Rai wears an earring on his left ear, which shaped like a cross. These earrings are actually seals that withhold the outflow of his tremendous power which otherwise, would have been too much for his body to handle. Removing the earring allows Raizel to use, however much power he wants to use.


From the Previous Lord

The Previous Lord gifted Raizel with the two earrings laid on velvet in a small case as a birthday present. He made them personally for Raizel. Raizel kept one of the pair within the box in his mansion and wore the other one. Each earring is made of pristine silver and is shaped like a cross with tetrahedral edges. When one was removed by Raizel in the previous Lord's shrine while dueling Raskreia, it disappeared into thin air after a long period of use. Raizel undid his seal once again after awakening from his short hibernation. 

From Frankenstein

In order to reinforce the enhancements designed to stop Raizel's powers from seeping out, Frankenstein gifted his master an earring similar to those crafted by the previous Lord. It is similarly cross-shaped with tetrahedral edges but rather than silver, it is shiny black with only one glistening gem studded in the center. This colour stems from the dark power within as it is forged using the Dark Spear. Its attributes are closer to the earrings crafted by the previous Lord and Raizel himself has verified that it is more potent than the ring Frankenstein gave him before.[1] Raizel has one strong complaint, about the earring, which makes it unsuitable to his taste - the colour.

He removes this seal to pass judgement on Ignes Kravei[2] after finding Seira, Rael and Regis being used as experimental subjects by her.



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