This battle takes place on Roctis' island when Rajak and Kentas come across each other while scouting the area.


Rajak has been scouting the island to look for the entrance to Ignes' secret facility as Rael's trail had stopped once arriving ashore. At the same time, Kentas who is left by the 5th Elder, has also been exploring the place defying her order to stay put. Both of them happen to cross ways and Kentas decides he cannot just let Rajak go away as he has seen him.

Battle Summary

Kentas is surprised to find out that Rajak is a clan leader but is more amused than worried because he always wanted to fight one of the current clan leaders. He transforms into his animalistic form, creating another explosion. He lunges at Rajak, who remains, standing on the same spot. However, Kentas is very surprised to see that Rajak has managed to dodge the attack but also manage to slash him without him realizing until later. He turns around in frustration to slash Rajak but his target has disappeared again. He realizes that Rajak is speeding towards him from behind once again and tries the same attack but this time, Rajak jumps to attack him from above with multiple images of his blades. Kentas is glad to meet a challenging opponent and instantly figure out that Rajak is the leader of the Kertia Clan. He questions whether their speedy movement will be able to outmatch the exceptional senses and natural speed of the Werewolves. The two engage in further battles which cannot be seen as it is too rapid.

They bounce away from each other and Kentas compliments Rajak, acknowledging his agility and trickery to use Kentas' senses to his advantage. He then asks him again what he is doing on the island but Rajak gives no reply. Kentas prepares to attack Rajak more seriously now and Rajak puts up his guard but their battle is distracted by the another ongoing battle.


After Roctis is killed by Rai, Ignes awakens Muzaka. After a huge explosion, Muzaka reveals himself, shocking all present. Kentas rushes towards the 5th Elder to persuade her to leave and reveals that Muzaka is their previous Lord, who betrayed their kind. The two leave the scene and Rajak arrives by Frankenstein's side, after following Kentas. Here, Frankenstein reveals Muzaka's identity and the battle between the previous Lord of the Werewolves and the Noblesse takes place.

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