The fight starts as M-21 steps in to protect the children from being killed by Shark.


After hearing from M-21 that the children have no connection with him and therefore they cannot be used against him, Shark decides to kill them. He moves for Shinwoo, lifting him up with one hand while choking him. At first M-21 contemplates whether or not he should save them then finally decides to stop Shark from killing Shinwoo. He steps forward and wounds Shark with his claws, exposing his ability of physical transformation.

Battle Summary

With the DA-5 taken by surprise, M-21 decides to attack Shark again to obstruct his healing. Shark dodges his attack but M-21 continues to slash at him. Eventually, Shark is pushed against a wall and slowly sinks to the floor as M-21 slashes from above his head. Shark stops the attack with his knives and pushes M-21 away. He starts his own attack, using his weapons to slash at the air toward M-21. M-21 realizes that he cannot avoid the attack since it is headed towards the children so he takes the attack. Shark takes the opportunity and continuously attacks M-21. M-21 stops the knife from stabbing him by holding it with his claws but Shark slowly overpowers him as he slowly loses his strength. M-21 realizes that he can't hold his transformation any longer but continues to block a large attack from reaching the children.


M-21 falls on his knees just as Regis stands up. He tells the young noble that he has taken too long considering he took off the handcuffs long ago. Regis apologizes for taking time to recover and takes over battling with Shark.

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