The format that is required for character pages of the Noblesse Manhwa should follow these guidelines:

  • Character Infoboxes - Use Noblesse Wiki: Character Template
  • Images - 300px width (main), 100-250px (others)
  • Appearance - describe the character's looks, attire, special features etc
  • Personality - describe the character's personality using instances of events from the manhwa
  • Background - use this section to elaborate the history or family background of the character; omit if the information is short enough to fit in introductory lines
  • Abilities/ Weapons/ Powers - create a list of the character's abilities (e.g. blood field, awakening in case of Rai)', weapons (e.g. soul weapons in case of clan leaders) etc.
  • Plot - this is the longest section ~ describe the events, actions concerning the related character in different arcs (please follow the authorized arc names)

Last but not the least, keep it simple. Both too ornate wordings and too informal sentences should be avoided. If you need to discuss, contact our community via forum or message walls. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact the admins.