Lieutenant Simon (Kor. 사이먼) was a human soldier of the Union who was stationed at the Korean base at the time of Dr. Crombel's visit.


Simon was a well-built man. He has light brown eyes which matches his tan skin well. He is not very well-shaved. He is mostly seen in wearing the soldier outfit as he is a union soldier.


Lt. Simon was an intelligent, adaptable and resourceful man, as he discovers Crombel's true intentions and proceed to sabotage facility's cameras, preventing Crombel from fully getting what he wants. He is enough skilled in combat to be a sole survivor in his unit against the Infected, even if it was only briefly.

Because he is an ordinary human, he never lets overconfidence get the better of him, unlike so many modified humans who are all too often overconfident of their own abilities, resulting in their disgraceful defeat or demise.

Plot Overview

Volume 1

Lieutenant Simon was a soldier of the Union stationed in the Korean research base. He was commanded by Dr. Crombel to do a purge because the researchers had done an experiment on Jake without authorization.

In reality his troops were used by Dr. Crombel to primarily eliminate anyone or anything that would prevent him from having sole knowledge of a breakthrough he discovered. Secondly the troops were to provide fodder to gather data on the successful experiment of M-24's infected, effectively becoming targets of elimination themselves.

084 7 Lt. Simon

Lt.Simon kills the lab inmates.

After the successful purge which included the termination of all personnel and destruction of all documents and data, Simon was fatally wounded in his encounter with the Infected. Later he succumbed to his injuries. Before his death, M-21 met him in the hallway of the base and Simon accounted to him about what had happened. Lt. Simon warns M-21 about the monster created by the experiment. When asked about data, he tells that all the data was erased and the only possible area to find something is the main lab. After telling all this, Simon dies as M-21 and Rai proceed towards the main lab.


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Powers & Abilities

Lt. Simon was a normal human and has the authority over all the troops stationed at the Korean base. He was a weapons expert but lacked the ability to fight against the modified Infected and thus lost his life.


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