Kranz prevents Regis from killing Shark.


Kranz steps forward and holds Regis' arm to stop him from choking Shark. He tightens his grip on the Noble's wrist with increasing strength until the floor they are standing on is broken. Regis moves away from Kranz and acknowledges to himself that the DA-5 leader is indeed strong.

Battle Summary

After a little conversation, they start fighting. Regis aims a beam toward Kranz but his enemy easily deflects it with his hand. Regis is dumbstruck by this. Kranz provokes him to show more and Regis attacks again. But Kranz easily evades him and throws a punch which sends Regis flying to a wall. Regis stands up and quickly comes to an assessment that he cannot handle Kranz as his opponent. He makes a quick glance toward the children before he starts attacking again. Kranz blocks the young noble's punch and throws a punch himself. He then pulls Regis by the hand and sends him flying to the wall again. Regis gets up again and gathers all his remaining strength to put into one last attack. He attacks Kranz once more but Kranz blocks it while only gaining scratches on his body. Kranz becomes offended to have his body damaged and punches Regis with tremendous strength. Regis falls to the ground, unconscious.


Just as Kranz starts approaching the unconscious Regis, Tao's device notifies them of an intruder. Raizel suddenly appears and deals with Kranz.

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