Muzaka (Kor. 무자카) is the former Lord of the werewolves and the only equal friend of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. It is revealed that he is the one responsible for Raizel's 820-year long hibernation. As of the end of the series, he has been reinstated as lord.


Muzaka has a tall, muscular, fair-skinned body that is covered with large battle scars. Muzaka has long grey hair, with greyish eyes. Under the effects of the Union's control, his eyes appeared to be completely white, showing no irises or pupils. During the time he was sleeping and after his awakening, his attire consists of only black briefs. However, in the past, he wore light brown pants and a red blazer with white fur lining.


In the past, he seemed quite lively and approachable, but slightly arrogant; much like The Previous Lord of the Nobles. He is also seen to be rather caring as he says that he is glad to see someone taking care of his friend, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

During his battle against Raizel, he was very violent, aggressive, and would not listen to reason. After getting help from Crombel, his aggression was diminished and he regained his reason.

After the loss of his daughter Ashleen, he holds humanity in a completely warped and distorted view.


Muzaka is the former Lord of the Werewolves before he was said to have betrayed them. It was also believed by many including his race that he was dead. At an unknown point in time, he met and befriended Raizel. It is revealed that Raizel stopped him from slaughtering all the humans and that is how their relationship was ruined.[1] According to Raizel, Muzaka lost something precious to him which ignited his wrath towards mankind. That precious being is Ashleen, the daughter Muzaka had with a human. After she was killed in a human-werewolf conflict(actually killed by a werewolf sent by Maduke), Muzaka set to wipe out the entire human race in his rage and agony when Raizel fought him off.[2]

Plot Overview

The 9th Elder is seen entering a gigantic room where Muzaka is first seen[3] immersed in fluid within a large experimental pod. The 9th Elder regretfully whispers that the Union may soon be in need of his power.

While fleeing from the Noblesse, Ignes Kravei decides to awaken Muzaka,[4] in order to avenge her father's death by pressing a button on some sort of remote control. The tube which contained him instantly breaks apart and Muzaka is awakened. He then experiences a severe headache which causes him to emit a powerful scream, causing the lab to explode. Raizel immediately recognises Muzaka's aura.
Muzaka then continuously mutters Raizel's name, transforms and proceeds to confront Raizel. Raizel orders Frankenstein to evacuate immediately with the children (Regis, Seira and Rael) while Kentas and the 5th Elder decide to flee and report his existence to the 2nd Elder. A battle between Raizel and Muzaka begins.
During the battle, many things are revealed about him. In Frankenstein's memory, Muzaka often visited the Noblesse's Mansion Raizel and that he also knew of Frankenstein, after being reported by his subordinate werewolves about him. Also, when Raizel traps him in a Blood Field, he is fully awakened and it is revealed that his last memories were frozen in time during the fight against Raizel 820 years ago. He also mentions something about Raizel constantly stopping him from doing something. Later in the battle, it is revealed that Raizel once stopped him from killing the humans and that is the cause of their previous battle.
Muzaka reveals his full power (which matches Raizel's almost equally) and the two clash multiple times. With his magnificent claws, he manages to injure Raizel severely and the two clash for the last time when Muzaka pounced at Raizel to finish him off. However, Raizel escapes with a slim victory and for unknown reasons, Muzaka's scent suddenly disappeared and even Frankenstein and Rajak could not detect his location. It's also predicted that he probably would not be able to move for a while after receiving a serious wound in the clash.
Muzaka's 'trace' is picked up by Dr. Crombel's assassins. Shortly afterwards, Muzaka falls a prey to Crombel's scheme, being lured by high-level agents right into Union branches. Muzaka engages at a war with the agents and exhausts unnecessary amounts of his power to annihilate them, gradually depleting his energy. After finishing about 1650 agents and obliterating 3 Union branches, he slows down due to his battle-worn state. Then Muzaka is approached by Dr. Crombel who greets him respectfully and he is surprised to learn that Crombel knows his identity. He tells Crombel to get lost when the latter calls him Lord of werewolves and mentions his revenge agenda. Crombel's comment that he has lost much of his memories irritates him further. However, Muzaka's attention is instantly arrested when Crombel mentions his reason of fury; his daughter. At this, Muzaka is visited by blurry visions of his daughter, Ashleen. He cries out her name with tears gushing out through his eyes and goes into another fit recalling his past. This time, Crombel offers to help Muzaka achieve revenge if he agrees to go with him.

First is a flashback arc, showing the past of Muzaka and Raizel when they had first met. Muzaka, due to his wild and lonely nature, loved to wander away to different places leaving his pack behind. On one such occasion, he learnt about the existence of a powerful, lonely being amongst the nobles, called the Noblesse. He dismissed his follower, Garda who had been awaiting his arrival all along and ordered her against telling anyone of the pack about his return. Then Muzaka took a detour to the land of Nobles to meet the mysterious being. He found the Noblesse's mansion and entered it through the window right in front of Raizel.[5] Instantly realising the man to be the Noblesse, Muzaka introduced himself and shockingly found by the others expression that he was oblivious to his identity. The first meeting had to be cut short as Muzaka, sensing the presence of another visitor, left quickly through the window which he had used to come in.
Afterwards, Muzaka appeared in the werewolves' base and listened to the complaints of his pack regarding nobles interfering in werewolf activities. He opined that the nobles never interfered if it wasn't really necessary and asked his pack what they did to trigger such incident. Though most of his pack failed to find any decent answer, one of them (now known as the 2nd elder and current werewolf lord) took the initiative to convince Muzaka that they were just helping humans who asked for aid and it was the nobles who continuously poked their noses into werewolf business. He further proposed warning the nobles to stay clear of their activities rather they should engage in fighting the nobles instead. After realising that the entire pack was sharing the mutual feeling and thinking through his options, Muzaka volunteered to meet the Noble Lord himself, much to the shock of his pack members. After they were dismissed, Garda remained to ask her master if he wanted to pay the visit for the sole purpose of addressing the issue. Caught off-guard, Muzaka admitted that he wanted to see his 'friend', the Noblesse - a very interesting person he had recently met.

Muzaka moon-gazing with Raizel.

Muzaka appeared through the same window of the Noblesse's mansion at night and found Raizel in the same position he had seen him first time. After a short explanation of his coming, Muzaka stood beside Raizel and commenting it was not his style, joined his friend in gazing at the bright, full moon.[6]
Later, Muzaka appeared at the castle to meet the Noble Lord and after a warm welcome, he related his meeting with the Noblesse. The lord seemed glad to hear of a bond forming between such obviously different yet similar beings and finally motioned to start the serious discussions. Muzaka represented his pack's views on noble interference and urged the noble lord to respect their actions, reminding the clear difference in standards of tolerance of both races. However, both the noble Lord's and Gejutel's account of his pack's direct participation in mass murder completely shocked him. Gejutel urged Muzaka to investigate his pack's actions, which they thought Muzaka had known all along. Upon learning that the incident from 12 years ago[7] had also been the misdoing of his pack, Muzaka finally set off from the castle.
After reaching the base, Muzaka discussed with Garda, learning that she, also had known about the events and the pack being responsible for it but she never knew the particulars of actions until they were executed. Muzaka assumed that it was due to her loyalty towards him that the rest of the pack did not include her in any of their scheme. With this, Muzaka continued to fume in fury but Garda urged him not to confront the entire pack just for the sake of humans. After that, Maduke and his team arrive in front of Muzaka who demands an explanation of the incident the nobles had mentioned. Maduke tries to convince him that they didn't lie but as the conversation drags on, Muzaka realises that his entire pack is against his viewpoint to not interfere in human affairs. Muzaka is furthered cornered with his own ideals when Maduke presents that they consented to 'help out' humans as per 'the request' of the humans Muzaka wanted to protect. Confused and uncertain what to do, Muzaka walks away from the pack with only Garda following him. Muzaka wondered how his pack came to harbour such cruel mentality and Garda tried to restrain him from deciding on a direct conflict. However, Muzaka wished for some private time and left his land again.
He visited Raizel yet again and talked about his travels. The bemused look on Raizel's face made Muzaka quite smug and he continued to describe the different places. At one point, Raizel started mistrusting all the info and Muzaka struggled to convince Raizel that he wasn't lying.
Muzaka resided in Raizel's mansion for about a month until he sensed the presence of a visitor and decided to leave. Suddenly, just when he was about to leave, he stopped to and ask his friend what he does when he has to make a tough decision. Upon continuous insist, Raizel replied that he did what he believed to be right. The statement left a strong impression on Muzaka as he jumped out of the window.
At the lair, Muzaka faced his pack again and clearly pronounced his decree: werewolves would only be allowed to interfere in human affairs moderately and any more incidents like the latest one would not be tolerated. Maduke stood up for the pack and tried to waver Muzaka's resolution but the werewolf Lord remained firm in his decision to not let the werewolves abuse their powers over humans. Muzaka further announced that it's a law all of them must honor as long as he was their Lord and should anyone have a problem with that, they might challenge him; he would have no problem if any of them beat him and did as he pleased. His resolution shocked the conspiring werewolves and Maduke likened him to nobles, asking the werewolf lord if he would be as mad as the Noblesse in case they committed a crime. The mention of his friend, the Noblesse, confused Muzaka and he was shocked to learn from Maduke how the Noblesse executed beings of his own race because they killed humans. While Maduke was implying that Muzaka was about to do the same, the latter realised the reason for his friend's loneliness and left his pack without a reply.
Muzaka casually hopped back into Raizel's room announcing his return while his friend simply stared at him. Lying down on the couch, Muzaka earned solace for himself, as he realised that his life was nowhere near as complicated as Raizel's.
The present time found Muzaka on the grounds of Ye Ran High School in a normal human outfit. His presence caught instant attention of Raizel. However, Frankenstein who is warned by the sensors reached him before his master. Muzaka assumed that Frankenstein has finally made up his mind to fight him. But before they could fix the right place, Raizel arrives and the two friends greet each other. Muzaka takes his friend for a private conversation. They sit down on a bench, gazing at the sunset while Muzaka assures his best friend that he'll not run wild like the last time.
After his meeting with Raizel, it is revealed that it was Dr. Crombel who showed Muzaka to Ye Ran High School and used the reunion to befriend him, identify Raizel as the Noblesse and to deceive Muzaka into lending his body for his experiments. From then on, Muzaka meets Raizel from time to time, although escorted by Yuri.
When Maduke engages a team of werewolves to assassinate Muzaka, Yuri leads them elsewhere with fake trails (as per Crombel's order) while Muzaka himself stands city gazing with Raizel. But his quality time is cut short as Raizel darts towards the area affected by Grui and Gaitan. As soon as the Noblesse leaves, Yuri appears and Muzaka learns from him about the assassins and how they have been thrown off-track.
Later Muzaka shows up at the island where Raizel have been on the verge of confronting Grui and Gaitan for injuring his protegees. Muzaka engages in a power clash against Raizel to stop him from interfering in his family related issues. Raizel backs down when he is reminded that their power will blow away the injured kids in no time. Muzaka, then, faces the assassins sent to hunt him - Grui and Gaitan. He doesn't recall them from past and observes that they are in fact modified werewolves. Grui fangs at him for questioning their identities and call him a 'traitor' of the werewolf race. This incurs Muzaka's wrath. As the two assassins attack him, Muzaka slices down Grui into halves, transforming to his werewolf form in a fit of rage on Maduke who dared send only two minions to bring him down. Then he turns to Gaitan who challenges him with the enhanced power. Muzaka gives him the opportunity to display his potentials and goes on defence. However, he loses interest soon enough, finding Gaitan's modified power boring. Muzaka then shows the power of a true werewolf and releases his wolf self to completely annihilate Gaitan. Having used the ultimate attack after a very long time, Muzaka feels a little exhausted and settles back onto the ground. He catches a worried look from Raizel and asks him not to give that look. A sigh reveals that he regrets having killed a family member but he has known that it was coming sooner or later.
Just then, another pair of werewolves arrive and Muzaka recognise them as Lunark and Kentas - who were but kids when he had seen them last. After confirming from them that there were actually four assassins (including them) sent to kill him, Muzaka relishes the fact that his dignity is intact (Maduke did not insult him by sending only two).
Muzaka's contemplating moments are, however, cut short by Frankenstein's arrival. Muzaka is delighted to see even Frankenstein who is, on the other hand, enraged at those who injured his kids (Rael, Regis, Tao and Takeo). Muzaka clears up the misunderstanding to Frankenstein, saying that neither he nor the present werewolves had anything to do with harming the kids. When Frankenstein states that the two werewolves are their enemies and he has business with them, Muzaka steps up to protect his family members. He assumes Raizel will join since he has decided to fight but Frankenstein declares that he will be his only opponent. At this, Muzaka is quite excited since he has always wanted to fight the human who has surpassed the power of humans, one who is on par with clan leaders even before forming a contract with Raizel. However, Raizel reminds that there are injured kids around who might get hurt and the cherished battle gets nipped in the bud.
Muzaka then hurries his family members to leave. He gazes at their wake and wonders how much the little kids he once knew, have grown up. He turns to Raizel for farewell and both share worried looks for each other. Muzaka then glances at those around Raizel and acknowledges that his friend is not alone anymore. He then departs with a satisfied smile as he does not have to worry about Raizel like before.
Muzaka stands alone under a tree, breathing in the night air when Crombel approaches him. He has come to inform about Maduke's plan - the werewolves are on the move to attack Lukedonia. This news seems incredulous to Muzaka. He wonders if Maduke is in his right mind intending to fight the most powerful race in world. Crombel reminds him that things have undergone many change during these hundreds of years - the previous noble Lord has died, his successor is rumoured of not being so capable, some ex-clan leaders have betrayed and joined forces with the Union and werewolves, the new clan leaders aren't much battle-experienced and currently there are only four clan leaders in Lukedonia. The werewolves and traitors have seized this opportunity to launch an attack. Hearing all this, Muzaka decides he needs a long breather and departs.
The scene shifts to a park near Ye Ran High School where Raizel and Frankenstein are walking when Muzaka intercepts them. He brings them the news he heard about Maduke's plan to attack Lukedonia.
Thanks to Muzaka, Raizel and Frankenstein are able to protect Lukedonia. Muzaka and Crombel discuss about the invasion. Muzaka says that Maduke's little scheme, whatever it was, must have failed. Crombel wonders why Muzaka didn't help his only friend (Raizel). Muzaka tells him that Raizel wouldn't have liked it as it was not his place to interfere. Besides, even after being betrayed by them, Muzaka did not feel like killing his own kind though he knows that his friend (Raizel) doesn't have the same luxury.
Muzaka decides to wait for some more time before making his move.

Muzaka saves Yuri, Dr. Aris and Mark from being killed by M-21. Takeo and Tao also arrive at the scene. He notices they've gotten stronger and wonders if it's because of Frankenstein. After having a 'fun' conversation with Tao, he decides to take the defeated Union members with him. Aris pleads with Muzaka to allow her to take an experimental test subject (Shinwoo) with her, at which Seira appears, Death Scythe in hand, held at Aris' throat. Muzaka denies her request and they leave.
Raizel and Frankenstein meet Muzaka. Frankenstein asks Muzaka to take responsibility for the disappearance of M-21, and ask for the location of the werewolves' homeland. Muzaka refuses to take responsibility, just because his people were with M-21 when he disappeared. Frankenstein reveals that Kentas, the werewolf he spared earlier, was also involved and if he hadn't gotten involved at that time, then they wouldn't be in this situation. After going back and forth for a while, Raizel steps in stating that it's Muzaka's fault and he should take responsibility. Muzaka relents, but says that even though he wants to help them, he can't since he doesn't know the whereabouts of his people. Frankenstein asks if he has any ideas, of a possible location, Muzaka replies that he could find out, but if he knew, he wouldn't disclose the location, since they could end up colliding with his people while they're looking for M-21. Before either of them can respond, a guest arrives at the KSA, looking for Frankenstein.
Lunark asks Frankenstein to help her meet Lord Muzaka, adding that he could probably reach Muzaka and if he complies with her request, she'll tell him where his companion is, she ends by suggesting he doesn't pretend he can't help her. Frankenstein smiles and tells her, he'll help her right way. Lunark is taken aback as Muzaka and Raizel enter the scene, Muzaka reprimands Frankenstein for selling him out without hesitation. Frankenstein replies it was a good condition, since he doesn't have the information and that he has no intention of co-operating with them. Muzaka addresses Lunark by name and comments that he doesn't know why she was looking for him, but Raizel had called him for a meeting recently, so the timing worked out well. Muzaka asks Lunark why she wants to meet him. Lunark gets on her knees and begs for his help to free Kentas who has been branded a traitor. Muzaka is surprised but Lunark assures him that Kentas has not betrayed their race. She asks for his help as he was their Lord. Muzaka refuses her request, saying that he was not a good Lord; he suppressed his own kind for the sake of greedy humans and he now knows that the path he chose as Lord was wrong. He no longer wishes to interfere in the internal affairs of their clan. Lunark tries once more by informing him that their clan is sacrificing their own members for the sake of obtaining more power through modification. The entire clan has undergone modification except for Lunark and Kentas but Lunark is under pressure to accept enhancement. Frankenstein supports her claim of sacrificing werewolves as human modification technology can't be applied directly to werewolves as they are different species so experimental specimens are necessary. Muzaka is shocked when he learns of Garda's fate. Lunark mentions how Kentas confronted Maduke about it but when he got nowhere, he tried to find Muzaka and was thus marked as a traitor. Muzaka, now infuriated at how low the clan he once reigned had sunk, vows to get revenge for Garda and help Lunark. Muzaka, along with Raizel, Frankenstein, and Lunark head to the werewolves' territory.
Raizel, Frankenstein, Muzaka and Lunark are on their way to the werewolves' lair. Muzaka is angered by Maduke's use of their clan members for experiments. Muzaka asks Raizel if he's going to rescue the human who got abducted? Raizel replies that he is. Muzaka questions if he's really going to fight his people to save him and whether it's really worth going that far, he adds that he may be a human but he's not a regular human without power. Raizel tells him that it's because he took M-21 under his wing. Muzaka comments that Raizel has changed and wishes that Raizel would've changed sooner.
Muzaka informs Crombel that he won't be coming back for a while, if he comes back at all. Crombel requests an explanation if possible, and Muzaka replies that he has to confront the werewolf clan. Crombel wishes Muzaka the best of luck for his mission and their conversation ends.
The rescue team of Raizel, Frankenstein, Lunark and Muzaka are approaching the shores of the werewolves' land. Lunark cautions Muzaka, that if they keep going like this, they'll be discovered. Muzaka replies that he doesn't care, since he hasn't been back in a while, he prefers a to make his comeback public.
Lunark announces to the group that they're almost at the werewolves' territory and based on the energy that she's sensing, there are four werewolf warriors heading towards them. Frankenstein tells everyone to go on ahead, and he will deal with the warriors. Lunark is worried and Muzaka asks if Frankenstein will be okay, since there are four warriors, heading towards them. Frankenstein reiterates that they can't waste any more time, and that rather than worrying about him, they should allow him to go berserk, and that if he's going to deal with four warriors, he'll have to go on a rampage, adding that it won't matter much, since Muzaka came along for the same reasons, which embarrasses Muzaka slightly. Raizel releases the seal on Frankenstein's powers, and Frankenstein gives a sadistic grin, having been given permission to go wild, and starts to release his aura.
Lunark, Raizel and Muzaka are still making their way to the werewolves' territory. Muzaka informs Lunark that he didn't come to save Kentas but instead came to face Maduke and the warriors who abused their authority and sacrificed countless innocent werewolves for power. This comes as a shock to Lunark. Muzaka asks her if Maduke is at the centre, something she confirms. He asks her if all the warriors excluding her and Kentas are sacrificing the weaker members of their clan for power. She confirms this to be the case as well. Muzaka is pleased that he doesn't have to ask them one by one. Lunark is unsure about what course of action to take, since she was sure that Muzaka would save Kentas. Muzaka tells Lunark that once he arrives, things will get chaotic and all of the warriors will move to catch him, so she can stop leading the way and do whatever she needs to do. Lunark realises that Muzaka is right and that since everyone will be focused on him, she'll have the opportunity to rescue Kentas. Lunark thanks her former Lord and leaves. Raizel catches up to Muzaka, as Muzaka realises that he didn't ask Lunark for M-21's location, causing Raizel to flinch. Muzaka asks what they should do, since Lunark is already long gone. Raizel breaks out in a cold sweat, as he realises that he's lost.
Kentas is exhausted and having fought Uzhir insists on continuing. Uzhir asks him if he's out of his mind. Kentas gets to his feet and replies that he doesn't think he can beat him, and that he's fighting to the end as a warrior for his people, who were betrayed by the Lord and the warriors they trusted to protect them. Gotaru shouts to Uzhir asking how long he's going to listen to Kentas spout such nonsense and if he doesn’t want to finish off Kentas, tell him and he'll do it. Before Uzhir can respond a voice asks them what's wrong, and whether it's hard for them to hear what Kentas is saying because they feel guilty. The warriors are left in shock as Muzaka and Raizel make their appearance.
Kentas is startled by Muzaka's arrival. Uzhir isn't surprised by Muzaka's arrival, since they were expecting him, and wonders about Raizel's identity. Uzhir announces to Muzaka that they've been waiting for him. Muzaka replies that there's no way Maduke wouldn't know he'd come. Uzhir wonders why Muzaka brought the Nobles here, and states that it's as expected of a traitor like Muzaka. Muzaka responds that he didn't bring the Noble, and that he came for his own reasons. Muzaka states that they were heading to Maduke's location, when he heard the commotion at Kentas' location and decided to check it out. He asks Kentas how long he's been here, stating that he and Lunark were looking for him, but if he'd known Kentas' whereabouts beforehand, he wouldn't have suggested they separate. Kentas is surprised that Lunark brought Muzaka to the werewolves' territory to save him. Kentas begins coughing up blood. Muzaka asks Kentas about M-21's location. Kentas wonders if he's talking about M-21, and whether the Noblesse has come to rescue M-21. Kentas tells them that he was captured by a Noble named Ignes, while they were making their escape, and he was taken back to the lab. Raizel is shocked by the revelation and asks for confirmation, which he gets from Kentas. Kentas tells him they destroyed several research facilities near the lab, where M-21 has been taken, so he just needs to head for a place with smoke coming from it. Muzaka instructs Raizel to go on ahead. Just as Raizel is about to leave, Gotaru stands in his way. Muzaka suggests that Gotaru let Raizel be on his way. Gotaru refuses as Raizel releases his aura. Muzaka wonders why Raizel is forcing himself to use his powers to such an extent. Raizel takes his leave and Muzaka chides the warriors stating that's why he told them to let Raizel go, and they should have listened to him, but it doesn't matter now and asks if they'd like to get started, with their business.
Gotaru is still reeling from Raizel's attack. Muzaka tells the warriors that he would like to go on a rampage, but he has something he'd like to ask them first. Uzhir wonders what he could possibly want to ask them. Muzaka asks if it's true the Maduke has been sacrificing their people to increase his power and whether they and the other 'so-called warriors' are going along with it. The blue-faced werewolf laughs, before enquiring when Muzaka last set foot in their territory, since betraying them, and asks if that's all he has to say after returning to their homeland for the first time in centuries. Uzhir states that if he truly wishes for an answer then he'll tell him, and confirms Muzaka's suspicions, adding it's how they made their people stronger. The blue-faced wolf wonders why Muzaka came to their land, and whether it was just to ask that, before adding that it seems like the traitor still considers himself a Lord. Muzaka is angered by the blue-faced wolf's dismissal, before shouting back, they have no problem with using their own people to gain power, and if that's the way a Lord and his warriors should behave. Kentas is surprised by Muzaka's outburst. Uzhir retorts that it seems any further conversations with him will be meaningless, and tells him that he's mistaken about something. He's no longer their Lord, but a traitor who abandoned them long ago. Suddenly, the blue-faced werewolf attacks Muzaka from behind, declaring that he's just their prey. Muzaka grits his teeth and transforms. He turns and attacks the blue-faced werewolf, pushing him back. Kentas and the other warriors are shocked to see this. The blue-faced werewolf is injured, as Muzaka follows up his attack by slashing at him, thus pushing back even further, before he can finish off the blue-faced werewolf, Muzaka senses something from behind, and blocks a punch from the green-haired werewolf. The green-haired wolf glares at Muzaka, just as Muzaka grabs him and swings him round by the wrist, before knocking him into the ground. Muzaka then stomps on the green-haired werewolves' stomach burying him even further. Muzaka senses something and is unable to avoid an attack by Uzhir. The blow pushes him back. Muzaka steadies himself and faces the three warriors, who in turn have gathered themselves and glare back at the former werewolf Lord. Kentas is worried by the turn of events, as he's still to injured to help. Muzaka tells the werewolves they're right, and there's no need for them to continue talking.
Muzaka transforms into combat mode. Kentas is surprised to see Muzaka's true form. The blue-faced werewolf thinks this is bad. Uzhir comments that Muzaka may have been the one who led them, but he'll show him how different things are now and clenches his fists. Uzhir, the green-haired werewolf and the blue-faced werewolf transform a second time. Muzaka questions whether their second transformation and the increase in power is due to the new power they've obtained. Uzhir confirms Muzaka's suspicions, adding that this is the power the Maduke and the warriors have achieved so far. Uzhir continues that he didn't think all of them would need to fight him together, but after seeing his power, it looks like they have no other choice. Uzhir begins the attack, telling Muzaka not to resent them for the measures they have to take. Uzhir launches a punch against Muzaka, which Muzaka blocks easily. Uzhir attempts to use his free hand to launch a second punch and manages to push Muzaka back. Uzhir launches punch after punch against Muzaka, and Muzaka blocks all of them while being pushed back. Gotaru who is watching the battle from the sidelines, excitedly supports his team. Gotaru yells for them to keep charging at Muzaka and since Muzaka's a remnant of the past, getting rid of him will be easy for them now. Muzaka having had enough of being pushed back, regains his composure and slashes at Uzhir. Muzaka follows up the attack with a more powerful slash, dealing severe injuries to Uzhir in the process. While Muzaka is focused on Uzhir and pushing him back, the green-haired werewolf attacks Muzaka from behind. Muzaka senses the attack, and blocks it breaking the green-haired werewolf's hand. The blue-faced werewolf attacks Muzaka from behind and manages to land a blow against Muzaka. Muzaka regains his balance quickly, turns around and rushes towards the blue-faced werewolf, slashing him across the face, causing him to cry out in pain, holding his face. Muzaka then punches him in the stomach, sending him flying. Uzhir uses the opportunity to attack Muzaka from behind and manages to land his attack, sending Muzaka flying. Kentas cries out worried for Muzaka, as Muzaka manages to stop himself. No sooner than Muzaka stops himself, the green-haired werewolf launches a head on attack against Muzaka. Muzaka gathers his strength and severs the green-haired werewolf's left arm at the elbow. Muzaka then launches a follow up attack on the blue-faced werewolf, killing him instantly. The green-haired werewolf is worried and begins to sweat. Muzaka slams him to the ground, smashing his face in the process. Muzaka then picks up the green-haired werewolf like a rag doll and is about to finish him off when Uzhir intervenes. Uzhir fires an energy beam at Muzaka, which hits him in the back. Muzaka is thrown forward, still holding the green-haired werewolf. Uzhir attacks Muzaka from behind, however Muzaka throws the green-haired werewolf at Uzhir who catches his comrade. Uzhir is angry, however, he doesn't have any time to react since Muzaka unleashes a powerful slash attack against him and the green-haired werewolf. The blast hits both werewolves with Gotaru and Kentas shielding themselves from the blast of the impact. Muzaka is worn out, as Uzhir sinks to his knees, his body injured and in ruins. The green-haired werewolf has been wiped out of existence. Muzaka notices their lack of strength and asks if they're really warriors. Muzaka tells Uzhir that aside from him, the other warriors were nothing more than trash, unworthy of their titles. Gotaru is shocked by what he's witnessed and wonders what happened, since their Lord said they'd be more than capable of capturing Muzaka on their own. Gotaru staggers back out of fear. Kentas too, is awestruck by the power of their former Lord. Muzaka bitterly questions Uzhir, if this is all he got in return for sacrificing their own people.
Muzaka tells Uzhir he and the others are no longer their people's warriors, at which Uzhir protests. Uzhir shouts they're stronger now, than when Muzaka led them, and they've surpassed the past warriors in strength. Muzaka tells Uzhir, they're not stronger than the past warriors and based on the ones he's just fought, most of the new warriors earned their qualifications as warriors, after obtaining the new power. Uzhir is taken aback and wonders if their decision was wrong. Muzaka tells Uzhir to come at his with all his strength and he'll do the same. Uzhir yells he'll prove he and the other warriors weren't wrong, and uses all his power to launch one final attack against Muzaka. Muzaka also launches a powerful attack and the two phantom wolves collide in mid-air with Muzaka's phantom wolf devouring Uzhir's. Uzhir is surprised to learn that he and the other warriors were wrong and dies calling Maduke's name. Seeing Uzhir defeated at Muzaka's hands, Gotaru flees the scene to inform Maduke. Kentas is about to chase after him, but is stopped by Muzaka, who asks if all the so-called warriors are like the ones he's just fought. Kentas informs him, that around half of them received the new power after, earning their qualification as warriors. Muzaka thinks it'll be tough to face ones like that and enquires if Dorant is one of them. Kentas replies he is, to which Muzaka replies, if Dorant had more power it could cause problems for him.
Kentas questions whether Dorant is strong enough, that even Muzaka would acknowledge him. Muzaka replies that he doesn't know about Dorant's strength, since he always spends time alone, but when he knew him in the past, he always thought that Dorant would become the Lord after him. Kentas is surprised at this, and asks about Maduke's and Zaiga's chances. Muzaka explains that although they fought him for the position of Lord, and they have considerable strength, they're part of Muzaka's generation, and he was certain that as long as he lead their people, those two wouldn't become Lord, although it would appear he's now wrong. Muzaka explains that Dorant grew in strength quicker than all the young werewolves back then and was able to surpass everyone in time, even back then, whenever Muzaka saw him, he thought that if he ever lost his title as Lord someday it would be because of Dorant and not Zaiga or Maduke. Kentas wonders if Dorant is strong enough for Muzaka to think that. Muzaka responds he is, since enough time has passed for him to grow, not to mention he accepted the new power, so he can't comprehend the strength he must've achieved by now.
Dorant recalls a conversation he had with Muzaka, where Muzaka warned him to develop his abilities in secret and never to reveal the true extent of his powers, since others would try to harm him. Dorant asks why Muzaka is telling him all of this, Muzaka replies that at the current rate, he'll eventually surpass Muzaka in strength and lead their people. Dorant is taken by surprise, while Muzaka laughs he can't maintain the position of Lord forever.
Muzaka arrives before Frankenstein can finish off Dorant. Muzaka asks an exhausted Frankenstein to wait, as Frankenstein angrily grits his teeth.
Muzaka looks behind him at an unconscious Dorant. Frankenstein asks him what he's doing, and whether he's planning on getting in their way again. Muzaka answers he is, and he's sorry to stand in Frankenstein's way again this time, but he's been watching Dorant for a long time, and doesn't want to see him die by his hands. Frankenstein replies he doesn't want to let him go. Muzaka says he understands and looking at their surroundings it looks like they had quite the battle, before adding he knew that Frankenstein was strong, but he never imagined that he'd beat Dorant, and it makes him want to fight Frankenstein even more now. Frankenstein replies they could do that now, if he likes, since he's going to kill Dorant either way. Muzaka and Frankenstein unleash their energies. Muzaka smiles and tells Frankenstein he would be happy to fight him if he were in his normal state, but he can't face him in his current condition, and that neither of them are in a position to fight one another. Frankenstein replies he isn't concerned about his body, but agrees that this isn't the right time for them to fight. Muzaka asks if Frankenstein could leave Dorant to him. Surprisingly Frankenstein agrees without hesitation. Muzaka thanks him, stating he didn't think he'd be so understanding, however, before he can finish his sentence Frankenstein asks him to brace himself. Muzaka barely has time to react as Frankenstein summons the Dark Spear and attacks Muzaka. Muzaka blocks the attack and is angry at Frankenstein, when Frankenstein puts the spear away. Muzaka looks at the small injury on his arm and is puzzled. Frankenstein breathes a sigh, stating he's finally starting to relieve some stress. Muzaka asks Frankenstein what he's doing. Frankenstein states he's gotten in their way twice, and no matter what he thinks, they were all enemies to them. Muzaka looks down at his wound and wonders why Frankenstein's power is getting in the way of his recovery, that the wound is getting deeper as though it's been poisoned and it's not getting any worse because of his powerful regeneration, but it would have been fatal. Muzaka comments their fighting style is different since they can ignore their opponents attacks because of their strong healing abilities and wonders if that's why Dorant lost to him. Frankenstein responds that it's even deadlier against those who've had physical enhancement like Dorant.
Zaiga compliments Kei Ru for lasting as long as he did against him, since he once fought Muzaka for the position of Lord. A voice from behind him, says he did, Zaiga recognises the voice and turns around to see Muzaka, who states he has a bad habit of showing up at the end of a battle. Muzaka looks at an injured Zaiga and states judging by his appearance, he's right on time.
Muzaka greets Zaiga asking why he's so tense. Zaiga is unhappy to see Muzaka and thinks he needs more time to recover. Muzaka greets Raskreia, saying he's heard a lot about her from her father. Zaiga thinks Muzaka doesn't know about his enhanced regeneration ability and smiles thinking his wounds will soon be healed, however Muzaka proves him wrong by attacking him relentlessly. Zaiga is furious at being caught unaware. Muzaka smiles at Kei Ru and Raskreia asking if it'd be alright if he handles Zaiga, since he has personal business he'd like to take care of. Kei Ru and Raskreia are stunned as Kei comments he already started it. Zaiga attempts to berate Muzaka for using underhanded tactics calling him a coward. Muzaka sees through his lies as an attempt to stall for time and compares him to Maduke, saying they're both fond of tricks, but at least Maduke's trickery helped him become a Lord, and look where it's gotten him. Zaiga tells him to shut up and fires a blast at him. Muzaka cuts through his attack and launches a counter-attack. Zaiga thinks he can't gather his strength due to the injuries he sustained in his battle with Kei. Muzaka launches a furious attack against Zaiga, and Zaiga uses all the tricks at his disposal to defeat Muzaka. Muzaka hits Zaiga with a barrage of attacks, finally defeating him. Muzaka chides him for using their people as test subjects to satisfy his own greed. Seeing Zaiga unrepentant, Muzaka slices him into pieces, as Bashum, Raskreia and Kei look on.
Muzaka finds the lab where Garda is being confined and recalls learning of Garda's fate from Kentas. Kentas told Muzaka that Garda had been kept alive and used for centuries as a specimen, being subjected to brutal experiments, without being able to die. Muzaka blames himself for Garda's current state and as he rescues her, he swears revenge on Maduke. When Titan unleashes his full power and transforms, his aura is felt by everyone. Mirai, Urne, Lunark, M-21, Kei, Raskreia and Muzaka are all surprised by the power, while Maduke smiles knowing that Ignes has succeeded in reviving the beast.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Muzaka does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Muzaka does not feature in Noblesse S.

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Muzaka does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

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  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel: Raizel is the only friend Muzaka ever had. Muzaka feels a connection to him as both of them are the strongest in their respective species, causing them both to lead a very lonely life. However, after seeing how the Noblesse lives his life, constantly shutting himself off of the outside world, Muzaka feels that his own problems are nothing big (though they are in reality). After his daughter is killed, Raizel tries to stop Muzaka from trying to annihilate the human race. This leads to the great battle between Muzaka and Raizel, resulting in Raizel's 820 year sleep.

  • Summary coming soon.

  • Ashleen: Ashleen is Muzaka's daughter, whom he conceived with a human. So Ashleen is a half-breed. She used to live with her human mother and had no idea who her real father was. But a war started where they lived. Her mother is killed but Muzaka arrived just in time to save Ashleen. Muzaka never told Ashleen that he was her father, as Ashleen's mother had wished for Ashleen to live a normal life. So Ashleen thought of Muzaka as just a strange but kind man. However, Ashleen is attacked and killed by werewolves under Maduke's orders. Muzaka finds out. He sees the arrow that had penetrated Ashleen's heart and assumes that she was killed by humans. Enraged and beyond consolation, Muzaka tries to annihilate the entire human race, but is prevented from doing so by Raizel. The death of Ashleen still brings great sorrow to Muzaka.

  • Garda: Garda is a werewolf warrior and Muzaka's bodyguard. She is very loyal to Muzaka. However, due to Muzaka's habit of disappearing off to far away lands, Garda had to go in search of him rather often. Once, Muzaka is walking across a desert, when Garda finds him. Muzaka is surprised and asks her if she had been looking for him, wandering aimlessly for 3 years since he left the werewolf lands. Later, Muzaka asks Garda why she had not just left him and chosen a partner for herself, to which Garda got rather flustered. After Muzaka left again later, probably after Muzaka finds Ashleen, Garda is still looking for him. She even goes to the Nobles' lands, and asks Frankenstein. Her deep respect and love for Muzaka is seen when Garda decides not to leave the Nobles' lands before paying her respects to Raizel since he is, as Muzaka said himself, his only friend. When Maduke tries to convince everyone that Muzaka is a traitor, Garda did not believe him. She treated Maduke, who had become the Werewolf Lord, with contempt for the sake of Muzaka. Due to her strong loyalty towards Muzaka, Maduke used Garda in countless, excruciating experiments for several centuries. Due to these experiments and the experiments done on her mind, Garda is currently unable to think properly. She was rescued by Muzaka, who vows to make Maduke pay. However, upon ordered by Maduke, Garda fights Muzaka. Maduke uses Garda to make Muzaka feel guilty. Muzaka lets Garda stab him, while thinking to himself that he would die for her. He hugs her and apologises. But the brainwashed Garda blows a hole in Muzaka's stomach and throws him to the ground. However, as Maduke is laughing at how Muzaka would let a brainwashed Garda beat him, a lone tear escapes Garda's eyes.

Powers & Abilities

As Lord of the werewolves, Muzaka is extremely powerful. According to the Previous Lord, Muzaka is the strongest Lord in the history of werewolves.[8] He was able to put the strongest being in existence, the Noblesse, into a 820-year long slumber.



Muzaka's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Muzaka can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. In this form; his claws elongate and become more blade-like, his entire body and eyes radiate a silvery glow, and his eyebrows turn extra-long with a horn-like curve. When transformed, his physical abilities and senses are greatly enhanced.

Physical Prowess

As Lord of the werewolves and the strongest in their entire history, Muzaka still remains as the most powerful of all werewolves, as well as one of the strongest characters in the series. He possesses a vast amount of physical strength, shown in Noblesse: Beginning of Destruction when he lifts a massive bell and throws it at Raizel. He is extremely fast, able to easily keep up with Raizel and during his battle with Zaiga, he slices him into pieces with his immense speed, leaving behind nothing but dust. Muzaka also displayed monstrous endurance during his battle with Garda, as he was able to endure multiple strikes despite her being modified to stop his regeneration with her attacks.

  • Claws: Muzaka's razor-sharp claws are able to create airborne kinetic shock waves powerful enough to destroy land for miles. Muzaka can imbue his claws with his aura, giving them the power to cleave a large mountain in half and blow away a large forest, causing an earthquake. He can also create deep fissures in the ground that spread for miles across a mountain range. This display of might is enough to cause Kentas, Frankenstein, Lunark, and Rajak to tremble in fear.
  • Sonic Howl: Muzaka can produce ultrasonic shock waves with his howls and screams. They have enough power to cause a large research facility, and the surrounding forest to explode and shake the surrounding mountains. He also uses this technique against Raizel's Blood Field and was able to disperse it with ease.
  • Regeneration: Although werewolves possess superior regeneration powers compared to Nobles, Muzaka's is in another league. In Noblesse: Beginning Of Destruction, when his arm is severed by Raizel, he heals it in mere seconds. He was able to completely heal from having crashed into the ground from a high altitude by Raizel's devastating attack, having his broken bones, eviscerated muscles and internal organs exposed. Ignes also testified that no matter how much she physically broke him he always managed to heal quickly. According to Muzaka, most likely due to his battle with Raizel 820 years ago, his regeneration power has decreased greatly.[9] Although his regeneration power is weaker compared to when he was Lord, it still remains on a very powerful level shown when it stops Frankenstein's powers from further spreading throughout his body, stating that since his regeneration is so powerful it would have been fatal for anyone else.[10] Despite Garda being modified to completely stop his regeneration with her attacks, he was still able to recover from having a huge hole blown in his stomach.[11] While observing his battle with Garda, Takeo states that he has monstrous regeneration.[12] Muzaka recently demonstrated his advanced regeneration when he stopped a blast from an Armageddon satellite, by jumping in its path. The blast caused him to lose the lower half of his left arm, as well as other severe injuries. He managed to heal his injuries in a few minutes and decided to accompany Raizel on his journey to destroy the rest of the attack satellites.[13]

Aura Manipulation


Muzaka's ultimate attack.

As former Lord of the werewolves and the strongest in their entire history, Muzaka possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura). His transformation releases enough aura energy to cause the surrounding mountains to shake. He has shown to be very skilled at manipulating his aura, shown in his battle with Raizel in Noblesse: Beginning of Destruction when he creates a giant claw made purely out of his aura to counter Raizel's attack. He is able to utilise his kinds most powerful attack on a massive scale.[14]




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