Maduke (Kor. 마두크) was the Lord of werewolves and was one of the major antagonists of the series. He held the position of the 2nd Elder of the Union.


He appeared to be a relatively tall individual, with light brown hair partitioned to a side and yellow eyes. He was seen dressed in black and golden attire similar to a cape to go over it. He donned the same outfit back at Muzaka's reign too when all the other pack members wore white garments.


Maduke was a very keen-sighted person and trusted no one including his loyal subordinate Kentas who was put under surveillance when he expressed his displeasure against the use of Garda as an experiment specimen. Maduke sacrificed the members of his race if it leads to the growth of his strength.

Maduke was a cold, cunning and patient person who believes himself to be the one true Lord of the Werewolves. He waited for centuries to remove Muzaka from his position as the Lord.

Maduke believed that the only way for long-lasting peace to exist was that the world should be ruled by the strong and the war was just a way to achieve that. (Noblesse OVA)

In chapter 468, Maduke is revealed to be a greedy tyrant who would sacrifice all to become the single most powerful werewolf. He declares that he himself and only himself is the Lord, species and the clan.


During Muzaka's reign as the werewolf Lord and due to his random wanderings, Maduke carried out most of the communications with Nobles and humans as their packs representative. His role was of the beta wolf in the pack and also the chief conspirator against Muzaka.

Plot Overview

Maduke is first seen sitting on a throne in a large room when he is approached by the Lunark, who is answering his summons. He informs her about the activities of the 4th and 9th Elders and directly orders her to investigate all their activities.
He discovered that Muzaka, the former lord of werewolves, is alive[1], when the Union elders watched the footage of what occurred in Roctis' Island. Barely managing to maintain composure from the shocking revelation, he and other elders abruptly ended their conference. Soon after, he furiously admonishes Roctis and his clan for hiding Muzaka.
Later, the 5th Elder reports to him that both the 4th and 9th Elders have been killed, the 4th by the Noblesse. She also reports to him that Muzaka was there and that it seemed like he has always been there. After she has returned with Kentas, he tells them that he suspects there may be more Elders, if not all of them except for him, who are involved in the hiding of Muzaka. Kentas asks for his permission to attack the Union. However, the 2nd Elder, playing a sadistic grin on his face, comments they can always destroy an organisation such as the Union and tells them to search for Muzaka instead, whilst also keeping a close eye on South Korea, where the Noblesse reappeared.
On his next appearance,[2] he rebukes Crombel for being late to a meeting, which was ironically proposed by Crombel himself. During the meeting, the 2nd Elder remains silent, just listening to the conversation between Crombel and the 1st Elder, about how the Union is going to fill the void left by the 9th Elder's sudden death. When Crombel proposes that he would like a promotion to the role of Union's leading scientist, the 2nd Elder is disgusted by the endless greed of humans. However, he agrees with the 1st Elder, in saying that the role of the 9th Elder is very important and that they will decide once the other Elders are present. 

In the flashback arc, Maduke is shown with other werewolves after Muzaka arrives in their base from one of his wanderings. As the others struggle to answer to their Lord why the nobles chose to interfere in werewolf activities, Maduke steps up to explain. He convinces Muzaka that it was always the nobles who continuously interfered in their business and all they did was answer to human call for aid. He further opines that they should make it clear to the nobles to stay clear from interfering in werewolf activities and engage in a war of strength, if necessary. He volunteers to convey the view of the pack to the noble Lord but is surprised, along with the rest, when Muzaka decides to run the errand himself.
As Muzaka leaves to visit Lukedonia, Maduke and the others (with the exception of Garda) discuss how to confront the situation should the nobles inform of their real activities to Muzaka. Maduke decides to eliminate all evidences against them before Muzaka returns.
When Muzaka returns after learning the truth from nobles, the two Werewolves confront each other with great distaste and Maduke invites his Lord to speak. Muzaka asks his servant about what has happened and his deadly expression shows Maduke that Muzaka has found out everything. However, Maduke plainly pretends as if nothing has happened but Muzaka only gets more serious as he recounts what he heard from Maduke differs greatly to the truth. The other Werewolves show their concern but Maduke remains calm and tries to lighten the mood by making a joke about how quickly Muzaka managed to visit the Noble Lord and speak to him and come back so soon. However, Muzaka is in no mood to joke around and demands Maduke to respond to the question. Maduke says that although he does not know what the Nobles told Muzaka, they only told their Lord the truth and nothing differed from their report. Muzaka asks for his confirmation and Maduke promises that they did not hide anything from him nor lie to him. But Muzaka doesn't calm down and demands Maduke to explain the reasons for intervening in human wars and killing many people and for repeatedly doing this from the past, ruling over the humans in the process. Maduke remains silent and Muzaka asks them if the Nobles lied to him and Maduke says that is the truth for now. Muzaka then demands an explanation for this nonsense as both groups claim to be telling the truth yet their claims differ greatly. Maduke reassures his Lord that they never lied and reminds him that they always helped those humans who asked for help. Muzaka becomes enraged as Maduke confirms that they only helped the humans 'a little' and his standard of 'a little' help included killing and ruling over the humans. But Maduke confidently speaks back, saying that they don't understand what is considered helping the humans a little if ruling over them doesn't classify as one because killing or ruling over the humans is easy for their kind therefore it shouldn't be a problem if the Werewolves acted freely towards the humans. Muzaka is lost in rage and screams Maduke's name, radiating vast amounts of aura. All the Werewolves in his presence shiver in fear and Garda pleads for him to calm down. But Muzaka tells Garda to shut up as she has no right to ask him to calm down after hearing all this herself. Maduke then asks his Lord why he is getting so angry and says that they cannot understand why he is acting in this way. Muzaka then asks them whether they really don't know and if they thought they were going to get away with what they have done. But Maduke defends himself, saying they haven't committed any big crime as there is no rule in their pack history saying that they were not allowed to interfere in human affairs. Maduke carries on, saying that it was always their choice not to involve themselves in the human world and now, they decided to change to keep up with the changing world. Muzaka ignores all this and grabs Maduke by the throat and tells him to stop playing with words. Maduke gives out a loud laugh and tells him that this is no game, but the opinion of the whole pack and that they all hope that their Lord is selfless enough to sacrifice his sole opinion for the greater good (the pack's opinion). Muzaka asks him to clarify his words and Maduke asks him to punish him if he thinks the whole pack's opinion is just a playing of words and says they must obey their Lord if that is the case. Muzaka remembers what Garda had told him earlier and finally lets go of Maduke. Maduke tells his Lord that they know he is doing this to protect the weak humans but he must know that all this happened because those humans, whom Muzaka desperately wanted to protect, wanted it. Muzaka is confused by what he just heard but Maduke goes on to reveal that the humans asked for their help, asked for their powers, to kill their enemies and they were the ones who asked them to rule over them and they were the ones to take advantage of this to rule over weaker humans. Maduke reminds Muzaka that he also knew that the humans always approached them and asked for all kinds of help and at last, they resigned and decided to help. Garda remains silent, looking more and more concerned, and Muzaka turns away from his servants and walks away whilst the other Werewolves grin in triumph.

A few months later, Muzaka returns at the Werewolves' Lair after meeting with Raizel and learning from Raizel about his next course of action. Muzaka has his pack members gathered before his throne and tells them that his thoughts on these matters haven't changed: Werewolves will only be allowed to interfere in human affairs moderately. This confuses them all but Muzaka reminds them that they know what is being asked of them and warns them that any more incidents like the recent one will not be tolerated. Maduke stands up for the pack as he says that although he understands what his Lord is requesting, he cannot see why his Lord would be so selfish to proceed with his own policy in preference of the pack's. Muzaka tells him that he knows they want freedom and that although he isn't willing to stop them from being free, he cannot allow them to use their powers against humans. Muzaka remains firm as he says that he is willing to suppress the whole pack's opinion. Maduke questions his Lord's logic as he asks why they cannot use their powers according to their own will and that they should have the freedom to use their powers in the human world. Muzaka tells him that it's not right for them to use their powers against humans as they please but Maduke reminds him that it's always the humans who ask for their help, which suggests that they too, are willing to be affected by their powers. Muzaka clarifies their boundaries as he tells them that they are still allowed to blend in with humans to give them help and influence them a bit and all this, he won't stop. But he reminds them of the vast difference in power between them and humans and therefore, it is not right for them to interfere in human affairs and act as they please, abusing their powers like in the last incident, which will ultimately break the balance of the world. He then proudly announces that he will not let wrongdoings happen in front of his eyes. As Maduke grits his teeth, Muzaka also announces that this is the law all of them will have to honour as long as he is their Lord and if any of them have a problem with that, they can come and challenge him - he will not decline a challenge, according to the laws of the pack. Muzaka reveals that he would have no problem if any of them beat him and did as he pleased. Maduke says that he cannot believe this situation and questions the importance of humans that their Lord is willing to suppress them so much. Maduke goes on to even liken Muzaka to a Noble and asks him whether his recent stay with the Noblesse has influenced him. Muzaka tells him that this has nothing to do with that but Maduke asks him if that's true, why is he favouring humans and oppressing his own pack. When Muzaka tells him that that is purely because what they want is unjust, Maduke asks his Lord to name the penalty they will face if they committed a crime (what he would think as unjust) and asks him if he will be as mad as the Noblesse. This confuses Muzaka and Maduke reveals that they happened to hear about what even most of the Nobles do not know about, which is that long ago, many Nobles were imprudently forming contracts with humans and like themselves, influenced the human world heavily. When these Nobles then took the lives of many innocent humans, the Nobles of Lukedonia finally found out about this. At the moment, one Noble from Lukedonia acted quickly to execute all of those Nobles and that's when they came to find out about the Noblesse. Maduke shouts at his Lord, confirming that the Noblesse, whom his Lord just met and spent time with, killed the members of his own race because they killed humans, just those pathetic humans. Muzaka is caught in great shock as he remembers what Raizel told him and finally realises the true meaning behind his warning and the reason why he always stayed away from everyone and be lonely the whole time. Maduke asks his Lord if that is what he would also do to his own people, like the Noblesse but they do not hear a reply as their Lord disappears immediately.
Back in present time, Maduke sends a team of four werewolves to South Korea in order to eliminate Muzaka. When the other Elders ask him to explain himself, Maduke says that Union has nor right to interfere in the internal affairs of his clan. Maduke is enraged when he learns that his subordinates failed to eliminate Muzaka.
Maduke then conspires with the traitor nobles to invade Lukedonia as nobles are the reason why werewolves can't rule the world. He is enraged when he learns the news about the failed invasion and the threat from Lukedonia which said that werewolves would pay for the invasion.
Maduke gets some relief when Ignes Kravei joins him.

Kentas confronts Maduke regarding Garda being held captive in the laboratory. Kentas asks whether Maduke knew about it. Although Maduke says nothing, Kentas intuitively realises Maduke does. Kentas requests an explanation as to why a supposed traitor is alive when Maduke told everyone that the werewolf lord personally 'took care' of her. Maduke justifies his actions by claiming Garda is a traitor and there is nothing wrong with a traitor being sacrificed for their race and being experimented on. Kentas becomes disillusioned with Maduke as the latter doesn't hesitate to use a member of his own race as an experiment and comes to believe that their race is becoming like the humans who don't hesitate to sacrifice their own kind to satisfy their greed for power. Maduke then quickly changes the subject and demands an explanation from Kentas as to why he entered the lab without permission. Kentas immediately apologises. Maduke makes it clear that under normal circumstances he would have been punished but due to the current crisis within the werewolf clan and Kentas' dedication to the clan he is to be spared just this once. Maduke then sends Kentas away and instructs him to await further orders. After Kentas leaves, Maduke summons Juraki, and orders him to keep an eye on Kentas.
After Kentas disappears, Maduke questions Lunark and wonders if she knew anything of his intentions. Lunark feigns ignorance and adds that she was wondering about Kentas' whereabouts too. Maduke, dismisses her, although he is suspicious of her.
In the werewolf clan's lab, Ignes reports to Maduke about the death of the three werewolves who weren't able endure the intensity of the experiments. She wonders if he is upset but Maduke reassures her it's fine as she had his approval. Maduke assures Ignes that he will provide her with more subjects since Garda was the only werewolf to survive her experiments. Maduke enquires about Muzaka as she and 9th Elder experimented on him behind Maduke's back. She informs him that Muzaka was an exceptional test subject and would regenerate quickly no matter how much they mauled him up. Maduke takes his leave and he knows that both him and Ignes are using each other. He hopes that Ignes will be able to create someone stronger than Muzaka as she has researched Muzaka's abilities for a long time.
Later on Kentas is seen kneeling before Maduke sitting on his throne, handcuffed. He is surrounded by Lunark and other werewolves present under Maduke's order to witness his fate. Maduke expresses his disappointment in Kentas and accuses him of treason. Kentas makes a futile attempt to explain his actions, only to be logically refuted by Maduke who saw through Kentas. He is left confused, for he has existed pridefully for his clan and maintained his dignity as a werewolf warrior all his life only to be branded traitor. Kentas then suddenly lashes out at Lunark, accusing her of selling him out. Gayare intervenes to restrain Kentas, knocking him unconscious. Maduke orders Gayare to take away Kentas and seals his fate as an experiment specimen. Maduke also clears Lunark of suspicion after witnessing Kentas' outburst.
The werewolves are gathered in the throne room. Dorant reports to Maduke that Lunark has disappeared, just as he expected. Gayare states that it looks as though Lunark is a traitor too. Dorant offers to bring her back, however, Gayare says that he'll go this time as well. Maduke informs them there's no need for anyone to bring her back, and that she'll return on her own. Gayare is surprised and comments that he thinks she's run away. Maduke interrupts him and repeats that she'll return and she'll bring Muzaka with her. He tells the warriors they tried to find Muzaka, but were unable to, so they'll make him come to them. He mentions that when Muzaka arrives, they'll take care of him and the traitors who followed him. He dismisses the werewolves and orders them to prepare for Muzaka's arrival. Maduke is pleased with the situation, because, unlike Muzaka, who fell asleep and lived as a test subject, him and his people have obtained even greater power and promises he'll show Muzaka who the true Lord of the werewolves is.
Maduke requests an update on the experiments Ignes is performing. Ignes tells him that all is going well and that she'll be able to obtain more data than expected. He enquires about the experiment he mentioned specifically. Ignes replies that's also going smoothly, without any problems, and that the only problem is duration, but she'll have that resolved soon. Maduke asks if she's certain that what she's creating will overpower Muzaka. Ignes assures him that she knows Muzaka's abilities and weaknesses better than anyone, having studied him for centuries. Maduke tells her that Muzaka is going to arrive soon and orders Ignes to stop all other experiments and focus on finishing the experiment soon even if it means the loss of more werewolves in the process. Ignes agrees though she complains that the specimens won't survive for more than a day. Maduke doesn't care about that and promises to bring her more werewolves for experiments.
Ignes brings the two werewolf researchers, who released Kentas and M-21 from captivity before Maduke. She states that in order to exonerate herself, she has brought proof for all to see. Just as an enraged Maduke is about to do something unspeakable to the researchers, Ignes proposes that they be used for experimentation. Suddenly, a deafening explosion is heard from the direction of labs.
Zaiga informs Maduke that the sensors have detected that something approaching their territory, at incredible speed. Maduke deduces that it must be Muzaka, and he orders his subordinates to "welcome" their former Lord.
Maduke is sitting in his castle happily lost in thought, that the day he has waited for, for so long has finally arrived: the day Muzaka will bow before him. His thoughts are interrupted as he senses a great deal of energy coming from above and is surprised when he realises what the power is.
Maduke stands amidst the burning wreckage of his castle. He wonders if Muzaka is the one responsible for this, before realising that Muzaka doesn't have this kind of power, and coming to the realisation that it was the work of Nobles. Urne and Mirai appear, asking if the Lord is alright. Maduke asks them to find the ones behind the attack and bring them to him. Urne and Mirai accept orders, however, before they're able to leave, an eye appears in the sky above them. Rozaria gathers energy for a second attack and unleashes her ultimate skill a second time. Maduke, Mirai and Urne are left stupefied by the sudden attack.
When Titan unleashes his full power and transforms, his aura is felt by everyone. Mirai, Urne, Lunark, M-21, Kei, Raskreia and Muzaka are all surprised by the power, while Maduke smiles knowing that Ignes has succeeded in reviving the beast.
In a flashback, Maduke and Ignes stare at Titan, who is lying dormant in a giant experiment pod. Maduke introduces Titan, as the experiment they have put everything on the line for as not just any chimera, but a monster. He reveals that chimeras created by humans had inspired him to use members of his own race to create the strongest being in existence. Ignes is shocked by the nature of the research carried out by the werewolf clan and doubts that combining two bodies could yield something stable. Maduke explains that it took them a very long time, and it was possible due to the resilience of his kind. Maduke admits to using his kinsmen as experiment specimens and adds that they were able to keep up with humans in the field of physical modification since they could withstand extensive procedures. He corrects her stating that Titan was not a combination of two bodies; it is comprised of many werewolves. Ignes shudders at the thought of the lives sacrificed in the trials and wonders if Maduke did the work himself. Maduke tells her that although they created it, they failed to awaken it, and its regeneration ability is the only thing keeping it alive. He tells her that she will be the one to resurrect him. Ignes hesitates to commit, but Maduke accuses her of hiding her abilities since she has experimented on nobles, in addition to leading physical modification at the Union behind the scenes and working with Lagus Tradio, making her unparalleled. With a malevolent grin, Ignes notes that he knows a lot about her.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Maduke does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Maduke does not feature in Noblesse S.

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Maduke does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

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  • Maduke has considered himself far superior to humankind, revealed in later chapters (after his death) he has joined the union only for himself and has threatened the union several times.

  • Maduke shows the same attitude towards the werewolves as the humans. He believed that the weak should sacrifice for the strong, and had implanted a blood stone in all the werewolves (excluding Kentas and Lunark) and used their vitality and power to power himself. He thought of himself as the only werewolf lord, chief, and kind.

Powers & Abilities

As the former Lord of the werewolves and 2nd Elder of the Union, Maduke was an extremely powerful individual.



Maduke's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Maduke can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. When transformed, his physical abilities and senses are greatly enhanced.


Maduke's enhanced transformation.

After receiving physical modifications, Maduke gained the ability to transform a second time which turns him into a bipedal lycanthrope with brown fur.[3]

Blood Stone


Maduke's enhanced transformation via blood stone.

Maduke implanted blood stones into himself and his warriors when they chose to accept physical modifications. He is able to transform a third time after he absorbs their power, and can also absorb the power of every member of his race. Additionally, Maduke was able to further absorb the power from all living things in the area, allowing him to utilise an even more powerful transformation.
Maduke 2nd BS transformation

Maduke's second blood stone enhanced transformation.

Physical Prowess

As the current Lord of the werewolves, Maduke is the strongest of all werewolves. He possesses immense physical strength and speed, able to match Muzaka during their battle (though Muzaka was tired from fighting Garda). His endurance is also of an extremely high level, as he showed no signs of being in pain after taking Muzaka's ultimate attack despite losing a large portion of his torso. Once he transformed into his second form, his strength and speed increased to the point where he could easily overpower Muzaka, with him stating that Muzaka wouldn't be a match for him even at full power. This proved to be false when Muzaka did overpower him.

  • Claws: During his battle with Muzaka, he demonstrated the ability to enlarge his claws in his enhanced transformed state.
  • Regeneration: As a werewolf, Maduke possesses superior regeneration that allows him to focus more on trading blows with his enemies. After receiving physical modifications, his regeneration becomes so powerful that he was able to instantly recover from having a large portion of his torso that was blown off by Muzaka's ultimate attack. He can absorb the aura of his subordinates to fuel his regeneration. In his blood stone enhanced form, he instantly regenerated his arm that was blown off by Raizel's attack. Muzaka despite having a powerful regeneration compared to other werewolves called Maduke's regeneration monstrous.

Aura Manipulation

As the current Lord of the werewolves, Maduke possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura). When transforming into his second form, it released so much aura that it caused a massive explosion, with Frankenstein noting that his energy became unbelievably stronger. According to 3rd Elder, the energy they sensed from their satellites said that Maduke 's power is more powerful than Raizel during his fight against Raskreia. After absorbing the power of his warriors and kinsmen via the Blood Stone, his power is said to easily surpass Lagus Tradio when he used the Blood Stone by Frankenstein. He is very skilled at manipulating his own aura, shown when he sends multiple aura slashes at Muzaka.




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