This battle occurs when the werewolves and traitor nobles who are on their way to invade Lukedonia cross paths with Rajak Kertia.


Rajak is on his way to Frankenstein's place and reaches nearly midway from Lukedonia when he clashes into three traitor clan leaders. He is directed to a nearby island and comes face-to-face with the traitors. He understands that they intend to attack Lukedonia and thinks of evading them to warn the other nobles in time. However, Gradeus realises his intention and decides to kill him but their ally werewolves request a showdown between the fastest of their pack and Rajak. Lagus gives his consent. Kuharu steps in and the fight begins after a brief, formal introduction.

Battle Summary

Rajak vs Kuharu

The fighters start off the battle without any delay by exchanging attacks. Kuharu transforms to his complete werewolf form as Rajak brings out his soul weapon, Kartas. Rajak keeps up with Kuharu's speed, blocking and countering the werewolf's attacks. Kuharu finds it quite exciting to fight Rajak. Kuharu explains that he, as the fastest among the werewolves, has been looking forward to fight against Rajak Kertia, the fastest of nobles, and now his wait has come to fruition. He concentrates his blinding attacks on Rajak but the noble manages to evade them. Rajak slashes with Kartas but Kuharu is also fast enough to evade.

The attack-evade rounds continue in blinding speed and Rajak receives a gash on his cheek. He calculates his chances of escaping the situation he is in to warn the nobles in Lukedonia. This moment of distraction from the fight costs him another blow from Kuharu; this time he receives a head-on attack and crashes on to the ground. Kuharu rebukes him, yelling at him to get up and fight. Rajak lets out a calm sigh and decides on his action. He swipes back his hair and releases a deadly aura, befitting of an assassin, determined to terminate the enemy in front of him.

Rajak gets his focus back to the fight. He twirls Kartas on his hands before charging towards his opponent to slash at his neck. Kuharu simply dodges the attack by bending his neck. They proceed to exchange a series of high-speed attacks in which they acquire small wounds. The Kertia Clan leader then uses his doppelgangers which piques the spectators' interests. However, because they are both speed-type fighters, Kuharu also reveals to have this ability and happily remarks his similarities to his opponent. Rajak's next attack is a release what looks like a colony of shadow bats rushing towards Kuharu. The bat-like attacks slash Kuharu, following him even while he attacks the clan leader. Kuharu retains a defensive stance as he realises that Rajak's speed keeps on increasing. At bay, Kuharu releases a flame-like attack which apparently engulfs his opponent. Rajak, however, suddenly appears behind the werewolf and asks him whether that was the extent of his skill. In retaliation, Kuharu swipes a large attack at Rajak while admitting that the clan leader is superior in speed. He adds that this doesn't mean that the noble has won their fight but he suddenly suffers a deep wound which runs down his right shoulder. He shouts for his opponent to show himself - Rajak has hidden his presence. Rajak continues to slash at Kuharu while remaining hidden. The werewolf is completely overwhelmed by Rajak's speed and hidden presence. Gradeus eventually asks Lagus whether the latter would just continue watching. Lagus then summons his soul weapon - Dolor - to assist Kuharu. As the werewolf feels his body getting heavier, he turns to Lagus who explains that he is helping. At that moment, Kuharu sees Rajak right in front of him. As Kuharu exclaims at Rajak's reappearance, Rajak realises that the strange aura filling the area makes his body heavier so he cannot hide himself or get away from the enemy. Lagus boasts of his skill and tells Kuharu to proceed with his attack. Meanwhile, one of Kuharu's comrades, Drakon, calls out that the elder noble interfered when it was their family who should be fighting against Rajak. Gradeus conveniently explains that the move was called for by the situation especially since Kuharu is losing against the young clan leader.

Rajak vs Kuharu & Mount

Gradeus presents himself to join the fight but Drakon still stops him, instead telling the bulky blue werewolf named Mount to join the fight. Mount enthusiastically pounds on his chest when he hears this and lets out a thunderous roar. He immediately transforms for the fight. Meanwhile, Lagus traps Rajak by injuring his ankles so the younger cannot move freely. Mount rushes towards Rajak and the noble realises that he cannot dodge. With nowhere to run, Rajak takes the full blow of Mount's attack. Lagus decides to stop using his skill and leave the rest to the werewolves. Mount states that he likes the situation better now that he is able to join the fight. Kuharu is displeased but nevertheless admits that Rajak wins their speed battle. He expresses his desire for a rematch and feels sorry that there isn't going to be one since Rajak needs to die right there. The speedy werewolf conveys his dishonour as a warrior but tells his opponent that he is going to attack with his comrade for the victory of their family. Kuharu proceeds with his attack. Rajak finds it difficult to dodge and block the attacks thrown at him but he still successfully cuts at Mount's arm. Mount doesn't seem to be affected by the attack and Gradeus reveals that this is due to Mount's thick skin.

Mount howls loudly, the sound causing immense damage to what it hits. Despite taking a direct hit, Rajak survives the attack and stands up to face Mount but just one punch from Mount gets him thrown backwards. Rajak is being worn out and cannot dodge Mount's incoming attack. He skids back and dodges the second attack. However, Kuharu's attacks, added to Mount's attacks, are too much for him to handle and soon the werewolves overpower him. Gradeus and Lagus tell them to hurry so they can proceed to Lukedonia. Upon hearing this, Rajak becomes enraged and suddenly attacks Lagus. There is a great impact which causes smoke and dust to billow but when it clears, Lagus remains safe revealing Gradeus blocked Rajak's attack with his soul weapon, Messad (a two-headed battle axe). Rajak announces that he will not let any of his opponents enter Lukedonia and slashes at Gradeus. The latter receives a laceration across his face, causing him to go berserk and chop off Rajak's right arm. Kuharu and Mount protest and assert that Rajak is 'their' opponent but Gradeus retorts that the reason the situation became as it is because the werewolves are not doing their job right.

While he is talking, Rajak seizes the opportunity to stab Gradeus with his soul weapon. However, Gradeus blocks it with his own soul weapon. Rajak casts another attack which Gradeus blocks once again. Gradeus strikes downward from afar with his battle axe which causes the ground to be sliced in half and throws Rajak off his feet. He covers the distance between him and his opponent and strikes again. He relentlessly attacks the young clan leader until the werewolves eventually interrupt him. The werewolves again push their claim on the fight. Lagus senses Gradeus' irritation and asks the latter to restrain himself. The werewolves then resume their attacks on Rajak but the noble keeps on retaliating, landing his own attacks on the two. Mount moans how much it hurts while Kuharu slashes from Rajak's back. Rajak turns around and attacks him non-stop, much to Kuharu's surprise. When the noble gets distracted by Mount, Kuharu sneaks in another attack, intending for it to be the end but Rajak releases another colony of bats towards Kuharu. When the coast clears, Kuharu emerges with Rajak's soul weapon in his chest. Kuharu loses consciousness while falling face down with Kartas still lodged in his chest.


Rajak kills Kuharu despite the interference from Lagus, Gradeus and Mount. Mount rushes to his comrade, easily shoving Rajak aside. He kneels beside the fallen werewolf, shouting for him to wake up while Rajak proclaims again that no one will enter Lukedonia. However, Rajak is exhausted and he enters eternal sleep after battling Gradeus.

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