Roctis Kravei (Kor. 록티스 크라베이) was a Noble and the Clan Leader of Lukedonia's Kravei Clan. He was one of the six Noble Clan Leaders who had declined to enter the Eternal Sleep with the previous Lord, and then betrayed the current Lord about 500 years prior to the start of the series. He was the 4th Elder of the Union and was also the Noble contractor of the 12th Elder. His daughter and successor is Ignes Kravei. He was executed by the Noblesse.[1]


Roctis Kravei was a relatively tall Noble with long, black, wavy hair that extended past his shoulders and the characteristic crimson eyes and fair complexion of a Noble. As a Clan leader, he used to be dressed in black and golden embellished attire like the other clan leaders. When he was a Union Elder, he doned a white robe with golden linings over a pair of white trousers.


In Frankenstein's flashback, Roctis appeared to show reverence to Rai and cared much for his well-being. When he met Frankenstein, he was shown to be very direct in warning Frankenstein should he do anything to betray Rai's good trust. However, he, along with other traitor clan leaders, betrayed both Rai and the previous Lord. The reason as to why would such a loyal vassal to the Noblesse betray him remained a mystery until their final encounter.

His concern for Rai pales in comparison to his love for his own daughter. In order to protect Ignes, he would sink to the point that he was willing to betray the Lord, the Noblesse, as well as his own race. Before death, he admits he had to abandon his nobility, clan, all other nobles, even his own mind and body to protect his daughter. Even within the Union, he did all he could to prevent Ignes from being in a powerful position to restrain her atrocious and uncontrollable nature - he had declined the 13th Elder position offered to Ignes.

As the 4th Elder of The Union, Roctis has been shown to be extremely calm in all situations (while contemplating the events that have transpired with the 12th, 11th and 10th Elders). He was also fine with entering into a contract with the 12th Elder.


Roctis Kravei was the clan leader of Kravei Clan and one of the six traitor nobles. During the reign of the previous Lord, Roctis along with Zarga and Urokai used to visit Rai more often than other nobles. He was also involved in the conspiracy against Rai that had forced him to withdraw to hibernate in hiding. According to Frankenstein, Roctis was after Rai's life. It was later revealed that Roctis had decided to join the conspiracy to protect his daughter, Ignes from being punished by the Noblesse for committing atrocity of experimenting with humans.[2] Rai had assumed it could be the only reason for his betrayal.

Within the Union, he was very close to the 9th Elder (for the latter's association with Ignes' experiments) and seemed suspicious of Dr. Crombel's actions. In an unknown period of time after the betrayal of clan leaders, he had formed contract with the 12th Elder. He had also offered himself subject to physical enhancement, making him a modified Noble.

Plot Overview

Volume 4

The 12th Elder Arc

Normal Life
Roctis debuts after the death of the 12th Elder. He is seen walking with the 9th Elder, when he senses that the 12th Elder has been killed (due to having previously formed a contract with him). He brings this to the notice of his companion, who is surprised and wonders about the identity of the one who was strong enough to kill the 12th Elder. Roctis states that he only felt the Elder's death and nothing else, looking on silently as the 9th Elder states that this death was going to cause a big commotion.
Later on, Roctis is present at a televised meeting with the other Elders. As the contractor of the 12th Elder, he is asked if he has any information that might be helpful to which he replies that he doesn't. This is due to the fact that he didn't monitor the 12th's movements because of his status as a fellow Elder, as Elders are not allowed to interfere with one another. He then silently watches the proceedings of the meeting.

Volume 5

M-24 Arc

The Meeting

During a flashback a small portion of the past life of Roctis Kravei in Lukedonia is shown. Once he meets Gejutel K. Landegre and Ragar Kertia on his way to answer the previous Lord's summon. Roctis is surprised and speechless when Ragar asks him about his visit to Raizel and the topic of discussion they have during their meeting. Soon afterwards, both clan leaders take their leave, and Roctis still tries to recall the subject of their conversation. Roctis Kravei is one of the many who sensed Dark Spear's presence when Frankenstein summoned it for the first time in Lukedonia.
In the present world, the 9th Elder informs Roctis about the involvement of a noble in 12th Elder's death. Roctis deduces a clan leader was involved, and that Lukedonia would have realized that 12th Elder was in a contract with him. 9th Elder asks him if Lukedonia will take any involvement after learning of Roctis' presence in Union in which he expresses his uncertainty. He leaves the investigation of 12th Elder's death to 9th Elder.

Traitorous Clan Leader Arc

After the Elders meeting, it is decided to launch a full scale war on Lukedonia. The 9th asks Roctis if he will be alright due to the decision of war. Roctis answers that a war with Lukedonia was unavoidable from the start, and it simply means that the time has come. The 9th Elder asks him the identity of other person involved in the death of 10th & 11th Elders besides Loyard Clan Leader. Roctis again states his uncertainty, but the identity doesn't matter as whoever it was, they wouldn't stand a chance against three Elders.
When 5th, 7th and 8th Elders are busy creating havoc in the city in order to call out nobles, Roctis and 9th Elder discuss about the upcoming war. They say that after the conflict with Lukedonia ends, humans will come under the complete control of Union. Also, the results of fight in South Korea is already decided as one of the three elders is a former clan leader (Zarga Siriana) like Roctis and one of them is a werewolf (5th Elder); and the current clan leaders lack the strength to face them.

Reunion Arc

However, in the aftermath of the battle, the 5th Elder reports that the 6th and 7th Elders were killed by the Noblesse. Roctis is alarmed upon hearing this news, and like the other Elders, agrees to halt Union activities temporarily.

Volume 6

A flashback shows back the time of Frankenstein's stay in Lukedonia. Roctis was one of the six clan leaders who used to visit the Noblesse rather often (can also be implied as the most often visitor) compared to the others. Their visits became more frequent after the arrival of the infamous human.
Upon one such occasion, Roctis and Urokai visited the Noblesse's mansion and met Raizel alone in his room. Roctis stood silently as Urokai carried on most of the conversation, constantly asking whether the human troubled him. After Raizel's inquiry regarding their frequent visits, they revealed that they were running an errand for their Lord who wished to meet Frankenstein. However, they had to look for the human in the surrounding grounds as Rai replied that Frankenstein was not in the house. Roctis and Urokai approached Frankenstein and Ragar who were on a short break from their sparring session. Urokai started causing a ruckus but interference from Ragar prevented further commotions and the two clan leaders revealed the reason for their errand after which Ragar took Frankenstein to answer the Lord's summon.
Roctis, accompanied by Zarga and Urokai, approached Frankenstein again while the latter was on his way back to the mansion. He tried to engage Frankenstein in conversation but the latter showed reluctance at it. Urokai started brandishing his fury against Frankenstein, and at one point of which, Frankenstein revealed his own suspicions regarding them, the six particular clan leaders who showed an undue interest in Raizel. This drove in serious concern into Roctis' mind.
Zarga, Urokai and Lagus met Roctis in his house and discussed about the troublemaker who could possibly ruin their plan. Roctis deemed it prudent not to attack the human directly as both their Lord and the Noblesse took interest in him. Then Lagus showed them a pendant which the humans had given him with the belief that it would drive Frankenstein into a frenzy.
Later, Roctis accompanied the other three clan leaders where they met Frankenstein and Gejutel, the latter declining from a prefixed sparring session. Urokai volunteered to be Frankenstein's duel partner and the fellow clan leaders watched as spectators. When Frankenstein went on a rampage and their Lord and Raizel arrived to stop the battle, their Lord ordered the clan leaders to restrain Frankenstein. Roctis joined his fellow clan leaders in restraining Frankenstein which proved hard enough and Raizel took over to calm down the berserk human. This event resulted in the contract between Rai and Frankenstein.
At present, Roctis Kravei is in his island with Ignes and the 9th Elder when they receive a sudden visit from the 13th Elder, Dr. Crombel. The visitor explains the reason of his arrival being to inquire of Roctis about recent deaths of elders. The 9th Elder tells him off and he is excused to leave. Dr. Crombel, however is accompanied by Ignes, much to the shock and concern of both Roctis and 9th Elder as they share a common suspicion about Crombel.
Later Roctis gets an alarming news from the 9th Elder. Upon hearing of his daughter's departure to South Korea, Roctis becomes worried, knowing her violent tendencies. To his consternation, he is alerted that she had also taken all of the Anti-Clan Leader Weapons with her.
After Ignes comes back with procured noble samples and takes them to her lab, Roctis is visited by the 5th Elder. Their conversation is cut short by a blast which the 9th Elder volunteers to check (to refrain the 5th from finding out about their experiments). The 5th also leaves (to check on Kentas) as Roctis alone stays within his chamber.
Consequently, when Rai confronts Ignes about her kidnapping Regis, Rael, and Seira and blinds her, Roctis intervenes. He is shocked to find himself face to face with Rai, who was supposedly dead. He tentatively asks Rai if he has nothing to say to him regarding the betrayal. Rai remarks that Urokai had said the same thing and that he respects his wishes.
Roctis proceeds to explain that his reason for betrayal was ultimately to protect Ignes from punishment for her murderous and taboo acts. He is also angry for Rai's traditional Noble idealism - that Nobles must protect humans. Roctis claims that humans murder each other constantly, so why do Ignes' violent crimes mean anything. Rai retorts that as beings of higher power, they have an obligation to protect humans.
Ch 310

Roctis enternal sleep

Furious and frustrated, Roctis tells Ignes to rely on her other senses to escape, and proceeds to attack Rai with a beam of aura energy, but to no avail. Roctis then summons his Soul Weapon and undergoes his transformation. He destroys the research building and fights an aerial battle with Rai, noting that the Noblesse has gotten weaker whereas he has only gotten stronger. However, after Rai enters his Blood Demon form, the level of power difference is clear and Roctis releases Cetus against Rai's Blood Phoenix. He is overcome by the Noblesse and falls on his knees. Rai tells him that the duty of a parent goes beyond merely protecting the children and Roctis realizes his obvious lacking as a parent. Roctis swears to engrave Rai's words in his soul as he enters the forced eternal sleep.


  • Cadis Etrama Di Raizel: Roctis held Rai in high esteem and showed concern for his well-being. He was one of the clan leaders regarded as the closest to Rai. He paid Rai a last visit to inform him that he would no longer be in a position to meet him for a while and apologized for it. During their battle, he claimed to despise Rai for compelling him to harm him again, implying that he did so in spite of himself. Even as his body disintegrated and he was on the verge of entering eternal sleep, he knelt before Rai as a mark of respect and admitted to have erred in his judgement. In turn, Rai regretted that perhaps Roctis intended to convey this all along. Although he betrayed Rai for protecting Ignes, the latter believed, had Rai shown some concern, he would have abandoned her.[3]
  • Ignes Kravei: Roctis loved his only child dearly. He had forsaken his pride and duty as a clan leader to protect her. He did everything in his power to contain her sadistic nature but without much avail and reproachfully watched her commit irredeemable crimes. Roctis conspired with the other traitorous clan leaders against Rai and in the end, he made the ultimate sacrifice to save her from the judgement of the Noblesse.

  • 9th Elder: The 9th Elder was a frequent companion of Roctis. Roctis confided his concerns about Ignes' recklessness to him.
  • 12th Elder: Roctis was the only clan leader known to have a contractee. He was surprised but otherwise unaffected by the sudden death of the 12th Elder.
  • Frankenstein: Roctis maintained a dignified composure in the face of Frankenstein's cocky behaviour. He assured him that as long as he did not bring harm to Rai, they would get along. During a meeting with some of the traitorous clan leaders, Roctis admitted being uncomfortable with Frankenstein's presence and was shown to be vary of his vigilance[4]

Roctis lived by the code of the nobles for most of his life which included protecting humans. However, he chose to shield Ignes and overlook her sadistic experimentation and believed that she deserved reprieve since humans were scarcely uncorrupt.

Roctis shared a working relationship with the werewolf Elders of the Union. He treated Lunark with courtesy when she visited his island and demanded an explanation about the Anti-Clan Leader Weapons.

Powers & Abilities

As 4th Elder, Roctis had great influence in the Union where even made sure his daughter did not become the 13th elder.

As a former Clans Leader & 4th Union Elder he was a powerful individual & became more powerful when he was turned a modified Noble. He put a better fight against the Noblesse than Urokai & Zarga did.

Soul Weapon

Roctis with soul weapon

Roctis' Soul Weapon.

As the former leader of the Kravei Clan, Roctis retains possession of the Clan's Soul Weapon which is a long whip with a golden handle with the whip itself being made of black aura. With this weapon, Roctis is able to destroy the 9th Elder and Ignes' research facility with a single strike. He can also imbue it with his aura, increasing its destructive capabilities to the point where it can destroy a massive amount of forest and cause the upheaval of land.

  • Blood Shark: Using his Soul Weapon, he can also summon an enormous shark of red aura energy which seems to be the symbol of the Kravei Clan (presumably based on the Greek Cetus or the Biblical Leviathan, both sea monsters with shark-like qualities).

Physical Prowess

As a former Noble Clan Leader, Roctis is a naturally powerful individual, possessing enhanced strength, speed, and likely telepathy. These abilities have been augmented through his physical modification. As the 4th Elder, Roctis commands respect from all members of the Union, and has great authority over the organization's activities. 

  • Superhuman Strength: As a Noble Clan Leader, especially a modified one, Roctis possesses immense strength, enough to destroy the research building (albeit with the power of his Soul Weapon). After his transformation, his strength is increased dramatically. When he enrages, his strength increases rapidly.
  • Superhuman Speed: Roctis has demonstrated his blinding speed and reflexes quick enough to battle Rai, who can move at hypersonic speeds or beyond.

Aura Manipulation

As a former Noble Clan Leader and a Union Elder, Roctis has the power to channel and manipulate the spiritual energy that is known as aura . In his base state, Roctis' spiritual energy is white, however after his transformation, it takes the appearance of green electricity radiating off of his body. He can increase the destructive capacity of his soul weapon by infusing his aura into it, converting spiritual energy to physical force.


Ch 308

Roctis' physical transformation.

An exception amongst noble clan leaders, Roctis has forfeited his nobility to physical modification. Like most of the Union Elders, Roctis has the ability to transform his body into a more powerful form. In this form, Roctis' pale skin turns a light brown color, and his veins become white, as well as his entire eyes. His muscle mass greatly increases and his hair turns a grayish brown color. In this state, the aura he releases is different from other noble clan leaders (observed by the 5th Elder).[5]



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