Gradeus defeats Ludis in their battle. He continues to beat Ludis because of the fear that he felt when Ludis used his last skill. Lagus tells Gradeus to hurry. Just as Gradeus raises his axe to give the final blow, sharp ice-like crystals hurtle towards Gradeus. The traitor jumps away to dodge and demands to know the attacker's identity. Another round of attack occurs and Lagus identifies the attacker to be Rozaria. Right on cue, Rozaria comes into view.

Battle Summary

Gradeus is delighted to see Rozaria, thinking that defeating her on location will make things easier for him and his companions. Rozaria, on the other hand, isn't pleased to see the traitors and demands to know the reason why the traitors returned to Lukedonia. Rozaria's attention turns to Gejutel and Ludis, both of whom are in bad condition, and Gradeus seizes the opportunity to swing Messad at her. Rozaria jumps and easily avoids the attack and confirms to herself the rumor about Gradeus being known to run in blindly. Rozaria launches her own attack, sending red aura beams down to her opponent, but it doesn't reach Gradeus who suddenly appears behind her. Just as Messad appears behind her head, Rozaria disappears and reappears on the ground. It appears that one of her skills is teleportation. She sends another round of aura attacks. One of them hits Gradeus and Rozaria smirks to herself. Gradeus appears from the smoke while laughing to himself. He attacks Rozaria with an increased speed caused by the damage he received. Rozaria is stunned by the improvement in skill and barely avoids the attack. Gradeus continues the onslaught of his attacks when Gejutel gets in touch with Rozaria's mind. Rozaria stops in her tracks as he tells the female clan leader through telepathy to run with Ludis but Rozaria worries about Gejutel. The old noble tries to persuade Rozaria to leave with Ludis, claiming that he will be fine. Lagus notices that Gradeus seems to be worn off by Rozaria's teleportation and decides to give a hand. Gejutel attempts to stop Lagus but gets attacked from behind instead. Rozaria's attention fully shifts to Gejutel which enrages Gradeus. He sends a gust-like attack from his palm towards Rozaria. Rozaria's mind returns into the battle as she dodges this latest attack but it turns out to be a diversion when Gradeus appears above her, ready to swing down Messad. Rozaria blocks the attack with a barrier which appears to be summoned with her staff, the Blood Witch. Rozaria teleports again to put distance between herself and her opponent. The fighters find themselves in a stand-off as they express their annoyance with each other's skills. Gradeus shifts his focus to Ludis as he reasons that it is a waste of time to chase someone who keeps running away (pertaining to Rozaria and her teleportation). He wonders which is faster, Rozaria's skill or his weapon slamming down into the Mergas Clan leader. However, before he tries to check, Gejutel interferes and while Gradeus deflects his attack, Rozaria successfully appears beside Ludis. Gradeus swings Messad toward her but Rozaria teleports again (now with Ludis) with only a scratch on her right arm. Gradeus is annoyed once again and follows through with another attack but Rozaria continues to dodge. He gives a large swing of his soul weapon but Rozaria successfully escapes the attack once again. She takes a glance at Gejutel and Lagus realizes why she keeps going around in circles: she is concerned about Gejutel. Rozaria gets scolded by Gejutel but still hesitates about leaving him. Lagus stabs Gejutel with his vines which appears to disturb Claudia but Gejutel continues on insisting that Rozaria leave him. Gradeus gives Gejutel a punch to let him know his place but Gejutel is not shaken and continues his reproach. He reminds Rozaria that it is not him she should be protecting but the Lord instead. Rozaria finally decides to leave. Gradeus tries to stop her by attacking but she easily evades his attacks.

Edian arrives with her soul weapon already summoned. She swings her rapier towards Rozaria to prevent them from fleeing and the traitors completely surround Rozaria to prevent her from teleporting. While thinking about what to do, Gradeus sneaks in another attack but Rozaria still manages to dodge it. However, she is hit by a follow-up attack from Lagus and Gradeus again sneaks in from behind. Ludis wakes up just in time to put up a barrier, preventing Gradeus from making any damage. Ludis tells Rozaria that he will create an opening for her, urging her to run while feeling sorry that their planned tea time might not happen any longer. Upon Ludis' signal, Rozaria jumps but contrary to Ludis' plan, she does not run away. Rozaria summons a colossal eye behind her. Lagus recognizes the Elenor Clan leader's skill and shouts at Gradeus to dodge. Upon Rozaria's command, the eye releases an immense aura beam.

Rozaria is visibly exhausted after releasing a powerful technique. Lagus takes advantage of the situation and pierces her legs with his vines from behind. However, Rozaria teleports a few steps back and manages to avoid the sneak attack. Lagus is impressed with her skill which but states the she shouldn't have hesitated as she attacked. Rozaria is confused and states that at least she caught Gradeus in the attack. A huge gaping hole on the ground is shown. Moments later, a hand rises from its edge and Gradeus pulls himself up and lies on the ground, missing three of his limbs. Gradeus calls for Lagus to heal his wounds which the bald traitor gladly obliges while explaining his skill's prowess to the noble clan leaders. Gradeus then sits up with his newly regenerated limbs.

With Gradeus having recovered his limbs, he picks up his soul weapon and proceeds to attack Rozaria, vowing to make his attack a hundred times more painful as payback. He dismisses her weak attack and successfully arrives in front of her, swinging Messad down towards her. However, Rozaria still easily avoids the attack, teleporting nearby. Gradeus slashes through the air towards her direction while Lagus' vines hold Rozaria's legs in place to keep her still. Rozaria takes a direct hit and reappears from a cloud of smoke, obviously taking the hit. Gradeus cusses as he couldn't gather his strength even though his wounds have healed. Rozaria gets stabbed from behind by Lagus' vines. She falters and falls down on her knees as Lagus correctly deduces that she is severely weakened by the use of her ultimate technique. Rozaria apologizes to Gejutel because she hasn't gotten away or dealt any serious damage to the enemy.


Suddenly, werewolves arrive at the scene and Rozaria wonders whether they were the ones fighting Kei. The Lord arrives soon thereafter and takes over the fight, battling the three traitor nobles.

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