Muar (Kor. 무아르) was the 11th Elder of Union. He was killed in his battle with Frankenstein, being consumed by the Dark Spear.


The 11th Elder appears to be a middle aged man of tall stature and lean build. He has long, wild hair that reaches just pass his shoulders and no facial hair.


Muar, like other Elders is very arrogant about his abilities. He is brash, rough, confrontational and even taunted Seira and Regis for their relative youth as Nobles and therefore in his mind insignificant and inappropriate representatives for Lukedonia. He tries to overwhelm them with his aura, but is surprised when Seira subdues it completely. He is very short tempered and releases powers at the slightest of insults. He is quick to fight, but stops when the 10th Elder intervenes.


Muar revealed that he was acquainted with the assault of modified humans on nobles that had brought destruction upon the Loyard and Landegre Clans.

Plot Overview

Volume 5

Decision Arc

The 10th & 11th Elders
Muar comes to Korea to investigate the death of 12th Elder alongside 10th Elder. They are greeted by Yuri and Bonerre after they disembark the airplane. Then Seira and Regis arrive as Lukedonia's representatives to attend the meeting with the Elders. After a formal introduction has been made, Muar teases them, calling them 'kids' considering the noble age parameters. However, Seira reminds them they are insulting the representatives of Lukedonia and demands proper explanation from the Union regarding the 12th Elder's use of powers. An enraged Muar releases his aura to show-off and gloats when Regis is barely able to withstand it. As he questions the power of Nobles, Seira uses her aura to suppress that of Muar. Impressed at her display of power, Muar requests a duel which would have started (as Seira doesn't decline) but for Rostere's intervention.
Muar and Rostere come across Rai and M-21 near the safehouse (where Tao and Takeo had come). Inquiring of their identity and receiving no response, Muar becomes angry at their arrogance to ignore Elders. After M-21 creates a blast as a distraction intended for Rai to escape (which Rai obviously doesn't do), Muar aims a powerful beam at them. The 10th Elder chides him for using too much power but with the smoke clearing up, it is revealed that even such amount of power was of no avail as Rai has effortlessly blocked the attack. At this, the Elders get serious (to confront Rai), however, Frankenstein arrives by his master's side, accompanied by Seira and Regis.
Muar gets 'pushed back' by the new individual he encounters, and finally gets permission from his senior Elder to use his full powers. The battle between him and Frankenstein ensues and soon Muar finds himself trapped by his opponent despite his prior apparent lead. Muar uses his full physical transformation while Frankenstein summons his Dark Spear. Muar is struck with the weapon before it even reaches Frankenstein's hands. Muar finally admits his opponent is not weaker than himself. But even in his transformed form, he gradually gets outmatched by Frankenstein who provokes him to lose his temper. Muar gets worked up again when Frankenstein turns to complement Seira on her battle with Rostere. Annoyed that his opponent dared to ignore him, he furiously attacks Frankenstein from behind - an action which is returned with a sadistic grin as the Dark Spear impales Muar.
Impaled with Frankenstein's Dark Spear and slowly being consumed by it, Muar pleads Frankenstein call back his weapon at any cost and also agrees to answer all questions. To avoid unnecessary leak-outs, Rostere aims a shot, however, Frankenstein's dark power absorbs it as well as Muar.


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Powers & Abilities

Aura Manipulation

As a Union Elder , Muar has a vast reserve of potent aura energy. His aura was strong enough to Yuri, Bonerre and Regis's senses. Seira has even stated that they would be evenly matched in battle. The most basic technique in aura manipulation. Muar focuses his aura energy into his palm and releases it as a destructive beam easily capable of destroying skyscrapers and causing tremors for miles.

  • Aura Saw: Muar can create massive buzzsaw-like constructs of aura energy. They move at incredible (easily supersonic) speeds, and can cleave multiple skyscrapers in half before exploding with tremendous force.


Muar transformed

Muar, fully transformed

In the battle with Frankenstein, Muar transforms into his true form: a green, mantis-like creature with antenna. But before he could bring out his true powers, he is hit by Frankenstein's Dark Spear. He becomes more powerful faster, stronger and his ability to heal  is greater. In this form, he is able to fire blades of green aura, as well as circular discs made of the same green energy. His blades on his hands are so sharp that he can cut a top half of a building right off without even trying.



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