Noblesse S (Kor. 노블레스 S) is the light novel counterpart of South Korea's popular webtoon Noblesse. It was a weekly service and required a paid subscription. The first five chapters are available at no charge. Each chapter has an image just like light novels in Japan. There are 47 chapters in total.


Noblesse S is a stand alone series which focuses on the ordinary lives of the characters in the webtoon, primarily Raizel, the RK and the children . The novel doesn't focus on the main story line of the webtoon.

List Of Characters

Recurring Characters

Noblesse S Exclusive

  • Ahn Dae-Chil (Kor. 안대칠): A former mercenary commander turned chief of Ye Ran Special Security. M-21, Takeo, and Tao answer to him. Although he mildly dislikes the trio because he believes they are only part of the special security due to Frankenstein's favoritism, he recognizes their abilities over time. He is a soldier to the core and as any leader should, he always looks after the men in his charge and has earned their loyalty. Almost all of the men in the Ye Ran Special Security are mercenaries who were under his command in the past.
  • Duk-Soo (Kor. 덕수): Suyi's manager.
  • Gukhan: Lee Seyeong's boyfriend.
  • Lee Seyeong: A female student from a different school who was saved by Shinwoo.
  • Park Tae-Sik (Kor. 박태식): Ahn Dae-Chil's lieutenant who fought in war zones under him, mutually sharing a past as mercenaries.
  • Soo-In: A female student one year above the children in Ye Ran. She is 170 cm tall and fairly popular due to being a model.
  • Unnamed Puppy: An abandoned male puppy Raizel takes in and raises. He is very fond of M-21 and always listens to him.


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