Regis K. Landegre (Kor. 레지스 K. 란데그르) is the current Clan Leader of the Landegre Clan.

'"It's not classy to attack enemy's who run away. -Regis K. Landegre.'"


Regis has striking crimson eyes and swept back silver hair with black streaks on either side. He dresses formally in suits and wears a jabot with the Ye Ran High School uniform. He is rather short for his age.


Regis lives by the code of the Nobles and protects humans although it was believed that his father was killed in a situation orchestrated by some of them. He is very particular about elegance and often chides his enemies for lacking class. He displays the characteristic stubbornness of the Landegre clan and reacts emotionally when provoked. Due to his grandfather's no-nonsense, strict and very conservative upbringing, he is no-nonsense and conservative as his grandfather, Gejutel.


Regis is a student at the Ye Ran Highschool and a member of the RK-5. As a Noble, he is very young and has yet to come of age. A century ago his father, Rousare was allegedly killed by modified humans (it is later revealed that the traitorous clan leaders were involved). Gejutel resumed leading the Landegre clan till Regis succeeds in summoning Legasus during his battle with Grui

Plot Overview

Volume 2

The Visitor Arc

New Student
Regis K. Landegre arrives in South Korea with Seira J. Loyard to investigate the hospital massacre.[1] They start by looking for clues at the scene. Two guards are on duty and one of them hinders Regis and Seira from entering the restricted area. Regis uses mind control on the guards to clear their way. They survey the carnage inside the building and the damage on the rooftop. Regis discredits the official report that the culprit was merely a deranged person and concludes the involvement of a mutant, further emphasizing that they, as nobles, should look into the matter deeper.
The next day, Regis and Seira show up at Ye Ran High School meeting Shinwoo on the way. At the school, they are mistaken for foreign students and Shinwoo escorts them to the Principal's office. Regis and Seira enter the room as Shinwoo takes his leave. The Principal is startled at the sight of the noble children but welcomes them withholding his true expression. Regis smiles sensing a good amount of elegance and comments that the school isn't bad. Regis also finds the Principal to his liking and uses his mind control to make him admit them to the school as transfer students and arrange for their stay. The Principal, who is quite bewildered and unaffected by the mind control, follows the new student’s orders nonetheless.
Regis and Seira are introduced in the same class as Rai. The students are fascinated by their silver hair, and mannerisms. Regis finds the class quite tumultuous and remarks that he cannot sense any elegance in the students. After introducing themselves, Regis notices a student sitting by the window and is wonderstruck at the amount of elegance he can feel from him.
Regis and Seira move into Frankenstein's house. They are suspicious of M-21 as he is a modified human present in the vicinity while the massacre itself was surely the work of a mutant. However, they don't engage in fight as they believe Rai and Frankenstein to be ordinary humans, fearing that they might harm them with their use of power.
Regis and Seira keep on investigating during night, believing the homeowner and Rai to be asleep (while in reality they are following the young nobles). At home, Regis constantly accuses M-21 of forsaking humanity to gain power. Frankenstein advises M-21 to put up with Regis and the misunderstanding for the time being.
Approaching Shadow
Regis and Seira conclude that M-21 must know something about the incident since it's too much to be a mere coincident that a modified human like him is present there at such a time. So, they approach M-21 on his way home. Regis interrogates him if he knows anything about the massacre in the hospital. M-21 tells that it was a mentally deranged person who did it. Regis reveals his doubt of him and M-21 lets out that he knows the two of them are Nobles. Regis decides to use mind control on M-21 to find out the truth but M-21 puts some resistance to finally block the power, much to the shock of Regis. Just when a fight is about to break out, Rai and Frankenstein appear and announce dinner time. Regis continues to bicker with M-21 during dinner and even afterwards which turns into a common trait between them.

DA-5 Arc

One evening Regis and Seira come across M-21 with Shark and Hammer. Regis mistakes them for M-21’s friends. Shark’s conduct annoys him to the point that he engages in a fight. But Krantz appears amidst them and stops the fight. M-21 is compelled to leave with the DA-5 and Regis leaves under the impression that M-21 has been carrying out a mission all the while.
Regis has been sulking ever since M-21’s departure and it doesn’t go unnoticed in the household. Furthermore, he meets Shark and Hammer twice while around the children. The first time he continues the one-on-one fight with Shark, easily defeating him. However, the second time, he is confronted by the same opponents, Hammer shows him the unconscious children as hostages and Regis surrenders least the children be harmed. Then Regis is hit down unconscious and is taken to their base by Shark and Hammer along with the captured children.
Regis wakes up and finds themselves in the base where M-21 is being kept. He realizes the situation M-21 is in and acts along M-21, passing him as a mere acquaintance in order to avoid problem. However, when Shark resorts to kill the children, M-21 gets severely wounded protecting them. After having healed enough, Regis takes over the battle against Shark. He defeats Shark even though the latter imbibed D. But this time also, Krantz interferes and puts an end to it by overpowering Regis.
After the arrival of Rai, Regis watches him (who he believed to be a human) in surprise as he annihilates Krantz with his blood field. Regis speculates with awe that this kind of power is only demonstrated by those who govern blood; e.g. their Lord. He is further astonished when Rai awakens M-21 who was on the verge of death. Later everyone returns home and Tao and Regis explain to the children about nobles' existence and why it should be kept a secret before the kids' memories are erased.

Volume 3

Noble Arc

Gejutel K. Landegre
Regis’ grandfather and clan leader, Gejutel K. Landegre visits Ye Ran to inspect the report Seira has made regarding the presence of nobles in the household they have been residing in. Regis and Seira accompany him to the house and later learn that Gejutel is well-acquainted with their homeowners. When Gejutel shows his genuine displeasure at the presence of modified humans, Regis stands up for them and convinces him of their good nature. Seira also backs Regis on this. Before Gejutel departs, he tells Regis and Seira that they can trust the homeowners, although speaking unsurely about Frankenstein.
Rael Kertia
Chaos in the Ye Ran grounds draws the attention of Regis and Seira, and they find that it is Rael, a Kertia clan pure blood, attacking the security trio. Regis angrily confronts Rael but finds himself physically incapacitated against Rael's attack till Seira intervenes. He rebukes Rael for bothering Seira after she spurns his proposal to return with him and lunges at him when he brings up the death of their former clan leaders. Seira slaps Regis and tells Rael to leave as well. At home, Regis discloses Rael’s past to the Trio: he was sentenced to a decade of confinement by his brother, Rajak for going on a rampage after Seira rejected him. Seira and Regis decide to meet Rael to prevent him from showing up at the school again. Regis and Rael are about to fight each other but Seira brings out the Death Sycthe and puts her foot down. Later, she uses the soul weapon to halt the battle between Rael, and Frankenstein, who had come to 'courteously greet' the noble. Rael brandishes a scroll revealing the Lord's order for Seira to return to Lukedonia immediately. She asks Frankenstein to take care of Regis and leaves with Rael. Regis is worried since the order specified that Seira alone should return.

Lukedonia Arc

Regis goes to Lukedonia with Rai and Frankenstein in the latter’s private jet plane. They disembark as soon as they reach the skies of Lukedonia. He follows them to the Forbidden Region and learns that it is actually Rai’s estate. Regis reveals to them that the previous Lord had declared the place forbidden and Central Order guards are stationed on patrol there. As Frankenstein exposes the hidden mansion, Regis decides to take care of the guards on duty to let the rightful owner in.
The appearance of the mansion causes a stir among the nobles and more and more central order guards are sent to inspect the situation. Regis masks his face and knocks down the guards unconscious. But the multitude of numbers gradually tires him out. Then he his saved by the RK and Tao announces Regis as No.3 of the team. With the aid of the trio, Regis manages to keep the guards away from the mansion. Later, he takes them to Rai and Frankenstein, who although surprised, let all of them stay at the mansion.
When Tao reveals that he has overheard a guard talking about Gejutel and Seira being in trouble, Regis decides to go to the castle and meet the Lord. He is followed by the trio who help him out again, this time, by holding off Rael who has come to obstruct his way.
Regis rushes towards the castle but finds his route blocked again. This time he is stopped by Karias, a Clan leader and his old friend, who has orders to arrest him. Due to Karias having brotherly feelings for Regis, he advises Regis against proceeding any further to the castle and even offers to let Regis escape, fearing Regis might face the same punishment as Gejutel. But Regis is resolute to help his clan leader. Because of Regis' stubbornness and the mutual fraternal feelings, a deal is proposed by Karias that if Regis manages to hit him once, he will be escorted to Gejutel by Karias himself. Although no match to Karias, Regis agrees to the deal. During the clash, Regis manages to tap Karias underhandedly, winning his part of the deal. Karias carries Regis on his shoulders and takes him to the castle as promised. Unfortunately, Gejutel was already taken to the Lord for his execution. Then Regis asks to Karias to take him to the place of execution so that he can save Gejutel.

Identity Arc

Regis remains unconscious throughout this arc while all misunderstandings clear up between the Lord and the Noblesse. He wakes up after Rai has left and finds himself within the previous Lord’s shrine. Regis urges the Lord to spare Gejutel, making a scene ('cause everything has happened unbeknownst to him), much to Gejutel’s embarrassment. After that he is politely excused and escorted by Seira upon Gejutel’s instruction.
With everything settled down, Regis and Seira return to South Korea with his housemates.

Volume 4


Regis accompanies Rai to Im-Syui's photoshoot. He keeps a low profile the rest of this arc as KSA agents infiltrate the school and the trio handles them.

Cerberus Arc

When the RK decides to rescue Sangeen and faces the Cerberus members, Regis decides to join them. He catches up when M-21 is fighting Ked and Tao also faces Lutai elsewhere. Takeo was in a dilemma about whom to help but Regis arrives and tells him to go to Tao, assuring he will take care of M-21's fight. Regis joins M-21 and fights along his side against Ked. The two of them bring Ked down but Regis is unable to finish him off because of Rodin's interference. Regis then fights Rodin while M-21 and Ked resume their battle. The Cerberus fighters gain an upper hand.

The 12th Elder Arc

The battle comes to an abrupt end with the arrival of the 12th Elder and Taze. Taze beats up Regis and tosses him mid-air to aim a fatal blow. However, Seira appears just in time and saves Regis.

Volume 5

M-24 Arc

Regis accompanies Rai, Seira and the children, spending a nice evening at the PC bang. On their way back home, the nobles sense a collision nearby and hurry there. At the scene of the collision, they find Union agents cornering a fugitive. They yell at them which annoys Regis. They jump to attack but fail as Regis overpowers three of them effortlessly. The fugitive appears to be M-24 who is first taken to the hospital and later brought along to Frankenstein's residence.

Decision Arc

A meeting between the Lukedonian nobles and the Union Elders is arranged regarding the incident of the 12th Elder. Regis and Seira represent Lukedonia while the 10th and 11th Elders have come from the Union. Muar teases them for being a Loyard and a Landegre, calling them real kids as he already knows what happened to their clans. This angers Regis but Seira stops him from displaying further aggression. He stands audience while Seira explains Lukedonia's standpoint of the issue, accusing the 12th Elder, and demands explanation of the motive from the present elders. At this, Muar releases aura which Regis, along with the other spectators, finds overwhelming. Regis is then teased by Muar for being barely able to stand up. Seira releases her aura to quash Muar's, as others look with awe. A fight in prospect is stopped by Rostere who assures the nobles that they will investigate and answer to Lukedonia.
Afterwards at home, Regis, Seira and Frankenstein find Rai gone. They reach the place where Rai and M-21 have met the Elders just in time for Frankenstein to stop Rai from using his powers. Battles follow and the Elders are annihilated.

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

Regis attends the training under Frankenstein along with the trio. They return home after the sudden news of the arrival of more Elders. As Frankenstein, Seira and Rajak fight against the Elders, the RK faces the members of Assassination squad who have kidnapped the children and has demanded Frankenstein's remaining research data. Tao formulates a plan to rescue the children, forging research papers and sending the rest of the team at the school. Regis and Takeo rescue and hide the children while M-21 holds off the assassins.
After hiding the children in the nearby evacuation facility,they join the fight and Regis takes on Kalvin. Regis outmatches Kalvin who then resorts to blackmail Regis by showing the antidote vial and threatens to break it if Regis continues to attack. Regis as well as the other RKs stop fighting and imbibe the pellets that Kalvin gives them in exchange for the antidote. However it's a trick and they are poisoned. Regis still manages to attempt an attack but despite his durability, the poison weakens him. Surprisingly enough, Rael arrives the battle scenario. Regis is communicated by Tao who wants to talk to Rael. So, Regis hands his communicating device to Rael who is manipulated by Tao to beat up the assassins and procure the antidote.

Reunion Arc

The RK has managed to bring back the children to Frankenstein's residence for treatment with the help of Rael (albeit under Tao's manipulation). Both Regis and Tao further exercises their manipulative power on Rael to pacify his anger saying that Seira would be pleased.

Volume 6

Regis joins Rael who has been standing aloof in the balcony. Rael teases the heir of Landegre clan for training with 'human-made toys' and Regis returns it with reminding Rael that the training was effective against him. Just as Regis is about to leave, he is stopped by Rael who then opens up to Regis about Seira's affiliation with Shinwoo. Regis advises Rael to try talking to 'him' about the matter.
Later, while on a meeting with the KSA, Regis and Seira sense an invasion and go to meet her. Ignes Kravei introduces herself to the astonished noble children. Regis is then attacked by Ignes who intends to dispose of him and take Seira as a specimen. However, the attack is blocked by Seira. Regis is sent to protect the humans while Seira engages in a duel with Ignes.
Regis reports the battle to Tao, who in turn informs Rai and Frankenstein of it. He arrives the battle ground just on time to save Rael from a deadly parting blast from Ignes who has kidnapped Seira. Regis and Rael decide to pursue them to rescue Seira.
After days of swimming across the ocean, Regis and Rael reach Roctis' Island where Ignes has brought Seira. At first, Rael wants to scout the area and rescue Seira himself but Regis deems it wiser to switch tasks. After a short argument, they agree on scouting the entire place to look for Seira rather than awaiting reinforcements. However, they are caught by the 9th Elder who brings out one of the weapons to fight them. Rael makes his move so that Regis could get away but Regis creates an opening for him to damage it. The 9th elder impales Regis while Ignes attacks Rael from behind. They are then taken to the lab where they are left to be used, along with Seira, as experimental subjects. They are saved by Rai and later taken back home after Rai annihilates Roctis and fights off Muzaka.
Returning back, Regis takes some time to recover and doesn't go to school. After Rai is revived by the Lord and everything temporarily settles back to normal, Regis and Seira start going to school with Rai again.

Volume 7

One of Regis and Seira's usual school day turns special as the Lord pays a visit to the school. While Gejutel is retained in the Principal's office, Regis and Seira attend the Lord.
After the Lord and Gejutel leaves, Regis goes along with the trio to their training camp in Frankenstein's island. He watches Tao and Takeo doing their best to control the injected dark power as well as M-21 training hard to control his transformation. Regis returns back home, switching with Seira and watches over the house with Rael.
One day, while Regis and Rael are returning home with the children, a sudden blackout occurs. Rael is alerted by Tao that this is an enemy attack. So, Regis escorts the children back home while Rael decoys the enemy elsewhere. Regis joins the fight later but cannot win against Grui. He has to watch as Rael gets beaten.

Volume 8

Regis accompanies Yuna, Suyi, Rai and Seira, while Yuna and Suyi are discussing where Shinwoo and Ik-Han rushed off to straight after class.
The children are at Frankenstein's residence enjoying a meal prepared by Seira. Regis helps Seira serve the food.
Regis is frustrated that he and Seira can't help rescue M-21, since they have to guard the children and the school in case other enemies try to take advantage of the current crisis and attack. Seira assures him that their role is important as Rai and Frankenstein can now fight without restraint knowing that the children are safe. What annoys Regis the most is that M-21 is being used as an experiment specimen again, which for M-21 is a fate worse than death.


  • Gejutel K. Landegre: Regis looks up to his grandfather and aims to be like him. He cares a lot for his grandfather, apparent in his actions - when he decides to address the Lord for accusing Gejutel of treachery or when he worries over the handover of soul weapon (suspecting something might have happened to the clan leader).
  • Cadis Etrama di Raizel: Regis is an awestruck by Rai's sophistication since their first meeting and reveres him after learning that he is the Noblesse.
  • Seira J. Loyard: The Loyard and Landegre clans are known to be close. Seira is entrusted with his guardianship in the human world, hence they are often seen together. Regis heeds her instructions but finds it embarrasing when she treats him like a child. He reprimands Rael for being possesive of her.
  • Rael Kertia: Initially, Regis assumes that Rael intends to marry Seira to become the leader of the Loyard clan and defends her although he is considerably weaker than both of them. He resents Rael for looking down to the modified humans in Frankenstein's household and humans in general. However, they develop camaraderie after facing various enemies together. Rael even going and training Regis in battle matters.
  • Karias Blerster: Regis appreciates being regarded as a younger brother by Karias and listen to his advice. He is grateful to the senior clan leader for training with him.

  • M-21Tao, and Takeo:  Although it starts with suspicion, the relationship that Regis shares with the trio turns to camaraderie. The trio becomes his comrades and fellow members of RK-5. At first, Regis spites the modified humans who had forsaken their humanity for power but he becomes compassionate towards M-21, Tao and Takeo when he learns that they were used as experiment subjects against their will. He stands up to his grandfather and Rael when they belittle them. Although Regis tries to pretend otherwise, he cares deeply for them. 

  • The children: Regis befriends them at school and spends considerable time with them as they regularly frequent Frankenstein's house but fails to relate to their juvenile behaviour. He is protective of them and is adamant about walking them home. He finds Shinwoo and Ik-han particularly frustrating because they are loud and they keep spilling food, making it difficult for him to clean up after they leave. On the other hand, he keeps rejecting Yuna and Suyi's persistent offer to help him with his chores. Initially, Regis believed that Ikhan fancied Seira and found it frustrating. He is taken aback to learn that Ikhan was actually excited to have someone his height enroll in the same class so that he could overcome his diffidence for being short. According to him, Shinwoo has 'no class whatsoever' but he admires him for risking his life to protect his friends.

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Powers & Abilities

Regis is 199 years old and hasn't gone through the "coming of age" ceremony, which is held when a Noble reaches 200 years, yet. This means that he is not considered an adult and so hasn't realized the full potential of his Noble powers. Nonetheless, he is quite a powerful combatant with impressive strength and speed and has defeated some powerful opponents. According to Karias, his honest personality is reflected in the straightforward way with which he attacks, which hinders his fighting potential against more powerful opponents. However, the best thing about him is that he dares to face stronger opponents in the first place even when knowing that he'll lose and learns from his mistakes. After training with Karias and taking his advice, Regis has worked around this weakness and improved his fighting style and skills, maturing to a higher level than before. He now uses feints combined with different variations in speed and power along with coordination with his comrades. This improvement has allowed him to fight on equal terms with the Cerberus member Ked, an opponent much stronger than Krantz who he previously didn't stand a chance against. He also managed to hold his agents Rodin who was second-in-command of Cerberus & even managed to wound him. During his Battle with Grui he managed to summon his Clan 's Soul Weapon despite not reaching his coming of age. His grandather was shocked by it that he believes that Regis has more willpower & potentially than himself and gave his positsion as Clan Leader to him. When he has his awaking he immediately manages to seriously wound Grui a modified Werewolf Warrior.

Soul Weapon

Regis and Legasus 349

Regis holding Legasus.

Legasus: As the heir of the Landegre Clan, Regis is also heir to the clan's Soul weapon, Legasus. Despite not having reached the coming-of-age ceremony or succeeding clan leadership, Regis manages to summon Legasus out of sheer will to protect his comrades.[2] The weapon answers his call and Gejutel relinquishes its ownership to Regis. The weapon has the form of a huge, black lance. However, it is different from regular Legasus, this one is shorter but larger. After acquiring the soul weapon, Regis' physical and spiritual abilities are increased dramatically.

  • Knight: When Regis earns the soul weapon, he emerges with a pair of knight boots and an armored glove. He can increase his speed to attack directly in front of the enemy, e.g. he pierced a strong werewolf with one strong stab easily.


  • Mind Control: A common power among Nobles, Regis uses it with great power despite his young age in his races' years.
  • Mind Link:A psychic link established between Regis and Seira. It works up to a certain distance so they can feel each other's presence and communicate if necessary.

Physical Prowess


Regis enhancing his attack with electricity.

As a Noble, Regis has enhanced strength, speed and regeneration. Regis is capable of exerting great amounts of strength as he had demonstrated on DA-5 member Shark and the leader, Krantz. He was able to completely overpower the D-powered Shark and even injure Krantz in his normal form just mere minutes after recovering from a beating. He also shows improvement in his strength when he defeats a large number of the Central Order agents (though they all were not authorized to use lethal force until after Regis' attacks started to be considered a "threat"). Regis has been shown to have great speed and can easily overpower fighters like Shark with his speed. He can keep up with most opponents (though with the exception of the likes of Rael, Rai or the Clan leaders). However, he has improved his speed compared to what he had 10 years ago as he had stated, which Rael acknowledged, though he still said Regis was "nothing" compared to him.

Aura Manipulation

Even though he is not a Clan Leader, Regis has significant control over his aura (spiritual energy). He is able to use it in various ways in battle.

  • Electricity Generation: Regis is able to generate small amounts electricity by using his aura. He can cover his hand in electricity and strike with incredible speed and power. He can charge electricity in his palms and shoot it as a powerful beam. Regis is also able to release a large portion of his aura at once. This augments his electricity manipulation and heightens his strength and speed. He has only done this in his battle against Shark.
  • Crimson Bolt: Regis can harness his crimson-colored spiritual energy and focus it into a spear-like bolt of energy capable of vaporizing earth and metal and blowing through skyscrapers.



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