Juraki steps in to save Mirai after she is nearly killed by Lunark. Mirai having witnessed her sister's death at the hands of RK, attacks them to avenge her sister. Seira blocks her way and fights her. Seira overpowers her easily and Juraki steps in to save her once again.


Juraki angry at that the Nobles and humans are attacking their land gets ready to face off against the RK. Lunark reminds Juraki that she is his opponent, and that he has to fight her, after a minor quarrel, the two begin to fight.

Battle Summary

Lunark still injured and tired from her fight with the twins fails to match Juraki in strength and is pushed back demonstrating the difference between her previous opponents and her current one. The two continue to argue. She reveals her pity for those who chose to be modified rather than develop on their own merit but sees now that the Lord and his supporters were wrong from the start. She gathers her power and keeps on fighting even though her condition worsens as Juraki continually informs her. She is pushed back repeatedly due to her opponent's vastly superior speed and strength. Lunark says she prefers dying a warrior's death. Juraki is revealed to be the last Warrior who underwent modification. Thus Juraki prepares to grant her the death she desires by overwhelming her with his speed and power, taking her down easily.


Before Juraki can finish Lunark off, Mirai attacks her furiously and promises her a fate worse than death in the labs. M-21 blindsides Mirai pushing her away from Lunark. He tells the RK, that Lunark saved him and that he can't let her be defeated like this. The RK prepare to face the two warriors, but are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of an impatient Frankenstein.

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