Rajak (pronounced latɕakʰɯ in IPA or Lazark in English) Kertia (Kor. 라자크 케르티아) was a Noble and the previous clan leader of his family. He was the son of Ragar Kertia and the older brother of Rael Kertia.


He had blond hair, similar to his younger brother. Half of it is slicked back while the left side of it is loose, fringing his face. He kept the lower part of his face covered just like his father did. When he was first shown in the webtoon, however, the lower part of his face was visible although he was cloaked. Like all pure-blood nobles, he had blood red eyes and he was shown to be quite tall and handsome.

He rarely smiles, but when he does, he is very handsome, being noted by several characters.


Rajak moves with an air of dignity. When he is ordered by the Lord to go to the human world and bring Seira back, he gets ready to obey the lord. Being convinced by his younger brother that the work does not suit his dignity, he lets Rael do it instead of him.

He is loyal to the Lord and executes anything he has been bidden to do without question. His sense of duty is astounding. Even after seeing that his brother has been using a soul weapon, he gives it less priority and chooses to first complete his mission assigned by the Lord. Later, it is shown that this is due to the fact that he already knows about Grandia.

He has also been shown to have great respect for the other clan leaders. Besides that, when Rael informed him about Regis being present among the intruders in the forbidden area, he told his brother to be absolutely sure before coming up with such stories.

To add to his virtues, he executes his responsibilities as a clan leader wholeheartedly. When Rael's sneak attack caused Frankenstein to receive damage from his attacks, Rajak slashed himself with Kartas[1] to compensate for his brother's misdoing. He did it also to prove that although their clan specializes in stealth, they do not resort to foul play.

He is very hard-working and strong-willed to overcome his fate. Despite knowing that having an incomplete soul weapon means he cannot awaken his full potentials, he has been working hard to overcome his shortcomings ever since acknowledging the truth. Later, Frankenstein and even Gradeus acknowledges that even with an incomplete soul weapon, with sheer willpower and perseverance, he holds power akin to that of a family leader with a complete soul weapon.

Rajak also shows certain gullible sides of him where he easily accepts the job as a dishwasher for M-21 and Takeo when they come home late,[2] acknowledges Rael's heroic achievements, despite how unlike of Rael to have done so,[3] and even mistook Rael's brooding on top of Ye Ran High's roof as guarding and overseeing the humans from harm in case the enemies attack like Raizel, Regis, Seira, and the three humans protect the school.[4]

Rajak also loves his brother Rael a lot. This is shown on many instances later in the series, such as the time when he says he is willing to even give up his position if Rael would like it.

He sacrifices his life for Lukedonia, fulfilling his wish of dying for something he loves.


Rajak Kertia is the eldest son of Ragar Kertia and older brother to Rael. The responsibility of a clan leader was passed on to him after their father had entered eternal sleep. His father informed him about his decision to split the soul weapon and asked for his forgiveness. Rajak agreed with his father's decision as Rael was also a Kertia pureblood and hence he deserved the soul weapon. From the start, he trained very hard in order to overcome his shortcomings due to his incomplete awakening. In the end, he manages to achieve it.

Plot Overview

Volume 3

Noble Arc

At the start of the season the Lord asked Rajak to go and bring Seira after suspecting Gejutel's report about the being thought to be a noble. Rajak makes his way to summon Seira when he meets his younger brother Rael who just finished his ten years of incarceration. Rael has eyes on Seira so he offers to go in his brother's place. Rajak accepts Rael's offer and warns him against doing anything wrong.

Lukedonia Arc

After Rael brings Seira and the Lord confirming that Gejutel hid the truth from her, strips off Gejutel's title and imprisons him. Meanwhile, a mansion appears in the Forbidden Region and the Lord's suspicion of Rai having returned is confirmed by Gejutel. She then sends Rajak and Karias to bring the so called traitor to her.
On their way Karias leaves him to go and bring Regis. After Rajak finds Cadis and Frankenstein, he engages in a fight with the latter as Rai outmaneuvers him and heads for the palace. Gradually Frankenstein starts to have the upper hand. Rael intervenes with his sneak attack on the RK team and Frankenstein gets hit by Rajak for the distraction. To compensate, Rajak gashes himself with his weapon. Both fighters develop respect for each other and continue their battle. But after Rajak receives a fatal blow from the Dark Spear, his lag becomes more prominent. Rael decides to offer his brother his portion incomplete soul weapon so that Kartas can be complete. But the fight goes no more after the sense the clash of powers between Rai and Lord. Both Rajak and Frankenstein dart towards the palace.

Identity Arc

Rajak arrives a while after Frankenstein reaches the palace. He provides the proof that soul weapons can indeed be split into halves, mentioning his own weapon and what their father, Ragar, had done with it.
Then, Ragar, along with other clan leaders spectate as the misunderstandings between the noble hierarchies clear up and the previous Lord's imprint (or rather, soul[5]) appears twice to pass on his message to them.

Volume 4

Rajak does not appear in this volume but is mentioned as the Lord and Gejutel discuss about which Clan Leader to send for Seira's aid against the Union Elders. They decide to dispatch an order to Rajak who who has already gone out of Lukedonia in search of Rael.

Volume 5

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

At the battle scene where Seira nearly dies on the hand of the three elders, Frankenstein appears to save her. He engages in battle against the three elders. The elders praises his arrogance in coming to fight the three of them all by himself. At this he smiles slyly as the 8th elder charges towards him and informs them that he hasn't come alone. Then out of no where the 8the elder is attacked receiving several fatal slashes rending him useless and Rajak appears besides Frankenstein.
It is revealed that they met on the way and decided on surprise attack.
Then Rajak takes on the 8th Elder outmatching him gradually with his developed skill and speed to compensate for his lack of complete power. Foreseeing the outcome, the 5th Elder decides on a sneak attack to get rid of him but Frankenstein takes on the initiative first. He attacks the 8th Elder fatally and engages in a one-on-one fight with the 5th, putting Rajak in the spectator line.

Reunion Arc

After Urokai's arrival, the berserk Frankenstein fights both him and the 5th in turns. Rajak temporarily confronts Zarga, not falling for his provocation as he refuses to even hear what a traitor says. When Urokai's attack brings back Frankenstein's conscience, Urokai aims to strike the weakened Frankenstein and Seira gets in his way. Rajak interferes to save Seira and Urokai finds it irritating that a noble helps another during battle. Urokai then aims a strike to finish the three of them at once but they are spared by Rai's timely arrival. Rajak, along with others, become spectators and witness as the Noblesse sends the two ex-clan leaders to forced eternal sleep.
Rajak joins the household and trains in Frankenstein's training rooms to overcome his limitations. This is noticed by Rael who approaches his brother and offers to give up his Grandia so that his brother can fully awaken his powers. However, Rajak is determined to overcome his situation through hard work which is appreciated by Rai, who has just arrived to see the Kertia brothers. Rai encourages their brotherhood, complimenting that their father, Ragar, would have been proud to see them as they were.

Volume 6

After Ignes has kidnapped Seira and both Rael and Regis set to pursue them, Rajak leads Rai and Frankenstein to Roctis' Island, tracking the traces left by his younger brother for him to follow. The three rescuers separate to search through the island and Rajak unexpectedly confronts Kentas on his way. The werewolf, seeing that his presence is witnessed by a noble clan leader, decides to finish off Rajak then and there. They engage in a duel, the clash of which draws the attention of both the inhabitants and visitors of the island. However, their duel remains undisturbed as the others engage in their own battles.
Rajak and Kentas continue to fight each other until Muzaka is awakened; Kentas dashes towards the familiar presence and Rajak follows. Rajak arrives to witness the battle between Rai and Muzaka, learning the identity of the latter from Frankenstein. Meanwhile, the werewolves (5th elder and Kentas) retreat. After Rai emerges victorious and Muzaka is nowhere to be seen, Tao arrives with a helicopter to take them back home. Rajak stays behind to look for Muzaka but is unable to pick up any trace of the werewolf. He returns after Raskreia arrives in the household with Gejutel to restore Rai's life force.

Volume 7

Rajak trains Regis and the trio after the Lord and Gejutel return to Lukedonia. Rael takes the task of training them from his elder brother as Rajak has to leave for Lukedonia to settle clan business. He is present in the throne room when Gejutel requests the Lord makes Regis the clan leader of the Landegre clan as the soul weapon has been passed down to Regis.
After settling his family affairs he asks Lord's permission to leave in order to carry out her orders back in South Korea. Gejutel ask him to inform Regis that he is the new clan leader and that his formal appointment cannot take place due to the war between Lukedonia and Union. Gejutel requests Rajak to be cautious as the world is in turmoil and both humans & Werewolves have started war with nobles.
Other family leaders bid him goodbye as he leaves on his mission. On his way he is attacked by traitor clan leaders and Werewolves. He realise that they are on their way to attack Lukedonia due to the absence of many clan leaders and the Noblesse from Lukedonia. He relaizes that the only way for Lukedonia to stand a chance would be if they are informed of this surprise attack. Knowing that they can't catch Rajak if he runs away due to his status of being the fastest noble, the triators and Werewolves surround him to subdue him. Rajak first faces Kuharu in battle but seeing Kuharu being overpowered Lagus uses his powers to slow down Rajak. Later on he faces both Kuharu and Mount.
The honorable noble is forced into eternal sleep by the combined efforts of traitors (Gradeus and Lagus) and Werewolves (Kuharu and Mount). In his final moments, Rajak apologizes to the Lord for his inability to serve her any longer and to Rael for leaving him.
His sacrifice saves Lukedonia from the clutches of traitors and werewolves, as he delays their arrival long enough for Rai and Frankenstein to arrive.

Volume 8

During his fight with Krano, Rael thinks that if his brother were here, things might have been different. Rael remembers a conversation he had with his brother, where Rajak instructed him not to set him, the Clan Leader, as his ideal and assume that it's natural for him to be weaker. Rael asks him what he means and Rajak explains that in life, all living beings limit themselves without even realising it, they see opponents stronger than themselves and take for granted that they're stronger or better and in doing so set their limits. Rajak tells Rael not to take for granted that even though his abilities are lacking right now, that they'll always be lacking. Rajak finishes by saying that Rael is more than capable of surpassing him and to believe in his abilities to overcome the obstacles in his path. The memory helps Rael realise that Rajak was right, he can move more quickly and starts to increase his speed, thus allowing him to defeat Krano once and for all.
Karias remembers a conversation he had with Rajak, when he first went to the Noblesse's home. Rajak asks Karias to take care of Rael, and Karias promises he will. Karias thinks that Rael causes too much trouble, for him, and if it weren't for Rael, there'd be nothing to cause him worry or stress. Karias wonders how he'll ever be able to face Rajak in the afterlife if Rael is killed here, so again asks Rael to leave.


  • Rael Kertia: Rael was very dear to Rajak. He had known about Grandia all along and despite the fact that without a complete soul weapon his own abilities as a clan leader will not awaken fully, he encouraged Rael not to give it up easily which was given to him by their father. He even once considered handing over the title of clan leader to Rael upon hearing that he had proposed Seira for the sake of it. Rajak liked the way Rael changes during the stay at human world and is sure that their father would be pleased to see Rael.
  • The Lord: Rajak showed his utmost loyalty and reverence to their Lord and fulfilled her bidding without any question. He could not tolerate any insulting words toward her. His love and respect for the lord knew no bounds. He cared and remembered the Lord till his last breath. He declared himself that he is someone who has devoted everything to the lord.
  • Gejutel K. Landegre: Although Rajak respected his fellow clan leaders, he held Gejutel in special esteem. It is shown when he harshly scolded Rael for insulting Gejutel who was accused of treachery. He learned much of the past events and the friendship between his father and Frankenstein from Gejutel.

  • Frankenstein: Rajak had considered Frankenstein as an enemy during their first encounter. Even so, he showed him proper courtesy upon hearing that he had been acquainted with their father. After learning from Gejutel that Frankenstein and his father had been on friendly terms, Rajak held Frankenstein in utmost reverence. He fought by Frankenstein's side and even received his guidance to train. Correspondingly, Rajak's humble and hard-working nature won over Frankenstein as well.

  • No significant interactions were shown between Rajak and the humans.

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Powers & Abilities

As a former Clan Leader, Rajak is very powerful. He was able to fight on par with Frankenstein, and he manages easily fight the 8th Elder despite him being created to kill clan leaders, even 8th 's fellow Elders realized he will lose & were surprised at how strong Rajak was. Lunark believed it would be wise to kill him during his battle with 8th believing that he would become dangerous in the future for Union if he keeps getting stronger. He manages to hold his own agents Zarga a former and older Noble Clan Leader and was capable of fighting Kentas, a very powerful Werewolf warrior to a standstill, and was even praised by him. Thanks to his training with Frankenstein, he became much stronger, where even when he was severely injured, he could hold his own against the combined attacks from Mount, Kuharu, and Gradeus for a considerable amount of time. According to Gradeus and Lagus, he had surpassed his predecessor.

Soul Weapon

R 3

Rajak's Soul Weapon, Kartas.

Kartas: As the eldest son, he has been passed down the soul weapon Kartas from his father. As observed by Frankenstein, Rajak has impressive control over his soul weapon[6] and unlike Rael, uses it to hide his aura making him discreet like a true assassin. Even Frankenstein acknowledges that he is a befitting successor to the previous Kertia clan's leader.

Physical Prowess

As a Noble, Rajak naturally has exceptional physical abilities that are far beyond that of the fittest human. As the former leader of the Kertia Clan, Rajak possesses immense speed. He is also able to suddenly appear in a whirlwind of wind which clearly depicts his agility. Furthermore, as the leader of the Kertia clan, he was genuinely surprised to be outmatched in speed by Cadis Etrama Di Raizel or anyone for that matter. He is able to move at hypersonic speeds, or possibly beyond. This is evident in his ability to dodge and deflect laser beams at point-blank range. Even Kuharu, the fastest member of the werewolves' family, admitted that he was faster than him.

  • Doppelganger Illusions: Rajak can spontaneously create multiple clones of himself to surround the enemy. Unlike Rael, he can create more than dozens of clones and because he can erase his presence as well, this ability becomes far more deadly combined with his speed. These clones can inflict physical damage to the enemy, and are often used to confuse the enemy while Rajak goes in for the fatal blow.

Aura Manipulation


Rajak's deadly aura.

As a former Clan Leader, Rajak possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura). As the former leader of the clan specializing in assassination and stealth, when he uses his Soul Weapon, his spiritual presence becomes erased. However, if he intends otherwise, the aura he exudes is dark and deadly.

  • Camouflage: Rajak has the ability to effectively become invisible by blending in with his natural surroundings.
  • Shroud of Darkness: Rajak has the power to transform his clothes into a large cloak made out of shadows. This shroud is able to make him seemingly teleport out of harm's way, obscure his enemy's senses, suppress any sound he would otherwise make, induce a feeling of vertigo, suffocate opponents, as well as absorb his enemy's attacks. The shroud is also able to extend to great lengths, as well as disperse into shadows and reform at will.

Tracking Expertise

As the Kertia Clan Leader, he is an expert on tracking and using secret messages of his clan. He can track his enemies for incredible distances and can decipher codes and recognize the scene of a battle through minute details.



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