Lutai (Kor. 루타이) was a modified human who served the Union as a member of Cerberus, the personal guard and strongest military force of the 12th Elder.


Lutai is a man of very short stature as compared to normal agents. He has long, blond hair that reaches about half-way down his back. His jaw protrudes because of mandibular prognathism, and his nose is quite large.


Lutai is less violent and eager to attack others as compared to his partner, Ked. He, like the other Cerberus members, is arrogant about his strength and underestimates others. He has quite a chatty attitude and loves to have fun while fighting.


Little is known about Lutai and his past other than the fact that he became a modified human and member of Cerberus, the personal bodyguards of the 12th Elder at an undisclosed point in the past.

Plot Overview

Volume 4

Cerberus Arc


Cerberus arrives with Yuri.

Lutai debuts with Cerberus arriving in Korea, accompanied by Yuri. They are met at the airstrip by An Sangeen and Na Yonsu, the two KSA agents who had been assigned to them to serve as their guides. They immediately head off to the area where the huge crater (caused by Frankenstein and Rael's battle) is located to begin their investigation. While the others state their opinions on the possible causes of the crater, Lutai is somewhat irritated that the Elder sent four members of Cerberus for the investigations when just one of them should have been enough.
He is later shown arriving at the KSA director's office with Yuri and his teammates, and silently watches the following events as Yuri and Ked forcefully take over the KSA. He is also present when Cerberus arrives at the KSA's Research labs to see the quality of KSA's technology and is eventually left behind with Ked while the others return to the crater site for further investigations.
He then accompanies Ked who wreaks havoc on the KSA building and its employees, giving him information on the power of the KSA's modified humans they come across and telling him not to expect much from them. They are eventually stopped by the arrival of Yuri and the other Cerberus members, who tell Ked to stop his attacks as causing more trouble would be problematic for them. Lutai teases Ked after he is insulted by Na Yonsu for attacking An Sangeen and praising her tough attitude. Afterwards, he accompanies Ked to look for Sangeen, intending to finish him off at his hospital room, but find him absent leading to more destruction caused by Ked.
Lutai and Ked ambush Sangeen as he returns to the KSA building, identifying him as a modified human, though not a registered one. They go after him as he tries to escape, with Lutai complimenting some of the abilities he displays. He mocks Ked's refusal to allow him to participate in the ensuing battle with Sangeen and watches from the sidelines, further analyzing his abilities until he is hit by a surprise attack with Tao's electricity.
He is later shown to have discovered Tao's position and begins questioning him about his identity. They banter for a bit before beginning their battle. During the battle, he gets caught by a few of Tao's traps, which forces him to transform in order to use his true power. Using his body suit, he gains the upper hand, eventually overpowering Tao and almost defeating him. He is, however, interrupted by the arrival of Takeo, who saves Tao by kicking Lutai away. This turns the tide of the battle against him as Takeo and Tao's teamwork proves a bit too much for him to handle, enabling them to inflict further injuries on him. He then angrily proclaims that he wouldn't lose to the likes of Crombel's creations and begins spinning at a very high speed, extending his saw and blade outwards which gives him the appearance of a spinning top.
He chases after Takeo who lures him away from Tao, and is shocked when his spinning is stopped by Takeo but mocks him for the damage he took in the exchange before moving to finish him off. He is suddenly impaled from behind with a make-shift spear made from electrical wires and electrocuted by a massive amount of electricity gathered from the entire area by Tao, which finally defeats him.
Lutai is found shortly thereafter by Yuri, who proceeds to tell him of his true allegiance and the details of his actual undercover mission on behalf of Dr. Crombel. He is then killed and his body is taken to Crombel along with that of Yuizi to be used as specimens in future experiments.


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Powers & Abilities


Lutai in Battle Suit


Lutai spinning at high speed

As a member of Cerberus, Lutai is very strong and skilled. He is one of the most powerful modified humans shown thus far, displaying highly destructive abilities that were capable of easily destroying cars and seriously damaging large buildings in his battle with Tao, while also causing large scale damage to the surrounding area itself. His physical prowess is at a high level as well, easily catching up to an escaping An Sangeen even though he had a head start and keeping up with Tao's speed with no visible problems. 

Physical Prowess

Lutai is very fast and is easily able to dodge Tao's wire traps. In his true form, his speed is increased further, quickly overwhelming Tao with very fast attacks putting him on the defensive. He has also a high resistance to shocks, and was not affected very much even after being shocked a number of times. Tao had to gather all the electricity in the area to electrocute him before inflicting proper damage.

Energy Manipulation

Lutai briefly demonstrated the ability to project his aura as beams from his fingertips.

Body Suit

When he transforms into his true form, Lutai gains a full body suit like the other Cerberus agents. In addition to his suit, he gains a chainsaw on each hand. The chainsaws easily cut Tao's wires and are powerful enough to damage large buildings.

  • High Speed Rotation: Lutai can also rotate at very high speeds with his weapons stretched sideways forming a high speed top.



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