Noblesse: Rai's Adventure is a 10 episode series which focuses on Raizel's adventures in the human world while solving the mystery of the 'Tears of God'.


Rewinding back to ancient times, there is an enigmatic artifact that goes by the name of the 'Tears of God' amongst humans. Talks regarding this artifact are numerous: it is said that when the Almighty of Heaven shed a tear for the sake of humanity, the teardrop reached its way down to the earth and formed into a mystic stone. Legends say whoever possesses this artifact shall possess the power of god and immortality. Unlike the other countless rumors, there have been many reports and testimonies from those who claim to have witnessed its existence.

One day, a report regarding the artifact from human world says that the 'Tears of God' was in the Mountain of Fire but it is now in the hands of a man who should be dead. He is instead alive and has acquired extraordinary powers. This information reaches Lukedonia. Gejutel K. Landegre dispatches subordinate nobles to investigate and confirm this report.

He loses contact with all of them.

Meanwhile, in the human world, an unknown being is destroying villages upon villages and massacring their residents. For what purpose? Could this destruction and slaughter be linked to the man in the report and the 'Tears of God'?

In order to free Raizel from his life of solitude, even if it's only for a short time, the previous Lord uses the pretense of investigating the 'Tears of God' to send Cadis Etrama Di Raizel to the human world...

Plot synopsis

After a great deal of time has passed since his meeting with the lord, Raizel enters the human world and is now walking around the forest aimlessly. He is suddenly surrounded by three members of a vigilante group from a nearby village led by a man named Keit, who also has a young companion by the name of Yuni. The girl possesses the ability to tell whether someone is good or bad by gazing at their facial expressions.

Keit proceeds to ask who Raizel is but all he receives from him is silence. Just as things are beginning to get tense, Yuni steps in, urging Keit and his men to talk some more to Raizel. One of them deduces that Raizel could be a survivor of the massacred victims they found earlier. When Raizel answers in the Lukedonian language, he leaves them thinking that he must be a foreigner. Yuni suggests they take Raizel to their village.

On their way back, the group is attacked by a Minotaurian creature with a missing horn. Without anybody else noticing, Raizel quietly uses his mind control to stop the charging monster cold. Keit soon catches up to it and slays it with a stab to its heart.

While Yuni and his men praise him, Keit continues to wonder what caused the monster to freeze. Keit's men proceed to tease Raizel for his elegant and good-looking appearance, assuming he must be some rich nobleman with no idea of how to survive outside world. The group resumes their journey back to their village.

Upon their return, the baron of the village, Karr, admonishes them for bringing an outsider to the village without consent. Lensia, Karr's daughter, steps in. Once she sees Raizel, she is stricken by his beauty and is fast to support Keit's decision to bring him into the village. When Raizel and Keit's group leave, Lensia and Karr have a discussion about preparing a meeting with Kurmark, the village's guardian deity.

Meanwhile, Keit and Yuni decide that Raizel should stay in their home for the time being. Keit wishes to go on patrol again and Lensia visits him as he prepares to leave with the intention of seeing Raizel up close. She objects to his patrol as the village needs to pray for their village's deity, Kurmark, but in the end she relents.

Upon seeing Raizel again, Lensia decides to ditch Keit and make Raizel hers. Yuni warns Raizel to stay away from Lensia. Then the village's bell tolls and she starts praying.

It turns out that the 'Tears of God' is possessed by Kurmark.

Just like how Raizel obtains the blood stone in the distant future from a mysterious man, Kurmark also obtained the Tears of God from a stranger of unknown origin. Since the whole stone was extremely powerful, Kurmark's mere human body could not withstand it and he embedded only a shard of the artifact in his body. It granted him enormous power and the more blood the shard absorbed, the more powerful Kurmark became.

After a while, Kurmark was forced to lay low because he slaughtered and absorbed the blood of nobles, specifically the ones that were sent by Gejutel to investigate the incidents regarding the 'Tears of God', and he did not wish to attract the attention of Lukedonia. After some time passed, Kurmark finally came out of hiding and plotted to ravage another village to make his artifact and himself stronger.

But Kurmark didn't count on one factor: Cadis Etrama Di Raizel 

Kurmark comes to the village to do what he has always done to other villages. The two meet and almost immediately clash with one another. After being crushed by Raizel, Kurmark is forced to absorb the entire artifact into his body. Raizel looks on, tense, as Kurmark transforms into a devil-like creature. This signals the beginning of round two of Raizel vs. Kurmark.

After losing an arm and a lot of blood, the 'Tears of God' partially emerges from the chest of the badly wounded Kurmark, helping him regenerate and bestowing upon him an extra set of arms, for a total of four arms. With this increased power, Kurmark is able to withstand Raizel's blood tornadoes. Raizel then unleashes Blood Wing. With the launching of Blood Phoenix, Raizel wipes all traces of Kurmark off of the world.

After he has dealt with the matter, Raizel leaves and returns to Lukedonia.


Spin-Off Exclusive

  • Karr (Kor. 카르): the baron of Keit and Yuni's village. His initial impression is to be a stubborn, intransigent figure unwilling to bend or be flexible. Later he is revealed to be a greedy, self-serving authoritarian.
  • Keit (Kor. 케이트): a stoic and dutiful leader of a vigilante group on the lookout for the village's safety. He is wary of Karr and Lensia's deviousness.
  • Kurmark (Kor. 쿠르마크): A human and the villain behind Karr and Lensia.
  • Lensia (Kor. 렌시아): Karr's daughter and a noblewoman. The fact that Yuni feels a great amount of discomfort in Lensia's presence indicates that she is a person to stay far away from.
  • Yuni (Kor. 유니): A cheerful little girl who can sense others' characters through looking at their facial expressions. She seems to be very curious and fascinated with Raizel.
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