This unnamed noble is the elder brother of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. He was put to eternal sleep by Rai as he wished to create a world which was devoid of all lives but Nobles.


His appearance resembles that of his younger brother with the exception of wavier hair ends and facial expression. He was shown in the standard Noble outfit.


He seems to be cunning as he manipulated Edian by using her feelings for Rai to find and submit the Blood Stone. He might have genuinely cared for his younger brother as he didn't want to fight him. He tried to make Rai use the Blood Stone so that Rai won't drain his life force. He was ethnocentric as he wanted to create a world for Nobles only and was sad when Rai killed the Nobles who supported his beliefs. He believed that the humans would bring the destruction of their world.

Plot Overview


Rai's brother receiving Blood Stone from Edian

Rai's brother fell under the allure of Blood Stone thousands of years ago before the start of the current storyline. He coerced Edian Drosia into finding and submitting the Blood Stone to him by saying that it was all to free Rai from the burden of his responsibilities as the Noblesse.

He wanted to use his power to turn the entire world into a home for Nobles, which was devoid of all other forms of life. He wanted to erase the human race as he believed that they would bring destruction to both themselves and the world.

Hundreds of his followers were executed by Rai under his authority as the Noblesse. Rai executed his own flesh and blood to maintain the balance of world and protect human race.


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On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

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Powers & Abilities

The true extent of his powers is yet to be revealed but it seems he was extremely powerful. Like his younger brother he also had Blood Wings (he might have possessed all of his younger brother's powers).

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