Rozaria Elenor (Kor. 로자리아 엘레노르) is a Noble and one of the eight current clan leaders of Lukedonia.


Rozaria has the characteristic crimson eyes of a Noble and keeps her long red hair in a high pony tail. She wears glasses and dresses in black. Her attire consists of a mini dress, a dress coat with white fur-lining, and high heeled tall boots. Her accessories include a pair of silver hoop earrings and a cross pendant.


Rozaria maintains a stern demeanor and conducts herself dutifully in the Lord's presence. She has a friendly relationship with her fellow clan leaders and is protective of them. She is fiercely loyal to the Lord and Lukedonia.


Nothing about her clan or past is revealed yet.

Plot Overview

Rozaria and other clan-leaders are present in the throne room of the Lord's castle. They discuss among themselves the possible reason for summoning them shortly after the 500th anniversary of the previous Lord's departure. She finds it strange that although Seira has returned from the human world, she is absent. The clan leaders look gravely when Rael reports about the modified humans and a problematic, unidentified person. They are horrified when the Lord suspects Gejutel K. Landegre for attempting treachery.
When Seira breaks out of her cell, Rozaria volunteers to check the situation instead of an enthusiastic Karias. She advises Seira to return, as her every move is being watched by the Lord, and offers to cover up for her. After Seira refuses pay heed, she reluctantly engages in a duel to stop her from seeing Gejutel.
In the middle of the fight, the Lord orders Rozaria through mind link to bring Seira to her. Rozaria praises Seira and warns her to do her best with the Death Scythe as she summons Blood Witch. She proceeds to defeat the young clan leader with relative ease and presents her before the Lord.
Rozaria is upset at the Lord's decision to sentence Gejutel to forced eternal sleep in the sanctuary but warns him when he accuses the Lord of inadequacy. She is surprised to hear about Frankenstein's powers as a human and is shown to be unaware of Rai's existence. Rozaria is unnerved by Rai's entry and is shocked when he overwhelms the clan leaders with mind control. They free themselves by drawing their soul weapons but remain spectators as he fights the Lord. When the barrier created by Ludis to protect the sanctuary is about to break, Rozaria assists him, although blocking is not her speciality. The final attack by Raskreia shatters that barrier completely.
Rozaria is shocked to see the second Ragnarok and wonders if the former Lord really wanted Rai to succeed him. She is perplexed that Rai did not realise that the soul weapon was passed down to him or that it was left at his mansion but understands when she recollects the former Lord's personality. When Karias unwittingly enters tge sanctuary and expresses anxiety for the Lord's safety, she beckons him to step back. She is unimpressed when the former Lord's praises him for not acting like a noble.
When Raskreia offers the clan leaders a choice to lead their lives as they please she pledges her loyalty along with the rest.

Rozaria sees off Rajak along with Kei and Ludis. They note that the Lord has been upset lately. She cites the betrayal of the former clan leaders as the reason for Lukedonia's weak state and takes being looked down upon by the werewolves as an affront.
Rozaria is in the throne room with the Lord when a Central Order knight barges in to warn them that the traitors have returned to Lukedonia. She arrives on location just as Gradeus is about to finish off Ludis. She fights valiantly and uses her teleportation to rescue Ludis but their flight is cut short by Edian. Rozaria summons Divine Judgement to take down Gradeus after Ludis makes a clearing for her. However, she misses and is left exhausted. She continues to hold off Gradeus till Lagus impales her with aura vines. Raskreia arrives at the battleground and takes on the three traitors. She expresses being ashamed that the Lord is protecting them when it should be the other way around but the Lord claims otherwise.
When Frankenstein and Rai arrive, Rozaria is shocked as she watches Frankenstein's way of fighting. She also notices that the Noblesse has become much stronger than before. She begs the Lord to focus on her fight instead of defending them (the injured clan leaders).

Rozaria has summoned her soul weapon and is reciting a spell to gather energy for her ultimate attack. After gathering enough energy an eye opens in the sky above Maduke's castle. She unleashes the power of her attack on the castle below, with the shock wave being felt at Raskreia's location. Rai notices the attack, on his way to rescue M-21.
Rozaria is preparing a second attack, since she's still angry. She thanks the werewolves for allowing her time to gather her power. She unleashes 'Divine Judgement' a second time. Out of breath and holding tightly onto her soul weapon, she wonders if she pushed herself too hard. Out of breath and exhausted, Rozaria mutters Rajak's name. Gaura arrives and attacks Rozaria. Rozaria blocks the attack, stating she managed to unleash a second attack, since she got tired of waiting and whether she saw it. Gaura grits her teeth in anger.
Rozaria uses Blood Witch to counter Gaura's attack, resulting in a massive explosion. As the smoke clears Rozaria moves to get a better shot and attacks Gaura. Gaura sees the attack and transforms in an effort to avoid it, instead appearing behind Rozaria, telling her she's too slow. Rozaria turns and manages to create a barrier to protect her from the worst of the attack, even though she still gets pushed back. Having gathered herself, she looks up and notices Gaura launching a follow up attack. Rozaria uses her magic to block the attack, as Gaura taunts, it won't be enough to stop her, and increases the power of her attack. Rozaria is unable to hold on and manages to teleport out of the way, leaving the attack to hit the ground. Gaura moves towards Rozaria stating she'll make her regret attacking the Lord's castle, however, she finds herself unable to move and notices the magic circle around her. Rozaria tells her it took her a while to set that up, and that it'll be hard for her to move. The circle begins to power up as Gaura shouts she can't stop her with her pitiful attacks and she's going to kill Rozaria as soon as she breaks free. Rozaria smiles and replies she has some bad news, it's already too late. The circle unleashes it's power as Gaura is ripped apart by Rozaria's Divine Judgement.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Rozaria Elenor does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Rozaria Elenor does not feature in Noblesse S.

Rozaria Elenor does not feature in the Beginning Of Destruction OVA.

Rozaria Elenor does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

Summary coming soon.


  • Seira J. Loyard: Rozaria cares for her as a guardian and has insisted that she drop the honorifics ('-nim') and call her "Unni" (kor. 언니, older sister). She offers to cover up for Seira after she breaks out of the room of discipline and holds back in the duel that follows.

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

Powers & Abilities

Rozaria is a formidable warrior and exudes self-assurance during combat. As an adult clan leader, her powers are fully awakened. She managed to swiftly subdue Seira and to hold her own against Gradeus. Lagus is impressed by her power and commends her for mastering Divine Judgement.  

Soul Weapon

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Rozaria holding the Blood Witch

Blood Witch: Rozaria's Soul Weapon is a staff with an eye at the top. When the weapon is summoned, the eye slowly opens. Using it, Rozaria can shoot red aura discs and beams at the enemy. During the invasion of Lukedonia she releases red aura beams and elongated crystals that explode on collision. She can also charge a greater and concentrated beam which is powerful enough to take down the Grim Reaper.
  • Divine Judgment: It is the ultimate attack of the Elenor clan. It enables Rozaria to summon a colossal eye that opens to release a catastrophic aura beam. Lagus is alarmed when Rozaria prepares to use it and frantically warns Gradeus to dodge the attack.[1] However, it is time consuming compared to other skills and drains its user.[2]Later on, she was able to master the attack further as she was able to cast it more than once during the Werewolf Arc within a short period of time.
    • Paralysis: As part of Divine Judgement, Rozaria is able to produce a magic circle, paralysing anyone inside,[3] thus preventing the target from escaping. She first used this technique against Gaura.


Rozaria has a unique teleportation skill which allows her to escape and perform rescue in dangerous situations. However, this ability is short-range and can not be used infinitely.

Aura Manipulation

Although not a specialty, Rozaria reinforces Ludis's barrier which protects the sanctuary as Rai duels with the Lord by using her aura.




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