Mount (Kor. 마운트) was a male Werewolf teamed up with Kaiyo, Kuharu and Drakon in the joint mission of werewolves and Traitor Nobles to invade Lukedonia, under the command of their Lord, Maduke.


Mount has a bulky, muscular built and blue skin. He appears to be bald. He wears a pair of white trousers and has a tattoo of a red heart on his right bicep.


Mount was belligerent, yet very immature and childlike werewolf. He always jumps to action rather than thinking it out.

Plot Overview

Mount first appears on Chapter 365 with his Kuharu and Drakon while accompanying the traitor nobles in the invasion of Lukedonia.

He along with Kuharu battles Rajak which leads to the death of both Rajak and Kuharu. Mount is extremely sad at the loss of his fellow werewolf comrade and promises to take revenge by killing nobles.

Later on Mount combines forces with Drakon and Kaiyo to overpower Kei Ru in Lukedonia. Their plan to kill Kei is interrupted by the arrival of Raskreia. The werewolves intruders barely saves their life from Raskreia and join the noble traitors.

Mount is the first werewolf who is overpowered when Rai enters the scene. He gains consciousness just in time when Rai is about to kill Drakon. Mount launches an energy blast to save Drakon. Mount, Drakon and Kaiyo are easily defeat by Rai.

When Lagus Tradio fuses with the Blood Stone, the werewolves decide to hold Raskreia back so that she could not interfere in Rai's fight with Lagus.

Mount dies a tragic death as a result of treachery by Lagus Tradio who absorbed his life and blood essence.


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Powers & Abilities

Mount was a powerful werewolf, being a warrior of his kind.


Mount 369

Like all werewolves, Mount can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form.



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