Mirai (Kor. 미라이) was a werewolf subordinate of Maduke. She had a twin sister called Urne.


Mirai had bright green eyes and hair. She kept her tresses in a half ponytail and had bandages covering her left eye. She wore a beige sleeveless top and matching trousers with a green sash around her waist. Mirai accessorized with golden bangles and armlets.


Mirai had an insouciant, vivacious and ebullient trait. She also had a huge crush on Juraki, just like her sister Urne. She was reckless when fighting after she lost her sister and underestimated her opponents even with clear evidence of their fighting prowess surpassing her own. She, like her sister, believed that it was her calling as a warrior to accept enhancement, knowing well that weaker werewolves were sacrificed for the technology. Mirai was driven by emotions: she charged at the RK members to avenge her sister's death. She lost her temper when she saw that many nobles have entered their territory and refused Juraki's suggestion that they withdraw.


Plot Overview

Volume 8

After catching Gayare off-guard, M-21 attempts to escape, however, his attempt is foiled by the sudden arrival of Urne and Mirai. Mirai tells him that she doesn't know where he was running off to, but she can't let him leave like this, while Urne tells him that he needs to finish what he started. Before M-21 can react, Gayare has caught up to them, declaring that he'll kill M-21.
Urne and Mirai are surprised by M-21's powers and wonder if he's an Elder from the Union, and that they didn't know such a Union Elder existed. The berate Gayare for getting beaten up by a human imitation of their clan. Gayare tells them to shut up and overwhelms M-21 shortly thereafter. The twins continue watching the battle, commenting that it's too bad they have to get rid of M-21, since he's rather cute. Gayare is about to launch his final strike, when Kentas yells that if Gayare attacks now, then countless humans will be killed in the attack. He questions if Juraki tends to just stand by and watch as countless humans get disappear. Juraki orders, the twins create a barrier allowing Gayare to deliver a finishing strike without causing further damage to the city and its inhabitants. They are surprised to see that M-21 has survived the attack. For a moment, Mirai wonders if M-21 is indeed not one of them while Urne states that he could be of use to their clan. Gayare is about to kill him, when Kentas steps in and tells them that he owes him on his honour as a werewolf warrior. To their surprise Juraki consents to this adding that they'll take M-21 with them, out of curiosity.
Mirai is present when Maduke summons all the warriors together and declares Kentas a traitor to him and their entire clan.
Urne and Mirai talk to Lunark about the rumours they've heard being circulated among the other warriors. They ask her when she's going to accept the new power, since she's the only warrior left, that hasn't done so, and because of how close she was to Kentas, the other warriors suspect that she might be a traitor too. They leave by suggesting she accept the new power soon, otherwise she could end up losing the Lord's favour.
A few days later, the warriors assemble again in the throne room. Dorant informs their Lord that Lunark has disappeared just as he had expected and offers to bring her back. The twins are exasperated at Lunark's foolishness to ignore their warning. Maduke foretells Lunark will return with Muzaka and orders the warriors to lay wait for the traitors.
Mirai and Urne arrive at their Lord's side after witnessing the destruction of the castle. The ask about the Lord's condition, as Maduke orders them to find the ones responsible for the attack and bring them before him. Before they can leave to fulfil their orders, an eye appears in the sky above them. Rozaria gathers energy for a second attack and unleashes her ultimate skill a second time. Maduke, Mirai and Urne are left stupefied by the sudden attack.
When Titan unleashes his full power and transforms, his aura is felt by everyone. Mirai, Urne, Lunark, M-21, Kei, Raskreia and Muzaka are all surprised by the power, while Maduke smiles knowing that Ignes has succeeded in reviving the beast.
They encounter Lunark and M-21 and accuse Lunark for not only betraying their race and bringing Muzaka, but also of destroying the Lord's castle. Lunark clarifies that she was not the one to destroy the castle but adds that she never expected it'd crumble so easily and always found it rather flashy for werewolves. Incensed, they warn her to turn herself in and accept her punishment as a warrior. Lunark reminds them that they sacrificed the ones they were sworn to protect for power. The twins are outraged by the insinuation, however, Lunark agrees to accompany them in order to afford Muzaka the time to rescue Kentas and Garda. Lunark asks them to spare M-21 and let him go since he would be of no use to them, Urne complies by shooting an energy beam at M-21 in order to kill him. To their surprise, Lunark blocks the attack and challenges them to a battle. The fight is an uphill challenge for her due to the extraordinary regeneration ability of her opponents. M-21 enters the fray and takes on Urne. This allows Lunark to focus her attention on Mirai. Just as Lunark is about to deliver a fatal attack, Juraki arrives and defends Mirai. He tells her to step back since she is not a match for Lunark. Meanwhile, members of the RK arrive and prevent Urne from killing M-21. They overwhelm her and M-21 kills her by unleashing his ultimate skill, the phantom wolf attack. Mirai swears to avenge her sister and charges at them. Seira undertakes to fight Mirai and defeats her. Once again, Juraki intervenes and saves her. Lunark reminds him that he has to face her first.


Powers & Abilities

Urne&Mirai 453

Urne and Mirai post-transformation.

In addition to basic werewolf abilities, Mirai and her twin sister have demonstrated proficiency in creating barriers. During the fight between M-21 and Gayare, they created a barrier to contain a powerful discharge of energy by Gayare.


Physical Prowess

She-wolves 453

Lunark (left) vs Urne and Mirai.

  • Regeneration: Mirai 's regeneration was faster than an unmodified True Warrior and capable of regenerating her lower body even after it is destroyed.

Aura Manipulation

Mirai was able to utilize her clan's most powerful attack that only a few members could use.



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