The battle takes place when M-24 revolts in order to save the children from Jake and Mari realizes that M-21 has crossed them too.


While Mari and M-21 wait outside for the arrival of the "fourth kid", M-24 prevents Jake from killing Shinwoo and destroys his communication device. 

Battle Summary

Mari quickly understands the situation and throws an attack directed on M-21. M-21 senses the attack and nimbly dodges, revealing his speed to Mari. Mari announces that M-21 and M-24 are now regarded as traitors of the Union and in consequence will be discarded. M-21 transforms to bring out his claws in preparation for fighting Mari.

M-21 attacks first but Mari quickly jumps to avoid the attack. Mari comments that the information about the experiments should be updated because according to the data on them, they should not have their current strength. Mari then notices a tear on her outfit and becomes serious after seeing that she did not completely avoid the attack. She tells M-21 that he should not forget his place.

After a few attacks (only referred to in M-21's thoughts), a wounded M-21 is shown thinking over how Mari hasn't transformed yet but his attacks cannot hit her. Mari asks if the fight is over, remarking that he is still an experiment after all.


While M-21 and Mari are having an exchange of words, Frankenstein and Raizel arrive at the scene. M-21 gives them the location of the kids and tells them that he'll hold Mari off so that they can proceed. Frankenstein and Mari both think of it as unlikely. Raizel declares that he will go ahead inside, meaning to leave Frankenstein to deal with Mari. M-21 asks if it will be alright and Raizel reminds him that there's no time to spare.

M-21 leads Raizel to where the kids are located and Frankenstein relieves him as Mari's opponent.

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