Mind Control (정신 지배) is a common technique used among the Nobles. Even though all nobles can use it, its strength varies between users.


Mind control is a technique that is most common to the nobles. It allows them to control peoples' minds and manipulate them according to their wishes. It can also be used to freeze an opponent's movements during battle. It can also be used to erase memories from the minds of humans. By using this method, nobles have been able to keep themselves hidden from normal humans for ages.

The power of mind control varies depending on the user and the target. While normal humans and weak modified humans easily succumb to the effects of mind control, it is not as effective against strong or specially trained agents. While Regis can use mind control effectively only on normal humans and weak agents, Raizel has been able to use his mind control even against clan leaders. As long as Raizel has undivided attention towards his opponents, they cannot be freed. The clan leaders used Raizel's diverted attention to Raskreia as an opportunity and had to call forth their soul weapons to free themselves[1].

The effect also varies depending on the users. While Regis' mind control works as temporarily immobilising his opponents, Raizel can use his mind control to render his opponents unable to breathe and inflict serious physical injury. Only a noble Lord and Muzaka are shown to be unaffected by the Noblesse's mind control.

M-24 and Frankenstein can also use mind control.



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