It is a small piece of ornament in the shape of two horns crossing over at the tip. The bend is affixed to the chain with a diamond-shaped frame on which a similar shaped gem is set.

The pendant belongs to Tesamu, the young boy who was sent by the Elders to spy on Frankenstein (before he had entered Lukedonia) and regarded him as teacher. His mother had left it to him. From then onwards, Tesamu had always worn it. He even forgot he had it on him when entering Frankenstein's lab. In spite of banning unchecked accessories from his lab as precautions, Frankenstein permitted Tesamu to keep it.

It is believed by Frankenstein that Tesamu has been killed and the pendant is handed over to Lagus Tradio by the humans wishing Frankenstein dead. Lagus gives this to Urokai Agvain and tells him to use it when he wishes to provoke Frankenstein. Urokai then uses the pendant to enrage Frankenstein after losing his eye to him

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