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Noblesse: Awakening is an official anime adaptation based on the Noblesse webtoon, produced by Japanese anime studio Production I.G. It is a 31-minute ONA which covers the first two arcs of Volume 1. It is heavily abridged, with minor changes in the storyline.

In 2020, the ONA became a prologue episode to the anime television series adaptation of Noblesse.


Raizel wakes up from 820-years long sleep and starts a new life as a high school student. His peaceful days as a student are soon interrupted as his new human friends are assaulted by mysterious attackers with superhuman abilities.


  • Direction: Kenichi Matsuzawa
  • Chief Direction: Shunsuke Tada
  • Series Composition: Yoshihiro Ike
  • Character Design: Senbon Umishima
  • Chief Animation Direction: Akiharu Ishii
  • Animation Work: Production I.G


List Of Characters

  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel
  • Frankenstein
  • Han Shinwoo
  • Infected
  • Jake
  • M-21
  • M-24
  • Mari
  • Seo Yuna
  • Woo Ik-Han



  • This is a heavily condensed version of Season 1 (Chapters 1-78), omitting many important factors which become relevant later on in the series. So anyone who has not read the Webtoon may have trouble understanding the anime.
  • In the main Webtoon, there is a much longer section about endings for M-21 and M-24. M-21 later becomes a major supporting character, while M-24 is shown to have died in a different way than in the OVA.
  • In the main Webtoon, a certain event triggers M-21's power which leads to the death of the Infected created by M-24. This is important because of how events play out much later in the Webtoon.
  • The Infected created by M-24 harboured a deep grudge against both Shinwoo and M-21 after Shinwoo threw a trashcan at his head, and M-21 acted authoritatively towards him. He attacks Shinwoo multiple times by using Yuna and Ik-Han as bait.
  • In the main Webtoon, Shinwoo, Ik-Han and Yuna often visit Raizel at Frankenstein's house, causing a ruckus when Raizel does not know how to open the door for them.
  • M-21 and M-24 belonged to the M-Series, a batch of a hundred humans who were experimented on by the Union for physical enhancement. They are the only two survivors but are labelled as failed specimens and used as low-ranking agents. Their goal is to find their real names.
  • There is no mention of Dr. Crombel who is the main antagonist of the series in the Manhwa and the one directly responsible for a lot of the events that happen to the main characters.
  • Several fight scenes are omitted, below is a list of all the fight scenes not included:


# Title Air Date
01 Episode 0 - Awakening 4 February 2016

Differences Between The Webtoon And The Animation

Noblesse (Webtoon) Awakening (Animation)
In the webtoon, Raizel awakens in broad daylight. In the animation, Raizel awakens at night during a full moon.
Mari kills the guys who found the coffin, searching for Frankenstein. The infected kills the guys who found the coffin.
Shinwoo and a number of other students are late, Mr. Park makes them run laps, Shinwoo runs extra laps because he has a crush on Yuna. Mr. Park locks the gate.
Raizel is walking to school and Shinwoo tells him to hurry up, otherwise he'll be late. Raizel doesn't meet Shinwoo on the way to school, and instead meets him at the school gates.
Shinwoo takes Raizel to the Principal after being told to by Mr. Park (The Gatekeeper). Shinwoo doesn't take Raizel to the Principal.
M-21 and M-24 don't know why the coffin is important, and instead are looking for their names, and the names of their comrades. M-21 and M-24 are looking for the Noblesse, who they believe is in the coffin they've been sent to find.
M-21 kills the infected after transforming into a werewolf, with Raizel's help. Jake kills the infected.



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