This island was inhabited by Roctis Kravei, Ignes Kravei and the 9th Elder. On this island, the latter two carry out important experiments for the Union, such as the creation of the 8th Elder. The island is covered with forests and has a huge facility, containing many laboratories. This island also held Muzaka as a captive. 

The island was infiltrated by Rajak Kertia, Frankenstein and Raizel, after they followed the traces of Rael Kertia, who was defeated and kidnapped by Ignes, alongside Seira J. Loyard and Regis K. Landegre. Here, Frankenstein battles the last Anti-Clan Leader Weapon and the 9th Elder, while Rajak battles Kentas, who was sent to the island with the 5th Elder, by the 2nd Elder's command, to investigate on Roctis' plans. Rai then dismisses Ignes, who runs away after her father comes to her rescue. The two fight, and after Rai triumphs, Muzaka is awakened by Ignes to meet his old friend and fight him.

During their battle, it is revealed that most of the island and the facility on it are destroyed by the devastating powers of the duo.

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