft and bronze head. Using it, Lagus can create red vines with deadly spikes that can impale the enemy from anywhere within a range and imbibe there energy. He could also control there density and strength from thin, to thick depending on the enemy. They could also be bunched together to be used as a shield which was strong enough to defend attacks from Frankenstein, Rozaria and Raskreia.
  • Blood Mist: After studying the unique ability of Noble Hierarchy, Lagus invented a new ability- Blood Mist. Lagus can create a red mist that engulfs his opponents within the designated perimeter. Within the mist, Lagus can launch attacks from every possible directions. Lagus can continue and redirect his assault as long as his opponents are inside the mist. Even if Lagus misses his intended target, the other, alternative targets in the mist would be affected by the attack. The mist also releases a powerful poison. Lagus used a similar ability to decrease the speed of Rajak Kertia.

Aura Manipulation

Lagus can control the barrier of Lukedonia to the extent that even the guardian of Lukedonia, Ludis, did not realize the penetration of traitors. Even Rai and Frankenstein have acknowledged Lagus as one of the few nobles who can influence the barrier in such way.

Physical Prowess

  • Regeneration: Lagus studied the regenerating abilities of Werewolves and he gained regenerative Abilities rivaling that of Werewolves. He could increase the healing of others as well. He restored a fully crippled Gradeus.

Blood Stone

Lagus 397

Lagus after fusing with Blood Stone.

Lagus stole the cursed artifact which had claimed the lives of many nobles in the past. Lagus uses it to fight Rai. After implanting the stone in his body, he releases high amount of aura from his chest, eyes and mouth. His physique changes after fusing with the stone and all cavities emanate neon-green glow. With the enhanced power, he is able to not only match up with Rai's power and easily nullifies Rai's Blood Field, he even temporarily overwhelms the Noblesse.



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