Rozaria has to fight Gaura who is sent by Zaiga to obliterate the clan leader who has destroyed the werewolf Lord's castle.


Raskreia, flanked by Rozaria and Kei, leads an attack on the werewolves to avenge Rajak's death. While the noble Lord and Kei face Zaiga's crew, at a distance, Rozaria summons Divine Judgement and reduces Maduke's Castle to ruins. Zaiga identifies the perpetrator as the Elenor clan leader and dispatches Gaura with an order to execute Rozaria in the most painful way possible.

Battle Summary

Gaura intercepts Rozaria, who is recovering from exhaustion after summoning Divine Judgement. She greets her by releasing several energy beams and mocks her for hiding like a rat. Rozaria defends herself and jests that she grew tired of waiting. She provokes her further by asking whether she saw the Castle getting destroyed.

Rozaria shoots a crimson beam with Blood Witch at Gaura, compelling the latter to undergo transformation. Gaura appears behind Rozaria and tells her that the attack lacked speed, before throwing a powerful punch that pushes Rozaria back. Gaura follows by launching a powerful discharge of energy from above. Rozaria fails to block it for long and is injured. Gaura accuses the clan leader of being arrogant, a trait she finds typical of nobles, without realising that she has walked into a trap Rozaria had laid earlier. She threatens to kill Rozaria as she finds herself paralysed. Rozaria calmly responds that it's too late: a luminous pattern of an encircled star develops on the ground with Gaura at its centre, and a moment later, a gigantic crimson beam from the sky annihilates Gaura.


Rozaria uses all her strength defeated Gaura and is unable to find her way back to Raskreia, who helps Raizel in his journey, by stating that she's only doing so, because she needs to find Rozaria.

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